London Riots: Because Other Niggers Are Doing It.

I think it is safe to say this highlighted nigger sow is totally unaware of who Mark Duggan is or what he has to do with the items she has gathered up in her arms during her looting frenzy.  I would venture to guess 99% of the niggers rioting in London are just as uninformed as to the cause of their alleged “anger”.  It is their nature to riot and loot so when it appears there is such activity taking place, their natural instinct would be to jump right in and get what they have coming to them. There no longer needs to be any real cause or reason where niggers are concerned. If there be looting, niggers will be right there to help out.  Briefly, the press is attributing this latest nigger dance to anger and rage over some felonious nigger who shot repeatedly at police before he was rewarded with a dirt nap.  Of course, the progressive nigger loving press can’t say enough good things about poor Mark.  Niggers fail to acknowledge he did anything to deserve such a fate, as is usually the case with niggers. And before anyone even knew what happened, the riots began. Not that the truth would even matter to them. They have a license to loot now. Ask any one of them and I’m sure they couldn’t even tell you why.  Monkey see-monkey do.  An entire existence of mimicry requires no purpose.   And London is ablaze with wild niggers doing what they do best.  Destroy, steal, and kill.  When will the world awaken to these beasts?  Even if the press insists on ignoring the race issues, eyeballs should be enough to get the message.

Chimpout is alive with activity with all of this nigger savagery gripping the world lately.  My visitors here are obviously screaming for the truth.  Miss Ann is seeing a spike as well.  People are seeking answers.  The only good that can come from all of this subhuman nigger behavior is the realization of the masses of exactly who or what is responsible.  We still outnumber them.  One day they will hit a wall.


  1. Miss Ann says:

    Great post…I have nothing more to add other than it’s frustrating being the lone voices telling the truth, knowing the media is trying desperately to excuse or justify these bouts of TNB. Hopefully more and more people will be able to see past their bullshit to the truth as we call it!

    • Intolerant says:

      No matter how hard the press tries to mask the connection between the behavior and the species, those of us who have come to expect these things know the truth. One of these days the irrelevance of the news media will help find these idiots unemployed for their irresponsible journalism.

  2. Chuck Spears says:

    Well I’ve been pretty busy lately so I haven’t been following this at all.

    So to sum up, all this is about another ‘aspiring rapper who was just turning his life around’ being made ‘good’ by the police?

    I should have known.

    • Intolerant says:

      Yes, a good boy who wasn’t doing anything wrong as he fired shots at the police before their return fire ended his purposeful existence. And just as he was turning his life around too. Such a shame.

  3. Sven Thrillhammer says:

    Damn TEENAGERS. I hate TEENAGERS. Dirty Stinking TEENAGERS. Violent and entitled TEENAGERS. I wish we hadn’t imported so many TEENAGERS into this country. Now London is being ripped apart by TEENAGERS. The world would be so much better off without TEENAGERS.

  4. FedUp Florida says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who has noticed the MSM barely touches this or other nigger-on white hate going on. The WI state fair? Only found on drudge and barely huffpo. Where’s Jessie? Where’s Al? Oh, that’s right, there is no money or fame to berate ones own race, thus sending the message reverse racism is okay. Stupid racist ignorant niggers. I would say 90% of the articles leave out the race of the rioters, but we all know it’s the brainless chimps. White people don’t act so fucking stupid. I think I read it on this site, and have been spreading it to every comment section I can: Slavery was the domestication of the negro animal (using nigger most times filters out my post, fucking PC retards). Lincoln did this country no favors. Keep up the good work Intolerant and Miss Ann, you have more fans than you realize. Eventually we’ll get the real humans to rise up and rid the Earth of the cancer that is the nigger.

  5. cityoftheapes says:

    I’ve spent some time in London in the past. I love it over there. That said I think the British are getting what they deserve. They are head over heels in love with multiculturalism. Lots of coal burning occurs in her majesties realm. I hope it gets worse because sadly, It will take something big to wake up that poor brainwashed country.

  6. Richard Hunt says:

    *** S A R C A S M ***

    Don’t be so harsh on them, Intolerant. They are oppressed, discriminated against and come from impoverished backgrounds. It’s only natural and justified to riot, rape, murder and loot. It’s their god-given right and we should not try to challenge it.

    *** End S A R C A S M ***

    Well this at least is the picture the LSM paints (not in so many words) and would have you believe. I’m just sick of hearing the way the press thinks when they report. Questions raised such as “Is this a failure of Society to recognize and help them?” Gimme a fuckin break. If anything, we’ve done far too much for them already. I reckon ALL welfare benefits, concessions and AA actions should be withdrawn at once, lock, stock and barrel. Let’s see how they compete on an equal footing with human beings.

  7. Richard Hunt says:

    Wow, that inset fat black bitch looks like an escapee from the Gorilla compound! Look at the shape of its mouth – it’s a gorilla expression.

  8. D'Quantravious says:

    I don’t know how to post a picture here, but check this out: a photo in LA Times, reporting (ostensibly) on nigger riots in the UK — and what can we see there? A nigger cop leading away a white perp. Yes, that’s what it is, “mixed crowd”; “youths”, “teens”, and “kids”; a hollywoodean nigger spreading goodness and peace; “we’re all the same”; “it’s not about race”, etc., insert your own favourite progressive nostrum here. Out of fifty megabazillion groids on rampage they HAVE to find one who’s white, and THAT’s what they’ll print. And is it a rioter? Who knows, maybe it’s an unrelated, someone arrested for some other reasons — after all the scene does not suggest a riots context, just someone being arrested.

    Article title: “Arrest total from British riots is around 1,700″ ; article can be found at,0,1899326.story .

    That’s a perfect example of the typical nigger-deifying fucking lies the MSM try to shove down your throat even despite the obvious fact that these are obvously lies. How do you deal with it?

    • Intolerant says:

      What’s important to remember is the destruction so many years of nigger worship have done to an entire generation of young human children. They have been raised by these “progressive” nigger loving fools who believe the myths of nigger humanity and feed their spawn the misinformation. Just as they are so quick to accuse “racist” parents of instilling “hate” in our children when we simply allow them to witness the true behavioral patterns of the common nigger, we can cite similar parenting techniques with far more dire consequences. They teach their children to be niggers so they think we teach ours to hate. Fact is, we teach ours to believe their fucking eyes and ignore the mythical reflections the media tries to portray them as. The whites you see in the videos and pictures are real. The press will of course capitalize on them and be sure to show just how evil white teens are, but they fail to explain how these kids are driven by an embedded brainwashing to emulate the worst nigger behavior. It began with niggers. That is the story here. Unfortunately in England, the nigger is still worshiped and when they began their rampage, the weakened minds of their white youth followed. It will be here in the US very soon.

      • D'Quantravious says:

        Damn straight. Btw, the picture I referred to above has disappeared from this article (perhaps it’s in the gallery there, I haven’t checked). Now, while we’re at it, here’s another beaut, not from the UK this time: “5 Points curfew likely to become permanent” at , “Columbia City Council is poised on Tuesday to make permanent this summer’s 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily curfew for anyone 16 or younger. The emergency curfew took effect nine days after police said [police said? no one else knows that? It's still somehow "alleged"? fucking scribblers drive me nuts... it's been all over the net by now yet somehow it's STILL not facts!] a group of teenagers kicked and beat an 18-year-old [Carter Strange] who was hurrying home …

        Some on council want to consider extending the curfew to the Vista and Main Street in the city center, or maybe even citywide. …

        But support seems solid on council for banning children from Five Points, a bar-and-restaurant district near the USC campus.”

        How do you like it? “Children”, “anyone 16 or younger”, etc. What’s that got to do with children or anyone 16 or younger? It’s NIGGERS and nothing more than niggers. Why should non-blacks be inconvenienced in any way ? Just so it’s not “racial profiling”? What’s wrong with racial profiling as long as it’s not gratuitous (and it’s obviously not gratuitous)? “Progressives” don’t seem to have any problem with a racial profile supplied by the niggers – why, they don’t even notice it – so why are they so concerned when us, receivers of the nigger goodness, resort to profiling the niggers as a means of defence? Why are we so concerned about the niggers’ sensibilities? They don’t seem to show any kind of reciprocity.

    • FedUp Florida says:

      Here are the latest flash mob problems:


      They don’t refer to them as the niggers they are, but rather ‘teenagers & children’


      Referred to as ‘youths’, but comments are quick to point out the obvious; they are all niggers.

      Shame on the MSM for not calling a spade a spade. Once we get the nigger out of the WH, maybe we can show a little more truth in the news and stop the misleading headlines. These are BLACKS! Fuck Sharpton, if he can’t face the truth, then he is just as racist as he accuses everyone else of being.

  9. Richard says:

    Negroes are the shock troops of Jewish-Communism, the former can never be dealt with effectively until the latter’s stranglehold on government and media is broken.

    • Intolerant says:

      In case you haven’t noticed, we call them niggers here and leave all the Jew references to the boys over at Stormfront. You want to delve deeper into the root causes of niggers, go find some place where they discuss such things. Here I focus strictly on niggers. If you cannot control your subject matter, then expect to be ignored.

  10. Jack-Bootlip says:

    The recent nigger riots and “flash mobs” are actually healthy for conscientious Whites. One can no longer put his head in the sand and assume it “a group of underprivileged ‘people’” committing these crimes.

    As Intolerant so accurately states: It’s done because other niggers are doing it; there is no “higher cause” in play here. Monkey See, Monkey Do.

    So what are Whites who refuse to be victims to do?

    Well, as a White man interested in the preservation of his people, I begin by having a weapon handy at all times.

    Think about it: Niggers riot in London where guns are wholly illegal, and not even ONE warning shot was fired into the ground by a single ccw holder in Wiscoonsin. On the other hand, communities that encourage citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment Right seem not to have had nigger riots.

    Now that I’ve taken up arms, I obsess much less about the nigger problem since I’ve done all I can to prepare. I now have 150 rounds of nigger-repellent in the form of 00 “buck”shot in and strapped to my Remington 870, either in the mag, on the sling, or in bandoleers next to the gun. And I hope they stay there, unfired.

    BUT, if the time comes when niggers completely erupt, at least I won’t be helpless. Again, the first shot will likely be into the ground, just to let the niggers know that at least one White man has a gun, and may have just used it. (cRap music is further proof that loud noises are needed to get niggers’ attention).

    If only 1% of Whites will assume their duty to their people to prepare for defense, the riots will disperse. The nigger animal is frightened by authority and direct commands. The best tool we have is our courage to do what is right.

    We don’t go out to look for trouble. After all, we’re not racists. We simply prepare to deal with a crisis before we’re faced with it so we’re able to do what is necessary if we should be faced with a worst-case scenario. Like many of you, I don’t hate niggers; but won’t tolerate monkeyshines when they become a direct physical threat to my family or my people.

    As was said at Lexington and Concord, “Thus far and no farther!”

    We only seek the safety and preservation of our people, and anyone who threatens such is making a declaration of war on us, and ought rightly to meet the full force of resistance in kind.

    • D'Quantravious says:

      You’re right, and that pisses me off: and that is because niggers deny us the benefit of civilised living that we achieved as a group. Civilised living implies that not everyone must be a warrior: people can also be physicists, musicians, doctors, researchers, writers, teachers, dancers, etc. But when there’s niggers around, everyone must, just like you say, arm himself and be ready for battle – and that takes time! Personally, I have no interest in guns etc., and I hate the fact that I’ll have to spend money on a gun and license, and then spend more money and time training, and whatever else gun ownership implies. Life is short and there’s no time to lose, but with niggers around, we have no choice. Now, imagine all our Einsteins and Mozarts needed to be warriors simply to survive, literally. We’d still be in the stone age, since the guys who moved the human race forward would have had to spend their time in the gym, lifting weights and sparring, instead of doing their thing. Fucking stinking niggers! They literally destroy humanity, they drag us all back into their animalistic primitivism.

  11. FedUp Florida says:

    I made the mistake of engaging a non human on a prominent social forum, who when responding to a black being run over by white teens in MS, claimed it a hate crime without any facts, then refused to acknowledge the WI debacle and claimed London was a ‘mix of races’ and topped it off by asking me if I had my mask, torches and crosses ready. Fucking nigger. I would never associate with a backwards ass, unintellectual group of rednecks like the KKK. I have the truth on my side and it’s all I need, I told it. I also mentioned I didn’t need a cross since he’s obviously nailed himself and his race to its own, and that coming down and at least pretending to act human might be wise before someone unloads their 357 into its empty head. I followed it up with a link to this site, so it can be aware of how un-human it really is. So if you see an angry letter from a chimp pretending to be intellectual, that’s why.

    Keep kickin’ the monkeys!

  12. FedUp Florida says:

    Here is today’s Philly nigger violence story which the MSM replaces ‘black’ with ‘teen’.

    Happened while the nigger mayor was there.

    • D'Quantravious says:

      What I like about this story is that this happened right after the dear mayor spend quite a bit of time haranguing fucking niggers. And that’s how much they’ve been impressed with his well-meanining speechifying. Neither did the curfew prevent this stabbing. Unless the core issue is addressed w/o equivocation and political correctness, the problem will not be fixed. It’s not “youth” staying out too late – it’s niggers being unsuited to the human environment – 24/7, everywhere.

  13. Axris says:

    I’m real pissed of with the niggers claiming they own our streets. Since when is this banana town? I formally dream of us white brothers uniting and laying seige to all their dog shit ridden estates. I swear before I die I’ll lead an army of 50.000 whites into their shighetto’s kill the she-apes and half-boons. No remorse. No more niggers. Burn them out like they attacked us. Someone organise a time and a place and the whole England crew will be riding this too.

  14. Robert the Biker says:

    No nigger owns MY streets or any other part of MY country.
    Guns may be difficult to get here (not impossible) but I have my longbow, my broadhead hunting arrows and my bodkins (armour piercing, they won us Agincourt). Why should I live in fear of rampaging niggers or the useless shitstains who emulate them? “I bees comin fo you stuff whitey” Sure thing monkey, just let me make a kebab out of you.
    Cry, God for Harry, England and Saint George.

  15. gnigs_r_vermin says:

    Not enough guns in England and most of them are in the hands of niggers and other vermin

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