Why is it such a topic of consideration to figure out why niggers are such a substandard species?  Why must we analyze the particular variables as if it will help anyone better understand anything about niggers?  All we really need to do is understand that they lack a certain something that would make them human.  The same type of something that makes a tiger want to eat you while a domestic house cat just wants to curl up and sleep in your lap.  We don’t need million dollar studies to determine if perhaps tigers are oppressed or suffer from a lack of opportunity.  Or why tigers are forced to hunt for their next meal while a kitty cat just has to meow and someone will fill its dish.  Do we really need a long drawn out explanation for all of this?  No.  We know that tigers are not given the opportunity to curl up and sleep in our laps because the fucking thing will eat us.  Is it some complicated hereditary anomaly that needs closer examination?  No.  It’s a fucking tiger.  We know what tigers are and we know what house cats are and for most of us, that really should be enough.  But not with niggers.  No, indeed not with niggers.   We need to dig deeper into their failures and create hundreds of variants to help explain their inadequacies.   We can’t just settle it in as simple of a way as it truly is.  Niggers are wild undomesticated creatures completely lacking the necessary abilities to conform to a civilized society.  They are a clever species able to mimic well, but in the end, they will eat you.    They will always eat you, whether it is through betrayal, fraud, theft, or violence.  Their poverty or wealth has nothing to do with anything.  Their oppression is insignificant.  Their genetics only matter as it relates to their subhuman classification.  Once society quits trying to convince itself these creatures are significant or useful or productive in any way, it will then be able to watch the species fail and drive itself to extinction.  I just saved the world millions of dollars in worthless studies.  Tigers are not kitty cats.  Niggers are not human.  Case closed.