Animal Control

It occurred to me that niggers have become increasingly disruptive and disrespectful toward those who do the most to make their lives better for them.  If they were human beings, they would respond with gratitude.  As they are nothing more than soulless beasts however, they respond with aggression, mistrust, and destructive instinctive behaviors. When they feared the rope and the consequences of these feral behaviors, they were better controlled. It all has to do with an ability to think and feel as a human versus the thought processes of a wild animal.  Niggers couldn’t even begin to understand the differences.  They are taught to imitate human behavior and emotion while their inner-chimp tells them to rebel.  Some have better control of the inner chimp than others, probably based on the level of human DNA infusion into the bloodlines.  All niggers will innately mistrust the human just like the wild animal. Armed with this basic knowledge, those of us enlightened by the revelation that niggers are not human are much better suited to develop a plan of action to control the onslaught of violent and disruptive, disrespectful niggers.  Since this has been successfully accomplished for years by real animal control experts, all that is necessary is the adaptation of these methods to niggers and their positions in society today.  What this will ultimately conclude is likely something similar to what we had when we first introduced the nigger to human civilization.  Today’s nigger does not fear civilized society because of the pussification of man by the politically correct forces of decency.  If society could once again instill that fear back into the nigger, it would result in a more timid beast most likely to retreat into obscurity in the forest.  Society has created the nigger we see today by treating it as if it were capable of understanding compassion and empathy.  Once niggers are segregated and identified as beasts, the control of them will become a more feasible endeavor.

Can I has me a “N” please?

stupid nigger“Can I has me a N please Pat?”  Seems whenever I turn on Wheel of Fortune to entertain others in my household, there’s a nigger mixed in with the three players.  Invariably, one of the first letters these niggers choose to ax for is the “N”.  Now how inspired would I be to even bother to mention it here if it weren’t an obvious trend among the nigger contestants?  I swear, the most feared and dreaded letter in the human alphabet is the letter “N” yet these niggers head straight for it in every puzzle.  Watch for it if you happen to be a fan of the show.  It’s uncanny.  In regards to niggers, the letter N is feared when others use it, but the allure of it makes it irresistible for them to ignore.  Even I can’t explain it.

NOT Racist: Niggers Are NOT Human.

Subhuman 2With the relentless conditioning efforts of a society bent on soothing its own guilt by denying reality, something terribly inaccurate has been accepted as the truth almost exclusively.  Without knowing it, even some of us have been made confused when we try to defend our positions concerning the nigger.  I see it all over the forums when people try to emotionally describe how much they “hate” niggers and their behavior.  Among the rest of an average population, it is viewed as common knowledge that niggers are indeed human and merely a pigmentative anomaly that sets it aside from the rest of us.  If we can’t understand the fallacy of this theory we will never understand the extent of the damage the nigger has done and will do to a civilized society of humans.  It’s easy to become distracted by rage, but one thing we must always maintain is the fact that niggers are not human.  When we call ourselves racists we essentially proclaim that the nigger is human and simply a different race of people.  In our haste to berate the beasts we succumb to the pressure of the conditioning in order to get our point across to the less enlightened or stupid nigger loving liberal progressive.  By doing this we compromise our most fundamental rule of niggerology.  Niggers are not human.  Call yourself a Specist or any other applicable term to separate the nigger from humans, but please, stop calling yourself racist.  It plays right into the hands of those we seek to defeat.

Optimism For A Change

optimistMost all of my commentary is a depressing realization of the destruction of the country at the hands of the nigger and its self appointed representatives.  As I follow several paths to others who share our frustrations I find a growing number of people finally connecting the dots.  The trend continues to accelerate despite these more visible outspoken sources.  In short, people in general are sick and tired of looking at niggers.  And they’re letting their disdain finally show.  Books are now readily available exposing the nigger.  People are seeing through the bullshit media attempts to portray the nigger as something it is not, has never been, and will never ever ever be.  What is this leading to and why do those responsible for the misinformation plod on with their mission regardless of their failure to succeed?  Could it be that this is exactly the plan?  To overdose society with niggers to the point of regurgitation?  Could it be a really clever plan to deconstruct the nigger and build a silent army that will ultimately dispose of the useless creatures?  We can only hope.

EnlightenmentWhat I have discovered through many conversations with people who never talk politics or show any opinions concerning race or ethnicity is that when I mention niggers, they almost always nod in agreement.  When I point out certain behaviors they never even noticed in the past, their eyes light up as if they’ve just discovered fire.  Not once has anyone scolded me for my “racism”.  Sure they open their mouths with their fingers here in my semi-moderated comments and appear to be the presiding voice in all of media but in reality they are the minority.  As the ridiculousness of television and the movies becomes more and more apparent with the impossible portrayals of niggers, people’s eyes are finally being opened to the truth.  Niggers are a self defeating organism despite the unappreciated help they get from sympathetic humans.  As they are encouraged by what they believe is positive reinforcement, their existence comes closer and closer to its end.  We might be witnessing a brilliant execution of an even more brilliant plan to finally erase the nigger from our civilization. If not, then perhaps we are watching some really stupid fuckers fail so miserably they may even take themselves out along with the niggers when the time finally comes.  Finally something to look forward to…

Significant Repost

water towerThere’s been a bit of nigger activity here at Fed Up.  One particular nigger has taken the time to read well into the blog to comment on posts I’ve even forgotten I wrote.  Of course, her first consistent theme is based on her assumption that I’m sporting a tiny pink little penis, but her next obsession is with the fact that the “black gene” is dominant and eventually will be responsible for killing us all off.  I never approved any of it’s comments because niggers are so redundant.  We’ve all heard their silliness before.  I do however feel the need to answer them.  We can thank this one particular nigger for inspiring more enlightenment, but no need to give it any of my bandwidth.  I’d rather explain to it the flaws in it’s logic while adding another post to Fed Up.

Time to elaborate on that subject that seems to make so many niggers SO proud.  The fact that they are the toxic waste that threatens human civilization.  It really makes them feel powerful.  Like the PCBs at the bottom of the river or the carbon dioxide burning up the atmosphere, niggers are the equivalent in terms of human life.   And they brag.

I know I’m a broken record, but if you drop one tiny speck of shit into a tank of pure water nobody will want to drink it.  It becomes worthless.  Perhaps the shit would be proud it wields such power, but is it really something to be proud of?  To be such a pollutant.  To be so destructive and useless but for its ability to ruin everything it touches.  Niggers are proud pieces of shit, but what good are they once they’ve destroyed everything that made them even possible?  If not for the advanced civilizations of humans, niggers would dry up into dust and blow away.  As useless as the shit is, it believes it wants to be in charge, because it is so able to overpower.  But once it has killed everything in its path what is left.  Shit.  Just a pile of worthless shit.  Just niggers.

Sterling Rewards

creepThere is no debating this NBA fiasco concerning the worthless nigger loving idiot Donald Sterling.  The old prick has been banging a filthy nigger whore while paying deformed gigantic niggers millions of dollars to play on his team.  So why sympathize with him for being betrayed by the same niggers he’s made rich over the years?  Why indeed.  Hell with the dumb shit for thinking any associations with niggers could turn out well.  Look at him… He looks like a horror movie monster.  What kind of freak would lie down with him?  A nigger whore.  And what will a nigger whore ultimately do for more money than her horror movie monster boyfriend provides?   Set him up with a taped phone call provoking him to make “racist” comments and turn it all over to rich liberal scum bags who want his successful team.  Here is a lesson to be learned, if you don’t already know.  Niggers will NEVER be satisfied with what you think you are benevolently giving them.  Quite the contrary.  Niggers bite the hands that feed them at the poverty level and all the way up to the NBA and the NFL.  Feel nothing for this asshole Donald Sterling.  He sleeps with a nigger.  He deserves all he gets or in this case, all he gets taken from him.  Douche bag.

Nigger Worship

Is it really that hard to tell a nigger punk that it looks absolutely ridiculous?  Am I the only person who feels embarrassed for this dumb chimp, parading itself all over television the past week or two wearing this stupid hat?  Sure it’s become white-guilt-chic to go ga-ga over the latest nigger performer (isn’t that all niggers are anyway?  Performers?) but can’t someone just tell this dipshit the hat looks silly?  Really.  Or is it just because he’s black that I think the hat looks so fucking stupid?  Not.  It’s a stupid hat.  Even on Smokey Bear it looks dumb…but he’s an animated character.  He can look stupid.  If Arby’s knew their hat would be placed atop a young nigger’s haed, I’m sure they would have thought up a new logo idea!


The Nigger Language

NB-Translator-NBJust had an unfortunate forced interaction with a nigger named Deshawn.  He was attempting to repeat from memory a list of items from which I was to choose.  After the first few “words”, I realized what I was up against.  I had to just nod, say thank you, and ignore the choices and see what his reaction would be.  Thankfully he just smiled and walked away so I continued on.  The point of this writing isn’t this particular interaction, since I rarely use this forum to share personal nigger events with you folks.  The point is my inability to understand what was supposed to be fluent, adult, and educated English.  What the fuck was this nigger trying to say?  This wasn’t “Dub Bab Padda Baw Weedux”  again.   That story was about my amazement with myself for being able to process that question and answer it in a reasonable amount of time.  The reason I was successful in that case was having been prepared earlier that this female was axting keschins nobody could understand.  Last night was a sucker punch.

But the question I have wrestled with for as long as I’ve been able to spot a nigger sight unseen is: Where does this nigger “accent” come from?   When English is a second language, or the accent is regional (such as  Boston or Staten Island or Central Ohio) the accents are obvious.  But niggers are all nigger babble everywhere.  Normal speech has to be learned for them to be able to fool anyone, and even then it’s a stretch.  News reporters and other such “professionals” learn to speak human.  When they get home to they families, you just know it’s all he be we be who be doobie doobie doobie yo momma crakka fry chicken.  So how is this mutation formed in the nigger gene pool?  Where does this inability to speak English properly originate?  I really wish I knew.  Someone tried to tell me nigger babble is the learned dialect and normal niggers out of the box will speak human.  One person said it is because it is how niggers in their households taught them to speak but again, I call bullshit.  Niggers are sent to school and their early formidable years are spent being taught mimicry, which includes language.  They are like what homosexuals claim in this regard…it’s not something they learned, it’s just there from the very beginning.  It’s a babble chromosome.  And to get past it, the nigger has to make a serious attempt to conquer it.  It can become humorous when they try to do it to sound credible.  The poor nigger who desperately needs to sound human to be taken seriously still stumbles over noam sayne or he be or they be.  They call Sean Hannity all the time.  So where does this originate?  Which of the early niggers formed this trait and how has it become so widespread?  Even Obama slips into it when he isn’t careful!

…again with the Magic Niggers.

magic-carsonIt’s hard to believe after the past six years of nigger rule, humans are still lured in by the promise of the alleged magic nigger.  The potential magic nigger to which I refer is named Ben Carson.   Before we go any further, let’s all agree that the magic nigger is indeed a mythical creature invented by guilt ridden humans to help them believe there can be some good buried within the souls of  “special” niggers.  Let’s  first redefine the Magic Nigger.  A magic nigger is considered to be a “black”  as opposed to a nigger, because it supposedly possesses qualities that make it totally acceptable to humans.  In the political realm this can be described as a conservative or republican nigger who claims to subscribe to the same conservative principles as level headed realists who see liberals for what they are.  Herman Cain for instance.  When the possibility of his candidacy arose in 2012 people were convincing themselves that fighting fire with fire might be a method to regain control of Washington.  As they talked themselves into this preposterous notion, they completely forgot about Colon Powell and his traitorous abandonment of the republicans who put him in the powerful position he was in back in 2008.  Magic or not, niggers always revert back to their true nature.  Niggers.  This is what makes it impossible for any magic niggers to ever exist in the natural world.  It’s simply an illusion.  I’m not a political writer so this nigger Ben Carson is of no interest to me aside from the fact that he is influencing some people to believe he might be a viable candidate to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.  If nigger voters held a reasonable majority we might have some hope that this method of manipulation could keep the Clintons out of the White House but it isn’t the nigger vote that decides elections.  The ultimate fact of politics that should concern the nigger the most is the fact that regardless of what makes its way into Washington, the nigger will never benefit.  If that clear fact was to ever be changed, I can guarantee it will be attempted by a mythical “magic nigger” like this Ben Carson.  So for anyone to believe that a nigger professing to be conservative will do anything but actually turn over more power and wealth to the niggers than any other alternative is to live in a fantasy world.  As with any other potential dealings with niggers, the point is always to avoid contact at all costs.  Do not do business with them.  Do not loan them money.  Do not trust them with your possessions.  A nigger will ALWAYS let you down.  Stop it before it can happen.  There is no such thing as Magic Niggers.  Learn to live with it.


By the way, the expression “Magic Nigger” was NOT invented by any famous conservative talk show host.  It was part of the nigger bashing community language long before Obama washed up on shore.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery so often I get burned out trying to imagine an angle I may have missed concerning the nigger over the past 9 years of writing this blog.  I check my statistics to see what posts people are finding and realize I’ve pretty much run out of material.  It’s all been done.  Then I realize how simple the nigger existence is and wonder how I’ve been able to make it this long!  The violence and ineptness.  The utter lack of emotion, character, and conscience.  An instinctive drive to take what they want whether they need it or not, and the irresistible temptation of shiny things.  A complete lack of understanding of how people earn their possessions and a misconception of where money even comes from.  The need to react to any form of resistance with unbridled violent explosions.  The frustrations of the mythical magic niggers who just can’t understand why their kids, friends, relatives and members of their communities cannot control their violent disregard for the law.  The distorted media portrayals of niggers and nigger families ( as if real nigger families exist as they would if they were humans).  The pride niggers have in their “heritage” and their culture while showing no outrage when they are portrayed as simply dark skinned white people on television.  The niggers solidarity with other niggers no matter what.  No nigger has ever done anything wrong according to the typical nigger philosophy.  It’s always a white standard that causes any nigger to act out or become felonious.  Nigger beliefs that the world is just here for their comforts and conveniences.  Every description I’ve just given could describe any number of wild animals but we are forced to live with these beasts and consider them human.  When we expose their true nature we are labeled haters.  And it just keeps getting worse.  During my tenure blogging here a nigger even managed to squirm its way into the White House.  And now the spiral into the abyss has increased in speed.  There just isn’t anything more to add.  All I can suggest is for my readers to scroll back a few years and read some older posts.  They all still apply because the nigger is incapable of change.  Reflect on the years of work and enjoy the site.  I’ll probably be taking a break from this for a while.

The Destructive Path Of Diversity

einsteinEvery once in a while I return to past postings to evaluate myself and my growth as it relates to the study of the nigger scourge.  What I often find are ideas that continue to plague me and trends that have escalated and matured in the worst of ways.  I am driven to explore this after happening upon this old post from September 7, 2012.  A mere two months prior to the disastrous fraudulent repeal of the voting process (better known as the presidential elections of 2012) where our most dire of fears was realized.  What led me to re-investigate my theories was a comment by Adam introducing the fact that the stupidity I interpreted as a result of nigger infection was being manifested in people of our own generations.  What could explain such an outbreak of stupid besides the proven lowest common denominator; the nigger genetics?

While I still believe this mixing of shit with purity can only lead to impure shit tainted hybrid subhuman one droppers, could the constant brainwashing of diversity be the key to the release of illogical thought and idiocy?  Could there have been a delay or a barrier in place to prevent the lesser infected bloodlines from releasing the stupidity locked up within the diluted yet still poisonous early one drop victims?  Perhaps.  I’m sure the nigger apologists would disagree but does this not adhere to the theories we’ve established?  Nigger+Human=Stupid Human.  I’m afraid those determined to destroy civilization and assume control of a reduced population have run the course of preparing the latest generations and have now turned to unlocking the potential for further destruction.  They need more established cooperation and the presence of diluted contaminated humans dictated a solution we now know as diversity.  The unlocking of the one drop civilization bomb.  They’ve been simultaneously turning the keys for years and like the proverbial frogs, we’ve reached our boiling point.  Stupidity is in full swing and the end is in sight.  Look around you and witness it for yourself.  Have you ever seen so much ridiculous stupidity in your life?  If you are wondering what the hell I am talking about then you might want to log onto a genealogy site, type in your name, and hope your ancestors didn’t have nigger slaves great great grandpa may have dragged into the woodpile for some primitive bestiality!

Niggers Show Their Cognitive Limitations Once Again

trader_joes protestThis story is a sad example of why it is such a pathetic waste of time to try to civilize a failed species.  Now niggers are complaining of the possibility of a shit hole nigger neighborhood being infiltrated by affluent white people and potentially being improved by it!  The nigger logic here is strong.  We don’t want no rich YT coming in here and messing up our shit with they expensive stores and healthy food and shit.  There are so many angles to approach this absurdity I don’t know where to begin!  I’ll make this brief because I know I’m preaching to the choir here but it has to be noted on Fed Up…

First, why would niggers object to the luring of affluent white people (most likely white women) into their range for potential violence, rape, robbery, and other such nigger behaviors?  Wouldn’t it be like baiting a meadow with salt licks for deer hunters to enjoy the hunting season?!  Nope.  Not niggers.  They say they don’t want no white people in they towns cleaning shit up and improving the real estate values.

Second, what if humans objected to the building of nigger bait like Walmart or Popeye’s in white neighborhoods?  Racist.  We’d be fucking racists for even suggesting it!  But wait…what if we went a step further and rallied for the discontinuation of public transportation to areas where affluence and white people were in charge?  Racist.  Public assistance disallowance?  Racist.  Parole revocation?  Racist.  See the flaws here?  You do, but niggers don’t.

The last word here is on a more positive note.  Good.  I’m glad niggers are against humans trying to improve their habitats, I only wish they’d go further with their outrage.  I think if the building of TJ’s is so offensive to them, then perhaps the provisions that allow for them to obtain EBT cards, Welfare, and other programs designed specifically for their comforts should be discontinued as well.  I mean really, who are WE to determine their needs based on our racist perspective of their inability to provide for their spawn or feed themselves?  Let’s just back away and let them figure it all out for themselves.  Can you say extinction?  Yes.  Let’s launch a movement to leave niggers alone!  It would be more effective than suggesting any sort of violence against them!

Nigger Logic

kokopelliWhen niggers are involved in criminal activity and their behavior becomes the center of attention with the local news media, suddenly it is law enforcement that is to blame and racism is always at the root of the situation.  Usually the species of the criminal(s) is never mentioned  but when the local “civil rights” activists begin their cries for “justice”, it’s hard to mask the identities of the thugs involved.  Recently in a small city in a liberal state, a nigger lounge became the center of  a controversy due to the response of the local city police department.  They acted on a 911 call concerning a gaggle of rioting niggers.  The cops came in and were greeted by niggers with pepper spray, fire extinguishers, and garbage cans, tearing each other to shreds and spilling out into the streets.  They attacked the police.  The cops responded with the force necessary to neutralize the intoxicated wild animals and were subsequently accused of police brutality and racism.  According to the nigger community officials (you won’t believe the name of this “church”!  Pastor Willie Bacote of the Missing Link Street Ministry), the police should have just allowed the niggers to do as they pleased and look the other way…the way they usually do when white people riot and destroy neighborhoods at 2 am on a Saturday night.  Niggers actually subscribe to this notion that whitey is excused while they are persecuted.  Their solution is to excuse them as well and simply disregard any type of order or law enforcement.  The lunacy of this opinion is of course an outrage and the cries of racism and brutality blatantly displayed for all to see for what it is; ridiculous.  All of it was on video, both in the street and inside the nigger club.  There was no dispute except for the niggers who feel their lawlessness should be tolerated and excused.  But wait, there’s more…

For some inexplicable reason, the white club owner has made a statement blaming the police for the fight and the escalation of the rioting!  Apparently he viewed the videos and concluded the niggers were all calmed down by the time the cops arrived and the cops only reignited the situation by storming in with their billy sticks drawn and spewing obscene language!  Here we go again.  Another idiot who thinks if he coddles his nigger clientele, they will stop destroying his club!   At the expense of his relationship with the city police!   What fucking planet is this guy on?  The one where microwaves have fried his brain and turned him into a pathetic dummy who thinks he can save a hopeless race of ingrates and savage feral beasts.  I am sickened by the demonizing of the police for having to do their jobs to try to control an out of control swarm of dangerous animals.  In the future, animal control should be called by this club owner because if I know cops, he won’t be seeing much of them after all this dust settles.  Fucking dipshit!


Why do people still believe there is hope for the nigger?  I’ve once again caught myself asking this question as if there is a suitable answer that will help influence a change, but it’s a hopeless cause for one simple reason.  The sympathetic nature of the civilized human being and the many levels of tolerance distributed among us all.  The re-realization came for me last night as I switched the TV through the usual cycle of garbage programming.  COPS was on and I happened to fall on a classic nigger confrontation with an inquisitive police officer.

hoodNot-so-brief summary:  Cop sees suspicious nigger, looking over its shoulder walking with pants half way down its ass displaying its boxer shorts.  Cop stops his car and summons nigger to stop and asks for ID.  Nigger has no ID.  Cop asks nigger why it was behaving suspiciously and nigger explains that it is on parole.  Cop asks for what and niggers says it be a long story an’ shit.  Cop says he has time.  Nigger says armed robbery.  Cop tells nigger to put it’s paws on it’s head.  Nigger asks why.  Cop says he needs to search nigger for a weapon.  Nigger swears he has none.  Cop persists.  Nigger takes off running.  Half a block later the cop finds the nigger trying to climb out from under a house and detains it.  Nigger resists and suddenly becomes polite.  Cop asks nigger what’s under the house.  Nigger says nuthin.  Cop tells nigger he is in big trouble if he finds shit under the house so nigger should fess up.  Nigger says nuthin officer.  It swears on it’s momma grave and him’s baby momma haed.  Ain’t nuthin unda the house.  Cop says there best not be and nigger goes on to explain that if the cop DOES find sumpthin, it ain’t hims.  Cop says if he DOES find sumpthin it WILL BE hims and nigger vehemently objects and denies the possibility.  So cop gets another cop to crawl under the house.  Meanwhile, nigger says while it was unda tha house it seen a bag of weed.  Cop asks how much weed and nigger says look to hims like about 4 gram or so.  But it AIN’T hims weed.  He just seen it there when he was unda the house.  Cop comes up with a small bag of weed and nigger goes to jail crying the whole time he dint do nuthin.

The sympathetic human side of a person could pass for a bleeding heart liberal if they were to allow naivety to control their reasoning, as it does stupid liberal nigger loving dweebs.  We could have easily asked why the cop felt it was necessary to bother that poor nigger who was just walking down the road minding its own business.  We could consider it harassment when the cop demanded ID and then a search for a weapon, but the fact that this nigger had admitted to being a felon on parole from prison for an armed robbery conviction, it would appear the cop had a pretty good sixth sense.  And then the nigger bolts.  Runs like a fucking gazelle.  And they ultimately find a bag of weed.  So who was right and who was wrong here?  If the cop had just kept driving, this nigger might have gotten a few more days on the streets but let’s face it, what are the odds of it becoming an upstanding member of the community?  It was already carrying an illegal substance while it was on parole.  Its first instinct was to run when the cops asked it too many questions.  This nigger could have easily been set free had it (1). NOT been breaking the law by carrying marijuana, and (2). Followed the instructions of the nice officer and produced an ID.  (Essentially, niggers are stupid and this scenario will be played out over and over for generations to come.) Unfortunately however, it never stood a chance so the cop did the nigger, and society a huge favor and got it off the streets and back in the cage where it belonged.  He essentially cut our losses with the use of his trained perceptive ability to spot a nigger breaking the law.  A dumb ass liberal wouldn’t have been able to get past the fact that the nigger didn’t initially do anything wrong so it should have never come to the point of finding the weed under the house.  This is where liberals fail so miserably and why we as a civilized people must be forced to endure the nigger shitting all over our lives.  Because overly sensitive tolerant liberals believe we should just leave the nigger be.  And look where we are.  Fucking niggers will never fully evolve.  Don’t let the fact that they can walk upright on their hind legs fool you.  Things will only get worse.

Violent Niggers

black-women-fighting (1)A little update to my last post about the niggers streaming into the job site.  Seems there are some conflicts arising between the old niggers and the new ones.  The new more entitled Obama generation niggers seem to have issues of arrogance and a potential for violent behavior.  The old ones are filing grievances with the Union for harassment.  At first I thought this was trouble brewing for us all.  With this latest turn of events however, and as is typical of unfamiliar nigger groups meeting in a turf war of sorts, this can be nothing but entertaining for those of us not being shoved around by the aggressive chimps.  They’re beating on each other; shitting where they eat if you will.nigger-sow-fight2  I look forward to the next visit from the local authorities to drag a nigger or two out into the parking lot for more intranigger battling.  Meanwhile we must all remember to secure valuables and trust no nigger with anything important.  While they’re pissing all over each other, their instinct to take shit never fades.  More to come, no doubt!