Fucking Niggers

I just got off the phone with a couple of niggers.  I made a call to a medical insurance company concerning some issues of coverage.  I initially got a well spoken American white male who subsequently told me he was not authorized to handle my situation.  He gave me an alternate number to call, which I did.  This is when it all went south.  A female nigger answered the phone…Goot moanin, ha can ah hepp you?  Blather ensued, along with several “axts” and noam saynes, and then it became necessary to engage a third party to “help” alleviate the problem.  Son of a bitch if yet another nigger, this time a male picked up the phone to hepp me.  Without going into any detail, I ended up so enraged I hung up on them.  The two of them on this 3 way call were trying so fucking hard to sound human but failed miserably, as expected.  And I was left with having to find my own solution to a problem undoubtedly caused by fucking niggers in the first place!  Our world has become a playground for niggers who have been convinced they are humans and are actually capable of performing as such.  When we encounter them now, we are forced to entertain their folly and get no satisfaction in what ever situation it occurs.  This is how nations crumble.  This is the end of the world as we know it and it can all be narrowed down to one very simple little word.  NIGGERS.


  1. Miss Ann says:

    I end up hanging up and trying back for a human whenever I have this problem. I used to work in C/S and the niggresse I worked with would usually hang up on our customers when she dint feel liek heppin dem. I suppose that was better than the ones who actually try.

  2. James_E_Ray says:

    What the hell?

    Word is you quit the forum. Why is that?


  3. bird says:

    Niggers are the useless idiots of the world.

  4. hate-tastic says:

    Oh man, I’m in Chicago where every one of these things has some cushy job where they sit on their fat baboon asses all day. The CTA (trains and buses) employ tons of useless, rude, stink-nigs who can’t do their jobs correctly to save their lives. CTA also has a taxi that is flat-fee, about $2.25, that services limpy methadone niggers in wheelchairs who lost their legs to diabetes and train-hopping. Guess who pays for the rest of the cab fare? Not these fucking mutts. I’m so tired of these fucking parasites.

  5. nemo says:

    here in the south when you try to use any government agency that we pay for..guess what..your going to have to deal with some fucking nigger that not only hates whites…but blacks too. I can’t understand their monkey ass vocabulary. Axt?…what the fuck does that mean you useless nigger?..are your lips in the way or are you trying to say ask?…I have been laid off for a year ..college educated..over 25 years experience in my field….but companys have to hire these niggers…who hire more niggers and before ya know it…the company is closing its doors or moving over seas. And now that we have a nigger in the fucking white house…these nigglets run around with some self entitlement….all you niggers hear this…we true americans are tired of it…and if white people don’t start standing up and stop being so afraid of these assholes ..well…then we will soon be slaves……and one more thing…all you white girls dating some nigger…your just as disgusting as they are….hell…why don’t ya just put a gun in your mouth and blow your wanna be nigger head off…some nigger will end up doing it to you anyway….fuck all you scum niggers…viruses!!!

  6. jim says:

    we all know that pourch monkey is from kenya contact your political piece of shit and get this terrorist out of the white house nothing quite like a moon cricket trying to break our country fuckin toad

  7. anti niggers says:

    niggers are cancer.

  8. Nigger Rapist says:

    I too hate niggers! All they are, are a bunch of government cheese
    Niglets who feed off good working people. But no, niggers can’t find jobs because its in their DNA to not work. Niggers are lazy! They blame all their problems on slavery and how they
    Should get paid. Fuck that I ain’t paying for some nigger! Niggers are just as much to blame for slavery. There were africans who were selling niggers to white slave ships. Kinda like slave
    Niggers brokers. So fuck you niggers! I hope y’all die sometime soon. When that happens this world will be a better place!

  9. Nigger Rapist says:

    Niggers are “pinche mayates!” That’s why the word black is used as something negative and evil in the English language. Like black niggers!

  10. moon cricket says:

    im currently serving in the US Army and its absolutly horrible. These fucking moon crickets have completly taken over certain MOS’s (JOBS) its an absolute shame. Bunch of lazy niggers that think everything is owed to them.

  11. Bad Billy says:

    Do you know wy niggers cry after having sex? The pepper spray hurts their eyes.

  12. ProudToBeWhite says:

    Hi, I read the previous comments and wanted to add my recent headaches. I work for a company in Jackson Mississippi, I’ve been here about 15 years and it wasn’t easy to get on out here, at that time. If you had a position at this place you really had to know your shit. I have a lot of knowledge and experience under my belt that actually pertains to what I do here. You don’t bring somebody in from Burger King to do my job. About 6 months ago the EEOC came in to investigate why we aren’t employing enough black local employees, the thugs that I see walking around on the streets with their pants down to their knees I guess. Anyway, our HR department has switch gears, not changing speed but actually going in reverse. I have no idea what happened up there, I can’t understand what the EEOC did to stir shit up but HR is wreckless as hell now. Because of the EEOC, they have litterally dropped all requirements for any knowledge whatsoever, anyone, no matter where you have worked, no matter what kind of experience you’ve had, if any, they have to hire your ass. I am anxious to see how this trainwreck plays out, and what will become of me five years from now? They are wanting to hire some help to assist me. I can tell you now that they won’t be helping, if they don’t have a clue what I do, how in the hell are they supposed to be of any help? If a jigaboo could actually understand and perform my job, then it a chimpanzee could do brain surgery. No, they will make the same money as I do, yet I will be doing the work for them while they sit on their ass.I guess I need to work on my attitude, time for some more that diversity bull shit training I guess. 

    • Phuck Mexico says:

      It is a knee jerk reaction to the implied threat of the eeoc. As far as I can remember the supreme court bit them in the ass years ago over quotas which were prohibited. They can suggest to make an effort to be more compliant but have no authority to enforce it. Where you get your nipple in the ringer if they can prove discrimination. That is where the nigger lotto begins!

  13. Nigger hater says:

    Fuck niggers that is what I have to say about that.I had to live close to them in the pen and fuck them all. They are worthless mother fuckers.

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