February Again: Time For Our Annual Reminder

It’s fucking nigger history month again and as usual, I feel the only history niggers have ever provided involves violent crime.  The worst story in years yet to be paralleled by other worthy savage niggers is still the Christian/Newsom rapes, tortures, and murders.  Here’s a short video reminder of what nigger history is all about…


Chimpout member wolfpacleader1986 created this feature length compilation of more contributions of the nigger to society.  It’s a scream!  Enjoy…


Is there another word on the planet that could get you fired for saying it?  Is there ANY other word all by itself that could turn your life upside down like the word NIGGER?  I’ll sit back and wait for the answer…


No phrases.  Just words.  Single words.  Anyone?  I can’t think of any but I like to give everyone a chance to think more objectively than me and give it a go.  Say nigger and you have the entire world wanting to string you up.  If it’s not the self righteous liberal douche bags it’s the pussies  scared of being labeled a racist.  Even when they know damn well in their own heads they’re screaming NIGGER their fear not only prevents them from it, it drives them to persecute YOU for it.  Ever hear niggers get through an entire thought without babbling “nigga” or “nigger” half a dozen times?

So as is usually the case with many of my observations, it all leads back to the niggers.  The poor over sensitive innocent never done nuthin’ wrong niggers.  The disenfranchised beat down unfortunate unarmed underprivileged youth.  And the only fitting word for them,  Nigger  sends them right over the edge if they think you’re white.  It’s fine when they be saying it to they selfs but let a white man say it and he got to be fired or sent to jail or robbed or raped.  He got it coming for such insensitivity.  If there were never any niggers, there would be no single word that would get you instantly fired.  Once again, insignificant niggers cause unnecessary disruption for no logical reason.  Because they’re such sensitive creatures.  God help us.

Send Them Back…

…into outer space where they most likely came from.  Everyone with an opinion as to how to get rid of the savage nigger ends up calling for a return to Africa.  I say we utilize the technology we’ve honed over the many years of space travel and apply it to the problem of these subhuman beasts.  Put them not on boats but on shuttles and launch them into the heavens.  Rocket chimpThe cost effectiveness of such a project would pay for itself in a matter of days once their social services subsidies are stopped and their crime sprees are naturally curtailed.  Providing them with any form of support upon loading them into these shuttles would end as the door is secured.  No need for provisions or facilities for normal functions,  just lock the fucking door and begin the launch sequence.  On board safety features such as restraints or oxygen would be unnecessary.  With any luck they’d all be mashed potatoes before they even reached the outer atmosphere anyway.  And the best part?  None of them could return to tell the rest of the tribe how oppressed and abused they were at the hands of the racist cracker whitey.  Maybe even give them some Fischer Price walkie-talkies to make them feel like they can communicate with Houston, what the hell.  As far as to where exactly to point the space ships, I have a suggestion for that as well.  Since we really don’t know for sure the populations of other planets or even if there are any that sustain any forms of life it would be an injustice to deliberately try to land the nigger remains anywhere that could be destroyed by their remnants.  As with their worthless existences here, niggers ruin everything they come into contact with.  Even the mushed up piles of nigger guts that would be contained within the space ship.  No doubt their determination to destroy would allow their structures to infect any other civilization and recreate what they’ve created here on Earth.  Probably how we got them in the first place.  I say we just aim high and hope the entire package is burned to a crisp before anything that might be left is allowed to settle on any other surface out there in space.  Rid the whole Universe of niggers once and for all.  How sweet would that be?  A guy can dream right?

Stupid Fucking Niggers…

stupid niggers

Niggers Finally Show Us Their Definition Of Justice

So niggers want “justice” and they want it “NOW”.  But what kind of justice do they want?  Our system has been providing them with all the justice they can stand and still they scream for “justice”.  This weekend one self appointed nigger martyr decided to end the mystery and show us exactly what they mean by justice.  He murdered two police officers after days of chanting and rioting in reaction to the last dead nigger criminal.  Everyone knows the story by now so there’s no need to go into all the gory details.  The message is all we need to review.  An eye for an eye isn’t even good enough for these savages, they want two eyes for an eye.  So that’s nigger justice?  Fine with me.  Give them two back for EVERY one THEY murder.  Not just the big stories from the liberal nigger media, ALL of them.  Do they even understand how fast we could relieve the stress on society if we could erase two niggers for every ONE person they kill?    I hope the police take the message to heart and start delivering the fucking justice the the niggers are screaming for.  Two for one.    Fucking niggers.  There is just no end to their savage stupidity.   Bad things are on the horizon all because of fucking niggers.  When will people finally wake the fuck up?

BOGO Niggers

Are You Sick Of Niggers Yet?

annie white

Annie?  Really?  Little fucking Orphan Annie a nigger?   Seriously?  I thought I was seeing things.  An ad for the Broadway musical turned feature film Annie and the little red head is a nigger?  Really?  Good God who the fuck told these douche bags we want every classic production to replace original casts with niggers?  Who thought people would just accept this and not even notice?  Who DOES accept this and DIDN’T notice?

annieBank PicWho is it that thinks we won’t buy their goods and services unless they are endorsed by niggers?  WHY would ANYONE want to target niggers for their ads?  WHO wants niggers “shopping” at their stores?  WHO wants niggers eating at their restaurants?  WHO wants to trust niggers to repay loans or pay insurance premiums?  WHO?!   Are people really this stupid?

There you go.  An entire paragraph of questions to ponder.  I can only hope it will lead to a deeper fatigue as it has for me.  As a seasoned professional nigger awareness advocate, I’ve been sick and tired of niggers for a good long time.  I understand the indifference most people have for the subject because quite frankly, niggers are just not that important.  But since we got this one in the White House the levels of nigger infusion have been amplified to a degree  that cannot be ignored.  We are being overfed with niggers, and not just plain old niggers either.  Niggers who are being portrayed as humans.  I know I sound like a broken record but I can’t help it.  Niggers want the attention, they can get all they can stand right here from me!  How long before we all begin to feel the cramps?  That nausea associated with eating too much.  How long before we all start projectile vomiting niggers?   And how will it manifest itself?  Nobody can tell but we can rest assured, the media won’t stop shoving niggers in our faces any time soon.  It’s almost like they’re trying to force a resistance to build.  Whether it’s the Jews or the Muslims or the Chinese, one thing for sure…it sure isn’t the niggers.  They’re still trying to figure out bath tubs.



We Can’t Breathe Either Nigger

CHANNONCHRISTIAN-CHRISTOPHERNEWSON copyThe image posted above is just a reminder of the vile nature of the nigger.  We should never forget the extent to which the nigger will go to fulfill its savage instinctive propensity for extreme violent behavior.  The purpose of this text is related to the events of Ferguson and Staten Island where criminals are being regarded as innocent victims of the police.

With these events where niggers have been proudly displaying their absolute worst behavior I question my necessity anymore.   Who really needs an explanation for what we see happening?  Just look at it.  It’s like standing outside and asking the guy next to you what the weather is like.  Even the elusive mythical magic niggers support the criminal thug niggers regardless of any evidence.  It’s on full display now and anyone who denies what they are seeing are truly insane.  Niggers are no good in any capacity.  When the world finally figures this out the solutions to just about every confounding problem will be realized.  Niggers=Evil.  Niggers=Wrong.  Niggers=Useless.  How hard is that to understand?

Us Against Them: The Nigger Perspective


Watching the events surrounding the latest nigger outrage I think it’s time to try to explain where it all comes from and why.  Why is it that when white people ( I say White People meaning not niggers) are killed by niggers or even by police, they don’t take to the streets of their own communities and destroy everything they come into contact with?  Why don’t White People loot and set fire to the businesses that support their communities?  Why?  Because civilized human beings know that it can never work to change anything by perpetrating actions worse than the ones they feel were unjustly perpetrated against them.  It’s because they have this little capacity called EMPATHY.  They understand chains of events and logic.  They can separate from their skin color or ethnic composure to view the truth and the facts of any given situation and react in a way that makes sense.  The path to this understanding ends before it even begins for the nigger.  It can only understand its own little confined space and respond with knee jerk instinctively subhuman reaction.  Niggers behave exactly like animals with no self awareness or any empathy for anything or anyone.  Niggers are single dimension beasts trying to survive in a multidimensional world where logic needs to be followed to reach appropriate conclusions.

Niggers belong in cages where they can be cared for and fed by masters who better understand what is necessary for their survival.  Niggers are incapable of this on their own.  The social programs that are filled with handouts for niggers are a reflection of the niggers inability to sustain its own existence.  The nigger outrage we have been witnessing is merely a natural progression of nigger culture with a resistance to common sense and order.  By allowing all of this violence and mayhem to continue, it can only lead to total destruction and a belief that they have taken control of those who actually have the power to control them.  Unless an unadulterated movement to set examples for these creatures takes place, this type of behavior will continue and likely escalate with each occurrence.

Consequence needs to be presented to the nigger in a way that it can learn to understand.  To develop a method for this conditioning The Masters need only look into the niggers own behavior and realize they are telling us how to proceed.  Their behavior is simply a projection of what it would take to control them.  With their violence and outrage they are showing The Master a step by step model as to how to contain and neutralize them once and for all.  No other means of implementation will work.  The Masters try and fail to reason with them to understand such foreign things as facts and physical evidence when their attention is lost before the first words are even spoken.  The only language that can be understood by the nigger is the language that it speaks with its behavior and its own actions.

What is so unfortunate about these very basic analyses is that as civilized human beings, performing what would be necessary to reach out to the nigger would make civilized human beings no better than the niggers.  It’s a conundrum with no easy solution without drastic and questionable tactics.  Far be it from me to suggest anything even remotely similar to nigger behavior as a means to shut down the violence they provide our society.  It’s difficult to imagine any civilized way to stuff the genie back into the bottle at this stage of the game.  What should be troubling for the nigger is that history would show a growing fatigue with its disruptive tendencies can only lead to an inevitable conclusion.  Someone will eventually snap and develop a legitimate plan to eradicate the situation.

Newsflash: Cosby is a Nigger!

Time is the nigger’s worst enemy.  Give even the most revered celebrity “magic nigger” enough time and it will reveal itself for what it is.  No different than the thugs selling crack on the streets or raping white women in the allies.  The surprise I hear in the voices of so many people about this nigger’s “alleged” behavior only goes to show the level of denial this country is in where it concerns the root of all evil in the world today.  It’s not just money anymore.  Niggers have finally accomplished another negative milestone:  To be the leading contributors to the evil destruction of civilized society world wide.  But I digress.

Cosby NigerroThis is a tribute to typical nigger behavior as it relates to hero niggers like Bill Cosby.  While he may have disappointed his fans, he performed as anyone should have been able to predict he would by being exactly what he is.  A nigger.  Not much more to say.  No more agonizing TV Land marathons and reruns of the ridiculously phony “Cosby Show”, no more phony witty Cosby snippets about niggers taking responsibility.  No more assaults on Jello Pudding.  No more Cosby.  I wonder where all the Will Smith rape victims are hiding…

willie waddymellen

Even Laundry Knows

Laundry roomYou keep the coloreds with the coloreds and the whites with the whites.  People have figured out that mixing it all together causes an ugly coloring tint to all the whites.  Why can’t they carry this beyond the laundry room?  The coloreds don’t suffer from exposure to the whites but the whites are virtually destroyed from being mixed with the coloreds.  Life imitates laundry I suppose…

Stopping Ebola

At this stage of the game, the tolerant nigger sympathetic “humanitarians” have insured a certain population cleansing worldwide.  Once the virus was allowed to leave the continent, the world was doomed.  Don’t believe what they are telling us.  This is a Level 4 Bio-hazard…Level 1 being the least dangerous and 4 being the absolute worst.  Watch videos of the niggers over there just strolling around the sick and dead while the “humanitarians” are suited head to toe in space suits and realize just how fucking clueless the nigger is.  It believes it is being allowed to die but refuses to do anything for itself to prevent becoming infected.  Now they’ve brought this same attitude here.  They blame racism instead of themselves for the demise of infected niggers.  Typical at all levels of the nigger existence.  I dint do nuffin…it  YTs fault.

Ebola Niggers

The only solution to this crisis should have been placed into action as soon as the L4 agent was diagnosed present in Africa.  The sick and dying niggers should have been contained in a facility by competent lab workers in full  Positive Pressure Suits, with segregated air supplies.  They then should have just removed themselves to await the demise of the infected niggers.  Once they were all liquefied and deceased, they should’ve then burned the entire facility until nothing but ash remained.  The belief that anything could be done to save these filthy animals from their own filthy behavior is ridiculous and is what led to the situation we now find ourselves in.  If it were handled correctly at the very start, it would have been so rapidly contained nobody on earth would have ever even known what was happening.  And we wouldn’t have the insane crisis we have here now.  Anyone want to fly to Europe now?  Wait until they start riding the subways in New York!  Fucking niggers and worse yet…fucking nigger sympathizers.  Thanks a lot.

Read up on your Bio Hazard Levels…Know your enemy.


Nigger Violence

There is no end to the depravity of the nigger and its mission to grab as much as it can for the least amount of effort.  Finally the country is seeing exactly what niggers do to their “loved ones” through their fucking NFL heroes; and what is their punishment?  Sit on their chalky fat asses and get paid for doing nothing.  Can’t really blame the niggers either.  They’re incapable of controlling any aspects of their own lives without the aid of whitey so why not just keep beating they families and get paid vacations for it?  The only upside is that companies like Nike have no choice but to distance themselves from the feral beasts for fear of advocating the violence the typical nigger doles out.  It’s shocking that the media is even covering such negative press condemning the niggers.

U.S. Open Championship - Final RoundNo matter how rich and famous a nigger becomes, it cannot control its instincts.  It cannot help but be a nigger.  What this recent rash of exposed NFL domestic violence should trigger is a more in-depth look at the families of other nigger sports figures.  Look what OJ did to Nicole or Tiger Woods did to his stupid burner.  This isn’t something that just erupted from nowhere.  Niggers have been doing this since they discovered their fists.  Finally everyone is being given the opportunity to see what we all have been seeing for so many years.  Niggers are savages.  Niggers are violent soulless beasts.  Niggers are not human.

Melon Head Nigger Update…

In case anyone has missed the updates I posted in the comments, the new muslim nigger manager we recently imported has fallen victim to his own unfortunate instincts.

tyree artsyThis nigger being a nigger has managed to perform far beyond all expectations! After just 23 days of intense TNB supervisory antics (which would include harassment of other supervisors, manhandling of young employees, calling the young women “baby girl” and leading them by the arm to where he wanted them to work) he was escorted out of the building by Federal Agents and stripped of all of his identification and authorization to reenter. Four days after his removal (pending investigation) he was arrested some 50 miles south of his home at a bar in a seedy downtown area known for drugs, homosexual activities, and prostitution and charged with 4th degree criminal possession of a firearm. He had an unregistered handgun in his possession. Why this was just 4th degree (a class A misdemeanor) and not a felony can only mean that someone turned him in and he was not brandishing the weapon or displaying any intentions of using it. From what was relayed to me, the police officers really wanted to lock him up but only had these charges they could lodge against him. What this tells me however is that this nigger’s behavior patterns have established a very predictable future relationship with law enforcement. Stay tuned…it only gets better!

mrs-tyreeHis wife, an equally arrogant oversize demon who wore African princess garb to work on her first day has also been removed from her position.  Apparently it was her choice.  She was placed on “leave” due to excessive stress following an interview with the officials who removed her husband from the facility.  The saga continues and details are very sketchy.

The level of embarrassment of those responsible for the importation of these niggers forces them to claim “no information is available until the investigation is complete”.   Apparently the company spent nearly a quarter million dollars in nigger import fees (relocation expenses and living quarters) to bring these abominations to the area so I wouldn’t envy them trying to explain this all to the big boys in the big office upstairs, if you know what I mean!  Someone’s head is going to roll and rightly so.  If only they had asked me what I thought of the decision before they finalized all the transfer paperwork!  So how did all that slave trading bullshit go?  Sounded pretty good at the time huh?


Niggers Have No Voice Here

As the owner of this Plantation and Master of all the niggers who dare to enter, it is my policy to curtail all attempts by niggers to explain their significance within the gates of this property.  Recently as a result of the fame derived from the criminal activities of the common teenage thug Michael Brown, niggers have felt it necessary to try to convince me that these ridiculous animals have a place in civilized society.  I’ve heard it all before.  The fabricated lists of “official patents” for inventions attributed to niggers is one I find most entertaining.  One particular nigger insists that my denials of these “documented facts” shows my ignorance of the truth and of history in general.  What this stupid nigger forgets is that his history has been rewritten especially for him and others like him who need this type of imaginary validation to argue for their value.

see+no+evilWe all know the results of allowing niggers a voice.  From the big picture of the destruction it has caused this country and the world to the small examples we all see in our everyday lives.  Once we admit that all of our small and large barriers in life could have been vastly reduced had niggers never been invented, we can begin to understand the impact these disruptive violent vermin have had on the decline of humankind over the millennia.

The simplicity of predicting the results of any situation or circumstance where a nigger has been given power to make decisions and direct policy is incredible.  From the condition of this country at the hands of a Kenyan-born bushman to a small business with a new nigger in the front office.  Failure is always the result.  It can be covered up or sugar coated but failure is failure regardless of what color it is painted by it’s supporters.  Once people have done the basic analysis, the results are mathematical.  When everything is reduced to a lowest common denominator, the nigger finally becomes the star of the show.  A position only a nigger could be proud of.

I may let a nigger or two slip in under the fence to expose their inability to debate their lost cause.  Their time here is always cut short by my exhaustive efforts to make fools of them and their self perceived brilliance.  It is in their nature to scheme their way into places where they are not wanted or welcome.  I assure you I have never tried to explain myself to a nigger on it’s own whitey-hate site, because I am human and I don’t give a fuck what niggers think of me.  Niggers on the other hand need to be loved and adored by those who hate them.  In their tiny imaginations they believe their own explanations will accomplish this if they were just given the chance to speak.  Subsequently, the nigger believes its inability to adapt and conform to human standards is simply caused by humans who refuse to allow them in.  It’s OUR fault.  Our fault they are unemployed on food stamps.  Our fault they cannot reach standard IQ levels regardless of education.  Our fault they are a statistically violent species, occupying a majority of the cells in prisons nationwide.  OUR fault.



Unfortunately it is our own sympathetic nature that allows this mindset to continue and fester within the nigger community.  Left on their own, niggers would function on instinct alone and their need to “blame whitey” would all but disappear.   If we handled them the same way we handle dangerous wild animals, life would be a great deal easier on all of us.  Giving them a voice is the downfall of civilized society.  It’s time to silence the insignificant nigger.  Stop listening to them.  Stop reporting their activities.  Turn a deaf ear to the nigger.  Pretend they don’t exist.

Ferguson, Missouri

Nigger fatigue.  I’ve reached my limit of nigger stupidity and human reactions to it.  Around the clock coverage of what amounts to nothing more than an agitated monkey house.  While they are sending in the National Guard to try to humanely control these hoards of wild animals, it occurs to me that a competent Zookeeper could probably get more reliable results in calming the situation.  Tear gas doesn’t work.  Armored SWAT vehicles loaded with machine gun toting police is pointless.  Reasoning and explanations will never work.  Autopsies and angles of entry of bullets don’t matter to niggers.  Nothing will satisfy these beasts.  Nothing.

lootingThey need control via an understanding of the behavior patterns of barbarous,  unsubdued violent creatures.  A grasp of instinctual reactions to certain actions and situations.  A startling conclusion that these things are simply not human.  Niggers are their own proof of their subhuman irrationality.  My suggestion of this different and unconventional approach would of course meet with angry dissent, and most likely threats and promises of violence against me for seeing the reality of the situation.  During this unfortunate ordeal, my focus is distracted by a more dangerous and critical situation nobody seems to be the least bit concerned about.

As a renowned authority on the nigger and its behavioral consistencies, people ask me questions.  Someone took me aside and asked me what I thought was actually happening in Ferguson, Missouri.  Why is this one single dead nigger drawing such attention?  Niggers kill niggers every minute of every day in this country.  Why is this nigger any different?  My answer was vague because quite frankly, I wasn’t even following the story.  I was too rapt up  in the fact that the most deadliest Level 4 filovirus on the planet has been flown in from the Shit Stained continent of Africa and held in a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.  A major US air traffic hub.  Seems to me this is a more important situation that needs discussion.  More than a pack of rioting niggers pissed off because some thug teenager towering over six feet four inches tall and weighing well into the three hundred pound range stormed a police officer and was subsequently shot for his stupidity. Why indeed is this such a mess?

monkeysForgive me for allowing this post to become so long but my thoughts are now scrambling.  As all of this turmoil brews in Missouri, I am rereading a book I read twenty or more years ago concerning the presence of Ebola in the United States.  As I retreat from the guy who asked me why all of this crap is happening, I go to sit quietly alone and read another few pages from “The Hot Zone”.  I am at the part of the book where the scientists are trying to determine what is killing monkeys in a research lab in Reston, Virginia.  To perform the necessary autopsies, it was imperative they remove the dead monkeys from the area of any of the other monkeys where they could be seen.  Then I read this line: (“You can’t cut up a dead monkey in front of other monkeys-it will cause a riot”).  And there you have it.  The simple explanation for what is happening in Missouri.  A scientific fact that bears itself in the activities taking place right now in that nigger infested hell hole in Missouri.  Monkeys reacting to the human puncturing of of one of their own.  It’s a simple case of animal instinct which can only have a simple solution based in the understanding of animal instinctual behavior.  Send the National Guard home and let the cops have the rest of the night off.  We need Zookeepers and Animal Trainers to guide the efforts to control these apes.  It’s as simple as that. Good night.