Zombie Apocalypse

Every time I get another catalog from shooting and gun suppliers I see this silly zombie crap.  It’s like some new trendy fad that seems to have become seriously popular.  To whom I don’t know, but it is really taking off.  Zombie ammo. Zombie targets.  Zombie accessories.  Even Zombie model guns!  Why?  The whole theory is explained in Wikipedia rather benignly as a reference to the zombie movies and the breakdown of human society by the undead, but the movement underway to use it to sell weapons has driven me to look further into what exactly is being implied.  Where are these alleged zombies supposed to originate and why will they be coming after me and my stuff?  Who are the zombies and where are they residing right now, as the climate adjusts to release them from their slumber?  What will eventually trigger their attacks and how will we really be able to see who they are?  Burning questions indeed, but before I tie them to what I’m sure you see coming, let me offer a potential alternative.  Recently I received a comment from an obviously overly religious woman concerning the real apocalypse where the bible reveals the return of Christ and the removal of his fans.  She warns that when He returns, he will leave folks like me behind as he gathers up all the true believers (including niggers).  What remains will be left to fend for themselves among the armies of zombie unbeliever atheists.  I call bullshit on that theory simply because at that point, we would all have to be zombies and survival would be futile.

 What I  profess to be at the core of this new zombie apocalypse scare is a metaphor for what would likely be who will be coming for my stuff when the ultimate shit hits the fan scenario unfolds:  The nigger.  What will be coming to steal our food and supplies when the store shelves are all empty?  Niggers.  What is too shortsighted to stock up on supplies when the end approaches?  Niggers.  So logically, what will be clamoring at your door in search of free provisions?  Niggers of course.   And who will be responsible for the triggering of such a dire event?  The one nigger we all have come to know in our now defunct White House: The HNIC.  Whether he is reelected or defeated, the zombies (niggers) will react.  If he wins, the economy tanks and we are all in for rampant zombie attacks.  If he loses, the zombies will become incensed and riot and seek vengeance from those of us who are not zombies.  The Wiki definition allows for the zombies to infect humans and turn them into zombies as well…Can you say interbreeding?

Maybe some of my observations are elaborate conspiracy theories taken too far, but my simple assertion here summed up in one brief sentence is this:  Zombies are a metaphor for niggers and when we release the niggers, we will find ourselves at war with the zombies.  How much of a difference it will make what type of ammunition we use or what color the grips are on our pistols seems moot, but it appears to be selling.  I wonder what the niggers think zombies are!



  1. Adam says:

    I only know of the so called ” Zombie Ammo” from videos on youtube that this guy does in Georgia somewhere and I think he did it as tongue in cheek as he is obviously really knowledgeable about his kit usually ” Gun gripes” or something he calls it.Zombies metaphors for niggers? Absolutely. Apart from the fact that Zombies do not rape, demand that we feed and house them or dress in suits masquerading as Humans…

  2. Hey Intolerant, I just tried to logon to Chimpout and got a “forbidden” message for “this server”. Does that mean that someone is effing with CO or does that mean the public WiFI I glom off of has decided to derail access? Thanx, JQW.

    • CTYT says:

      John Q. White,

      Our server is currently experiencing some issues with one of their hard drives; no attack or anything like that. Malef is currently working on it and we should be up shortly.

      As for Intol’s blog post: the Zombie thing is easily one of the most annoying and unfunny memes I’ve come across in a long time. This shit has infected the knife collecting community, too. Wasn’t this shit a fad in the 70s? No one gives a shit anymore.

      • Intolerant says:

        Shit man! It seems to appeal to the younger set and women. If gays were into guns, I’d bet they would be all over it too. If they understood that “Zombies” are niggers and niggers will be the lifeless creatures storming the more prepared, they’d perhaps think harder about all the handouts they turn over to them now. Luckily, if I am correct, living far enough from a bus route may be all it takes to battle them. The cities and suburbs will be the ones shooting the green bullets!

  3. Intolerant says:

    I’m not sure why but I will look into it.

    • Intolerant says:

      As CTYT said, our hard drives took a shit, shit. The techs are busy replacing it and uploading the saved data so sit tight and keep reading this blog. It’s the only thing the server didn’t eat!

  4. CTYT says:

    Just re-read my comment. I think the word “shit” could find it’s way somewhere in there a few more times.

  5. Chuck Spears says:

    Shit, I don’t even know was a meme is. Good thing I don’t give a shit, but these comments are funny as shit!

  6. Intolerant says:

    For CO updates check out Ted’s blog. Post questions in the comment sections.

  7. unchained says:

    Zombies, I can say this is some thing that has been in my mind since I saw the first Romero flick in 1968. I was kinda impressionable as a six year old and while I knew that the undead were likely to never walk the earth I also knew that some day a large un-organized soulless hoard would appear and consume everything I hold dear along with myself if I slipped up.Now that I’m a curmudgeonly old fart I realize romero was inferring in his liberal nigger loving was that big brother and corporations were the zombie trying to consume the free thinking hippie dippie douche bags,,,,the joke is on old George as just the opposite has happened. The touchy feely mindless sesame street crowd now roams the planet consuming all in its way. Hmm I never thought America would elect a zombie for president.

  8. FedUp Florida says:

    I think the zombie apocalypse will start after Romney wins the election. I’m hopeful to live far enough away from the city where I may only have to cap a few who stray from the path. It’s the nigger loving white liberals (you know, charcoal pits, oil drillers, etc) who I might worry about. Good thing liberals don’t like the 2nd amendment, eh? They’ll be easier to pick off, if need be.

  9. RJ says:

    Zombies are not going to be the undead .All it will take is the right virus. Is plausible. As an avid prepper have taken precautions for it. But I’m much more concerned about the current nigger apocalypse that we are living in. Too bad we can’t just take them out at will.

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