Study Finds That Niggers Are Not Human

Why is it such a topic of consideration to figure out why niggers are such a substandard species?  Why must we analyze the particular variables as if it will help anyone better understand anything about niggers?  All we really need to do is understand that they lack a certain something that would make them human.  The same type of something that makes a tiger want to eat you while a domestic house cat just wants to curl up and sleep in your lap.  We don’t need million dollar studies to determine if perhaps tigers are oppressed or suffer from a lack of opportunity.  Or why tigers are forced to hunt for their next meal while a kitty cat just has to meow and someone will fill its dish.  Do we really need a long drawn out explanation for all of this?  No.  We know that tigers are not given the opportunity to curl up and sleep in our laps because the fucking thing will eat us.  Is it some complicated hereditary anomaly that needs closer examination?  No.  It’s a fucking tiger.  We know what tigers are and we know what house cats are and for most of us, that really should be enough.  But not with niggers.  No, indeed not with niggers.   We need to dig deeper into their failures and create hundreds of variants to help explain their inadequacies.   We can’t just settle it in as simple of a way as it truly is.  Niggers are wild undomesticated creatures completely lacking the necessary abilities to conform to a civilized society.  They are a clever species able to mimic well, but in the end, they will eat you.    They will always eat you, whether it is through betrayal, fraud, theft, or violence.  Their poverty or wealth has nothing to do with anything.  Their oppression is insignificant.  Their genetics only matter as it relates to their subhuman classification.  Once society quits trying to convince itself these creatures are significant or useful or productive in any way, it will then be able to watch the species fail and drive itself to extinction.  I just saved the world millions of dollars in worthless studies.  Tigers are not kitty cats.  Niggers are not human.  Case closed.


  1. BM84 says:

    I like how you categorized this article under “I must be a Jew.” I assume you are still getting the White Power idiots stupefying your blog.

    Also, how did you end up involving kitties into this discussion? Did you take a page from my book? You aren’t allowed to talk about kitties…that’s my gig.

    I can’t see how anyone can think that niggers contribute to society. They are a constant drain emotionally and financially anywhere they are placed. Why bother spending more time and money on a question in which we already know the answer?

    Oh wait…that would be racist of me to think like that. How silly of me.

    What a bunch of idiots society has become.

    • Intolerant says:

      I have to consider that I must be a Jew under every circumstance now that the brilliant WN Nazis have concluded I have to be if I refuse to allow them to spew their anti Jew tripe. I mean, if you don’t join the droning, you must be one of them right!

      And you don’t own cats man. I usually use squirrels to draw parallels to niggers but I figured it would be more dramatic to use a man eater this time.

    • Caucasian says:

      Negroes ae a cancer on the body politic, 13% of the US population but 43% of the prison population. Violence and lawlesness are an integral
      part of this sub-culture. The failure of American education is a direct result of forced school integration.

      The very notion of misigenation is repellent as the mean I.Q. of this group is significantly lower than that of the general population as is their
      contribution to the GDP. Far better to shun these paracites than to suffer them.

      So long as the Federal Government continues to support them with
      lavish “entitlement programs” they will never grasp providing for themselves.

      A pox on Cheerios.

  2. Miss Ann says:

    Human behavior can be confusing and complicated, not so much TNB. Once you know niggers basic thought processes and urges, there’s not a whole lot left to say about what they do.

    Your analogy is what goes through my mind when I see stories of people who import exotic /savage animals and attempt to keep them as pets. At a certain point they often dump the pets (screwing up the ecosystem) or someone gets eaten by them.

    It’s the same thing when people import Haitiniggers. They think they’ve done their good deed for life. Then they wonder why these niggers turn around and stab their family or neighbors to death. A nigger from a coon wasteland (or really, any nigger) might chimp out over who ate the last bowl of cheerios, and its response very well might be to cut your head off. This is obvious!

  3. Sven Thrillhammer says:

    I agree that any study would only confirm the obvious. But personally I would spend trillions of dollars if it meant studying the nigger enough to map his ape genome. Maybe then we could develop a super virus that would finally exterminate them. I’m pretty sure we could take a page from Dow.

  4. Justin Igger says:

    Nigger behavioral patterns are very simple to understand once one stops thinking of them as equals and starts viewing them as the animals that they are.

    Niggers have as about much thought to the future and ramifications as any wild animal. They are so consumed with instant gratification that they will rape, steal or kill just to satisfy a random urge. Most humans on the other hand, temper their urges with morality, possible consequences or if nothing else, fear. That is what seperates us from lower primates, with niggers being way down the list somewhere between lemur and a spider monkey.

    I don’t care if a nigger has a Phd, he is still capable of killing for candy bar. Intelligence has nothing to do with nigger behavior, it’s all about self control.

  5. JSNTN says:

    This article is racist! LOL

    What’s so unique about the nigger question is that even when science clearly shows that both Caucasoids and Mongoloids possess Neanderthal DNA and niggers don’t, people still insist that we’re all the same. Now me personally, I never needed to see any scientific data to determine that niggers weren’t just like me. Their behavior alone had me convinced from a very young age that they were different. But now we have clear scientific proof that niggers aren’t the same as us and yet still people deny it. And all the while they have the gall to call us ignorant.

  6. No Nigger Zone says:

    Intolerant is the most incredible poet I’ve ever seen in my life. He takes all the things about niggers that all of us feel and puts them into the most articulate, reasonable, logical flow of words it’s hard to believe he isn’t up there with Percy Bysshe Shelley, Bryon Keats or William Shakespeare.

    All hail….we are not worthy.

  7. Stephanie says:

    This is so true. All of the politics and scientific research on nigger communities is pointless. I have never met one that has not either been a lazy, welfare collecting criminal with 500 “childrenz” or acted like a human only to either pull the race card every time something doesn’t go their way or when they get busted for what they really are.

    And by the way I know comments were closed on your fan mail but I must say a few things. And here we go…

    A. why are they out there searching for nigger hate sites anyways? I don’t go out searching for white hate sites because I don’t really give a shit

    B. Just like they are allowed to have BET and all these other black activities and organizations, we should at least have some web sites to talk about all of their bullshit that we have to put up with because if not we are considered racist and evil.

    C. the niggers arguing with you are probably opening their welfare check and smoking crack while using the damn computer at a “inner city” library the same people they are bashing have provided for their lazy asses.

    D. Don’t let them get you down. Instead of being confident enough in themselves not to worry about what people are calling them they are getting defensive. And why do you ask are they getting defensive? Because they know it is true.

    E. personally I couldn’t give 2 shits less if they try to make a good argument. My “field research” has proved there is a reason we feel the way we do about them and it is completely warranted. We are allowed to be fed up.

    F. and instead of trying to make you see their point shouldn’t they be out taking money and things that aren’t theirs either through the legal avenue of welfare and disability or robbing someone who has worked for their things?

    G. The proof speaks for itself look at all the rich nigger athletes and stars. They all usually end up in some kind of trouble involving firearms, drugs, prostitutes or pitbulls. Proves you can take the nigger out of the ghetto but can’t take the ghetto out of the nigger. And sure there is white crime and it is wrong but there is just so much more among the monkeys.

    • Intolerant says:

      Thank you for seeing the truth so clearly. I close the comments on the fan mail because I want the featured niggers to realize they have no voice. No opportunity to continue their ridiculous arguments. They are on display there because their one correspondence has been enough to show what they are. We don’t need more back and fourth communication. I hope you continue to return and contribute your experiences by commenting.

  8. Stacy says:

    How ironic that your hateful rant and ignorance actually contradicts your premise that blacks are inferior to you. Your mental disorder reveals a deep seated inferiority complex and a waste of brain power.

    • Intolerant says:

      Niggers calling me ignorant. Again. This one found a new angle with the mental disorder though, I must admit. I guess the sun even shines on a dog’s asshole once in a while. Go back to bed nigger…nothing will your mental disorder.

  9. yanand says:

    Excellently said.

    Niggers have never invented anything that humans can use.

  10. Keel Themall says:

    I work at JPMorgan Chase and they hire all sorts of niggers …. all in the name of “Diversity”. The M***F*** are the laziest, stupidest waste of space people I’ve ever worked with. They find every excuse not to do their job and, even if they do work, it’s mostly wrong and needs to be redone by someone with an education beyond a GED. Thank goodness we were able to fire 2 of them that recently worked on my team …. and, while management agreed they needed to go, managers were so worried about these degenerates yelling “unfair, prejudice” that they nearly shit themselves in the HR process. THAT is the very thing these niggers KNOW and LEVERAGE to their advantage. I wish there was a distant island to where we could permanently relocate these miscreants.

  11. Shemeka says:


    • Intolerant says:

      Now you obviously have a problem with niggers; why would you come here and try to spam my blog with your fake bullshit? Please, go visit someone dumb enough to think you’re funny. Asshole.

  12. Will says:

    I concur totally no amount of fancy bs changes animals

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