Everyone is tired of Niggers.

Everyone is tired of niggers…even niggers. Niggers, simply by being niggers have created their own nigger tired society based on their nigger behavior. Give a nigger a house and he’ll live there until its completely destroyed. Show him how to build one and he’ll look at you like a monkey in a cage and say “neva mind all that, where’s my check?” Niggers are nothing but a drain on society and only provide jobs for law enforcement and prison guards. Cops simply refer to niggers as job security. Call me “ignorant”, but like I say…that’s nothing but a standard reply because there just isn’t any valid argument against all of this. Niggers are of no use. Niggers in general contribute nothing. Niggers are incapable of domestication. Like trying to have a pet grizzly bear. Forget it. One day instinct will take hold and you become bear food. That’s what is happening to our society now. Niggers are given freedom and they have no idea what to do with it but abuse it. Niggers are a waste of energy. Trying to help niggers is fruitless, because no matter what, they will not learn from their mistakes. Niggers cannot exist in a society with rules or a code of conduct.
The sad fact concerning niggers who actually DO contribute to society in a positive way is that somewhere in their circle of friends or family is a criminal who will ruin their reputation. That nice nigger family living next door has someone who will come over for a barbecue or a birfday pawty and case the neighbor’s houses to tell his criminal friends. Next thing you know, that nice nigger family’s nephew has his posse ransacking your home and taking all your stuff. Never fails. In every nigger family is the proverbial typical nigger. And all it ever takes to ruin it for the good niggers is one bad one. Someone prove me wrong.


  1. Intolerant says:

    I dare anyone to prove me wrong….–>

    • Aryan Man says:

      You are exactly right. We live in a great neighborhood. One night 2 niggers broke into our house via the back door. These niggers are now good niggers as my Wife and I shot them. I am a former Police Officer and retired military and we are armed to the teeth. The nigger fambly tried to sue us but Colorado has a great law called the Make My Day Law and no liability to home owners. We had a great Attorney and reversed it and sued them for harassment and won. Of course all they had was a ghetto 10 cent attorney with welfare check stubs. Our judgement against them probably won’t amount to much but we got $10,000.00 so far. These niggers of course have since vanished.

      • Joe says:

        Hmmm.. ex-cop and military? Bro I’m an ex-marine and fulltime bodyguard. Those NIGGERS would have been DEAD! I think you might need some target practice bro!

      • docholiday says:

        Good for you sir, I am white and we work everyday while these apes, steal and con and rape. I am very proud of your actions. More people should stand up, but niggers, are they really worth our time.

      • anthony says:

        I love you guys for killing them niggers.

        Cant fucken stand them.

        Im a mexican who sadly is sometimes mistaken for a nigger….but i beat the fuck out of them all the time.

        Seems like most people are afraid of niggers but you should see how i treat them…lol

        Keep up the good work.

        • John says:

          I am Native American and cant stand niggers either. If you are Mexican I highly doubt you are mistaken for a nigger. Its easy to tell a wide bell peppered nosed black nigger apart from a Mexican. I have seen very dark Mexicans and other dark races and its easy to tell a nigger apart because their is no mistaken those nappy haired big lipped fuckers. Plus all other races act human except for niggers. I cant stand the site of niggers

          • Ann says:

            I’m part Native-American too and am sick of niggers trying to say they are Native-Americans, Romans, Gods, etc. They are niggers, period! Black skinned, nappy-haired; wide nostrils; tiny brains.

        • gary mcevilla says:

          good for you mi amigo. I love Mexican people and hate niggers. I am American and was in the marines and army and never put up with their crap. I hate to see anyone back down from a nigger. I am 61 and will kick any niggers ass.

        • STONEWALL JACKSON says:


      • Pete says:

        Wish we had cops like you in the UK,FUCKING NIGGERS TAKING OVER THE PLACE almost all them all the time causing grief all the time somewhere,all our politicains have no balls at all,Well done copper keep that pistol loaded

      • dan says:

        I wish California had a law like that, similar to Colorado’s.

      • Major Mel says:

        Colorado’s ‘Make My Day’ Law is righteous and proper and should be applied to ALL States.
        Shortly after the end of the first (the second seems to me soon to follow, and with more than sufficient just cause) American Civil War, the then ‘freed slaves’ were offered $50 and a mule to relocate back to Africa. As far as I’m concerned, this should not have been an option, but an irrevocable requirement! They should have been freed to go back from whence they were taken.
        There’s an occasional Black, such as Dr. Ben Carson who makes us think, well if they were all like him, then things would be very different. But, clearly this instance is exceedingly rare and certainly atypical of most Blacks.

        • Lenny says:

          Three things the usa cannot rid themselves from Rodents. Roaches. And filthy fucking niggers

          • just had car broken into for the third time – subhuman dirtfaces steal my checkbook camera and essential medication in my carryall which I need to stay alive!! had to call doc in mid of nite to refill. Feel that liberals need to wake up and stop blaming humans for the misery created by the subhuman niggers. Niggers who take from humans are garbage and they need to be taken out and disposed of.

    • jezzy mac says:

      im a nigga and the fact is if ANY of you dog smelling ass bitches were to see me you wouldnt do or say shit. I LIVE just to fuck your nasty white bitches and get them strung out on drug. I luv seeing the angry pissed off look on your face when I drive the benz that u cant afford down your block with the bass blasting. all of u are coward ass crackers

      • paul says:

        I’ tired of the blacks moving into respectable neighborhoods and making a shambles of it. Why should we have to put up with black bullshit. You are an asshole that neither white or decent blacks would give you the time of day. Drive your stolen benz in the ghetto and stay away from decent people. Anyone that would blare out bass is ignorant and has no idea what music is about. Grow up and act like a man

      • john says:

        Niggers have ruined every major city in this country. They are ugly, useless, smelly, stupid, loud, lazy, obnoxious, welfare collecting pieces of shit. They look like gorillas and smell like burnt frito lay corn chips. Any white woman that would fuck one of these ugly Neandertals would only do so because they are themselves are fat ugly white trash that can’t get a real man and feel like they have to settle for a filthy NIGGER! It’s a disease in my opinion. I would rather fuck my dog over a nigger.

      • Fuh-Q Nigger Mac says:

        Yes you a certainly a nigger Mr. Nigger Mac. You and filthy nigger beasts like you are the the reason humans need mean dogs, guns, home and car security systems.

      • Joe jones says:

        If you get section 8 and food stamps and don’t have to pay child support, you can afford a benz. We have to pay taxes so we can support you so you can get that benz. I’m not asking you to work for my money or bowel down in my presence because I, and others like me put a roof over your head. I’m just asking that you act normal and take good care of that house that was given to you. And keep quiet so I can sleep so I can do better at work so you can have a better house and more food stamps.

      • ZAWSZE POLSKA says:

        jizzy max. no matter what you do in your life, no mater what you have, or what you do. in the end, you are a nigger. i wake up white, every morning. im blessed for that. you are forever black. if you are driving a mercedes (i’ve had two S550s and an E63 AMG btw) you are just a nigger, in a mercedes. mercedes is a german auto manufacturer btw. funny. when i see niggers driving a mercedes, i give them a look, but its more a look of “god, what a waste of a quality european luxury automobile. poor thing.” there is no jealousy haha. my point is, your a nigger, and i never will be :)

        • John says:

          I bet Mac bought his Mercedes used and worn out. All my Arab friends laugh about how the niggers buy worn out used Mercedes that were driven hard by them after they traded them in. Typical nigger!

      • Truth speech says:

        You fucking stinky nigger,stupid,uneducated,lying ass nigger you can’t even speak correctly;do the world a favor and kill yourself!!!

      • foo says:

        fuck you shakwanda.. You fucking apes think youre intimidating because the laws you break and ignore every day keep mutha fuckers like me from cutting your fucking throat. You aint shit without fifty other monkeys with you.

      • Jigga Booo says:

        Naw if I saw you. You wouldn’t have the chance to bump those two fat lips. I would bust you right in that ugly thing you call a face boy You would be dropped quick son.Take that black anger bull shit and stick up your musky smelling black Ass Nigger!

      • pete moran says:

        Listen to me you smelly rotten nigger, they should hunt you down and hang you slowly. Bring back white rule in s. africa.

      • pete moran says:

        You are a smelly fucking sub human ape who should be hung. Is your mother still licking horses asses? Fuck you you dirty rotten nigger motherfucker.

      • forcedhatred says:

        I have two words for you folks: FEMA camps. The first to go will be welfare recipients and criminals. Kind of narrows it down a bit doesn’t it?

      • pete moran says:

        You are too low to suck a mans cock. suck his ass nigger.

      • Mike says:


        • Dr. Holliday says:

          These Kaffirs smoke shitty Cigars and dress like morons. I was sitting here this morning taking snuff and drinking coffee… I said to myself why is the negroid so intellectually deficient? Well, for one he demeans himself with shitty cigars… He could not tolerate the gentleman’s habit of sniffing snuff. He drinks shitty malt liquor and never could afford a bottle of single malt scotch. This shit is obvious… They are retarded. Flat out Fact.

      • anthony says:

        bet i would you fucken monkey.

        Im in Fresno California bitch and there are plenty of niggers here.

        so dont think you some super nigger.

        You just a cursed dark ugly skin monkey. Thats it.


      • crakerlover says:

        ah shit! N W A wheres my rope.

      • Ann says:

        Once upon a time, a nigger bitch slapped me. I grabbed a chunk of her nappy hair and ripped away! Once I had her on the ground, it was time for some bone-breaking fun on her face! That’s right, pull that nappy hair and they are helpless! (Try to get it before they aim their guns of course! Also, lure the nigger away from their gang so there are no witnesses.)

        • Anti Coon says:

          Fucking niggers holler they want to be equal. But yet when it comes to job promotions and other things they want to be treated “special”. Mother fuckers get everything free and still complain. Somehow you niggers….yes….you fucking porch monkey mother fuckers manage to get government “assistance” when you have a job already that was probably given to your royal black ass just BECAUSE your ass is black. But you still bitch and complain and pull the race card every chance you get. Get this you fucking niggers…..equal does not mean special treatment bitches. No wonder you coons call each other niggers aka “niggas”. As dumb as you fucking coons are it doesn’t take much thought process for one nigger to identify another nigger. lol. Niggers are niggers and you have never and never will be white. Now shut the fuck up and buy your family food instead of depending on food stamps.

          • Brawler says:

            Keep electing your liberal politicians so that they can keep giving the niggers everything free and all the jobs that the Hispanics can’t get.

          • Lorenzo Cruz says:

            LOL i love the way these Niggers like to make threats about hunting down white folks the only problem is niggaz you don’t have two nickles to rub together. You can’t buy guns with food stamps. So quit maing your worthless threats you niggers ain’t gonna do shit

        • charley says:

          Whites have become complacent and cowardly. We need to organize and start halting the liberal politicians, media and the trouble causing niggers. But how? It will happen one day, I just hope I’m not too old when it does.

      • Doug keister says:

        Drive it down my street nigger , I fucking dare you !

      • Walt Disney says:

        I’m 59 years old and I remember clearly the 1970′s to the 90′s.i didn’t care for the 70′s so much but the 80′s were awesome.the music was white,society was still white and black was not the theme for the day ‘nor was it the norm’..MTV was literally all white videos in it’s early years but in the early 80′s was forced to playa percentage of black artists,thusly Michael Jackson’s “rock with you” video was aired.it was in 1994-95 that rap and hip hop became the dominant style and black fashion became the thing and that’s when everything went to hell.here in the dallas area,it wasn’t the norm for whites to have black neighbors until the early and mid 90′s.i don’t think blacks integrated into the white man’s space until the mid 90′s as I say.i know the difference between living in a white area and living in a predominantly black one. I won’t go into detail but I’ve eben trying to avoid living in dominantly black areas for a long time now,as they ARE nothing but ghettos./heres a tip..look up the demographics of Missouri ..I think you’ll be surprised.niggers are not everywhere..the state of Missouri is only 11% black.springfield is so white that if you’re black you’ll stand out in a crowd.yet dallas is so black that if you’re white you’re a statistic waiting to happen.i moved to a rural town in texas to escape niggers.lived here for 4 years now and it’s been heaven.problem is about a year ago niggers began to my town from the ghetto 10 miles away.they drive here to shop our walmart because it’s not as crowded as the one in their area.it’s only a small percentage that do this but it’s still annoying. my mother and i live in a senior community and we moved here to get away from the nigger areas as the boom cars and all the nigger noise and their overall disrespect and behavioral problems were intruding on our lifestyle and privacy..i have a sleep disorder (dspd) and my mother has sleep apnea,alsoa sleep disorder..we pretty much HAVE to get uninterrupted sleep in order to remain healthy.we moved in to this senior community while it’s almost all white,there’s one nigger neighbor which we happen to be stuck living next door to..she cranks up her black music at times so we get wall bass and her grand kids drive through the property blaring crap music waking my mother and I up.i complained..the manager told me that she can’t tell them to turn down the music as it’s day time and unless it’s unusually blasting away she can’t say anything cause of their rights to normal behavior and enjoyment of their lifestyle.can’t believe we’re going through this in a senior community.niggers are just plain disrespectful,period!!I thank god I live in a dominantly white city .the few bad circumstances are of course created by niggers!!I googled it and their really are states that have very few blacks or minorities at all for that matter and I’ve often times thought about moving.texas has become so ghetto that it won’t be long before every community will be saturated with adult apes and their niglets. I miss the 80′s!!

        • Fed Up says:

          I feel so sorry for you. Niggers have no clue what real music is. I have never met one who listens to classical music, operas, big band, classic rock or anything. they all listen to ghetto, no talent, all bass, no signing, big lipped bull shit. Sometimes i feel like getting a white cross t shirt and having a side arm and just walk around. Sure Ill be a target but at least I will be real.

          Niggers complain they all they want to do is fit in….bullshit. all they want to do is stick out and then stick in your face. They are all a walking talking stereotype. There is nothing original about any nigger i have ever met. I used to have black friends when i was younger, but they all proved me wrong. ALL OF THEM. they cant help being a menace to society and their music and movies all portray this.

          • Nick says:

            Don’t you dare feel sorry for any of those ignorant fucks. They are niggers. Non-human pieces of fucking shit that aren’t worth a damn. The bottom line is this. They are worthless, useless and just plain stupid. Without the white man to provide everything, these apes are absolutely nothing. They invent nothing, they contribute nothing, they are nothing. Treat them as such.

      • Richard Blaine says:

        It’s nice that you posted. Take one look at your babbling, rambling, non-capitalized and barely punctuated rant, and then compare it to the human postings. Can the difference between a pavement ape like you and humans be any more apparent? Of course not. You niggers never miss an opportunity to prove your inferiority. It’s the one thing you are truly good at it.

      • glenn says:

        Fucking boot lipped nigger. No I wouldn’t say nothing to your monkey ass. Time for that is right around the corner. You dumb black fucks don’t think you are boiling the blood of your superiors with your nigger shit? Just remember without white people to support you, feed you, keep your nigger bellies full, YOU AINT GOT SHIT!! You have HAITI, and AFRICA you dumb fuck. Enjoy your arrogant nigger shit while it lasts, It wont last long!!!

      • ObamaIsAGayCokeHead says:

        fuck you you knuckle dragger. Abraham Lincoln should have been shot before he gave you apes freedom, bunch of fucking monkeys.

      • Coon skinner says:

        I like that the niggers out number the whites it just means more notches under my belt when the race war starts. If you ain’t good with a gun get yourself a land mine top it with a bucket of KFC and BOOOOOMMM!!! NIGGER RAIN

      • Oj skimpson says:

        This filthy fucking nigger has zero point zero benz’s. Go fuck your self you shit skin nigger.

      • I hate Niggahs says:

        All you dumb fuckin’ niggers are the same, you spout off your tough guy shit, but when the gauntlet goes down you all have the same wide, white eyed look on your ugly assed, spread nose faces and run off. The only reason you Niggers ever get behind the wheel of a benz is from thieving, pimping, and dealing. Never seen a Nigger in a car that got there form working a job, ya know, like the rest of us do. If Niggers had a dictionary, the word ‘work’ wouldn’t be in it cuz you fuckin’ walking sacks of shit have no idea what it means.

      • Fed Up says:

        Niggers fuck white women so they can have decent looking kids…they they wont take care of of course. then again, if the kid is a female…those nasty fucking apes will put their own kid on the street to make some money tricking out.

        The fact is I have never seen a black women that I didn’t grimace at. they all look like they should be swinging from fucking trees…go figure. Niggers stick to white women because even they cant stand the way black women look. Well look in the mirror, nigger.

        Oh, and the cars you fucking niggers drive. 99% of you fucking mongoloids dont know the first thing about working on them. the only fucking thing you know about is rims and speakers. FACT. I used to hang around a lot of niggers because they sold cheap weed….and bad weed if i may add. Those fucking eggplants have no clue about medical marijuana….fucking head full of rocks….crack rocks. I stopped hanging around them when I discovered real cannabis from white folks.

      • Truth says:

        But, you’re still a nigger! :) No cure for that, besides death.

      • Joe says:

        Wow you have a benz i cant afford…. As a white person I stick to investments that give returns and drive cheaper trucks that dont lose much value.

      • Joe Schmoe says:

        Drive your Benz, smoke crack, fuck white skanks that we don’t want anyway, that make you feel good? No matter what you do, YOU still gonna be a nigger, and I’m still gonna be white! You niggers say “Once you go black, you never go back” but we say “Once you go black, we don’t want you back!” Fuck you, porch monkey…

        • Dr. Holliday says:

          Sorry… I laughed so fucking hard! Its true though. These niggers think they are so bad ass that they scored a fat white skank that the educated white man doesn’t want. Be honest… When is the last time you’ve seen a spook with a hot white girl….? I mean absolute sexy white girl that could model panties… Never.

      • Mike says:

        hey slave boy no wounder your ancestors were chained up
        there was good reasons and we should chain you bastards again.
        You are no more than stupid baboons who just fell out of coconut tree where you belong.Find niggers and you will find violence criminality over 75% of prisons tenants are niggers good thing some states have kept dead penalty for you negros. Frankly i don’t care negros fucking white trash niggers suckers they will get sick big time and probably die so good ridance.No wounder niggers don’t wana fuck those stupid big fat ass mamas. My only goal every day is to kick niggers ass and punch there stupid faces and i must say i am very good a it and it is only fair.The reality is you don’t belong in our society period. I salut the cop who shoot this other criminal nigger one less and more to go

      • Nick says:

        You know, your stupid ignorant nigger rave right here just shows how worthless and stupid you niggers really are. First off, you pieces of shit do live to fuck everything up. At least you got that right. Of course you get white women strung out on drugs and fuck them. That’s because you all can’t do it with your stupid nigger ape females because they are to loud, obnoxious and wild for you dirty monkeys to handle and they will beat the shit out of you, and they are fucking filthy and disease ridden so it’s no wonder you monkeys don’t want to stick your dicks in them. So you pieces of shit go for white women who aren’t wild animals like your ugly baboon females and are hot and sexy, intelligent and are not filthy, disease ridden and completely worthless like your ugly nigger baboon females…
        Secondly, so you drive a Benz? WHO GIVES A FUCK!!! Nigger, Mercedes Benz was founded by a WHITE MAN not by one of your tiny brained ignorant kind. You stupid fucks talk all this site but you drive a car designed and sold by a WHITE MAN?! That shit burns don’t it NIGGER… There’s more white men and women driving BRAND NEW MERCEDES BENZ that are paid for and NOT STOLEN and fucked up like you fucking monkeys do. Don’t act like any of you are special just because you drive a Benz…Fucking pathetic, EVEN FOR A NIGGER! The benz you monkeys drive are almost always stolen, old and beat up, ruined with stupid fucking rims twice the size of the car and completely terrible paint jobs that ruin the car so before you go opening your fucking mouth, watch what the fuck you say monkey.
        You monkeys haven’t invented shit as nice as a Mercedes Benz let alone ANY TYPE OF CAR, TRUCK, MOTORCYCLE OR BIKE OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER so fuck off with that crap. Third, you want to call us cowards? you fucking monkey…It takes a special kind of person to deal with the shit you fucking worthless monkeys pull and not shoot you pieces of shit or string you motherfuckers up from a tree and hang your asses.
        The Only cowards here are you and the rest of your fucking dirty nappy haired, huge nostrils and gums kind. You niggers are to scared (AND STUPID) to get the fuck up in the morning and get a real job and education and go work to build a good stable life like everyone else. Instead you pieces of shit abuse the fuck out of the system, get your lazy asses on welfare and sit the fuck around all day long being useless, breaking all the laws and then screaming discrimination when the police shoot and kill or arrest any of you fucking baboons. Your entire comment is fucking useless any any argument you might try to argue is completely invalid.
        Your dirty flea infested ape females open their nasty legs and pop out little niggers by the dozen and have no fucking idea who the baby daddies are and you ugly fucks go from nigger bitch to nigger bitch knocking them up and moving on…Fucking stupid nigger cowards are to afraid to take care of their own little niggers they help to spawn.
        YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RIGHT TO SAY SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING OTHER THAN HOW FUCKING WORTHLESS YOU AND THE REST OF YOUR FUCKING KIND ARE. Wherever there are niggers in the world, there are problems. You motherfuckers infest wherever it is that you show up at, multiply like fucking roaches and ruin everything. No nigger ever did any good or contributed to anything except for destroying everything around you.
        I hope that someone from this site finds your monkey ass and hangs you upside down from a tree and beats you with a stick until you can barely move and fucking leaves you there to suffer and when you start to feel less pain from the first beating, beat the fuck out of you again and continue this process until your monkey body gives out and you die. Then chop your ass up and flush you down the toilet because that’s where you fucking monkeys belong…

        Go the fuck to hell you rotten piece of fucking shit and take the rest of the niggers with you. The whole world hates you pieces of shit.

      • slbgeo says:

        Silly nigger…you just proved everyone’s point with your bull-ape like rant.
        Thank God I’m human, and not a nigger.

      • ftn says:

        yeah whatever nigger only a nigger would have a name like jeezy mac all bragging about the disgusting ass cave bitches you pull man thats why i hate you bitches cuz you all our fucking retarded all you people have as a claim to fame is supposedly a big dick and basketball…and rap…hell we could train monkeys to play basketball…and as far as rappers are concerned ive heard five year olds speak who are more intellegent than you ignorant bitches… no self respecting man would touch any of those apes with wigs and make up that you call women… no wonder why you like white bitches cant blame you… once again jeezy you just proved why your a nigger…and being afraid of you please nigger what fantasy world you living in?

      • Nick says:

        I’m European, currently living in the US for a few years.
        It took me a few months to understand that niggas are the cause of criminality in this country.
        You do understand what the white whores you’re getting are the trailer trash ones that no other while male wants?

      • George Connectal says:

        Hey Jezzy. Come drive yo ghetto mobile in my neighborhood. You won’t make it out alive. Riddle. Why is my Police Dog always licking his ass? He is trying to get the taste of nigger out of his mouth. HAHAHA

      • Finnish Girl says:

        If I saw your sorry black ass driving down my street with your stupid boom car and your nappy head, I’d call the police like I do on every other loud, uncouth nigger like you because if you had a “Benz”, it’s probably stolen from that nice white lady you talk about drugging and raping. Come near me you fucking porch-dwelling Zulu monkey and see if you don’t come out of it with two broken legs and minus genitalia, because I’ll beat your ass and then cut that worthless, foul appendage that you think with right off your body, you illiterate shitstain. Got it Nigger? Good.

      • Mary r says:

        first of all “Black frost”, how the hell do you string something out? Strung out? No white bitch is getting played by you trust and believe son! You are the easy “rock runner” and we know we got it like that!! Dumb bitch!!! Hahaha!! Go back to the field boy! This polyester is itching my ass!

      • GARY says:

        I’m so sick of the fucking black ass niggers. Everyone of them feel if your white then you owe them something. most all of them should be deported for all their crimes against the white law abiding, hard working, decent humans beings. One way to get rid of them is for the gov’t to give anyone that will take it ,all the hard drugs they can carry. It would take the money out of it and with time get rid of all the unwanted As they kill them selves with the shit. Like thieves,drug dealers, whores that work for drug money,and it would also lighten up our welfare needs for the likes of the lazy ass holes. Murder and theft would take a big dip and lower the cost of having to have such a large police dept. The spread of AIDS would sure go down and I say we need to have them cremated in public as a notice what will happen if you take drugs. The way I have seen it,it is that niggers are doing all they can to wreck this country by getting everyone they can get hooked on drugs. They go after the whites all the time, and mostly our young. They are destroying our white race in every way they can. All you have to do is ask them and they are so arrogant the’ll tell you that’s what they want. if we get rid of the niggers we will also get rid of the damm white niggers. (women who go after them for money and the size in their pants.) their not white they are just white niggers. I say castrate them at birth. it will stop the growth of the black ass holes. I didn’t always feel this way but it was the niggers that changed my thinking on this matter.

      • Tonia D says:

        good jezzy… take all those nigger lovin whores with u… do what u want with them.. no self respecting white man gives a flyin fuck about some nigger lovin trash…

      • Dear Mr. subhuman Nigger:

        Power to you fucking white bitches. They are either disgusting fat hippos or mental cases who want to fuck animals. Know that a white chick who fucks a nigger fucks her pet dog and any farm animal she can get close to. Don’t care what you drive or the money you get from selling crack to mudpeople or from stealing it from actual humans. Bottom line – you are just a pile of mud and will never be an actual human being. Yours truly, mr. human being

      • HBomb21 says:

        jezzy mac, it never fails…. nogs think whites are obsessed with violence, their dick size, and what shiny toys they can steal or ‘buy’ from a white car salesman who laughs that the stupid nigger took an overpriced 10-year loan for his ‘whip’…. We value brains, class, achievement. Not a single component of a car could be created by a nig…

        Your coffee break is over son — grab your mop and bucket, there’s a spill in aisle 6 !!!

      • Nigger hater says:

        Fuck you nigger. I would beat the living shit out of y0u! I do it now. Just beat up a filthy nigger couple days ago and then this white girl the nigger was harrassing spit in his filthy nigger face.
        So fuck you filthy monkey dick!



      • prowhite says:

        The only white bitches you fuck are the fat ugly ones a white man would not give a first look too. I dare you too drive down my block in your 15 year old ghetto ride with the rims you stole from walmart nigger

      • H8 All Niggers says:

        mercedes benz is a german automobile isn’t it? i know how much Germans love niggers..LOL. if Hitler had won the war,you can bet yo black ass would not be doing nothing but hanging from a tree,like the monkey you are!

    • If it ain't white it ain't right! says:

      Niggers are taking over, nigger president, niggers in country videos now a days, all I see when I go out in Public iS niggers niggers an more niggers, they make me sooooo sick to my stomach, n all these sorry lowdown pieces of shit white woman going with niggers mixing up our breeds I mean god o mighty it’s fucking nasty it’s sick, i mean how can any woman do that? Also all these idiots making movies and sticking a goddamn nigger with a white woman, and all the other white dumbasses chasing a nigger… I’m just sick of all these niggers… They had it made as slaves and don’t even know it. I think the goverment is trying to brain wash all of us into feeling sorry for a sorry nigger or something, by god something’s happening, all you see on t.v anymore is white woman and niggers, or white men with niggers, for example look at country music now days there sticking a goddamn nigger in the videos and country singers rapping and acting like niggers, come on people lets wake the hell up and do something about this stupid shit. I’m fed up too.

      • Tonia D says:

        well said!!!!!


        The one major problem with the government forcing the lazy, shiftless, criminal culture, terrorist culture nigger down our throats is the public school system. It has brainwashed children for at least 2 generations now, thanks to the NEA and fat, Marxist nigger bitches who run it and the teacher’s unions. If we don’t gain control at the very base (and the state universities) we have no chance of bringing our country back from the brink of the Planet Of The Apes.
        The main reason that criminal chief nigger Obama was elected was moronic adolescents, neurotic white women and other niggers. We can thank the public school system for brainwashing some not too bright kids in the first place and absolutely lying about history. Muslims and niggers sold other niggers to the white man. But the stupid niggers are still becoming Muslim. That of course isn’t taught in the public schools anymore. The niggers did not have great empires and civilizations in Africa, as a matter of fact none of their “Great Cities” were anything but mud buildings and huts, look it up. If we don’t put a stop to the nigger now, we’re finished. They will be a major supporter of ISIS if it gets here, trust me on that. Stay White, Stay Proud

    • coldrain says:

      I’m going to begin cutting off all contact with anyone who tells me I shouldn’t hate niggers without knowing anything about my past

      My best friend was black up until I was in the 5th grade and I was viciously attacked by him unprovoked because his nigger friends didn’t like him hanging out with a “honkey cracka ass” and he had to prove he was “still one of them”

      If you have never lived in a ghetto do not tell me I shouldn’t hate niggers. I had an apartment in one. I lived among them for months. I know how they really are.

      I was robbed of everything I owned from that same apartment.

      I was stabbed in the back in a public restroom by a nigger I had never met before in my life, because I was white, in the wrong place, at the wrong time

      the people who usually defend niggers to me are

      *white women who like/date/fuck niggers to support their illegal drug habit

      *wannabe nigger white males, who’ve never lived anywhere but middle class white suburbs their entire lives

      know what else is interesting to me? my biological brother is gay and his boyfriend is asian. when they were targeted for a hate crime, it was niggers who went after them for being gay.

      people keep saying that we are intolerant against them. they strike first, they are intolerant against anything that is not them, and they turn white people into racists by victimizing innocents. the whites they make racist aren’t racist to attack the niggers, they become racist to protect themselves from the niggers. they seek others like them for safety purposes

      • Yomama says:

        6th grade was my first sub-human encounter when the 300 pound Mylin started physically harrassing me saying i “owed” her $10. i ignored ‘it’? They are the exact opposite of an evolved human. I lived in a complex with them in Los Angeles. It’s beyond disgusting. They always complained about bed bugs, which come only when your apartment is FILTHY, and they even had a lawsuit going on against the complex. When you live around them you see a clearer picture of what they really are. I always thought of them as demons….filled with negativity and ineptness…and to just keep my distance as much as possible. And even that is hard these days because they re so overpopulated. They re not 20% of the population, it’s more like 70 and they have destroyed every city they overpopulate…Los Angeles, Detroit,Memphis, Atlanta, Houston. Look at Africa…it’s a third world shithole because Africans are not productive, creative, or have any intellect. Look at the places where a natural disaster hits…if its black populated, it stays destroyed for years if white man doesn’t step in to repair. Travon Martin case is perfect example of how white people continue to be publicly walked on and treated like shit by nigers and it’s acceptable….the “precious looking” Niger female said that travon called Zimmerman a cracka…but it wasn’t racist.

        • forcedhatred says:

          Good God man! You hit the nail on the head. I live in a Texas town that took on 25,000 refugees from New Orleans during Katrina and guess what? Crime jumped 28%. Good thing they corralled them on a side of town that was already niggered.

      • Joe jones says:

        Ever notice that all the pussy liberal white people who defend niggers on TV, never lived in a black neighborhood and currently live in affluent white neighborhoods where section 8 has not yet reached? They went to private school where their parents paid tons of money to avoid niggers. They’ve never been exposed to the common racist welfare nigger. Their job depends on praising and showing love for niggers. If it makes them money and fame, they’ll do it! They are worthless cowards just like most polititians.

        • Craazy146 says:

          Dam strait to the point!

        • Baboon Killer says:

          Very true. My brother who lives in New Hampshire recently visited me and my mother in West Palm Beach FL. which is currently suffering from a complete nigger infestation. When he first arrived I warned him of the ape people. His response was typical of a white person that lives in a predominately white area.”Well,I really don’t have any problem with black people” However, after two weeks in the zoo he says to me as I’m driving him to the airport, “man, you’re fucking right, there’s fucking niggers EVERYWHERE down here! That’s from two weeks. I have been unfortunate enough to be here for ten years, but I am currently seeking out an anti nigger area..

          • Subhumanhater says:

            I know this post is old. But I have to reply to validate your post.I moved down to Boynton Beach fall 2012.I was like your brother. Now after two years I can’t wait to get out of Palm Boon Beach County. Palm Beach post had an article a few months back. White folk will be a minority by 2021. Think about it? Bank on this fact I will not be there to see it. I’m outta here. Complete zoo, monkeys and chimps galore.

        • Dan says:

          YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT!!!



    • standup says:

      I was just saying the same thing. They are still uncivilized and will never be able to function in a real society with rules. They are all useless.

      • kerry guarino says:

        One thing that I can’t understand is this, I live in mississippi soon to be living in oregon, but I knotice how everyone here in the south mostly ms are quick to jump your ass if you talk about a fucking nigger, or if you say the word nigger people. I said the word nigger on face book and everyone attacked me for it as if everyone loves a goddam nigger wtf? why does every white person now worriship the nigger? from what I have noticed, these days if you talk about a nigger of you talk about how all these white girls are with nigger people will hate you….

        • steve says:

          it is not that people are afraid of getting sued look at Paula dean lost everything for what some fucking nigger who was not making enough off her.
          See the way I see it is they carry there black card it is the black card society every time they don’t like what were saying they sue and we let them getaway with this I mean if there so proud of being African why don’t they go home no one forces them to stay with us whites. im proud of you dude by the way is this not the us of where we have freedom of speech why is anyone getting sued for what they say but people might get mad here but mexico calif is 75% Mexican they trashed up calif.. tamale wrappers on the ground writing on the wall they let there fucken kids shit in the street Mexican have destroyed my home I left to get away from them mexican drug cartel, drive by shootings I really don’t know what is worse an ape or a Mexican. I agree with what that guy said we have to much mix breeding to the point where no one knows who they are anymore and people wonder what is wrong with are world today, no morals, no respect, the Mexicans come here and changed are whole world we have to speak Spanish this is fucken America they should speak English…
          But if you think about it did not us whites take the Indians land from them kill there people destroy there way of life. maybe what comes around goes around whites should start going home to there native land because do the math people in another 20 years the hole US with be mexico they breed a millon a year they will drive us out by breeding force which is there plan. if your of irish decent go home to ireland plus it is much nicer place to live better to raise your kids in Europe now then here

        • Tonia D says:

          i dont care what they think… ill say what the fuck i want… its freedom of speech… i get told im racist.. my reaction is YUP!! i sure the hell am… and i tell them fuck off for being a nigger lover.. i either delete them from my friends list… or from my life… ive never been the type to sugar coat anything n i dont hold back my opinion… im not.. nor will i EVER be.. afraid of any nigger

        • STONEWALL JACKSON says:


      • steve says:

        I will tell you why Kerry because niggers think we owe them and will continue to owe them for what happened 150 years ago and whites feel they are superior to the nigger which we are, so we have this in-ate need to show them we are better in class, maybe teach them how to be human and in doing so we bring ourselves down.
        The white people lie to themselves to believe things about themselves that are not true: “like we would never hurt a nigger or act like them we are better then that but you can not continue to lie to yourself because we hate them.
        Get some back bone people start telling the niggers what you really think of them don’t worry about what they think

    • Donnie says:

      You are 100% right I worked them for 40 years as a plant manager in manufacturing operations in Alabama and Tennessee. I would say I am a niggerologest I know more about nigger behavior than niggers do. Just think about this country without niggers !The Nigger is the root cause of all of Americas problems.

    • docwyatt says:

      I agree , What is it with these gold toothed niggers? Your black asses are not King tut and shit. Pull your fucking teeth out with a pair of pliers nigglet. Also , There are a small percentage of white women who fuck these apes. no good mudfish bitches. No white man will ever take you after this shit. When black moves in a white neighborhood, property values go down, thanks you fuckin ape bastards.

      • Larry Mille says:

        Bought my home in a lovely community 20 years ago all because the place was clean, well run and populated exclusively by whites. You guessed it. It happened here big time. This former heaven is now populated by criminals, sex criminals, parolees. Big time department stores and fancy restaurants have bolted the city, and Wal Mart moved in. They are right at home. Thanks to Wal Mart, property values are shit and I can’t wait to get the fuck out

    • el chapo says:

      i went to the casino the other day and was playing blackjack and i was sitting next to nigoret and had won a hand i was playing two hands , the nigger beside me tried saying my second hand that won was his hand and actually made it seem like he won ,so the dealer had to call the security to look at the cameras and see whose hand that actually was and guess what that ape kept saying it was all the way up till security came and told us that it was my hand ,,,COWARD ASS FUKIN NIGAS

    • Fed Up says:

      No you are right. I, at one time use to give the benefit of the doubt but honestly at this point I know they are all the same. they are always looking for something for nothing and are opportunist in the worst sense of the word. they will screw you over and take from you without blinking an eye because that is who they are. The fucking nigger girls (not women) cause that a term they do not deserve, walk around just looking for a new baby daddy because none of those niggers will ever take responsibility for what they have done. they run from responsibility and spend their welfare checks on the lottery and liquor and weed. Hell, I have never met a nigger that knows the first fucking thing about real marijuana. They always give it these fucking stupid names like Dro, or Dank or Swag. They have no fucking clue what the name of any strain is….which is why I never deal with them because they never know what your talking about anyway.

      fucking niggers are always looking for a handout and someone to right some fucking wrong that never happened to them. they all want a fucking check or an ass kissing session. The same applies for all the faggots and dikes out there. No one seems to have any decency anymore. Everyone is about how immoral and shocking they can be. This world truly needs a change or it really needs to be destroyed. I dont care if I die in the process as long as everyone of these niggers and faggots go with me.

      • stan says:

        yes but must understand it is the white mans fault for allowing the niggers to act like this, we are propelling them forward by not standing up to them like in Ferguson we needed to be out to telling the fucking niggers to settle down and no nigger you can burn and loot your own fucking town all you want but we whites are not buying into your crap anymore..
        We need to file more lawsuits on them for harassment most of them don’t work so they have no money to fight back..
        Why is the gorilla step monkey not sitting in prison now for starting this and why are the lairs and burners in prison for doing this because the whites kiss their nappy asses that’s why well I fucking don’t….

    • Squib says:

      I grew up in a great upper middle class area of North Houston, lived there for 15 years. Someone decided to open West Montgomery which feeds right into Acres Homes; nigger town. Within 1 year people began local residents started moving away. I remember the day my Dad said “we are out of here”. Two cars loaded with niggers were driving down our street shooting at one another. We were gone pretty quick. Houston has become a cesspool of niggers, especially since Katrina. The massive influx raised Houston crime by 20% the first year they relocated and unfortunately they never went back. We are now filling up with illegals as well. I am ready to leave.

    • Lee says:

      These fucking niggers should be euthanized at birth and at least spayed or nudered

    • EastSideEU says:

      I can’t prove u wrong cz it’s true, all u said is true…I am from Europe, and have to say you Americans have a problem- “niggerism”, not talking about black people, but niggers! stop electing democrackers ans specially blacks because they have the tendency to help their people, although is bad! Think about, why would anyone work from 6AM to 4 PM for 10-15$, when they can can a check in the mail, for housing and food? and now adays the housing is provided on good areas…why, to brake everything? chicago will be the next Detroit I’m telling you…
      for all- why don’t we all get on the streets and protest? oh wait, we have to work to pay for their lazy S’s…it’s sad, USA will go down soon, if we don;t do anything for the sake of our kids and future of the Nation! wake up people!

    • La'Trine Shitavious says:

      No, you’re absolutely right. And that nigger in the white house incited and inflamed people about Ferguson.
      Obama is a nigger.
      Eric Holder is a nigger.
      Al Sharpton is a nigger.
      Jesse Jackson is a nigger.
      Unfortunately, there are going to be race wars in US, which is Obola’s plan. Then martial law will be declared and people round up and placed in the FEMA camps that are currently being created. I am so sorry that nigger Obama is destroying this nation. Now white people are the niggers.

    • kappy says:

      more bullets we have plenty of guns ,I am so sick of liberal white people,gays ,niggers, they are bringing our country down, first of all niggers are only 16 percent of the population,bring on the race riot,

    • PATRICK HENRY says:


  2. TAG says:


    • Gary says:

      Niggers are continuing to fuck up the USA. think they are lying about the percentage of niggers….I think it is 40 percent

      • Subhumanhater says:

        Gary I agree. Stats say 12 or 13% of groids in this country. I beg to differ more like 25% or 30%. Maybe this inter breeding crap has skewed the real stat



  3. MoonCricket says:

    I fucking hate niggers, tarbabies, jungle bunnies, jigaboos, moon crickets, porch monkeys, and mud sharks. Fuck all those niggers!

    • Anton Bouchette says:

      Yes, I’ve had a fucking gut full of the endless nigger exposure in this country. The fuckers are on the TV screen every three seconds and you can rarely find a movie or program without a porch monkey in it. Commercials portray them as normal and responsible which is truly a sack of shit. Then there are the endless phony bullshit movies with denzel washington portrayed as some kind of ridiculous super nigger hero who actually has a work ethic and sense of pride and responsibility. Why doesn’t that fucking coon play a drunken, drug addicted, non employed baby breeder who has fathered eight kids in the slums and takes care of none of them. You can thank the election of asshole obama for all the unrealistic nigger exposure everywhere. They are truly the worlds SHIT RACE.

  4. jimi says:

    heres a joke

    whats the simalrity between a nigger and bike????? they both need chains to work

    whats the differnce between a bike and a nigger???? a bike dont start singing old man river when ya put a chain on it

  5. A concerned person says:

    I hate niggers too, they are so dam lazy.

    like at school, i remember how the niggers were lazy and never took their school learning seriously, while I worked hard and going to college, they all gonna wind up “back in da’ ghetto”

    they always say “Im in the ghetto cuz of racial descrimination” I say “Its your own fault nigger! You should have stayed in school and stayed away from crack”

  6. Hank the Tank says:

    Finally, i find a site like this. All my fellow white brothers, let kill em. What else can we do

  7. Lost In Shit says:

    The most important part of my response is:
    Where can I find white power congregations around the Austin/San Antonio (Texas) area?
    This is very important to me.

    Now my story. I’m only in my late 20s.
    And I’m sick and tired of them.
    Perhaps as opposed to “nigger-hating” 15yr olds who only deal with nigger crap in their schools.
    My first job at age 15 was as a fryer with a bunch of 34+yr old niggers and spics running the place and treating me like scum.
    My second was co-running a business with spic workers ran by whites, where the spics do nothing but talk shit about the nicest old couple management I’ve ever had.
    These people praised everyone, gave them full healthcare, and benefits, including Holiday bonuses.

    My third job was sales during an open store, where I had plenty of months to deal with trashy niggers with bad attitudes. I ended up losing my job over a nigger breaking the rules because I didn’t know about it, but I should’ve used discretion anyway.
    And my fourth is sales, where niggers flirt with me now all the time, get pissed off and go ghetto-bitch on me snapping their fingers and twitching their heads like retards with down-syndrome, and then flirt with me again the very next day, wondering why I’m pissed off!

    In sales, these nigger coworkers would merely point out white people that are strangers to them and claim that they’re racists!
    I am sick and FUCKING tired of niggers, I even joined an outdoor survival retreat because I just want to figure out a way to get AWAY from them.

  8. intolerant says:

    Wow man, you had a good early taste of reality! I don’t know any groups anywhere where we can congregtate legally and bitch about niggers and other off shoot dregs of society. Probably because we’d be labeled racist radical neo nazi nutjobs. That’s what this blog is for really. Come here if you want to vent, drop off a comment and let the niggers have it. I’m not a kill ‘em all type of person, I just want some fucking common sense and truth. Glad you stopped by and I hope you return and contribute regularly.

  9. Mr Fed Up says:

    If your President Obama is so wonderful then why is he giving over $850Bn dollars to the wrong people instead of the people who really need it. The only thing I call it is PAYBACK. He is paying all the corporate and companies who help get him elected. Us tax payers’ get nothing except empty promises that all NIGGERS offer and cant deliver. If Obama was to give each and every taxpayer in America just $20,000 the economy would almost come back overnight. The cost to the government would only be $400Bn half the budget, it would improve the housing market, people would us the money to pay their mortgages and home loans, others would use it to buy cars and get the car market restarted, some would use the money to start small business to get the employment market running again. All of this is nothing new it all come from an old saying” give a man a fish he feed his family for a day give him a net he will feed his family always”.
    But no the money is going to eco projects, banks, insurances and mortgage companies, who will just hoard the money and prop themselves up first, and only lend to those who have money and power. So much to Obama supporting the “Joe the plumbers” and change is coming. All he is going to do is leave us taxpayers to suffer while he gets fat in the Whitehouse. The sooner he resigns or is removed from office (by whatever means) the sooner we can get this country of ours back on track.

    • steve says:

      I hate to say this fed up but this country is never coming back to what it was it is over for the whites we are doomed as I said before illegal Mexicans and niggers will be at war in 20 years whites will pretty much not live anymore we will be a thing of the past we will flee to our homelands or die off. just do the math for one Mexican he will fuck 3 women a year maybe more because he is in love you know there always in love 5 kids to each female a year because they have a girl in every port and Mexicans don’t believe in birth control and niggers are a little better about the abortion thing you know people say that this was their country first but the truth is native Americans fucked the Spanish and Walla! a Mexican was born so I want to say i love native Americans I wish I could change what happened to their people I love their ways fools crow who was a great Souix indian holy man said the whites will pay for what they have done you can not continue to destroy are planet which we have done kill our earth the mother kill are animals are protectors without paying a price we are facing it now it im afraid is to late people just go with it its over



    • Major Mel says:

      The Nigger in the W.H. would never have been there if ultra-rich White international Bankers hadn’t selected him for the position [with the full intention of destroying the U.S as a nation and it’s economy. It is clear that Obummer was NOT HONESTLY OR LAWFULLY surely not [via the original united States Constitution] OR PROPERLY elected by We the People. Voting Fraud is and long has been easily accomplished via electron is voting machines. The abomination currently occupying the W.H. is clearly not as much as native born in the U.S. and cannot be considered an ‘Anchor Baby,for the purposes of somehow ‘making him’ ‘legally,’ acceptable even as a potential, much less actual, candidate for president.
      We the decent, honorable, honest and hard-working White community types must somehow remove the Special Interests groups which actually run the country. America is and long has been an Oligarchy. The illusion of either a Democracy (which the country was never, at any time intended to be and was thoroughly disdained by our Founding Fathers) or a representative Republic (which is what it was supposed to be) is merely that an illusion, designed to give many Americans the impression that their vote makes a difference in how we are to be governed. What public school students are taught in High School Civics classes in the U.S. is essentially a load of horse crap. The IRS and The Federal Reserve were set up, initially, in secret [see/read the excellent and fully detailed book: The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin] by filthy rich White men who have no sense of patriotism or honor. Their intent was and still is to steal from us all that we have. These men serve Mammon and not God and care nothing whatsoever about any of us, no matter whether we’re White or Black or Brown.

  10. NOKOONS says:


    Chuck em out of a plane

  11. john whitey says:

    this web site is wild I must say. Radical extremes?
    NO. Just people tired of the daily grind of pretending
    to like these dip shits. And so the game continues

    • Anton Bouchette says:

      DIP SHITS………….I could not have said it any better, they are truly the fucking “drain” race.

  12. joe says:

    if we just gave every nigger a basketball a cell phone and a chain,and some chicken and a grape soda they would prolly all agree to go back to africa

    • Joe jones says:

      I think they are America’s cross to bear forever. They are breeding so quickly that we will soon turn into Africa II. They all have five kids at an early age. Whites bust their ass to establish a career and make, and save, tons of money first so they can afford children. By the time they do all this, they are in their mid to late thirties. At this point, the average nigger family is on their next generation of five kids because 15-20 is when they start bearing children. They are more than doubling our rate of procreation and they are able to carry on this way because of section 8 and our dumb ass welfare system.

    • CreepyAssWhiteCrackaChick says:


    • dan says:

      and a watermelon too.

  13. Cracka MoPo says:

    Do the Niggers know that every other race on the planet sees them as dirty low down parasites who sponge off society while at the same time destroy everything they come in contact with? I really think these yard apes are oblivious to it all. Why is it that when a human says “watch urself down there that’s a bad are,” without even saying it, they really mean that’s a nigger infested crime ridden area and u will be lucky if u make it out alive? Why is it that in nigger town there are no good grocery stores, no shopping malls, no nice restaurants? Why is it if u forget to get gas in a human location and God forbid u have to get it in Niggerville the store is barred up and at night u have to stand at a bullet proof window with a drop box to pass ur money to the cashier from India who is scared to death? Hell I might want to go in and shop for food and drinks but the Niggers ruined that deal. If u haven’t noticed, I’m fed up with the niggers.

    • frank says:

      Next time your’re in a strange city or town set your gps to mlk blvd so you know where to stay away from

      • RichardCranium says:

        Ain’t that the truth. And if you’re in WA state, just mark King County in its entirety – and avoid it. Stupid county changed their logo from a crown to an image of MLK. Fucking STUPID libtards. They think they can appease the apes, and atone for their ass-backward White Guilt, all at the same time. What a bunch of weak-minded morons. I’m so sick of niggers and white cowards I could puke.

    • pete moran says:

      A nigger recently said, and I quote “you ain t got nuffin on me who you think you is. ain t no mufuckin hoe dat don t want to shag.” Thats niggerese. Who could understand these porch monkeys?

  14. Yaaay yaaaay says:

    Yesterday I told my mixed friend that I don’t want my kids being mixed. He then proceeded to call me a racist. I don’t think that’s racist. I was born in a European country and am 100% and would like to keep it that way. I don’t want my kids to be confused and to not know which group they belong to. I want my kids to look like me when they look in the mirror and feel a bond towards me.

    This friend of mine lives with his grandmother cause his dad wont take care of him and I have never met his mother. Look how that turned out… The truth is that around 75% of blacks don’t have loyal fathers because they are drifters. So that means 75% of black kids are being raised by one parent (the mother) or some relative.

    Nobody in my family tree has ever enslaved anyone, yet I am supposedly a racist because I don’t want mixed babies. So I asked him this: “Then what about white girls who say they don’t fuck anyone but black guys?” He said “well that’s fine, that’s their choice, they can do that if they want.” Well why is that fine, but me choosing to have white kids is not?

    I don’t know about anyone else but I love the color of my skin and would not change it for anything in this world. I don’t need my race changed so I can appear politically correct. And I’ll be honest with any black man and tell them I don’t want black kids. It’s not racist, it’s called being real.

    I think it’s disrespectful as fuck to your own race and culture to mix breeds. My white grandfather from the old country would turn in his grave if he found out I was having a kid with a black girl. It’s not a matter of racism, it’s a matter of principle.

  15. Bob S. says:

    I was doing a web search on “sick and tired of niggers” and found this. It is a trend that is growing.Even liberals are tired of defending this worthless drain on society. Perhaps soon we will come to our senses and realize how the niggers have been duping our society and put a stop to it.

  16. Big O says:

    I do extensive travelling in the south U.S. almost every year because I have always liked the “southern” culture. Unfortunatly the last couple of times I have been down there, I have noticed a marked change in the attitude of Southerners. In particular, the high presence of the black people (niggers). This race of people are everywhere and they are very annoying. Their disregard for general intellect is epidemic. The black race has bought into their own destruction by taking the easier welfare route. There will definitely be a day when the white race will just start to lash back at these very stupid humanoids and put them in their proper place.

  17. j says:

    I literally try to like people,I have to try because they make it so damn hard.

  18. mick says:

    You should try living in England…they come in for nothing and get free living and a bleeding passport and they rob anyone and anything they can.
    Politicians just lie and lie and could not care less about the proper British people.

  19. Whiteman! says:

    I am noticing a change, white people from all over are finally starting to realize the problems these animals cause. Something must be done and soon, muslimification and niggerdom need to be destroyed.

    • I just took my grand daughter to the park, This is a white
      There were several nigs there, use to be you didn’t see any. But they have so destroyed the north end of town that even the nigs don’t want to be there. They kill each other, they shit in their own nest even niggers don’t want to be in that shit. All I can think of is how they’re going to turn this neighborhood into a nasty nigger haven. I try not to be prejudice but man I can’t pull it off,I try. I pray about it
      and ask myself what does God want me to do? When I see one in town my asshole draws up and my hair stands on end.

      The neighborhood I grew up in was a nice community and now it’s trash and all black. I get really depressed just driving through it. My wife tells my grand daughters that the only good nigger is a dead nigger, in the hopes they will get disgusted just thinking about dating one. I don’t know what to do about the nigs here now. I want to say ” What, you killed your neighborhood now you want to move into mine and kill it”? I get guilty about being so hateful towards them. No kidding. But what can I do except move? I don’t want to do that. I’ve put alot of work and money in this house. I’ll never get back what I put into it. And if the nigs move in I’ll have to give the damn thing away. This sucks.

      • Intolerant says:

        Unfortunately, none of us wants to hate niggers, we are forced to. We are driven to choices to save ourselves and because niggers are what they are, we must abandon any hope of accepting them as our “equals”. They are as equal to us as squirrels, with about as many human qualities. Our only hope is to leave them to exist on their own. They are incapable of productive living and will either become extinct or be forced to live as they do in their mother land. In mud huts in the woods eating berries and nuts and rummaging through our garbage cans at night. Their instinct to reproduce will open a need to control their populations and eventually they will become as much of a nuisance as deer and small game. For the time being and in our lifetimes, all we can do is flee. Trying to fight them only makes us the aggressors and we are painted as the racists who hurt innocent niggers. Good luck man. That’s all I have.

        • paul says:

          I’m tired of the blacks moving into respectable neighborhoods and making a shambles of it. Why should we have to put up with black bullshit. You are an asshole that neither white or decent blacks would give you the time of day. Drive your stolen benz in the ghetto and stay away from decent people. Anyone that would blare out bass is ignorant and has no idea what music is about. Grow up and act like a man

        • paul says:

          What the blacks need is to be moved to an area where they all can live with each other. They can have their own government,schools, jobs and this will allow the white people to go on with their lives without the Black influence. Just have to figure out where to put them,and not allow them to cross the black boundary.

          • Bob A says:

            You don’t have to “…figure out where…”, it is called their HOMELAND, Africa. Hope that helps, did you forget that their kings sold them to Europe as slaves before selling them to the Colonies? Don’t just blame this country for the FAILURE of the nigger kings.

        • pete moran says:

          I beg your pardon, innocent niggers? It just doesn t exist.

        • Lee says:

          I agree niggers r foul filthy animals

  20. Jason S says:

    I don’t hate black people but I fucking hate how everything in the media is black. TV, Movies, Radio, everything is niggerish now a days. I’m fucking sick and tired of it. I’m sick and tired of seeing White people act like niggers. I’m sick and tired of seeing white women with niggers. If black is so beautiful, why do all the brothers have to have a white woman? All black men do is think about white women and when they are sleeping they are dreaming about them.

    • Intolerant says:

      The misuse of the word hate is what causes your confusion. You’re trying to be nice by calling them “blacks” yet you can’t help but describe their behavior as niggerish. Let me offer you some friendly advice. Quit trying to be considerate of a species of creatures that would sooner massacre you and your family as look at you. Calling them niggers is not hate, it is reality. I know you probably believe there is a difference between blacks and niggers because you know some who appear to be worthy of your kindness. Let me ask you to please read further into this blog and see exactly why this myth is so common and how it is the root cause of what you are taking issue with in your comment. We don’t see the real fact that they are all niggers because we do not see them or interact with them in enough of a sense to get the full impact. I have long abandoned hope for any of them. I can work with them and I can interact with them in situations where they are considered my equals, but I know full well that when a pack of them get together, I am in danger. Once you realize there is no difference between the composition of the the nigger and the perceived “black” person you will better understand why tolerance of any of them is futile. Give it up Jason. Accept the fact that you are of a higher caliber and learn to accept your superiority. It isn’t hate, it’s enlightenment.

      • Rebel Nigger Hater says:

        I totally agree! I have had to live near and work with the NIGGERS. I am the minority at the workplace because of Affirmative action. And because of that, I work with a bunch of niggers that are suppose to be supervisors, and they can’t even pronounce the most basic of the English language, much less be civilized. They are all lazy and try to duck out of work as much as possible. They have chimped out at me, because I was doing the job properly and making them all look bad. I have never hated them more because their obvious and open racism against me. I have even got them digitally recorded chimping out. I have even been threatened with violence at this job! And they are allowed to get away with it.

      • Jason S says:

        You are right, they are niggers. Very few black people in the world. 90% niggers.

  21. Heather says:

    Well said intolerant. I agree. I am so sick of the nigger culture being shoved down my throat. I am white and I am proud of it. When is this nigger infestation of our culture going to end. I have thought about moving to a small town so I don’t have to be around their ignorant behavior anymore. They are half monkeys, absolutely disgusting and have no class or ounce of social etiquette. I have come to realize that I hate nigger and so do all of my white friends. We are sick of them!

    • Patrick says:

      Do like I did and move up north. In Montana we have less than 6,000 blacks. What few blacks that I have met dont act or talk black because they too want a quality life for their children. I dont know exactly how long this will last but I do know that I will have a quality of life.

      • Bob A says:

        Is that 6,000 in the state or your town? BIG difference. By the way, how has that “…quality of life….” working out for you?

    • Anton Bouchette says:

      I live in Oregon and nearly all of the nigger bullshit is confined to Portland, which is a total liberal shithole these days. I am retired now and nearly always go to the beautiful Oregon coast to relax, fish and camp. You can go to most coastal small towns and you will not see a single fucking nigger, even after being there for two or three weeks. Sometimes you may see a porch monkey but they keep their fucking mouths shut and know their place. It is enjoyable to go somewhere nice and not have to deal with ignorant, rude no class niggers. So, I guess I’m trying to say you can get away from these goddamn lowlifes.

      • Johnny Rebel says:

        The Pacific Northwest was the nicest place I have ever been in America. I drove from Klamath Falls to Seattle, and I counted exactly 6 nigger sightings the whole 1400 miles. The first one I saw was hundreds of miles into the trip, and he was stumbling out of some brushy on the side of the road. No idea what it was doing in there. The others were service food here and there along the way. Greatest trip I have ever taken.

  22. darthfedor says:

    Seriously, thanks. I grew up very “liberal” and “open minded”, I made excuses for the bad behavior I saw. But as I got older I remember something my father used to say, “They make you hate them.” and oddly enough my wife told me her father told her the SAME thing.

    Thing is, HE WAS RIGHT. I AM SICK OF NIGGERS. Period. I actually DON’T have a problem with pretty much EVERY other race, sure they have their bad people but at a pretty normal percentage. How come in public if someone is screaming and causing a scene you can almost bet money its a nigger? I’m a marine corps vet who doesn’t leave the house much because of this, I have a panic attack when they start yelling.

    How come if someone is sitting at a green light, its 9/10 a nigger? How come every other race seems to “get” that when you are in public YOU DON’T own that space, “public” belongs to EVERYONE, and when you disturb the general atmosphere by yelling, swearing LOUDLY, hitting on woman in a rude manner when they obviously want nothing more then to get away from you, or being the only one complaining loudly about the wait in a long line while everyone else waits, you are disturbing that peace for everyone else.

    God, I’ve wanted to vent for so long. I even thought about the kkk but the truth is I don’t consider myself that kind of racist. I DONT hate anyone simply for not being white, or christian, I hate them due to the content of their character.

    Lastly, I HAVE met some decent black folk, but the truth is there just doesnt seem to be to many of them. Oddly enough, about half of them happen to be gay/lesbian and dislike their own race due to THEIR general intolerance of anything not like them.

    THANK YOU for making this site!!! Lastly a few quotes from Thomas Jefferson

    “To take from one because it is thought that his own industry and that of his father’s has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association—the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.”

    “I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.” (Back then!)

    “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

    “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” I LOVE this one!!

    :A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor and bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.”

    • My tolerance is dying fast says:

      I’ve tried to be tolerant but I find that fading fast. I’ve tried to understand them only to be fucked with by them. One time I was on my way to the grocery store with my cart (the type of cart you buy,not steal) when some nigger on a bike rode on the sidewalk and pushed me off to the side. He got pissed because my cart got in his way. There was no vehicle traffic at that time and no reason for him to ride on the sidewalk and push me aside. He stopped and demanded an apology. I gave him an insincere apology but an very sincere look of “you fuck with me again nigger and I’ll make you pay royalfuckingly”. He rode off. I didn’t go the store instead I called the cops who wouldn’t do shit,not even send a squad car to take a report. The mayor in my city is a former judge who is a bleeding heart liberal that cuddles these monkeys. This city isn’t safe because of these fucking nigger parolees and if the cops do show up it is usually twelve hours later. That is if they do show up. Then you have these liberals and nigger activists telling white people not to be prejudice. Fuck them,why don’t they tell their own people to clean up their act and not commit crimes. The mexicans are no better (not all but the cholos act like assholes). They both think they are entitled to respect while they shit on everyone else. I remember one time while I went to business school one nigger bitch playing the victim game with the instructor and he is originally from the Phillipines. These niggers play the victim while they are the perpetrators and I’m fucking sick of it.

  23. WHITE AND PROUD says:


  24. Stop pretending says:

    There seems to be such a push for diversity, yet it has not been done too much in the past… and times it has… it fails! Why are we supposed to ignore these attitudes and actions that are very consistent for the sake of ‘diversity’. It is a pipe dream, sure I’d love for a perfect utopian world where everyone gets along and lives in peace ect. But it’s not possible. Niggers are Niggers. We at the very least need to have some states in the US where niggers can’t go. It’s a shame we brought them over here, and I believe slavery is wrong, so give them a big welfare check and ship them back. At the very least give them a few nigger states. Diversity is a complete failure, admit it!

    • My tolerance is dying fast says:

      We offered to send them back to Africa in 1920 but they didn’t take us up on it. We should have done it at gunpoint since that is all they understand.

    • steve says:

      the problem is we all live in a small place and everyone wants to live there own way there culture I don’t want to listen to talentless nigger rap the nigger does not want to hear Neil young and the mariachi music is the worst and the life style is so different its like being in county jail were forced to live a lifestyle we don’t want to live when you put all this together violence and anger are the result we are an angry people of course we are if you go to the san franando valley near LA, it is all Mexican everywhere in the stores there you will see one white person if your lucky all the rest mexican not a lie 500 cockroches to every one white the whites are really afraid to leave there house and watts and south cental La is all black east La all Mexican who the fuck is going to walk in those towns at night when I was growing up the valley was all white east la was Mexican watts black and everyone knew where they belonged not anymore there is no where to go so I moved away I drove auto parts and one day I saw this Mexican standing in the street holding his hand while he took a shit right there in the street and wiped his ass and I said im fucking done im leaving and moved to the mountains but the truth there rally is no escape

      • dan says:

        You need to use some periods and commas in your sentences. All I see is ONE big sentence.



  25. WHITE AND PROUD says:


  26. richie says:

    so sick of them…its true not only whites but the other races of the planet hates their guts. but whose the biggest advocate for these drain dwelling helmiths…the US!

  27. TIRED OF NIGGERS. says:


    • Kathy T says:

      Since most niggers do not work, they have a great deal more free-time on their hands – hence their 50% credit for crime in USA. If every nigger on welfare had to submit to a drug test and agree to sterilization as a condition for getting their checks, welfare would be a thing of the past within a week, and niggers would be a thing of the past as soon as their WIC cheese runs out.

      If these niggers cannot support themselves why are they allowed to breed? Never made any sense to me.

      • Douglas says:

        B/C it’s about the perpetuation of the bureacracy and the contractor(s) that live off welfare given out to blacks. Don’t believe that for a moment the liberal, when he/she really devotes thought to matter, that they give a rat’s ass about blacks. As others have pointed out, they live in their elitist neighborhoods, send their kids to private schools, and hob-nob with fellow elites and the high end of Government parasites.
        Even true “Africans” have provided an excellent anecdote for this principle. True story. A Tanzanian politician, being quite wealthy, had a son who did excel in his studies. Keep in mind that this took place 40 years ago, when Communism was going strong in Eastern Europe. The boy had scholastic offers from Oxford, Harvard, and the University of Prague. His father determined that the boy should go to college in Czechoslovakia (it was one country then as well). When asked why, the father said that he feared more than anything else, that his son would be infected with Marxist ideology in the course of his so-called education. By doing it in a Communist country, as he put it, he wanted to ensure that it wouldn’t happen.



    • pete moran says:

      There isn t one nigger family in America who doesn t have at least one member in jail or awaiting jail.

  28. Lord Nelson says:

    I don’t hate niggers. To me, these turd coloured apes are in the same department as dog shit on your shoe. I hate the evil filth who let the niggers in

    • Gus says:

      You’re right! The real anger should be directed at the sons-a- bithces that originally brought them here. Imagine what a utopia this country would be without THEM!

  29. fred says:

    Fucking niggers, I deal with them all fucking day on the phone at the my job. I deal with 401k’s and these stupid niggers call in about their 4k01 because they “want’s they money”. Then this stupid nigger today almost runs into me because I am turning around a corner and his stupid ass is driving 30mph in an apartment complex. The motherfucker starts driving towards me as I am turning and rolls down his window and says “am i fuckin invisible?” NO, YOU’RE JUST DRIVING LIKE A FUCKING NIGGER!!!

  30. Moe Thackery says:

    It is the white mans guilt trip that has put the nigger in the forefront of television, sports, films, and just about anything else that pays big money for little aptitude. They talk about some of the republican candidates for president not being qualified for the position. How the fuck can anyone say Obama was qualified. When he walks into a room he is the least qualified there. You are so right, I don’t hate niggers, but I do hate their behavior.
    My stupid white ass cousin voted for Obama strictly because he was black, said the guilt was more than he could bear. This is the thinking of far too many white’s. Rise up people..

    • Everett says:

      Ask your cousin how many Niggers he ever owned? I hate Niggers, not always but they have Made me hate them. As for white girls that date them, I don’t see how they could let the maggots touch them, much less God knows what else. I would LOVE to live somewhere they didn’t exist, now we’re forced to see them on every commercial, every TV show, these shit skins are everywhere. White people are destroying themselves for the sake of some useless NIGGERS.

      • pete moran says:

        I think that sooner or later white people will have to move to the north pole to avoid these stinking boogoons. Don t worry, sooner or later they will follow.

  31. Rebel Nigger Hater says:

    I am in the armpit of the South, Mobile Alabama. I am surrounded by NIGGERS everywhere I go. I went to school in a different county here in Alabama, a public school. I was called a racist among other things. I was not until a few years ago. And now I am surly a RACIST NIGGER HATER!!! I truly HATE NIGGERS! I love to hunt. Maybe one day it will be open season! I am 43 years old, no childish teen just spouting hatred. A very wise and educated man. And I am extremely sick and tired of NIGGERS and what they are doing to ruin this once great nation. This includes the hatred for the HNIC (Head Nigger In Charge)(POTUS). How the hell did we elect a non-American, Traitor, Muslim NIGGER to the office of President? HOW? Damnit! I HATE NIGGERS!!!!!

    • Boo Abhorer says:

      If you think Mobile is bad you should live in Birmingham. I sometimes feel like I’m the only white person here.

  32. CO Jones says:

    God gave them their own Continent. It is called Africa. Look what they have done to it. Look at Detriot or Atlanta or any one of their enclaves. ANYWHERE that they are will be the same. Why is our government breeding them?

  33. Rebel Nigger Hater says:

    Well, my next door nigger had a chimpout the other day. This dumb nigger tried to start some shit after I stopped his nigglet chimps to stop messing with my dog (a tiny mixed dog no bigger than a cat). They were yelling, barking, kicking the fence and throwing rocks and sticks at this tiny dog. The buck chimp began to spout off a bunch of babble and saying things that are totally irrelevant in his ebonic, Apefrican, Bluegum tongue, I understood none of it. I told him “fuck you” 2 times and walked inside. Today, 3 days after Christmas, I found that he used his already trashed out yard for a dump for their Christmas trash. After I thought I couldn’t hate niggers more than I already do, I saw their trashed out yard and hated them more. They are too lazy to even bag up their trash or at least get it into the trash can. Not funny how their nigglet kids can’t just speak to each other or their parents, they yell and squeal instead of simply talking. No matter how you slice it, they are niggers. Once a nigger always a nigger. A nigger is a nigger is a nigger. Even the ones that are educated and pretend to be humans, chimp out when given the chance. I have seen them do this when they get in large groups. My brother, who is in the NAVY, just got home from Djibouti Apefrica. He has told me stories of those niggers over there. They are extremely trashy and stupid,. Just like the dumbass niggers here. But since the niggers over in Djibouti are on their own, they have done exactly as expected by piling trash up everywhere, burning the trash and dead bodies of refugees every night. And despite burning the trash every night, the entire place is still a dump. If we let niggers do whatever they want here, we will all be living in the second Apefrica!!! I think they are all feral beasts. Damnit! I HATE NIGGERS!!!!!

  34. ronnie says:

    Parasites, all of them. Their only goal in life is to ‘get a check’, never a job. I live in Kalamazoo, MI. This place is crawling with this ‘infestation’ of blood sucking shit, feeding off the white working man. Who pays the taxes that give them food stamp cards that they almost always sell for 50¢ on the dollor ? And for all you ‘nigger loving whores’out there, no one wants your half-breeds. Whites sure dont, and the niggers dont either! Who sold them to the whites? Their tribal leaders! Other niggers. Wakeup white people before your race is gone, forever.

  35. Wayne says:

    I always get upset when a show I am watching gets interrupted by that stupid ancestry.com commercial. The nigger stands in center stage saying, “I was nervous about looking but I did anyway. I found out that my great great great great grandmothers great grandfathers grandfather was BORND A SLAVE BUT DIED A BINNESMAEN.” All I can think about is how lucky this dick head is. If his relative had NOT sole his fellow relatives into slavery and he eventually having been born a slave, this dumb dick would still be living in a tin hut and trying to outrun lions in Africa.
    Ungrateful Nigger!!!
    I never owned a nigger in my life. I never knew anyone who owned a nigger yet I have to keep hearing about how these dumb schmucks have past relatives who were slaves. Big deal!!!
    White people became slaves in 60′s when the niggers started getting special privledges, welfare, food stamps, free medical and job preferrences. The tax paying working white people are the slaves to these dumb bastards that do nothing but sit around government jobs doing nothing, producing nothing, creating nothing but more niggers and screaming about wanting more from whitey.

    • Gus says:

      Your right my friend! A politician once stated that Blacks being born in this country is like winning the lottery. They should wake up every morning, get down on their knees and kiss the ground in thanks for slavery. The entire continent of Africa is a welfare state. White, Europeans came in and civilized them and produced properous nations (Rhodesia) but once the Aricans rioted and took over they went to sh#t!
      And what’s with all the blacvks in commercials lately? Are these companies pandering to Obama?
      Should we be getting ready for civil war part 2?

      • Patrick says:

        I feel your pain! It is all so depressing seeing black after black on commercials & reg tv programming. I ended up going with Netflix just to skip the commercials. Have you noticed the Pinesol commercial where the black lady says “Thats the smell of pinesol BABBY”. Whats with the baby & honey crap that you see in the black commercials? Personaly I dont like it so we no longer by the product and I told Pinesol corporate that I was offended by it.

        • RichardCranium says:

          Fucking niggers should use that PineSol for deodorant. For that infamous nigger “stank”. Bastards smell like water buffalo.

          And these shitstains talk like they want a race war. Get real – that would last all of two or three days. Have you ever seen chimps try to organize? Just take a look at Africa…

          • Mighty White Man says:

            They look like a monkey & smell like a skunkie.
            Damn they be funky.

            Perhaps a race war is exactly what we need (& it will take). Some of us will die but we’re dieing anyway with this diseased infestation. Once the smoke clears Mighty Whitey will have cleaned house. Again living in peace & prosperity. Cleansed of the Nigro cancer. Immigration must stop. Islam & Illegals must go the way of the Nigro, too.

    • Douglas says:

      That’s why I feel no shame that MY ancestors owned slaves. BMFD! In fact, I curse their stupidity. You mean that they actually paid hard-earned money for nigger bucks and sows? OTOH, they also had the balls to put them in their place. And the irony of it all is, life for both was for the times far more peaceful and prosperous than either would know elsewhere in the world at the time…just ask the lot of an Irishman circa 1830, or a tribal black in what was then French West Africa. Still, I wish to God that our ancestors had eschewed slavery and simply paid poor whites to do the grunt work. Little did they know what the long-term consequences of importing Africans would be.+

  36. lee adams says:

    In a brief comment I would insert that the black man praises only famous blacks. MLK, TEW POCK, Tick Tock & Blam Blam Crack Rock. How many black rocket scientists, space program astronauts, inventors, Generals, accomplished and productive non crack selling citizens are there really out there? Cities with majorities of blacks have majorities of crime. States where these cities are have prison’s with the populous 90 percent black. Why? The black man can’t/won’t educate himself and make an honest living. With the black mans premium vocabulary containing words such as: YO YO! YO HO! & MO FO! It is truly amazing how many smart black men are ashamed they are black. Praise M. Jackson The KING of Pedophiles, I mean PLOP! Sammy Davis the Gay HOMOSEXUAL, Bill Cosby who has publicly denounced his race and keeps asking the black man to at least pull his drawers up over his ass. Blacks are the easiest race to pick on. Fried chicken, watermelon, the list goes on and on. The First 48 on television depicts blacks murdering 99 percent of the time. Just one last thing. When you go into the Fried chicken joint, make sure you look past the sea of darkness and little white dots and ask for THE WHITE MAN IN CHARGE.

  37. lee adams says:

    Let’s take your typical black male. Mother is on and off welfare, working minimum wage jobs. And the father is in jail, gone, or not sure who he is. His aunt and three cousins live at home with him in urban Detroit, home to many auto manufacturers, it boasts a fascinating port that links the US to Canada, and he has the opportunity to experience the world from a multi national perspective. He could excel in the urban school system; universities would beg to give him scholarships. He could make millions, because just being close to a large city puts people at an advantage.

    But no, they embrace the attitude of “The Man” (the white race) holding you down. As a result, they shun everything that’s not part of the Afro-American culture, like education and plain, common courtesy, and hole themselves up in the urban ghetto, blaming everyone but themselves. Everyone knows this. We all know it. At a base level, Afro-American culture is embracing abject poverty and crime, just so you can’t take responsibility for your own actions.

    All through my early years, I was taught that all races are equal, and to not judge anyone by the color of my skin. Thanks to the above-mentioned culture, I’ve been completely alienated from that mindset, due to the snide looks that I get from blacks when I tried to assist them when they walked into my store department. When I talk to a black customer on the phone, they are almost always obnoxious and rude, simply because I’m white.

    The white race does not have to change, it’s vice versa.

  38. Dale Sedberry says:

    I’m tired of all the white niggers too
    The government does NOT owe you pieces of white trash ANYTHING
    GET A FUCKING JOB!!!!!!!!!

  39. WatchigItCrumble says:

    When I look around (in real life) at the things so many people have complained about on this website, I am just as disgusted, just as frustrated, and often just as angry as the next guy. But as much as I hate to acknowledge it, the fault lays on our doorsteps!

    No, not the tired old “we brought em over here” crap. I am talking about the slow/steady advancement of blacks getting passes while white have their freedoms strangled )or: “death by a thousand pin-pricks”.

    We have allowed things to get to a point where the government actually classifies crime differently based on if the victim is black or white. We gave in to the political correctness so often that everyone (including advertising media) is terrified of doing/saying anything that might kinda-sorta be portrayed as being anti-minority. We all sat back and let this happen – at least in so much as we didn’t go out and actively fight against it. (This is part of why websites such as this are so rare).

    Well, if it is our fault, then how could we have done anything differently? How can we still make a change? By voting. We may not be a huge voting bloc, but we are not insignificant by any stretch. And yes, it won’t come easy and it won’t come quickly, but if we come together and really advance our voice, then perhaps we can get some people into office that won’t vote in every pandering hand-out or anti-white bill that hits their desk. Perhaps we will again see a day when the norm is being proud of who we are (instead of the popular theme being one of white shame).

    Think about it…

    Could you even imagine some ghetto-ho like Nicki Minaj pulling her outrageous pope-on-a-rope stunt (54th Grammy Awards) without (at least) the Catholics screaming bloody murder? No of course not, but in today’s climate you’re not allowed to say “boo”, and definitely not “jiggaboo”

    How far back would on have to go to find an Attorney General that would prosecute Black Panthers for physically intimidating voters with weapons? Probably not further than this semi-ghetto administration.

    Does anyone really care that Whitney Houston (or Michael Jackson for that matter) died? I don’t. Yet the media is happy to go non-stop publicizing the death as some earth-shattering moment that deserves to be in the history books.

    This stuff makes me sick!

    Do I think there is much of a chance of bringing things back into order by exercising our voting rights? I don’t know. I hope so though, because if we can’t, then there are really only two options left: 1.) Learn to live with it (in which case it has shown it will get worse), or 2.) React violently (which despite sounding kinda sweet at first glance, will only make things horrible for everyone in the long run). Some might argue that a third option is available (try to help them until they improve their own lot… well, it’s been almost 200 hundred years – does anyone really want to hold their breath for that?

    I guess I could have encapsulated my whole lengthy diatribe with one word… “sigh” :(

    • Douglas says:

      Re: the lates Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, versus the still-living Bill Cosby. For every prosperous, disciplined, hard-working black man like Cosby, there seems to be a hundred niggers that live, temporarily, as rich niggers, until it all goes up their noses or their blow it on their “posse”. At least Stanley Kirk Burrell (MC Hammer), though he blew through millions in a few years, didn’t kill himself with booze and dope, but he’s a glaring exception. Ever notice how many black athletes, and I speak of those who are the “creme de la creme” with multimillion dollar sports contracts and very lucrative endorsement deals, are flat broke within a few years of the end of their athletic careers, and often owe hundreds of thousands in back child support?

  40. Gus says:

    Anger,,,seething anger. That’s all I feel nowadays. HATE is painful! I watch and listen to conservative TV and radio shows and it only make me more angry. We are losing OUR nation to minorities. Don’t under estimate the threat from south of the border. I live in southern New Mexico and see it first hand.
    Why are the Liberals so willing to give it all away?

  41. WatchigItCrumble says:

    Gus said: “Why are the Liberals so willing to give it all away?”

    Libs fall into two basic categories:

    1.) Scum sucking predators that make money off of the yada yada (and yes, there are plenty of scum sucking conservative predators too).
    2.) Idiots like those fools on top of the buildings welcoming the aliens in the movie Independence day… they really believe in their cause.

    As long as there are people who will lie cheat and steal for money (in one camp), and vapid morons who follow like blind sheep (in the other), then the liberal cause is alive and well.

  42. doug says:

    Not all blacks are niggers and not all niggers are black. I do mostly agree though. But I’ve met white people I consider niggers because they try so hard to act like one. I’ve met very very few blacks that aren’t niggerish. Id say 90 percent of the blacks I’ve met are niggers. The ignorance is just breed into them and there’s no stopping it. They say people like us are ignorant and intolerant as if most black people don’t talk as much shit about us. I knew a black kid who said they were raised being taught that whites are the devil. They told it to them in church. They are racist too. And enough with the whole slavery issue we didn’t do that shit it was 200 years ago. And you people don’t deserve anything in return. The best thing we could’ve done is rounded up every single one of them after the civil war and sent their asses to africa. Not like we want you here anyway. Should’ve sent those spear chuckers home.

    • Intolerant says:

      You can waste your time trying to identify the minute differences between “blacks” and niggers if you want Doug, but believe me, in the long run you’ll find they are all nothing but a huge disappointment. The ones you think are “not as bad” are the ones who you have simply not spent enough time around or who have the ability to behave in a more reserved manner for a longer period of time. While I will not dispute the fact that white people and other races of people can be nearly as insufferable as the nigger, their shortcomings are of a completely different nature than those of the nigger. I don’t delve into their deeper problems with life because I just don’t have the time to get into the many mental disorders that drive humans to do some of the stupid shit that they do. I only discuss niggers here because they are a simple species with limited instinctual behavior patterns that affect a much broader range of civilization than they should have ever been allowed..



    • Major Mel says:

      In general, I agree with you! What Socialism and/or Communism has ‘accomplished,’in such Eastern European countries as Ukraine, Moldova etc. is the creation, of what many Western Europeans refer to as, White Niggers. The Welfare mentality is prevalent there and many, if not most of those who still live in these countries behave little better than the average Ghetto niggers in the U.S.

  43. race hater says:

    proudly european american = white

    proudly african american – black

    good to be proud

    white pride! nothing wrong

    black pride- ok whatever you like – slave- to the federal gov- enjoy – boy

  44. Patrick says:

    I figured the black man out along time ago. I moved to Montana where there are only 5,500 of them in the whole state. Ever since I moved here my quality of life has went through the roof. Some times I see no blacks or hispanics for months at a time. However comes the holidays when I have travel to the lower states,and they are every where reminding myself for the very reason I got the hell out of the lower states. Up here they dont play that rap-crap. Up here the better man gets the job.

    • Douglas says:

      Shame you have to freeze your ass off four months out of the year in order to have racial peace. Of course, you could live in Chicago or Detroit, still freeze your ass off, and have to put up with their shit. Smart move. Heating Oil doesn’t cost all THAT much!

  45. Patrick says:

    I grew up poor in a diverse neighborhood where whites were a minority for years back in the seventies. I was picked on for years by blacks even though I had done nothing wrong. For years I had actually thought that something was wrong with me. The blacks always said that I was privledged I guess because my mom had a job working as a waitress and my father was a truck driver. I still to this day contemplate what they had met by this only to come to the conclusion that I was privledged because I was white or because I had parents still together? After my father died in a trucking accident at age 10, my mom took the life insurance and got us the hell out of there thus moving us to an all white neighborhood and all white school. It was only then that I truly thought that there was a huge differance between white and black. Two years after I graduated (1982) Bussing & Desegregation started in my old school. My younger sister tried to adapt this new thing called diversity and her grades went staight to D’s and F’s. I told my mom that since we were on a lease that we needed to get the hell out of there and so we did. Years later my sister said she went back to the old neighborhood to visit old childhood friends only to find out that three of her then best friends had bi-ratial children with no father figure around or child support. Her friends also told her that she was priveleged and that she was lucky to have gotten to graduate from H.S. HMMM… where did I hear this from before?

    • Ann says:

      Yes, I remember in school those days. Every day the niggers would gang up on a white kid on the playground and beat them to hell. The teachers and attendants would look the other way..every time. When they chose me one day to gang up on, I used my white people’s brain and told them all I was a witch and would cast evil spells on them if they tried to hurt me in any way…they backed off 100% wide-eyed and scared to death. The niggers never picked on me in school ever because of that! ha ha

  46. Patrick says:

    After H.S. (1982)I went into the Army for a sence of direction and to do something with my life. By this time in my life I actualy thought that people black and white could get along because now we are all adults right?? Wrong!! The very first day of Basic Training smart ass blacks with their bullying mentality started their usaual shit and reminded me of when I was in the ghetto all over again. Thank God I only had to deal with that for a short while because after basic I went to my (MOS) which means the job that you do while in the military. My job was an aircraft mechanic. In this and other critical / technical jobs you wont see many blacks because of the spit & shine type of job that it is. In the 20 rewarding years that I was in, I had met maybe 5 black pilots with a college education that were great to work with. However of the 40 enlisted blacks that I had met were later kicked out by Uncle Sam for either drinking too much, on drugs or simply went AWOL. My point is blacks still have a very long way to go in America. PS I really love this site in that there is very little profanity. My mom use to say that people who use profanity lack the education to properly express them selves.

  47. Patrick says:

    For over 5 years I had done volunteer work in the inter city for “Habitat For Humanity” and in that time never did the homes that I worked on did a single black person show up to help as a volunteer. In fact of all the houses that we built none of them were ever for white folks to live in. All the houses that I helped build were for the blacks. The only thing that “Habitat For Humanity” asks for in return is that the future homeowner work at least 40 hrs of equity sweat for their free home which usually meant that all they had to do was pick up trash or paint. The blacks coudnt even do that. I no longer volunteer my services because of this reason. Blacks have the mentality of “Something For Nothing”.

    • Douglas says:

      Patrick, you hit the nail on its burry head!

      Few blacks would pay it forward. Neither do they tip. I used to moonlight schelpping pizza. Few blacks ever tipped. Same for those with a “Boxer/Pelosi” campagin poster (this was ’92 and ’96). It’s that entitlement mentality that we’ve allowed a dysfunctional education system to embue in them.

  48. Patrick says:

    I was in the military for 20 yrs and was appauled by the white females who were srewing around with the blacks. The white female soldiers called it the “Forbidden Fruit”. To me these young white females were so far from home that no one knew what they were doing or whom they were doing it with especialy their mom & dad. Because of this I saw alot of female soldiers getting pregnant & forced out of the military. We all know that whom ever the father is, will more than likely disapear. In the end even if the father does come thru, his now bi-ratial children will more than likely be 6 or 7 states away. Why? Because after the female soldier is booted out of the military, she will return home to her mom & dads house from where she originaly enlisted. Now the bi-ratial children suffer because they dont know what they are nor do they know who their father is. In closing “White women, stay away from the blacks”!

  49. Kathy T says:

    I have come 180 degrees in my attitudes and opinions about niggers over the course of my life.

    I remember my father trying to tell me how dirty, violent and stupid niggers are since I was in second grade. I remember thinking he was wrong and everyone should be treated equally and God loves everyone and blah blah blah.

    Then I started working with them. LOL well let me tell you, that was my wake up call.

    From hundreds of thousands of first hand experiences I now believe I am a master on nigger antics.

    They are stupid about everything except how to avoid employment and get others to do for them. They are violent, lazy, dirty and much more. I resent that I have to live among them. I resent they have been allowed to breed to this extent.

    • Patrick says:

      Welcome To America. Just yesterday I was walking into a Cracker Barrel Resturant & noticed a that a Trailways bus pull up & out of the bus came 50 to 60 blacks. I grabbed my wife & went some where else to eat. They simply offend me & I cant stand to be around them. I can hear & smell them from a mile away.

      • Anton Bouchette says:

        Good for you, Patrick…..distance yourself and your family from these scum sucking degenerate black bastards.

    • Anton Bouchette says:

      Good for you, Kathy…..see the pieces of shit for what they really are. My wife has a job where she has to work around worthless nigger sows and she has seen what they are…..lazy, racist, complaining, not dependable and hateful of normal people who do a real days work. Thank God I live in a part of town where there are few niggers……the neighborhood is too nice. I go out of my way to avoid the worthless nigger race. Fuck them and their crazy ways.

  50. john says:

    All you hear about in the media is stupid white people kissing the niggers ass no matter what they do.Trayvon martin is a great example,the white people are falling all over themselves to kiss nigger ass.Just like with the afghans.Martin was a punk nigger who messed with the wrong guy.

    • Kathy T says:

      That’s not even the worst of it John, the media is the devil in this dress – now all of a sudden it is coming out that there WAS as witness to support the shooter’s case of self defense, the nigger boy DID pursue and assault the shooter w/o provocation ( I say he was not provoked because the shooter had every right to question why the unfamiliar turd was in his GATED development. Really, why do niggers think people want gated communities – TO KEEP NIGGERS OUT ). And I loved the pic of the nigger boy from when he was 12 lol, at the time of his death he was over 6 feet tall and a 17 year old football player. Oh and all along the media failed to mention that the nigger boy was a gangster-wanna-be-thug-drug-dealer who was suspended from school and had a recent history of unprovoked physical violence. That’s our liberal media. That’s why we need ‘Fed Up’ and honest, real people like Intol to break into the nigger-disney-world of media in America before we all have to move to Canada.

    • Jlee says:

      If it was some fucking white person who got shot, no nigger would have cared at all. There wouldn’t have even begun to be any press. I’m watching tv about this zimmerman shit and watching the white people with their signs saying “calling us crackers is racist too” “DAT NOT RACIST WE NOT RACIST IT NOT RACIST WE NOT RACIST” shut the FUCK up you stupid piece of shit NIGGERS. You’re so fucking retarded and hypocritical you’re happy.

  51. Jerry says:

    I am so sick of those fucks, no matter who what when or where when a nigger shows up there’s something gonna happen
    They have this arrogant feeling like they can do anything.

    • Kathy T says:

      Not arrogance – just pavement ape behavior. Retarded, self centered, greedy and stupid. Not arrogant, that would imply pride and self respect, which the negro lack abundantly on both counts.

      • Intolerant says:

        Niggers have a sense of entitlement which is often mistaken for arrogance. The fact they have a nigger in the White House expands this attitude. What it most resembles is the lack of cognitive awareness most animals have, especially pets who expect their food dishes will be filled when they demand they be filled. I am not comparing niggers to domesticated animals, but it really is partially what they are. Just by virtue of their freedom to roam among the human race, they are like a pet raccoon. A wild animal raised from infancy as a pet while still subject to attack at any given moment.

  52. The White Girl's Perspective says:

    I had the advantage of growing up in a small, all-white town in northern Michigan. Way back then, the only black people I saw were on television — The Cosby Show. The husband was a doctor. The wife was a successful lawyer. They lived in a huge, beautiful home. I thought, “All black people must be like this.”

    At that young age, I just didn’t “get it,” but it didn’t take long to figure out that, in the real world, there are no Huxtables — anywhere. What’s worse is there are no niggers even aspiring to achieve success — anywhere. I’ve never witnessed it, and I’ve made the conscious effort to look for it.

    Over the last 30 years, I have lived and worked all over the world. I can honestly say that I have NEVER met a nigger who was hard working. I’ve never met a nigger who didn’t play the race card. I’ve never met a nigger who didn’t believe he/she was OWED & ENTITLED to literally having everything handed to them, and yet do nothing to earn it.

    Have you ever watched them walk? Even their gait is indicative of pure laziness. If they walked any slower, they’d just stop altogether and probably lay down right then and there.

    I can tell a nigger, ghetto-bitch by that loud, obtrusive, obnoxious voice anywhere. I don’t have to turn around for visual confirmation. That loud, whiny voice is like tear gas to me — I simply cannot get away from it fast enough.

    Have you watched television lately? It seems the media is compelled to show only the stories that bow down to the niggers in appreciation. Did you know that the media chose to NOT cover the deaths of three United States Marines (all white) outside of Kabul , Afghanistan, in order to cover Whitney Houston’s funeral? How sad is that? Our warriors died silent, unacknowledged deaths so the rest of the world could watch this pure ghetto, coked-out bitch for three consecutive days. Seriously?

    I made the mistake of stopping on CNN about a month ago. Piers Morgan was interviewing Chaka Khan and gleefully extracting her outrage of this nigger, Trayvon’s, death. He asked her a simple question (I don’t remember it specifically), and she froze like a deer caught in the headlights because she simply couldn’t comprehend what she was being asked. In her pathetic attempt to rally, she, in turn, tried to divert the attention to the host by saying, “Well, let me axe yo a question of yo-self.” I couldn’t make this up If I tried.

    But Chaka Khan’s ignorance, lack of education and nigger grandstanding inspired me to do a simple google search of how many niggers killed niggers THAT DAY in Florida. 78, according to the public arrest records for the previous 24 hours. It seems that CNN, Chaka, and every other grandstander didnt want to mention that little fact. Then I did a search of how many niggers killed white people in Florida for the previous 24 hours. 17. Now, did the media report even one instance of the niggers killing the white people in Florida — or in any other state for that matter? Nope. Niggers killed 17 white people that day, and not a peep was mentioned.

    Have you ever been to Sanford, FL? It’s a nigger-infested cess pool. The world is better place without Trayvon. It’s one less robber, rapist, home evasion, carjacker and murderer.

    I digress, and I thank you for creating a place where we can vent and post our opinions about these parasitic leeches who contribute absolutely nothing to a productive society.

    • Douglas says:

      Thanks, White Girl, for sharing your thoughts. I grew up in Central Florida. My High School (Lake Howell) played Sanford as we were in the same conference. Going there was like being run through the gauntlet. None of our cheerleaders would even go to the bathroom for fear of being assualted. The students and parents that came up in chartered buses wouldn’t leave “our” side of the field. Good reason. Racial taunts and death threats will do that. What few cops were there didn’t do jack shit about it. Their football team was pathetic on the field, however. We were glad to leave with a resounding victory and but a few broken bus windows and some soiled clothes (from niggers throwing garbage and rocks as our buses filed out, the chickenshit cowards wouldn’t at least start something face to face). I recall the head coach telling the entire team (we have two black players on a team of 55) that we’d forfeit rather than play there again. The coach was an ex-Marine, Korean War vet (fought at Chosin Resivoir), tough as nails, but he’d never ask his players and their families to risk their lives like that again.

    • Richard Blaine says:

      “Have you ever watched them walk? Even their gait is indicative of pure laziness. If they walked any slower, they’d just stop altogether and probably lay down right then and there.”

      This makes it easier to hit them in the street. Just make sure there’s no crosswalk, which usually there isn’t, since they are too stupid to use it.

  53. been there done that says:

    Yep, its the truth, they define the dumb eaters theory

  54. Gus says:

    Am I the only one that’s noticed that McDonalds has gone completely BLACK? Is it because (like the liberals would like to think, that McDs is only victomizing Blacks?) or has McDs
    realized that since there is a Black Prez they better head off the chance of being put on the Nigger Sh*t list by pandering to them before they roll out the usual Nigger hit squad?

  55. Kathy T says:

    McD’s has been catering to niggers for years – niggers are the only creatures HAPPY to be eating piles of ‘pink slime’ from the ‘dolla menvu’.

    McD’s has been the proud sponsor of dozens of chimpouts (as viewable on youtube) over the years, which are becoming ptogressively more violent. One white girl was beat so bad by a fat, greasy sheboon that she had siezures during her beatdown. One filthy she-chimp jumped on the counter of a McD’s in a tube-shirt and no underwear, kicking cash registers off.

    I just want them to stay in their own, designated area, and if they get shot straying, I do not even want to hear anything about it.

    • Bosco11 says:

      Well, they wont stay in their areas. I am beginning to see them swinging in the branches of my white neighborhood. After they tear their shit up they will come to our areas and start here. Until we take action against these shit eating pukes it will continue. As long as we turn our backs and act like they are ok we will continue to deal with them. As long as we let our white sons act like niggers and keep our mouths shut and we let our white daughters pop out little nigglet babies we will continue to have them in our faces. As far as a “beatdown” goes, I believe this is the reason why we should all carry firearms with us to defend ourselves. Its a well known fact that niggers hunt in packs. Fight one and you better believe they are more close by to help their brovas and sistas. We must take our own homes back and hold ourselves and our children responsible. Turn the nigger and queer loving tv off and spend time with your loved ones and educate them on niggerism and exploit how it is being shoved down our throats.

    • Douglas says:

      You’d think “Mickey D’s” would figure out that their “ethnic marketing” is driving decent white folks away. It’ll be the death of Ray Kroc’s dream.

  56. Gaboonie Joe says:

    Nigger bin

    What is a nigger bin? A nigger bin is an apartment building filled with niggers. When you open the front door on Satuday morning they all spill out and drain out on to the street

  57. Chief Arnold Bearpecker says:

    Every single day now there’s a news story about some crazed nigger or gang of crazed niggers attacking a white person for no reason or tearing up a fast food joint because they claim they were short a chicken McNugget. They feel empowered by the Obama administration. Sooner or later the shit’s going to hit the fan. Arm yourselves.

    • pete moran says:

      A fat nigger beast went berserk at a Mcd because she didn t get her order soon enough. At 500 lbs I m surprised she didn t eat he manager. Of course the cops came and when the nigger farted, they went unconscious.

  58. Danny says:

    I also work with niggers. As a manager when I first started I really tried to look at the niggers as Gods creatures and be fair and just. Well I tried and I tried and I tried. I bent over backwards to be a fair manager. But the nigger kept showing their true colors. I kid you not theses niggers spend more time trying to get out of doing any work it’s quite amazing to see. I will never understand why the nigger will spend more time and energy trying to avoid work than to just do the job. The answers I get from these dirty niggers when caught sleeping are outrageous. What makes the situation worse is they are niggers protected by a union. The kicker is the job they should be doing is very easy, they could actually complete their dutys in about three hours and get paid for eight hours. But these dishonest niggers will not even do that. They sneak around hiding,watching tv, eating wings etc. I swear may God strike me dead every time I try to get them to do anything I hear the same thing, it’s break time , when is break, I am taking a late break, I missed my break, what about break. And by the way this is not my first encounter on the job with lazy niggers. That’s why I really tried to make this job work. I really must say a nigger will always be a nigger. And they are so fucking stupid loosing keys all the time, on cell phones nonstop. Where do they get the money to talk on the cell phone all day? The nigger men are actually lazier than the nigger women. I actually feel sorry for the white guys and Spanish that have to pick up the slack for these lazy good for nothing niggers. Although I do believe the white race is the most intelligent I can adjust to all other races in the work place except the niggger race. The nigger race really is the worst race. Niggers actually make you hate them, even good Christians hate them.

  59. Brian says:

    I agree Danny, I am an operations manager for a large janitorial company. I work with every race and can for the most part can get along with everyone, except the lazy niggers. The company employes 2000 people. Nigger make up around 300 as we had to hire them. And let me tell you all 300 of these lazy niggers are a complete nightmare. I am constantly catching them sleeping on the job, and you would think I would be able to fire them. But not the case as the company has been sued multiple times by the niggers. So the bottom line is 300 niggers get a free paycheck for doing no work. It’s an absolute outrage. Every account I go to that has niggers as part of the staff it’s the same shit, always sitting, or talking about basketball. I used to like the sport but now just hearing the word basketball makes me vomit. We really have a huge mix of different races, religions, even a couple of American Indians. All are decent people for the most part. But the dishonest nigger just can’t seem to get along with any other race. And by the way I talk to all different people on the job and regardless of what race they are they all hate the lazy, dishonest, filthy, smelly, jive talking niggers. All the nigger have the same attitude, and that is they just want a free paycheck and free handouts. We tried to put out a nice Chritmas tree in our office where we wrapped some empty boxes put them under the tree as decorations. Believe me when I tell you the niggers actually ripped open the empty presents thinking there was something in them. They will actually break into the tampon boxes to steal the quarters. Lost a couple of account due to this practice. By the way we know it was the niggers because they were caught black handed. I like all mankind minus the dirty nigger. I think in general people are good but not the dirty Nigger. The nigger is a race that believes the entire world owes them, and if this behavior hasn’t changed by now , it never will. The nigger can not fit into society normally. I guess it’s like trying to live with wild apes. Then nigger is a wild beast that can’t adjust to civilization. The problem is that with their high birth rates and mostly on welfare, plus the niggers that we can account for that work but really don’t are just a drain on companys, will drain this country into anger and frustration. The crime rate among the nigger population is a whole story in itself. I wish we never had slavery.

  60. bosco11 says:

    When does this all end? I go to the store and by the time I return home my stomach is in knots and my blood pressure is up. Install a junglke gym and throw some fucking bananas on the ground and it would be a chimp exhibit at a fucking store. Something has to give here. If Nigbama gets reelcted we will be screwed way more than we are now. The Nigs already think we owe them everything and whats even more disturbing is the percentage of whites that agree with it. Blows my fucking mind.

    • Marie says:

      I know what you mean! There is only one thing worse than a nigger and that’s a goddam suck-ass, self-loathing, nigger loving White, like the ones who got Nigbama elected in 2008. I heard idiot Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) on a talk show telling everyone that all Whites are rich and privileged. Who does he thinks lines his pockets, because it sure as hell isn’t niggers! When he said the word “white” it sounded like he was going to gag…he’s so ashamed to be White.

      • bosco11 says:

        its not just Daniel Radcliffe, its nearly all of the hollywood scene and the liberal media. I tell you who really pisses me off is that nigger loving kardashian bitch. She has nigger juice all over her and everyone thinks the cunt is wonderful. There are so many young people that are being poisoned by the fucking chimp loving shitheads everyday.

      • My tolerance is dying fast says:

        Radcliffe is a fucking dick sucking queer. Another parasite.

  61. None of your business says:

    You all are very ignorant I am a black woman not a nigger I work my ass off everyday for suntrust bank my husband is a emt who may o e day have to save your sorry ass life so I’d be careful who I call a nigger and FYI we got way more money than your dumb ass can count.

    • Intolerant says:

      You’re a nigger, regardless of whatever titles you choose to give yourself. You work at a bank because you are allowed to work at a bank. Certainly not because you were more qualified than any human but because they had nigger loving quotas they had to fulfill by law. Same with your heroic husband who might someday save my life. I pray if my life is at stake, a nigger isn’t all I have to count on. We both know his education was administered by Affirmative Action and his cognitive limits were well in place before he muscled his way into human territory. His success is only based on the luck of the draw. I know this all to be true simply because of the final insult hurled my way: “We got more money than your dumb ass can count.” You have no idea how many times niggers have spewed these silly words at me as if they know how wealthy or poor I really am. Fact is, you consider yourselves important only because you have incomes. Something humans have known for centuries but still foreign to the typical nigger who has relied on handouts for almost as long. You make me laugh, nigger. You really think you are superior just because you think you have a lot of money? Why then do you despise the rich and consider free trade and capitalism the enemy of the nigger? You know you only aspire to be white and rich. Admit it. You hate yourself for what you are and especially for what you are NOT.

    • bosco11 says:

      You need to spread your poison somewhere else, black expo, naacp rally, one of your all black schools, i dont know, but not here. youre a nigger, alone you may be fine, but put you in one of your packs and your true COLOR comes out. so go away and fuck off.

    • My tolerance is dying fast says:

      Fuck you nigger bitch. Why don’t you tell your own goddamn people to get it together and clean up their acts instead of blaming others for their lot. You and your husband are just like any other niggers Low down trash.

    • pete moran says:

      Is your dream to blow a white man, nigger?

    • Douglas says:

      Then why, pray tell, are you trolling here? Look, provided you are what you say you are, live your productive life and don’t worry about what some pissed-off whites that lump you with welfare-scamming criminal blacks think. If I were you, I’d worry more about being preyed upon by fellow blacks who decry your hard work as “sellout”, “Oreo Cookie”, and “You think you’re WHITE?”. Be honest. How much of that self-serving BS have you heard from other blacks?
      As for myself, I don’t have an issue with someone merely due to racial type. I do judge them, as the fraud MLK once said, “not on the color of their skin but the content of their character”. And so many “Knee-Grows” have been thus found wanting. Or, as the fictional “Wolf”, portrayed by Harvey Keitel in “Pulp Fiction” put it, “just b/c you ARE a charachter doesn’t mean you HAVE character”.

    • Richard Blaine says:

      Your race is 13% of the population and according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, which is a publication of the Obama DOJ committed 49% of the murders and 55% of the robberies in 2012. You are vastly over represented in every single violent offender category. In short, your race is a blight on society.

    • steve says:

      if im sick and your nigger ass is standing there I would rater die but thanks anyway

  62. Jason S says:

    I’m sick and tired of all the nigger shit on the radio, niggers on TV, niggers everywhere. Where I live there’s only 1 rock station left and it’s classic rock which I don’t mind but no metal or punk. I’m fucking tired of all this damn nigger shit. I’m fucked sick of white people that go along with them because they feel guilty. What the fuck is wrong with rock music?

    • Jason S says:

      I don’t hate all black people, just the niggers and the whites and spics that act like them.

      • Jason S says:

        I’m seriously thinking of joining a white brotherhood group or something. I don’t want to join the clan because I don’t want to kill or hurt any nigger unless they fuck with me first and I don’t want to burn any crosses. I just want to be away from niggers and Arab people. I was raised in Richmond Hill Queens NYC and that neighborhood is all Illegal Arabs and Spics now. It pisses me off. Atleast the niggers didn’t get it yet but they are taking over Elmont Long Island where I live now. You could literally see the other side of the tracks just a couple of blocks away from where I live. I can’t have a gun because of NY state laws are so against having a gun so I have to hope I don’t take a bat or kitchen knife to a gun fight.

    • My tolerance is dying fast says:

      Metal and punk are white man’s music. Rap belongs to niggers pick on rap.

  63. Kathy T. says:

    I have been having my own little debate over the nigger problem… The only thing standing in the way of ‘white supremacy’ is white people.

    Niggers are a horror, they make my stomach flip with revulsion and true, pure hatred, but whites are almost as shitty in their own way so I can’t champion them either. I am Irish, French and Cherokee – 1/4 Cherokee, and I have exotic features so I am often mistaken as latino – which I am not. I have been treated like a second rate person because white people do not see me as white.

    Then there is the morality/religion issue – most of the ‘pro-white’ people who do not sound illiterate are VERY Christian and as a consequence – VERY exclusive to non-fanatical Christians (I am a Catholic myself).

    Then you have the old school Confederates, who see ‘Yankees’, although they are ‘white bretheren’, as the traitorous northern aggressors. When I visited Virginia, I never met such pleasant, polite, nice people – until I opened my mouth and they heard the yankee dialect – like all the warmth was swept out of the room in a second.

    So what to do – we are in a bind, niggers suck and whites can’t unite without tearing each other apart.

    I have come to the conclusion that all of humanity is a cancer upon the earth, and this life is Hell.

    • steve says:

      you are right kathy life is hell because we live with Mexicans and niggers don’t get me wrong the young generation of whites are trash to but there white and we have to stand together the problem is with so many mixed bloods they don’t know who they are or where they belong so people stop inter breeding

  64. Jerry says:

    I think they should pass a law for all states to enforce a drug test before issuing food stamps. This would eliminate niggers from eating.

  65. Jack says:

    My sister turned on me because I told her I didn’t want her nigger in my house. I threw her nigger and her nigger loving ass out. I wish that there was away for white Americans to have a group of people for themselves. People who would stand up for us whites get the poorer white kids money for college like the niggers and the NAACP shit. But if we tried that it’s automaticity racism, it’s bullshit we can’t have a white group for help or support. I saw a license plate the other day that said black expo, I thought to myself that’s bullshit if that were a white guy with a plate that said white expo he’d be racists right away. Our race is dying; we are becoming the minority. It’s bullshit we are being put in the back burner, all because of the nigger. Our biggest mistake was bringing them over here in the first place. We should’ve left them on that shit hole continent. Is it too much to ask to live in a white neighborhood, shit you can’t even find one anymore. It’s not that I’m racist it’s just that I’m tired of how the whites are treated for having an opinion about another race. People sit back and say ” oh you’re just racist” no it’s not that it’s the fact that we are being driven out of places because of these niggers. Think about it how often do you hear there damn music or better how often do you feel their crappy music from a block away. You can never understand any of it. Their cars sound like they’re going to the scrap yard. Cops don’t do shit about it because their afraid of being sued for racisim, or racial profiling. I wish we could just send them back to there crap hole country. They trash out anywhere they move into. My parents rented a house for years, some were white some black the blacks never paid rent on time and when you evicted them they try to sue for racism. When they finally got them out the houses were so trashed that it cost more money to fix them than they’d ever get back in rent. Thanks for your time guys and keep an eye on the niggers they’re like roches you see one and there are more to come

  66. Jason S says:

    The other day I was watching the news and a nigger kid was shot in Brooklyn. They showed his father, and he had an African accent or something and honestly he seemed decent enough. They said the Kid was comming home from playing tennis and they were making it like he was an angel. I honestly began to feel a little sad myself. Then they show the Niggers pictures at the end of the report. In both pictures the nigger kid is shirtless, wearing a gold chain, and flashing gang signs. Then I was glad he got shot, one less nigger to get a stupid white girl hooked on drugs and gang rape them. The worst part of the story is that the father said he had 2 other sons.

  67. Cal T says:

    Niggers are dangerous animals, just as rattlesnakes or vicious dogs are dangerous. Vile, hateful creatures, to be avoided at any cost. I cannot believe that approximately 50% of Americans would vote to return a NIGGER to the highest office in the land. A sad, chilling outcome to a social experiment gone so very wrong. I can only hope that my time on Earth is over before these demonic beings completely take over. My greatest fear is being incapacitated, bedridden, and being at the mercy of a 300 lb. sheboon with a chip on it’s shoulder. Mary Shelley or Edgar Allan Poe never imagined a creature so hideous and horrifying as the NIGGER. Shun them, my friends. Separate yourselves from them now, while you still can. Your very life may depend on it…

  68. AgainstCultureCancer says:

    In less then 20 years the effects of Cultural Marxism have manifested themselves into the psyche of most naive people in the USA. Via mediums of Propaganda that include newspapers, television and politics, the liberal machine has promoted these undeveloped coons as equals that we should integrate with and have brainwashed a large percentage of people. BUT!!!! AND I SAY BUT! A MUCH LARGER PERCENTAGE OF NON BLACKS HATE NIGGERS AND KNOW THE TRUTH. THIS TYRANNICAL STATE OF PROMOTING THE NEGRO FOR ULTERIOR MOTIVES IS ABOUT TO BREAK DOWN. White people are sick of BEING CONNED AND LIED TO. ANYBODY WITH A DROP OF COMMON SENSE CAN LOOK AT BLACK STATISTICS AND SEE THEIR TRACK RECORD. They have a perfect record of achieving ZERO. Lucky for us none of them know how to fire a weapon and we outnumber them 78.1 % Whites and only 12.1 % Niggers. They have zero intellect and zero ability to organize. They don’t even know who their daddy is. When the first shots ring out, the negro better use their ability to jump and jump back to Africa where the fuck they belong or face a certain slaughter at the hands of the justice seeking Whites who’ve been dealing with their violence and laziness for way too long. Good day my fellow patriots of common sense that have long deserved freedom from this hideous plague we call the negro. We shall Prevail and finally have some justice.

  69. SickOfThem says:

    SPOT THE F ON !!!! Yes we are all SICK of tHEM. Domesticated monkeys do nothing but shit in the suburbs and burn down the Cities. F them F nigs, die already. We’re ready to fight the big one please light the fuse you dumb porch 75IQ porch monkey.

  70. Shaved Apes says:

    Fuck that nigger bitch who “be worksin’ in da bank”. Nigger bitch. Go back to one of your anti white, mainstream media websites. There are hundreds of them. This one is OURS. Stay the fuck out nigger. You are not welcome. The nigger lubbin’ media has all of us white and proud patriots feeling horrible about ourselves because we are higher primates by birth and that we should feel guilty because we are more intelligent than these wild animals that live among us & try and pass as human. I’m white, proud, college educated & believe what I see & not what I’m told to believe. They are savage, wild nigger beasts that belong in a state of their own.

  71. Sickofthem says:

    I also can’t stand a majority of black people. They want handouts and are lazy. There are very few respectable ones. I’m also tired of reverse racism. If it were up to me I would ship all the lazy ghetto ones to their own lil country. I also don’t like spics and white trash but I notice that a majority of black people I come across are just worthless.

  72. Pete says:

    Ex wife got mad as hell when I got mad about the niggers moving in next door. She said they had the right to live there as long as they paid rent. Well two years later they were evicted. The yard was never mowed the front yard had a car that even the junkyard had to be paid to remove. It sat out there facing our home for two years. They hung around the outside like all good porch monkeys. And they used to have their friends come over every weekend for the weekly BBQ’s. They would park all over the streets and in the neighbors driveways. Once one parked in mine as I was coming home. I told him you have to move that car it isn’t a parking lot. He said well no one is using the space. I told him my daughter was coming over and would require it. He told me to fuck off and left. About twenty minutes later I had it towed away. When he came out and saw it being towed he called me a bunch of curse words and threw a baseball against my house. I picked up the ball and put it in my trash. A week later my dog was poisoned. My response was to wait till they left and I destroyed their AC unit with a screwdriver by destroying the breaker in the outside box. It was around a 100 all week. When they finally moved out the landlord found they had turned the basement into a meth lab. The poor guy had to use a rake to get all the garbage out of the house. All the cabinets were taped shut because the doors were all broken. The fridge when they moved out was full of chickens and they shut the electric off to it. When he came in, the house stunk like someone had died in it. My ex wife now complains everytime she sees one in her neighborhood.

  73. Marcelo says:

    I am a writer fron Argentina happily married to a beautiful southern American girl. She said to me “Beware of niggers, love!” At first I did not pay attention to her and I said to myself “Poor blacks, they are poor and uneducated.” After 10 years living here, in this beautiful country, I changer my mind. Niggers are the biggest pile of shit I have ever seen. Lazy criminals, living off of the goverment’s tit, pedophiles, rapists of the worst sort. Og God Help us!

  74. Gus says:

    I think my anger is really directed at the first white people who brought slaves to this country. Goddamn Them! Imagine a US without Niggers! It would be paradise. The only Blacks that would be here are those that came on their own
    NOTHING good comes from Africa. NOTHING!!!

  75. nibojigbowatermelono says:

    I googled sick of niggers and hit this site. Nigger crime is out of control…and it has to be genetic since everywhere niggers are in the world it is the same….Interestingly enough UK newspapers cover US nigger crime much more thoroughly than the media in the USA…they publish nigger photos so in those rare cases you can’t tell by the wacky nigger name the perp is a nigger you get it. These fucking animals kill more than islam terrorists and it is every day..raping, killing…just fucking animals.

  76. BuzzKill says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    We have to reach out to other white communities and get this so called president out of the office. He is no good for this country. Fight his BS I’m sorry tours. Vote Mitt Romney!!!!!! Obama has caused so many problems for our country and everyone else’s. I had to deal with black on white crime in the Army and I got sick of that crap too. I should not have to kiss those guys butt’s. Believe me guys I didn’t. I didn’t play their game.

  77. Jack MeHoff says:

    Liberals, under the guidance of their Jew masters, have damn near killed themselves pumping blacks down the throat of America. It doesn’t matter what channel you tune to, what movie you watch, or even what commercial is shown, there’s a nappy headed buck staring out at you from TVLand. And usually he’s smooching on some semi-orgasmic blonde that portrays absolute ecstasy at his simian touch. To millions of aware Americans this is disgusting in the extreme and particularly enraging. Social acceptance of blacks was forced down the throat of America. And until the liberals came up with their “racist!” guilt trip, which they began to foist on all those that refused to cooperate, blacks didn’t make much headway. But liberal propaganda was laid on hot and heavy. In fact there has never ever been a propaganda campaign in history..not even by the Nazis, as intense or as thorough as the one liberals have inflicted on Americans concerning blacks. Nations around the world have complained and written about this evil for decades, but we Americans never saw any of their words because up until the advent of the global Internet, all international and national news was heavily censored by these same bastards. And they’re still doing it. The only difference is that now they can’t stop us from getting the truth. This enrages and frustrates them completely, and has forced them to intensify their propaganda in an attempt to counter this. I’ve written before about how liberals have been ramping up their agenda, and wherever you turn now, you’ll find these weasels hard at work on the minds and hearts of young and old alike…

    Last night I saw a small portion ofAmerican Idol. It’s a famous TV talent show where amateurs vie for spots as finalists in a talent contest. The act I saw was twelve Miami jigaboos in baggy pants. As soon as the nigger music started (what else?) they all spread their legs very wide apart and proceeded to pump their crotches at the audience at ninety miles an hour, in the most obscene, niggery way possible. It was like watching a dozen rabid bucks screw a dozen invisible ho’s. They added in some break-dancing and other variations on black obscenities, and as you’ve probably already guessed, the rabidly liberal judges went into fits of orgasmic delight at this display of mindless, no talent niggerdom. The nigger button was pushed..and pushed hard, and this worthless group of miscreants was praised to the skies and promised a spot in the finals. Hell, I wouldn’t have promised them a ride off the studio lot…

    And do you know what the most disgusting part of the whole ordeal was? It was the fact that their decision didn’t surprise me. In fact, knowing liberals as I do, I would have fallen out of my chair in shock if they’d been gonged. Liberals and their evil agenda have become so blatant and predictable that only a moron would fail to see it anymore. Mere words are insufficient to relay to you just how niggery and disgusting that act was. It was everything that’s offensive about blacks all rolled up into a single act. The only thing it made me crave was a loaded UZI. But far be it from me to say that was the only insult to white America I saw that evening. Turning to a cop channel, I flipped there just in time to see another plate-lipped buck rob a liquor store. The clerk was a pregnant white girl, who handed over the money to protect her unborn child. It didn’t do her any good however because after Rastus got the money, he then proceeded to pistol whip her just for the fun of it. Probably out of jealousy because he wasn’t the chimp who knocked her up. It’s times like this that I have to lock myself in for the night for the sake of public safety…
    My best friend and I went to Carl Jr’s for a burger this afternoon. We weren’t even allowed to eat in peace because some huge mulatto cross between a wetback and a nigger started yelling at us from across the room, demanding money. I shit you not! Being a huge, neckless bullet-head of a brute, it was obvious that he was very used to getting his way about just about everything. He started getting nasty when we refused..until I stood up and glared at him, and he could finally see just how large I was as well. It was at this point he realized he’d made a miscalculation and shut his mouth. But the damage was already done. The sonofabitch had ruined our meal. Both of us left feeling fit to kill something. Ten minutes later we were in the Target parkinglot, looking for a DVD burner. Walking across the parkinglot, a black-assed coon started sneaking up behind us. He was your classic coconut headed, liver-lipped, baggy pantsed buck. There’s a trillion of the parasites in this state, and they all look like they were made in a cookie cutter mold. All identical. Buckwheat got up close behind us and started in with his speal; “Hey man, you got a spare dollah?” We ignored the maggot and kept walking, and he got closer..and louder, and more insistent. This technique works great on frightened females, but it only pissed us off. He picked the wrong two dudes to go razzing for money. We’d just had a dose of his cousin down the street. I turned instantly and took off running straight toward the coon. His eyes got as big as dinner plates and he turned and ran like the Devil himself was after him. Man, those niggers can RUN! He bounded down the street like a basketball star. When I saw this, I started laughing and could no longer run, and instead walked back to my friend, laughing so hard I couldn’t breath. That was one nigger that wouldn’t be mooching crack money for at least the rest of the day…

    So in the space of twenty minutes we’d been accosted by two different niggers, in two different areas of town. And the sick part is that these maggots are everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you go, or when you go there, you’re going to be hassled by scheming muds, be they niggers or wetbacks..or both. You can’t avoid it. If you leave your house, you’re going to have to deal with these ass-ugly, nasty, smelly, thieving, murderous parasites. They’re as thick as fleas on a dog’s ass…
    A few minutes later we were at the local super market when we noticed a new development. Hanging just outside the main entrance was a new Clorox bleach wipes dispenser..a big one. Above it was a sign that very carefully worded a plea for all the wetback bitches and niggah hos’ (so as not to give them an excuse to play de’ race card..yazzuuh!) to clean the nasty, sticky little hands of their mudlets before entering the store. Why? If you have to ask that, then you don’t live in a city with a population of over 10,000. When one of these ass-ugly mud bitches enters any store, she drags along her entire brood of filthy little thieves, and this can number up to, and surpass nine of the little wogs. Their grubby little hands are invariably covered in dirt, snot, and other various disgusting things, and then they turn right around and fondle everything they can get hold of, as they follow their mamma through the store. Whenever I buy fruits and veggies anywhere, I dig way down below the level of where these chimplets can reach, so I can get a reasonably clean piece of food. There’s been many times I’ve had to go wash my hands in rage and disgust after picking up a jar or container in a store that had already been handled by one of these walking infestations, which had turned out to be so sticky with filth that I couldn’t turn loose of it. Once I saw a fat little niglet deliberately inpale a tomato on his nasty little finger. He saw the look of disgust and rage on my face and gave me the most evil, arrogant little grin I’ve ever seen, just daring me to stop his worthless black ass. He ruined the food just because he could…

    This is only one small example of the outrages whites must put up with just to exist among these lowlifes. We are being forced against our will to share our land, goods, and lives with invaders that are here only to take, allowed here by a government made up of rich, arrogant elitists that never have to spend a single day under the stink cloud of their presence. I am completely stupefied at the apathy of my people. Allowing this evil to continue in our land is not only suicidal, it’s criminal. INaction is just as bad as wrong action in many instances, and this is definitely one of them…
    I do not like to hate anything or anyone. It’s bad for the spirit. Hate is a poison that rots the soul. It feeds on the person doing the hating. But like all things in life, there’s an exception to this rule. Whenever you hear some damned glib liberal commercial spouting “Stop The Hate!” and preaching the joys of diversity and tolerance, I want you to write the producers of that blurb and tell them to go screw themselves. They just love to use this truth about hate without bothering to explain to the idiot public about the exception. And just what is the exception, you ask? WHEN IT’S JUSTIFIED!!!!!!!!! If you don’t hate the SOB that just shot your kid, there’s something radically wrong with you. If you don’t hate the sneak-thief that broke into your house and trashed the place, you’re mentally ill. If you don’t despise the bastards in DC that have been deliberately trashing our nation, you’re a blithering idiot and deserve every last thing they do to you. There’s a time to hate. But hate without action is just as bad as refusing to hate when it’s deserved. When evil rears it’s ugly head, you have an obligation and aDUTY to yourself, your loved ones, your country, and all those Americans that have fought and died before us defending this land, to fight that evil and destroy it.

    Stop the niggerfying of America. Fight back. Use every tool at your disposal to resist the evil flooding our land. And for God’s sake STOP voting for those corrupt politicians! You’re only perpetuating the evil. Stop being afraid to hate, and stop being afraid to act on it. Because if you continue to be a race of cowards, your enemies will kill you, and they’ll do it a lot sooner than you think…

  78. Gus says:

    Why have people stopped responding?

    • Anton Bouchette says:

      Yes, where are the responses to this website?????? Nothing since Dec. 2012?? Whats up ??? Maybe a new law was passed by the infamous cocksucker obummer and now it is a felony to speak the truth about the hideous, low-life fucking nigger race. Fuck every black bastard in their dirty asses. FUCK THEM ALL !

      • pete moran says:

        I recently saw this ugly smelling nigger beast called zoanette johnson on American idol. She sang the star spangled banner in her own nigger way, and desecrated it. Type that name in your computer and see for yourself. This nigger beast should be fried in hot oil.

  79. matt says:

    I have some living above me, literally (their damn bedroom is above mine). All I ever hear day after day is “F*** you, bi***, motherf*****, and the like. I am sick and tired of all of them, let’s just either build a huge ark like Noah’s, stick EVERY SINGLE ONE of them on there, and ship them back to Africa WHERE THEY BELONG or blow them all up, whichever comes first. Anyone with me on that?

  80. B.J.wright says:

    I too am sick ofworking and just dealing with the sub human primate.I was working in a factory in Wv when roots first came out,and remember one piss ant telling me”that was awful what yall did to us”. fast foward 20 yrs and that nigger is dead of a drug overdose,and I thought “that was GREAT what you just did for us!”He was just a mouthy punk ass little prick who ran around with an ape who he used for his muscle.The other nigger was named lance Redman who spent most of his time ontop of fat stupid white girls.I hated them then and despise niggers now.

  81. Nunya says:

    I think probably because the guy right above you said everything that can be said about this. Perfection.

  82. Gary says:

    What can i say that hasnt already been posted up here? Not much. The new nigger in office is trying to get rid of out beloved united states marines!!! He cut pay, cut leave time from 30 days to 15 days, now makes them work weekends, they are no longer paying for them to go to school while enlisted, and the worst of all is they are taking their retirement away!!! What the fuck!? We wouldnt be here without them. A commy flag would be flying over our heads without the marines and now he is getti g rid of them!? He is trying to bring down our country! What the hell is wrong with america that we fucking elect a muslim nigger into office!?!?!?

    Niggers make up about 40% of welfare recipients and only make up about 1/3 of the us population, we have to borrow from other countries just to support them!!! What is wrong with that picture!? When i was in high school niggers made up 30% of the school population and the drop out rate was holding steady at- u guessed it- 30%!!! Why cant we just fucking send them back to that shit hole they call africa before our country turns in to a shithole? It may even be too late. America is becoming more of a shithole every day because of the niggers. They do the same shit they are doing in africa here in our country! They get together in these tribes over there but over here they just call them “gangs!” They kill each other and spread deseases exactly like they do in africa. We absolutely do not need them here and we need to send them back to their beloved homeland!!

    Want to know the difference between a nigger and a cockroach? Niggers are bigger. They steal our food we work for, they are living for free and we just want to step on them and crush em just like roaches!! I dont even consider them people. They are absolutely worthless just like a cockroach. They contribute nothing to society in any way shape or form. GET RID OF THEM.

    • Richard B says:

      “Niggers make up about 40% of welfare recipients and only make up about 1/3 of the us population,”

      They are NOT even close to 1/3 of the US population. They are only 13% on the 2010 census. 1/3 is somebody’s propaganda to try to normalize the ridiculously high percentages of crime they commit. It sounds much better if 33% of the population is committing 49% of the murders as they did in 2012 than only 13%.

  83. Gary says:

    Oh yea want to know the reason nigs are so stupid? This is absolutely true. They are stupid because back when humans were evolving some humanoids migrated up north and they bred with the neanderthals, the neanderthals were a lot smarter than early humanoids, so these hybrid babies were a lot smarter and had light skin because neanderthals had red hair and blue eyes. And so the white race was born. Smarter and had lighter skin and whites also got smaller lips and noses and ears because neanderthals had smaller facial features because of the cold weather, u lose body heat thru big nig lips and nose. So every white man on earth today has neanderthal dna in them! Crazy huh?

  84. lynn says:

    The term bastard has been so convoluted that few know the true meaning of the word. Look it up. Bastard is a child of mixed race. Teach your children that it is NOT ok to date outside of their race. Nothing turns my stomach more than to see a white person hooked up with a nasty lazy trash mouthed NEGRO / NEGRESS.

  85. Coolcoy79 says:

    I’m sick of how the media is like, oh we have our first black president. WEll all know he would NEVER had the kind of opportunities he’s had if his mother wasn’t WHITE. Had his mother been a chimping out, shit spew talking nigger sow, he would be in the ghetto selling or doing drugs with the rest of them. I like how they never acknowledge how he is only HALF BLACK either and how his mom was a ignorant nigger lover

  86. Steve says:

    Can everyone stop mentioning slavery as if its just part of nigger history! White people were stolen from Europe before America was even discovered and sold into slavery in africa. Also white people were used as slaves in the west indies at the same time as niggers. Here in England we have illegal immigrants from Africa using multiple identities to steal welfare benefits but cos they all look the same the photos on their ID are no help to humans trying to differentiate between them. But comfort yourself in the knowledge that no matter what advantages they seem to have, they are still simple lifeforms who would love to be white like their superiors

  87. Mick says:

    Why do I go to work every day to collect a small pay check once a month??? Why is it that on my way home from work I drive past multiple groups of spooks hanging out by an impressive collection of cars and SUV’s, parked outside of trailer homes that cost 8 to 10K, and the stick build shacks go for 12 to 18k and the gold plated teeth and chains cost about half of what I make in a year?? Why is it ok for me to wait in line at Sams club watch a tribe of Monkeys use food stamps (card) to pay for the steak and seafood in the cart, if the Niggers can pay for a membership to Sams club why am I unwillingly forced to buy their food and pay for their house as well??? Why am I butting my ass day in and day out to pay my bills and buy some toys for some turd chomping jigaboo to take it from me as I sleep to get up to go to work to fund that piece of shits lifestyle, only to have my lifestyle cramped to give more and more day after day??? Why is it ok for some crack head criminal to break the law and when the cops catch up with his dumbass beat the piss out of him and the cops get prosecuted for doing what we pay em for? Why is it ok for a nigger to walk around with his pants around his ankles, and his ass hanging out but wrong for me to say something about is??? Why is it that when a nigger is offended by everything my life has to change, but when I am offended I get told to fuck off? Why can a nigger go BOOM BOOM up and down the road, but when I take my car out with open headers on it I get a ticket? I think that the answerers to the questions is a fairly simple one, one that is a damn shame but true.. As a productive member of society(supporting 49% of the Population) being White(Right) we are just Criminals because we want a better life, but because we want a better life and the nigger sees it and wants it for himself as well but, he wants us the white man to fund it for him. LIFE IS NOT FAIR that’s why you are an inferior race a NIGGER… Have any of you ever noticed that when a business is forced to hire a nigger he tries to bring other niggers, slackers, and wetbacks in to the business? After we are forced to pay the bottom of the barrel people more and more come in and in just of a few years the business is destroyed look at K mart Hostest and so on we need to act now and act fast or the white man will be reduced to the role of the nigger slave …

  88. fedup says:

    Many of the blacks are drains on society, i was mugged by two of them.

    I don’t think its cause for blatant racism though. Yes, its right to be angry about niggers, but its only like 10% that are actually horrible nigger people.

    The rest are just normal people, who happen to have black skin.

    The 10% however, ruin it so badly that we get blind to being open. But yes, i hate the nigger, but i am at peace with black people.

    • pete moran says:

      10%? Are you fucking stoned. Go into any nigger neighborhood and see if you would want to live there. Harlem used to be a beautiful place to live until those nigger mammies moved there.

  89. Ziggy says:

    Ok, lots of complaining, and I agree with everyone, but what are you going to do about it? What can we do about it? We need solutions, real, reasonable, legal and doable solutions, not just generic talk about taking our country back. Even small changs can have long lasting impact. What can we do besides running away from the problem? Any ideas? I am at my wits end with Niggers!

    • steve says:

      the next time you hear a nigger talk about whites sue them we need to start counter sueing for them sueing us if paula dean would sue the food network for firing her maybe they would stop

  90. Clem says:

    Motorcycles and manual transmission cars – You ever seen a black person try to operate either? If you ever get the opportunity, it is better than any entertainment on TV. They only think they know how to shift is their draws.

    Public swimming pools – When I was a kid, I’d go to the public swimming pool with my friends. Us white folk took swimming lessons, so we all swam in the deep end. On occasion, we’d go down to the shallow end, where all the black people were. They were there because they could not swim and dared not be in water over 3 feet deep. On occasion, one would jump into the deep end and flail and flounder until the lifeguard told them to get out and go back to the 3 foot end. I swear the shallow end of the pool had a yellow tint to it. When I got old enough to know better, I decided the river was cleaner to swim in.

  91. Fellow nigger hater says:

    I moved into a nigger neighborhood because the house was cheap and affordable. It was a fixer upper. THe first few days were good, but then my nigger neighbors started blasting their thump thump music on their subwoofers and playing their drums. Then every 10 minutes a boom car would drive by blasting their sub woofer so loud that it shakes the house. Buying this house was the most stupid decision I ever made in my life. Now I am stuck putting up with these filthy monkeys until I fix up the house and sell it to some poor schmuck.

  92. Joe says:

    I got some payback last month. I’ve been out of the military 2 yrs. Ex-Army Ranger for 6 years. I was a hand to hand close cambat instructor. Plus have been in martial arts from the age of 5. Currently hold 4 black belts. Currently a body guard, and was a security contractor in Iraq.

    let’s get to my story. Was at my sons football game last year. the nigger family in front were being you’re typical loud fowl disorderly filthy “NAGA”S”
    (north american ground apes) I finally had enough, and told them to stop being disruptive you’re ittitating everyone! they replied “fuck you white boy! well, there was 3 males, and 2 female NAGA’S primates..ect. 3 younger ones around 8-9. Not wanting to disrupt my sons game via physical violence I called the police. Game ended before the “PO-PO” showed up I went to get my son some nachos. While I was walking to the concession stand I knew all I had to do is just stare at them, and sure enough they took the bait. Long story shoty I put one in the hospital, other just had the shit kicked out of them. One of the female primates tried to scratch me w/ her 4 in. nails, so I broke her wrist. I loved watching them sit there moan , and cry like a bunch of wounded monkeys! Cops showed up, as usual niggers cant tell the truth, plus I had alot of supporters! Cops took statements, and let me go and took the rest to jail for aggrivate assault. I will never forget the look on the faces of the white officers. One shooj my hand, and gave me a wink! I don’t know what the hell is wrong in america!! Nigger for pres. We people better start standing tall, and start fighting, making a strong argument about americas NIGGER problem.

  93. lre says:

    Whites need to unite .

  94. Steven Lester says:

    I am so sick and tired of these evil blacks that have been given soooo much power by the fucking communist jew, that owns hollywood, to me a dead communist is a good American!

    • Steven Lester says:

      My adress is come and get me nigga

    • steve says:

      at least the jew is white and has intelligence not a pig and makes money they help people and invented the greatest things man has today please lester don’t put them in the niggers world they are nothing like niggers when you get sick and need medican the jew invented it what has the nigger invented mappy hair

  95. Intolerant says:

    This is a very old post. I encourage anyone who wishes to participate in further discussions to file through the many years of newer posts and comment freely on them. Niggers only get worse so there is never a shortage of stories out there for you all to share.

  96. Joe Hacket says:

    Blacks are only 13% of the population yet they are everywhere. Hispanics are 17% and i hardly see any except in certain states. Have i come across a decent black person, yes. But give it time and sure enough the nigger comes out. WTF. Its like they put on an act. Its hustling. They do it all the time. No black today was ever a slave. They did not revolt for freedom. They were set free. Given all kinds of opportunity. Affirmative action desegregation welfare on and on. Black colleges black history month black magazines tv shows put in movies play sports on and on. No other race is given so much and niggers still cant seem to move forward. Wow a black man was elected president. Hes half white. I hate all scum sucking low lives but 99% of blacks are just that. Asian ppl dont get any breaks and they are now the most educated earn the most income. They did it w/o pissin & moanin like niggers do. Hispanic ppl will work any kind of job no matter what. Sure they are cheap labor but who the fuck wants to pick strawberries all day or clean houses. They did the shit jobs w/o any special attention. At least other races contribute something to society. Blacks do not. They just want everything handed to them. None of the blacks today were ever slaves. Hell they werent even around during segregation. Why are blacks constantly put on a high horse by white guilt. If they had the choice they would enslave us all. But they cant bcuz they are inferior. Look at africa. What product goods or services come out of africa? An entire continent with nothing significant for mankind. Nothing. I at least enjoy mexican food chinese food hell i even drive a toyota made in america. I have never been robbed by an asian person. Nor have i ever felt threatened. No hispanic person ever tried to hustle me all the time everytime. But black people always act like uncivilized uneducated loud mouth obnoxious animals always hustlin at the expense of others. I am sick of the black race. American niggers. Even africans hate american niggers. They feed their own hatred for themselves. The more they act like niggers the more ppl hate them. Im sick of the tv shows and movies always having a black person in it. They are ugly as shit with nappy hair but somehow some beautiful woman is always with them. Funny how you never see a white man with a black woman. Black ppl have to fake so much shit to make them look half way decent. I never had a problem with black people before. Then i had to deal with them bcuz of work. Now i hate them. All of them. I havent come across a single cool black person. Theyre all shit.

  97. JOHN GARDNER says:


  98. James says:

    I Have Been Saying This Trying To Warn Everyone I Come In Contact With. I Cannot Stress Enough How Truthful Every Statement You Have Made Is To Every Single Friend Or Associate I Have.

  99. Joe says:

    A friend of my son moved his mom to a real nice senior community. mixed races w/ the exception of no blacks. Unfortunately they moved in a black man who says he was a preacher at one time, and made it real plain that he was a staunch believer in the black liberation theology, which basically means he’s a NIGGER. This “NIGGER” only lived there 3 months tell he was evicted. Why? his NIGGERS family would come over play their loud nigger rap music, cars were vandalized and stereos were stolen and 2 of the units were also broken in and robbed. When will America deal w/ it’s NIGGER problem? Not to mention the NIGGER tried to play the race card. The eviction went to court and was thrown our of court, when all the videos were shown in court and 15 tenants as witnesses.

  100. The token black says:

    I’m black and I can understand your hatred. My people are ignorant, but you have to understand that we’ve only had our freedom for about 50 or 60 years. Most blacks are pessimistic, due to the fact that we live in the “ghetto”. I hate when white people bash my race and call us all violent. White people are just as violent, if not more. How many black serial killers do you know? I can name hundreds of white ones. It’s a vicious cycle. Most blacks grow up without a father to teach him about CD’s, 401k’s and other things of that nature. So they grow up to be a piece of shit just like their deadbeat father. People are savage by nature and we’ll never stop hating each other, so it is pointless to go online and go on a rant about any race. I’m probably on the wrong website because I’m the only black person to give a response.

    • pete moran says:

      Are you high? All dangerous neighborhoods in America are 90 nigger. They are the highest crime places in America.

    • Jerome says:

      Listen up you black fuck stop fucking if you don’t want to raise your kids tell me why when you go to mc Donald’s and 15 blacks ar working it take you 20 minutes t get your order y’all are lazy and stupid

  101. Jigga Booo says:

    Bla Bla Bla it’s great and all that whites are starting to become more fed up and that we have a place where we can rant and rave. But in the end until I see people actually unifying and coming together. Than Who cares! Because lets face it white people are self hating complacent and just too lazy to move beyond a life of comfort! Were too busy preaching anti racism ,apologizing, and just too caught up in our everyday lives to actually do anything or Care! That Being said when I actually start to see some action (Which will be never happen lets face it) Than I will join together but I am not standing alone to be brandished forgotten dead cracker #4 to become a martyr for a cause that is as old as the black man’s true freedom!Stop talking and actually do something lazy ass’s!

  102. Brandi says:

    I moved into an area of Fort Worth into a new house . I was so excited at first . Then i realized all my neighbors were niggers ! They mugged my son right outside my home and took his psp, then he was out riding his bike and a group of niggers mugged him for that ! I was carrying groceries in from my garage to my kitchen open the door from house to garage and two niggers r in it going through my stuff ! My Internet was so slow I called Internet company ? They checked the box outside and nine different niggers had hacked into the Internet I was paying for and them getting it for free ! The Internet company wouldn’t even do anything about it . A house full if niggers up the street had a garage full of stolen bikes , over twenty . My friends little girls bike was in there and my sons bike . The cops wouldn’t do anything . My house was over $150,000 and these niggers were living there cause section 8 bought the others and have them to them ! I walked away from my house over a year ago when a group surrounds me my friend and her little girl and calls us white trash mother f……s and they don’t want us there . They terrorized her little girl as soon as she would go outside till my friend abandoned her home too :( One nigger bitch sat at green light for awhile till I finally just tapped my horn I mean was I supposed to sit there all day ? She sure wouldn’t have ! So she keeps slamming on her breaks so id rear end her and keeps doing this and swerves in front of me with my child in my car and won’t let me pass and snakes her head calling me every name in the book all cause I barely tapped my horn at a green light ! The niggers in back of me fought pitbulls . I could go on all day about what niggers have done to me . Don’t ever dare tell me not to hate niggers . They have given me 50,0000 reasons to hate and zero to like . My best friend was murdered by a nigger when she was 17. He hid in her car when she got off work at this bowling alley and slit her throat with a box cutter . The NAACP ? National association apes called people !!! Let them all get a super bug and die !!!! I will celebrate !!!

    • Pro American says:

      WOW! Brandy I am very sorry for all the experiences you had with worthless niggers. It’s amazes me how much they are allowed to get away with? Just a travesty that this country ever brought them here!

      I hope your living in a safer happier place now?


  103. nikita n nigger says:

    mike tyson is proof how niggers help eachother

  104. Mike hunt says:

    Could not agree more, stay the fuck outta our neighborhoods and for god sake get a job and contribute instead of freeloading you have to help yourselfs slavery was a long time ago get your shit together, no more hand outs

  105. Pro American says:

    I agree with all of you. I wasn’t born to hate blacks but my gosh!!! When you go through life and see and experience all the garbage and bullshit blacks bring about in our society and how they act etc. How can any who is not black NOT hate the frickin sub human worthless niggers!?!?!
    Why do so many white women go with these stickin worthless fucking primates I’ll never know why? All I know is it totally disgusts me to see why women with niggers. I wish our ancestors NEVER brought their worthless black asses to this country!!! What a mistake!!!

  106. paul says:

    I was raised in a suburb of Detroit in the 50′s-60′s. We had a simple 3 bedroom ranch style home. My parents did not raise us to hate Blacks. In the early 70′s,I got the first taste of reverse discrimination where I worked. Between Coleman Young(mayor) and affirmative action, I could see the writing on the wall. Unskilled blacks were given jobs that whites were qualified for. My mother worked at a branch of the Gas Co,and would witness Black men and women arriving in a new cars. They came in and presented vouchers from the state that paid their gas bills. Some were for over $600.00. As Jigga Booo stated ,words won’t help the situation. White America has to find a way to regain power by any means. I feel helpless by myself, but feel that we need to have large fed up whites in every state; to form large protest demonstrations to regain our rights. It worked for the Blacks,why not us.This needs to be done now,before we become out numbered by the enemy. A civil war may be needed.

  107. paul says:

    What I hate most is how the black culture has influenced young whites. I stopped at a light, he had loud obnoxious music blaring out of his speakers. I yelled out ” At least act like your white”. He turned it up louder. This is going to be our downfall for White America. We have to somehow raise our children not to fall into the Nigger mentality.

  108. Intolerant says:

    I would like to ask the many readers who have commented on this particular post to please tell me where you found the link to this page. Of the hundreds of posts I have made to this blog since its creation in 2005, this one single post has been visited and commented on more than any other. I am curious as to where all the traffic is originating so I can thank them personally.

    • Mighty White Man says:

      Personally, I googled:

      About 6 results down the 1st page is were I saw this link.

      I grew up military brat (don’t care for the term brat) but it caused me to moved constantly throughout my youth overseas and along the coasts.

      When I turned 18 and fled my stepfathers rule I came back to my southern birthplace to grandparents I really didn’t know but was helped into a factory job. Then they retired & moved out of state.

      I’ve lived here the last 28 years. It is 2/3 jiggy boo, 1/3 white & the last 8 years or so MS-13 Mexican muthafukas. I’ve been harassed, home break-ins, car thefts, armed robberies, vandalism. You name it from these minority groups. Although I’m the minority here.

      Anyway, the nigs play all kinds of games at work like leaving piss in the urinal all day so you’re their bitch & have to smell their stench & clean up after their juvenile ape asses.
      They are liars, cheats, cons, thieves, bigots, braggarts, bums, hustle game playa pieces of shit.
      I’m a Christian guy & don’t won’t to hate or hurt anyone. Just live in peace. Honest work, carry my own weight. Be honorable. Build a life.
      But I am so sick of these mfr’s actions. They have destroyed my life & I’d just as soon die & join God. It is all I can do to resist hurting some of them & myself. We need a homeland of our own whatever means ultimately are necessary. I pray for peace but sometimes God requires human actions.
      My home & everything is paid for but I’d get nothing for it because of the now crap gang neighbor ‘hood’ & leaving my job seniority, pay, vacation. To start all over with virtually nothing & have to take on large debt say if I bought a new home elsewhere is hard to bring myself to do. I’ve spent a lot on surveillance & guns & take one day at a time. Basically a hermit the last 25 years. Ready to blast 1st & ask questions never, now.

      It is refreshing to me to see you mention to another poster about US Christian foundation & answering to God. Typically most sights that are pro white are white nationalist & appear to be anti-christian. Pro atheist or idk Odin or something. Everyone must decide for themselves what to believe. I only hate evil actions. Even though I’m a Christian I’m also human & believe in 2 way street. Being a human toilet for scumbags does not sit well or work for me. Whites need to stick together & F any guilt B.S. from hypocritical Libtards, Africans, La Raza, Islam, etc.

      • Mighty White Man says:

        Reading Brandi’s comment above also reminded me of my cousin who was about 2 years younger than me. When he was 21 & a Jr. in college. Working his way through med school. Like his dad, my biological dads brother had done, Star athlete, honor student, pro black ala MLK, civil rights advocate, etc.
        2 black serial killers playing a gun version of the knockout game randomly targeted him because he was white & alone late at night. Gunned him down dead. They did the same less than a week later to another ‘white boy’ bragging about the killings to their homies. I know one got out after 15 years.There are just as many if not more black serial killers as white. Unlike what the media promotes. Justin Cotrell has a good book on the topic: Rise of the Black Serial Killer.

  109. Harry Cat says:

    I ran a crossed this page on Google searching for “Movies without niggers”
    Great web site..
    I’m getting fed up with niggers as well. We can not live freely or get anywhere with them dragging us down all the time. All of our high tech jobs which I have a degree on are all over seas because niggers are too stupid to do that kind of work or for that matter pretty much anyone else these days thanks to all the nigger bullshit brainwashing that’s been going on for decades now. The only way we are going to get back on our feet is to flush these black pieces of shit down the toilet, Make jobs that they can’t do, Stop wasting our money on food stamps, welfare and section 8 housing. Not to mention stop paying their Health care bills..
    What’s bad for them, is good for us..
    There is no sense in complaining about it because we are not women, We are men, The only way we can get anywhere is to stop sitting on our hands, get up and make it happen.
    If you’re going to do something violent, use your head, keep your mouth shut and don’t get caught….
    BTW, I’m a resigned Nazi. Why? Because I was kicked out cause I believe Christianity is a mental disease that is killing us all.

    • Intolerant says:

      If you would stop and think for a moment you will find that your assessment that Christianity is a mental disease that is killing us all is completely backwards. As Christianity dies here in America and evil takes the form of atheism, America disintegrates. This country was at its best when Christianity was its core. As the new establishment seeks to remove God from everything, we wonder how God could allow such horrible things to happen here…like a nigger president and a communist infiltration of our government. Is it any wonder that rejecting God results in God rejecting us? I hope you have a good explanation for Him when you are face to face with him on your dying day man…..good luck.

  110. Make an exodus says:

    I fuck hate niggers. I hate the fact that beautiful women, both hispanic and white are brainwashed to love niggers. Its as if they guilty for them being black so they feel like they owe them something. Today’s society puts pressures on young people to act a certain way towards, to kiss they’re ass and applaud their ignorance. Im 20 and ive personally seen this as a hispanic in the inner city of san diego. It makes me sick, teachers care more about the blacks. The media, the government, everyone is brainwashed. Black is the new white, its obvious. And everyone wants to prove theyre good people, buy showing they are not racist. By pathetically kissing ass or sucking their dicks. And at the end of the day our society applauds them once again. And admire them. Their disgusting uncivilized ignorant ways. Its time for an exodus.

    • Harry Cat says:

      Sorry to hear about your troubles Exodus. But you shouldn’t let it get to you..
      Black will never be the new white, it’s impossible because they don’t have the genetic makeup to be even close to being a Angle-Saxon.. They wouldn’t make a pimple on a good white mans ass.
      As for the word racist, it was made up by communist in Russia against Nazi’s. It is a commie word that shouldn’t be used in the United States because it doesn’t apply to anyone here. Just like the word Prejudice which doesn’t apply as well because the word was made up by the Christians against other religions. I’m not a racist, I’m a Heretic visionary who dislikes niggers.
      The best thing for you to do is to make a good example for the rest of the idiot whites out there. You need to be refined, that’s the number one priority because if you can’t be refined then you can’t pull it off. Next you have to realize that there is no such thing as equality, just know you are better then them. Under no circumstance whats so every, don’t kiss a nigger ass and don’t back down. You will have use your head and learn the things that niggers can’t do.
      Soon the white people around you will start running up to you and try being your friend. And then begin telling you how much they despise niggers, etc WHY? Because the white people are leaderless. The only leader that they have is that Manipulation box AKA TV. And anyone that is smarter then that box becomes the leader…Plain and simple
      The question is, is are you brave enough and smart enough to pull it off?
      I’m myself will never bow down to a nigger, let along kiss his ass because If I’m forced, I’ll kill you plan and simple with no remorse.
      That’s just the way I am and the way I see it.
      Good Luck.

      • Brawler says:

        The rise of the niggers in the past 10 years was started by BO in Illinois, the Senate and , finally, the WH. The media ate the nigger up and forced everyone to love your fellow nigger. Is it any wonder why the white and Hispanic girls go for this trash when all you see on TV, movies, and ads are niggers. What a fucking lousy country. We will never get it back until the press stops loving niggers, Affirmative action and diversity is stopped and reasonable people rule gov’t. and the media.

  111. Harry Cat says:

    You shouldn’t jump to conclusion so fast…
    I didn’t say I was an atheist and I didn’t say that I didn’t believe in god.
    I simply said that I was a resigned Nazi due to my beliefs.
    My religion is Orthodox pagan which is the religion the Nazi’s in Germany used during the uprising.
    I’m pretty sure you know about all those pagan symbols used during the uprising.
    A lot of the Nazi’s were Christians but during that time, it didn’t matter because we were all the same people with the same agenda which was to restore Germany back to it’s full glory.
    In America, the Neo-Nazi’s here are lot different from the ones in Germany.
    The ones here don’t take kindly to people who are not Christian which doesn’t make any sense because all the symbols they are using is Orthodox Pagan Symbols.
    So go figure.
    And BTW, I do believe in god, I’m just not a Christian.

  112. Make an exodus says:

    Very well said.

    All my friends agree with me, I try to wake them up to the reality around them. Even this half black kid I know is smart enough to realize what scum his people are. The cops know it, everyone knows it.

    I was thinking earlier today…my parents both came from Mexico in the early 70′s a

  113. Make an exodus says:

    Sorry * as immigrants, in search of the American life. They’re very humble hard working people. My mother had 11 kids. All of us were obedient, smart, hard working students. We always behave in a civilized manner. All of that was accomplished in one generation of immigrants.

    Then I begin to think, how the fuck have niggers been here for 400 years and still have not learned to be civilized? That’s not normal, it has to be in their genes. Without a doubt. And they want us to feel sorry for them being slaves. When the first Spanish arrived in Mexico they tried to enslave local tribes they immediatley saw this was impossible though to there willingness to fight for their honor, like the warriors they were. So they decided to have sex with them, and the Modern day Mexican were born. 200 years later in the states the english and dutch also tried to enslave tribes and never sucedded. No man with Honor will ever be another mans slave.

    Yet the Niggers didnt mind it one bit for 400 hundred years. They couldve easily outnumbered and killed a plantation owner and gotten away. But they didnt, generations after generations. They lived their whole lives doing whatever his massa said. Why the fuck should I feel sorry for a pathetic man who wont stand up for his own rightful freedom. They didnt do that till the 60′s and by then we fucked up by giving them to much fucken freedom. Now they act like they control any situation they’re in. Living in San Diego we make sure to keep these local niggers in check. Why cant they just be civilized? Go to school, Get educated, and smarter and smarter by generation. Why? It’s that mutated nigger dna.

  114. JOHN GARDNER says:

    Not only didn’t the niggers mind being enslaved, it was part of their culture and they sold each other to either Muslim slave traders or the English on the coast. I love the way the stupid fucks become Muslims with silly ass names like Abdul The X when the Muslims were the main slavers of the nigger. But hey, just look at the fact all studies show them to have a mean I.Q. of 70 world wide.

  115. chance says:

    I had a n***** right that he punched the cracker today as a topic on a blog so I responded with you didn’t punch the right white man if you did you would have got severely beaten up because the white man or white young man growing up nowadays and even the white women they’re learning and training jujitsu wrestling boxing were becoming better at everything we work them n***** hard couple hundred years ago and because we sat back we became a little weak but we are growing stronger n even to this day they could never up rise against us I wrote on that blog that we out gun them a hundred to one it might be more of a ratio than that I just don’t know how many white men are going to let them keep taking all our women before we just blow up were sleeping giant white men and women and when we awake it’s going to be bad real bad god bless you all until the next reply stay strong my white people god bless

  116. chance says:

    too many white women better thinking about dating a black man and crossing over to that dark nasty disgusting crusty nappy side of the fence you better watch a movie called brave heart what that man looks into that white woman’s eyes that’s love thats thats a soul connection you can never have that with a black man never all he will do is beat your ass cheat on you give you diseases take the bus with you and leave you hanging so go ahead and be stupid and cross over to that side and to all you white women that I see will white children I love you I love you I protect you with my life its not cold the date black they’re disgusting race god bless

  117. chance says:

    to the one n***** that responded to the all of us saying that the white man were the serial killers you are the f****** serial killers look at the crime statistics of murder your small population here and you kill over and over again and then you stupid f*** I love it you kill each other if you look at it the rate the ratio of men who beat their women I think it’s like 79 percent black look at the murder statistics your way up there buddy so don’t even respond on this post you f****** n***** the f*** off of here

  118. chance says:

    I just saw this white couple of liberal s they adopted two forien children I looked at them with disgusted they’re so many white children that need to be adopted its like they want everyone to notice how they re not preduidice oh no not us I dontno about you guys but back in the nineties I stopped watching basketball a football and if all the white man and white women would stop watching the basketball a football in don’t support them anymorethat would be great back in the 60′s when they didn’t have enough black people in there they boycotted basketball so why don’t we do the same we have there’s no white people in the sporting you more that’s why I watch Ufc we’re doing good in that sport

  119. ray klocek says:

    fuck the niggers

  120. ColdAsIce says:

    OMG! I love this site… this one go to jazzy… nig your a fucking idiot if you think for one min, that ppl cant see right through you.. dude you cant afford that benz.. its all about looks with u ppl.. so don’t worrier when I see ppl like you I LMMFA.. at how monkeys evolve so get the fuck off this site

    • ColdAsIce says:

      OMG chance you hit the nail on the fucking head bro were to peas in a pod… I cant be wrong cause u have my name lmao I love keep it going bro.. gud luck and god bless.. and may all WHITE PPL wake the fuck up.. PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE.

  121. Dr. Watson says:

    Go to any other first world country and ask what they think about American blacks… They will laugh and talk about America’s “Black Problem”. It’s openly discussed every where in the world except for here, in the country that has the problem.

    The bell curve shows it best, blacks are stupid, sloth like, criminal, sub human apes who can’t be socialized or educated. The old saying that holds the most truth of any saying stands and will always stand: “You can take the nigger out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the nigger.”

    Ship the apes back to Africa and watch the crime rate in this country drop drastically and the inner cities rebound. All good things. We can only hope that God does his job with AIDS and kills off the blacks since evolution has been stopped in it’s tracks. 36 million cases of aids worldwide, with 25 million of them in sub-saharan Africa. Gods way of ridding the world of the stone age ape like sub humans that are the blacks.

  122. paul says:

    Doctor Watson,you are so correct about what the world thinks of blacks in america. Another thing I have notice is witnessing Blacks driving expensive cars around town. Either it’s drug money that was used to pay for the car,or the dealerships are so desperate to sell cars that they will give credit to them. Either way the cars will end up being repoded 6 months later. I saw one car that had a black sticking his foot out the window. They don’t even know how to act in a white mans car.

  123. Harry Cat says:

    I got a very interesting link for you all to read.
    And all those coons that leave shitty remarks behind should read it too because it was published by their negroid relatives….
    After these niggers read it, they will realize just how stupid they are.

  124. Heimdallthewhitetgod says:

    Everything niggers touch turns to complete crap!!
    These bastards are constantly in our face because the Jew media keeps pushing him and trying to normalize their presence among us.

    I am really starting to believe that they’re nothing but failed alien experiment, with no spirits or souls. These beasts are so disgusting to look at its a damn shames they exist at all.

    Segregation was the best thing that we could have ever done, and if I had my way we go back to it and stay permanently with it!!!!

    Whoever doesn’t like this post can kiss my white ass ! I could care less what you bastards have to say you’re that into me anyway

  125. paul says:

    What gets me angry is the black culture has infiltrated into the white youth. Some white kid pulled up to the light and was blaring that black garbage they call music. I motioned him and said”At least act like your white”. I just hope he got the message,because this what the ghetto blacks want to do. They want to bring young whites into their sub normal world. Get rid of these slime balls that record this crap and force others to listen to it. I shut my windows.

  126. Kim says:

    I have been friends with a black guy via Internet for years , yes he works but at a pathetic job. The other day I made a point of sending him a picture of me and my white boyfriend and just letting him know I would never date a blkman. He got so offended and asked why? And said I was racist!! So then I asked him who he was currently dating .. Surprise surprise a white girl…. If black people won’t even date there OWN WTF do they think we want them?

    • Harry Cat says:

      Hey Kim, I want them, I want them to go back to Africa so they can spend the rest of their lives eating each other, rapping everything on two legs or four and being their savage self’s without us being around them. BTW, The word racist doesn’t apply to us. It was made up by a bunch of Communist Jews in Russia against the Nazi’s in Germany.. Or in other words, they are trying to put a label on something that doesn’t exist. So by all means, hate, dislike and look down on those that are not of are people… Discriminate all you damn well please….

    • stan says:

      why would you be a friend with a nigger you still have not awakened to the truth, but you will I promise…

  127. Daniel says:

    Hey im light Skinned Indian (from India) living in Germany.
    I have to say you Whites are not the only People who hates the Ugly Niggers , Hispanics ,Mediterraneans, Chinese and of course we Indians hate Niggers . Niggers are useless Humans , niggers destroying everything ,smelly bastards . I can say im soooo sorry for the White People .

  128. Daniel says:

    Hey please notice . Niggers are always complaning about Racism and Discrimination but Niggers are always trying to be with a White Girl/ Man .
    80 % we Indians dating or marrying only Indian Girls, 80% Chinese dating/marrying only Chinese Girls but Niggers will always mix.
    to getting a Blonde White Girl is the Dream of every Niggers .
    Some times i have seen Beautiful Caucasian women the dating Niggers and produce Ugly Nigglets , whyyyyy?????????????? whyyyyyyyyyy?????? they thing Niggers are handsome like Brad Pitt???????????

    • Harry Cat says:

      No, niggers are not handsome.. These women are completely brainwashed by the controlled media, Hell, everybody is brainwashed by that fucking Television set. I myself haven’t watched TV in the past 15 years. All you see on it is a bunch of fucking niggers, queers and dykes. If the television set actually put the truth in the news about the CDC HIV/AIDS, It would make these women see what these coons really are… 80% of HIV/AIDS is from filthy niggers.. The more niggers there are in a country, the higher the HIV/AIDS rate… You can thank all those jews in the controlled media and our coon president for sentencing us all to death. And you wonder why the Germans National Socialist kicked the jews out…

      • steve says:

        No that is not why they killed Millons of Jews in Germany Hitler was a half Jew psychopath harry cat that wanted his own people dead because he is a nut case that hated his own people and the Germans followed suit wanting to believe in a white world which you can not blame them look at what we have to live with now and wake up to every morning but the Jews were white I wish people would read about history so they would have a clue of what they are talking about.
        Think about how stupid the Germans were who killed the Jews “for a Jew” he had a great mind to be able to get the Germans to do his dirty work use them to carry out acts of genocide I believe if he could he would have killed off the Germans after he used them. so a Nazi that follows Hitler is really following a Jew how do you like that one I can not blame the Jews for the nigger being a nigger they would find another way in

  129. Renaud Birchwood says:

    It’s all very well to advocate sending blacks back to Africa, but as long as America remains a nation of laws, it’s just a pipe dream. So what can be done to contain this race’s characteristic civic damage, inadvertent or otherwise? Eradicate as much as possible welfare, which subsidizes their indolence, crime and illegitimate births. Do this by voting for politicians who impose strict time limits on handouts, drug tests for eligibility, and no bonuses for breeding. In fact, promote sterilization — how many near-retarded, education-averse laborers does a technological society need? Conservatives must take back the reins of this country, not by grumbling into their beer, but by closing ranks and voting.

  130. Jonny M. says:

    Im filipino-american in las vegas and i must say sick and tired of niggers. I work in valet and i would say about 95% of niggers dont tip. Even the rich ones that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on cars. Niggers are incapable of being classy. Michael vick stayed at my resort after he signed a 100 million dollar deal and guess what??? NO TIP! Lebron james.. No tip!! And they wonder why there is still racism??!! U niggers wonder why people still dont want to treat u like a human?? Because u niggers STILL havent figured out how to act human u dumb fuckin garboons!

    Phewww.. Just needed to get this off my chest. Thank u.

  131. paul says:

    I agree Renaud. We have to get rid of all the bleeding heart liberals. Believe me when the blacks stop getting additional welfare and food stamps,they will stop breeding nigglets. It seems that society has almost excepted the the out of wedlock births as normal activity. There lies a big problem. The white trash women have followed the same route as the black woman. In my day they were called blue color workers, but they were responsible parents and were not receiving welfare. The climate has changed to parents using drugs and lazy kids eating fast food. And I blame the arab party stores for letting them receive cash for part of their Bridge Card. I am not sure if these problems will ever be solved. When the country goes broke,whites will end up with nothing . Whatever it takes we need to get rid of the black and white trash mentality that cripples the middle class

  132. Jeremy says:

    I blame the fucking yankees for the nigger infestation. Yeah we bought the fuckers from the Africans, but at least when us southerners had them, they worked, and knew their place in society. I am sick of supporting these not yet evolved fucking monkeys. I mean really, i work my white ass off from sun up to sun down just to have it taken from my families mouth. Now i can’t even turn on the t.v. without seeing a nigger on it. When will i get a fucking white history month, or the ability to fly my flag without hearing shit about it?

  133. Daniel says:

    Harry Cat i know this and you are absolutely right , the fucking Jews are destroying America and they will destroying the world with their Media,Politics, Pornindustry. Jews are Poison thats why Hitler burned this jews. The Porn destryoing our society ohhhhh my God im pissed off …
    They showing Beautiful White,Asian,Spanish Girls fucking with Ugly Niggers. Its so sad that our Society is sooo destroyed by Jews and Niggers. I know a Secret , our GOD has created Humans in to different race and they all Beautiful ( Whites , Asian and others) but Niggers are not created by God . Its Shaitan who created the Niggers , to destroying the all Human Race .

    • steve says:

      You know stupid people are just stupid no matter how you flip the coin Daniel you are a prime example of stupid!!!.
      There are not enough Jews left in the US to destroy anything very small culture not many of them so that is a stupid statement. niggers and Mexicans dirt stupid scum bags.
      I love Christens so many hate Jews and Christ who’s name is not Christ by the way was a Jew and these stupid people hate Jews you would be surprised how many people who hate Jews have Jew in their blood because most of the world was Jewish before it branched off to different parts of the world but if people would read history they would know this having said all of this the nigger is a sub human of it’s own breed

  134. Amy says:

    I totally just stumbled upon this website this morning! My nerd ass was actually Doing a google search on all these ridiculous rap commercials and what-not I’m seeing (like the Kmart commercials) when I stumbled upon this sight! I’ve been reading everyone’s posts and got all fired up!
    I have many gripes but here’s just one… Unless its Halloween…. and I see someone dressed like a nun, a doctor, a cowboy, or a priest- I’m going to assume as much. Same goes for someone dressed like a thug- I assume you are a thug and yes you scare me AS YOU SHOULD. It ain’t about your color is the very simple fact tht you are choosing to present yourself to the world As a gang banger and will likely be treated as such and for good reason…call it style, self expression, art or what ever the political correctness police call it now…Pull your effin pants up along with your dignity, spit out that metal crap across your teeth and for the love of God quit touching your genitals in public! It’s weird and creepy. I’m just so sick of seeing this crap every where I look. And if you dare point it out you’re nothing but a racist bigot and that’s a shame! We need more self policing and less political correctness policing! It’s like the country is being ran and led by a bunch of mental patients fresh off the nut farmAnd we’re allowing it! Anyway- I am thoroughly fed up with this shit and wish we sane folk would make a stand and get back to good ole’ common sense!

  135. Daniel says:

    Amy : Shut the Fuck up you Nigger Cock sucking Ugly Bitch .Shut up Shut up.
    Im from Germany but i know about your fucking Politic , the jews have opened the Door for every fucking Niggers and now you can see the result. I thanks God for living in europe /Germany and not in the Usa,
    but here in Germany the Nigger Population is also growing like in the Us now.

  136. Luke says:



    Three bored Black Oklahoma Teens killed a White Baseball Australian student for the fun of it. . . Bet you won’t see no rioting over this crime !!!!

    It amazes me that people will riot over a “Hispanic” individual killing a “African American”. But, let a “Caucasian” be killed for no reason by “African American” teens and no one starts to riot over that because if they did then they would be considered Racist. Now you see what the fuck is wrong with America !!

  137. Kkkevin says:

    Thank you, I find it quite refreshing to see white people haven’t all together pussied out. Whites brought up with manners & respect don’t go around on a regular basis & go out of they’d way to show ignorance. Affirmitave action my little nigger buddies. Obamanigger care my knuckle draggers. Wtf else do u want? Keys to my house & car? Nigger please.
    Ship those niggers backkk

  138. James says:

    2 Black Teens beat to death a 88-year-old WWII veteran in Spokane, Wash.
    Still no one is rioting over another a “Cracker” killed by “NIGGERS”. But, let it be the other way around. A “NIGGER” beaten to death by 2 “CRACKERS” and there would be rioting all over the place and bitching about “Racism”. What about all the “Hate” and “Racism” being done to the White race from “Niggers” ??????? Does no one care ??????


  139. James says:

    2 Black Teens beat to death a 88-year-old WWII veteran in Spokane, Wash.
    Still no one is rioting over another “Cracker” killed by “NIGGERS”. But, let it be the other way around. A “NIGGER” beaten to death by 2 “CRACKERS” and there would be rioting all over the place and bitching about “Racism”. What about all the “Hate” and “Racism” being done to the White race from “NIGGERS” ??????? Does no one care ?????? Now we have to worry about our Grandparents. Society is fucked up !!


  140. Daniel says:

    hey my mother always compared Niggers with Animals , she is Nr.1 Nigger hater .I think / I bet your Mother was fucked by Niggers from Aidsfreaka because of Creencards, you fucking Mulato bastard .

  141. paul says:

    I really want to move out of the Detroit Burbs. The nigger youth has taken over so many areas that were white and safe for years. They have no father and have a lazy ass mother who could care less what these animals do. I see a white revolution happening if this shit continues around the U.S. Not soon enough for me. As long as Black women still receive welfare and bridge cards; they will keep on breeding and will never better themselves. The middle class hard working whites have got to figure out ways to end this Obama bullshit, and we as white people need to have a million white man march on Washington.

  142. Sick and Tired says:

    Worthless niggers. Some things never change.

  143. CreepyAssWhiteCrackaChick says:

    Personally, I wish each and every black person on this planet would be shipped BACK to Africa. They wouldn’t last a week, everything they touch they destroy. White people have had enough and I think the day of OUR FREEDOM is coming soon. Black people have walked around with this “you owe me” mentality for too long. From Hollywood to Washington, we have created monsters (literally) by playing into that idea, and we now have to figure out a way to tame them. GO “CREEPY WHITE ASS CRACKA’S!!!” *sorry, had to use reference lol

  144. CreepyAssWhiteCrackaChick says:

    BTW, if some “Creepy Ass Cracka” working for Homeland Security had a website that was encouraging killing all niggas, Obama, Jesse, Al and every other black in this country would be DEMANDING they be penalized…….but since Mr. Kimathi is black and been oh so slighted in this world, it seems to be perfectly fine.

  145. peter larish says:

    I do not want to hate , but the way I am I, have to say that niggers are my pets that turn on their owners , never mind that all animals are wild and they hate us for being superior , they know that masters are there to help them , so with other words we whites need to feed and take care of our pets as long as they behave. the big mistake is to bring them over ,so it did not work out , Lincoln made his mistake so what I have to say , is fight the good fight and do noy give up to monkeys.

    • steve says:

      no what Lincoln did not know at the time was that once he freed them that the white man will be punished and killed for the rest of our lives we will be haunted, hunted and killed until they get even for what they think we did to them they will not stop in their revenge and that is why they need to be stopped before they get their wish it is really ugly and the Mexican just believes this is their land that we took from them so they want us dead as well if you don’t think Mexicans hate us they hate us more then niggers I wish people that don’t live by a lot of Mexican could hear them talk about us.

  146. peter larish says:

    why move and let , them be the kings of the hill , fight and we will be the top , have some guts and stand up for your god given rights , we all say god is white so if he is white , he will get us in to battle and we will win

  147. paul says:

    As I have stated before in previous comments; As long as black women continue to have kids out of wedlock, nothing will change. I blame the welfare system that continues to allow these women to receive more welfare benefits as they continue to have more kids. The white working middle class people are being screwed . The blacks on welfare have no intention to better themselves. Why work when you can have everything given to you free. I am a middle class white male; and I am tired of working my ass off, while the blacks and white trash continue to reap the benefits.

    • steve says:

      the problem paul is that there is no jobs anymore we have gave away are jobs to other countries no work for anyone all of us whites are out of work too living on welfare and food stamps America the land of the poor the not so free anymore we need to bring our jobs back home no more trade make our own shit again that is the core of our problems.

  148. Rich says:

    I came here because I am SO goddamn sick of seeing white women (some of them quite attractive) walking around with niggers. It’s like some secret society is out there for white women who want black babies and all the white women are joining it. While I have no statistics to back this up, I am convinced that every interracial child you see who has a white parent and a black parent, more than 95% of them have black fathers and white mothers. WHY would you want to have kids that don’t look like you or anybody else in your family? I simply can’t go one fucking place any more without seeing these white women with their fucking apes wearing human clothes. I’m glad I’ll be dead from old age before they take over the whole goddamn country. And believe me, that’s the direction we’re heading because our white woman can’t keep their fucking legs closed to any guy who looks like he just climbed out of a tree.

    • steve says:

      yes but what do these women have to choose from rich if you live on the west coast your daughter only has Mexicans to go out with lets get real if I had a kid I would leave the country right away I would move to Scotland or some place where my kid could meet white people be real there is non here anymore or very little their is no fucking way I would raise kids here no fucking way

  149. paul says:

    Any white women that has at least a H.S. diploma;and has any respect for themselves and their family,would never fuck with a nigger in the first place. I would say that at least 80%of the women are total white trash. They were kicked out of their house at an early age and ended up with a nigger and on drugs. I happen to know 1 such person(not by choice.). My neighbor has an ignorant daughter who at 16 had a little niglet. She has since had 6 more niglets,and they all have different fathers. I blame my neighbor for the lack of morals and lack of intelligence. She herself is white trash and has bed down with a nigger,a mexican and thankfully a white guy. Her 2 daughters are white,but were raised in a turmoil situation. There is hope for the 1 daughter who has a white child,but the other one is on welfare and has had niglets in and out of foster homes. Cut off the welfare and bridge card for this fucking loser white women.

  150. paul says:

    If you end up pregnant with out a father around,you do not deserve any type of assistance. Weather you are black or white ,if you don’t have a husband or a father figure then have an abortion. The problem with these niggers and white trash,is that we have trained them to expect financial help when they fuck up. Not any more. I’m tired of my money being spent on useless ignorant people. Any one with an ounce of intelligence should not be having kids if they can’t afford them. These people don’t give a shit about their future as long as taxpayers are footing the bill. Let them find work and support themselves. Get off your lazy ass and take care of yourself. The last thing we need is to have more niglet kids running around the stores while their fat ass mothers are on the cell talking drama and foolishness to Schemeka.

  151. paul says:

    That’s because they were never educated . They had a low IQ when they were picked to play in the 1st place. They let fellow nigger friends handle their money and their decision making and they end up with nothing . Give them an IQ test before shelling out outrageous sums of money.

  152. paul says:

    Try Utah. It’s warmer in certain areas and I would rather deal with God fearing people than with black leaches any day.

  153. paul says:

    I’m so sick at looking at obese blacks and their Niglets. Whitie will end up paying for their bad eating habits.

  154. paul says:

    I think we need to carry Bullwhips. If The Niggers think they are oppressed now,wait till they see my cracking that Bad Boy. Bring back the old days.

  155. CreepyAssWhiteCrackaChick says:

    As a white female, I get offended when I see interracial children…..I also feel extremely sorry for them, they seem sub human. I hate to stereotype, but they do it to themselves. I work with niggers who work full time, get $800/mo food stamps, and dress nicer than even I can afford. We won’t talk about their “ride,” nicer than mine. Husband and I became unemployed once, I said “F it! I’m applying for food stamps.” We received $79, then told we made ONE DOLLAR TOO MUCH, we never received any more. I guarantee you, we were the wrong color to get any assistance. After all, all white people are rich…..right? Make me puke!

  156. Der Afrikaaner says:

    When I came here I had just finished my service in The South African Security Force as a Captain of Internal Affair Securite , and all that really is , is like your National Guard , but with Police Powers , when I started to see the problems here that we had to police in my country I was surprised how much power you had bestowed upon your Kaffirs (Niggers) as we had for over 300 years known their tribal , animal ways , and habits , but I was sadly mistaken that you had Fuzzies for Mayors , Governors , and even Now a President as we had gotten after the international boycotts that almost bankrupted us in the 80′s .
    I dolove your country , and hope soon to be a citizen after my final course in civics , and customs , but I had no idea how stupid your Non-Whites were until the Kaffir administering my first test in 1998 had mis-spelled “United States of America ” he spelled America “amerika” , and he was grading me ?

    Also The Fat Blonde Euro-Looking women with Mixed race Fawns are Almost Exclusively with a Large Bantu Blue-Black Buck of heights over 6’8″ , and with a Mandinka Warrior Look to them .

    I Sincerely hope that your Fish , and Game folks open a season like we once had off the record for Kaffir Buck .

    I also someday hope to meet a women who I can be open with about my past , and can stop lying about my own nationality .

  157. Daniel says:

    I was born in Germany but my Parents are from India(North), now im living about 30 Years in Germany and speak German fluently.
    Im light brown like most Indians but i have Europian / Caucasian Facial features. In the late 80s and early 90s i have faced some racism and discrimination here in Germany because of my Race. I have been treated like a second rate Person because the Germans dont see me as a Europian Person , but i dont hate Germans or other Europians (Whites) i know they will defending their Country, Race , Language and thats well Respect . I have a lot of German Friends and i have integrated in German society very well .Eventually they accepted me as one of them. I have studied and now working here , pay taxes.
    There are some Stupid Gerams but most of them are nice People , germans are not Nazis.
    Now here in Germany there is a Problem like in Us ans Uk . you know what ??? NIGGERS of course
    In big Cities ( Berlin , Munich, Hamburg ,Essen) you will find Nigger Factories. Niggers are breeding like Rats and the Crime is also growing and reach the high rate. Here are some other comunities like non-white People like Turks, Iranians, Afghans, Vietnamese ,chinese and some Indians but they are all living together peacefully. Now i am afraid that Germany will ending like Uk or France ( Shithole).

  158. Daniel says:

    For some reason i hate White People ,yes some Whites are fucking bastards ,arrogant Pigs ( especially the whites in Us , Canada and Uk.) .
    Niggers are more welcomed than other Race in Us ,Uk and other White countries. My Cousin lives in Uk / London and he told me that whites hate Indians / Pakistanis and other Asians but Ugly Niggers are welcome in Uk. Fuckingggggggggg Whites .
    They call us ( Indians) Curryface , Pakis, third world bastards but kissing the Black Nigger Ass. Fuck dont compare Asians with Niggers you fucking White Pigs ,Brainless Animals. We are hardworking People ,much more intelligent and wealthier than other races.
    Niggers are dirty bastards , aggressive,oversensitive,defensive,violent and they stink like Animals. We ( Asians) have to work so hard to get everthing and we have also fight with Racism . All the Nigger has to do now is cry Racism and they will get everthing what they want Lead Role in Hollywood movie , high Position, President . Its unfair.
    Your Ugly Fat White Women are Dumb Bitches , who fuck with Niggers and produce Niglets. They avoid Asians and other Race Humans but prefer Ugly Niggers . Here in Europe a lot of Niggers marrying , fucking White Women just for Visa and once they get a Girl pregnant they leave them alone . Niggers have noooo responsibility for Family, Kids. I find the White Race Beautiful , yes the white race are often represented as intelligent , Beauty ,Hard work .Its soo sad when i see a beautiful white Girl or a Handsome White Man like Brad Pitt fucking with Niggers and Produce Ugly half Niggers can you imagine that ? ohh my God. The Nigger Gene destroying every kind of Beauty , its sooo sad but you White Pigs its all your own fault .

  159. Der Afrikaaner says:

    You’re the same Dot Head Fuck who just told everybody how you were accepted by the Germans , and said they were NOT Nazi , but you know There Jug-Dish you sound like one of those Mother Fuckin Dot Slurpee Pouring Fuck who blends in with ANYBODY With a Debit card to pay for a Smoothee like Aboo on the Simpsons , and would heave like a Poisoned Rat to water if I Blew some Fucking Nigger away in Your Little 7/11 Empire , and That needs to be addressed soon before we whack your ass back to Bombay for the Big Nigger Fest Therein .

    Don’t see much of that Curry Smelling Pussy on those Nigger Bucks , and I Gotta say at least we know what they are , but we Gotta Whack you just for Shit’s , and Grins !

    When we were Killing Kaffir’s in SA we missed you , but someday I’ll go back , and get my limit on Curry Kings like Youze Fucking Half-Nigger Sand Nugget Fucks .

  160. Der Afrikaaner says:

    I Would say that a “Blue-Eyed , Euro-Looking , Blonde Dot-Head is about as Fucked up as a Kinky ,Red-Headed , Blue-Eyed , Semi-White Mallato ,Nigger Named Raul O’malley , and Abou You are a Real Piece of Shit whose Next Piece of Ass Will be Your First , and Last so Stay With Big , Hard Nigger Convict German Speakin Fucks Like yourself , OK Mein Hare-Boo ?

  161. paul says:

    I see your point.I live in the Detroit area,and the niggers run rampet. The have invaded the once nice sections of the suburbs and turned them into their own little ghetto. I’m tired of dealing with them and their niglets. They blare their fucked up music at the gas stations and on the streets. Sorry to hear about Germany and their infestation of niggers. Somehow we need to get control of these niggers and bring back white control. If not their bullshit ways of life will continue to destroy society. Black women stop breeding niglets out of wedlock.or else other measures will have to be used.

  162. ICEMAN139 says:

    Can everybody see where that hope and change has gotten them? He is strictly for the nuggets. Gotta oust this potus before its too late. He has committed treason amongst other things. Time to stop the use of the race card. Enough is enough. In 200 years the nigger has done nothing to better itself. And just like a zebra, it can’t change its stripes and will continue to destroy everything it comes in contact with. Aids didn’t work. What’s next?

  163. Heimdallthewhitetgod says:

    Everything you just said is 100 percent truth.

  164. Daniel says:

    Hey Aidsfreaka , shut the fuck up you Dirty Nigger.
    Im proud to be an Indian , Curry smells is 100 times better than Dog shit you fucking Nigger. Do you know how talented People they are you fucking useless Nigger. look Nigger : everyone know how talented the Indians are. when it comes Nigger , we can built the biggest Skyscraper that the World has ever seen . we had produced some important scientists ( 70% of indiands are by Nasa), there are lot of Nobel Price winners and more . We will never give up , every child in India is dreaming to become like Edison, Einstein, Neil Armstrong and of course like Indian scientists and NOOO ONE is dreaming to become a Nigger . We are maybe outside Ugly ( i dont know ) but Inside we are the most beautiful People .
    Hey you Niggers are Inside and of course outside the Ugliest Ugliest Ugly People , everything on you is Ugly . Big Forehead , Fish Lipps , Boxer Nose , Animel Looks .

  165. Daniel says:

    As a Kid i was not so Racist and i thougt always Niggers are Humans and i asked always why the people are so Racist and why is they against Niggers . But now im soo Racist and so happy to say that everyone hate Niggers.

    1. In my whole Life i have never seen a hardworking Nigger .
    2. I have always seen lot of Niggers who play the Race Card
    3. Im sure 80 % of Niggers are obsessed about Race-mixing .

    helping to Niggers is fruitles
    talking to Niggers or to invite a nigger at home is dangerous
    keeping your White children away from Niggers , and please stop the fucking jewish Media . Hollywood is now full of Jews.

  166. rob says:

    Next time you watch t.v. notice the commercials,they are either black or mexicans. You simply can’t find a show on t.v. without either. The government is putting americans in debt supporting mexicans and taking our rights away. STAND UP PEOPLE !!!!!!

    • steve says:

      stand up to who the Mexican and niggers own the us now who will we stand up to rob we would have to take this to war there is no otherway

  167. paul says:

    Rob you are so right. The other night a new sitcom came on and before hand I read the description of the program. It sounded like it would be funny. Sure enough it was about 3 niggers as room mates trying to act white. I am so tired of seeing Nigs on the programs and commercials

  168. GPS says:

    Thank you for speaking up. The recent nigger biker attack accident indicates their inferior nature too. Niggers are animals in human form. From Asia to the west, they are all viewed as scums of the society.

  169. niggahater says:

    I hate niggers! They stink,lazy,stupid and are fucking up america!

  170. Daniel says:

    These ´people are the most vile ,subhuman race of Animals i´ve ever had the misfortune to come across.
    Every fucking Day when i watch the News on Tv , there´s gun crime ,killings,rapes and it´s nearly always the fucking Niggers .
    These Animals live 100% on welfare benefits ,the goverment pays their rent,and pays them to breeeeeedddddddddd like FUCKING ANIMALS .
    The average´Nigger Family´ has 4 Kids .( white only 2 and Asian 3 )
    Funny,exactly how funny do you think it is??? Over run by Niggers isn´t funny by any standards. They are feral Type beasts who suck tax dollars out of your pocket.why do they destroying everthing in the world ??? These Animals give a bad reputation to other non white People like ( Asians, middle eastern) who are also some dark.
    I thanks God everyday , im not a Nigger .

  171. Miss Pissed says:

    I grew up in an affluent town in Nothren New Jersey. I remember only a few blacks that went to my school. One black family’s sibling was the singer Evelyn Champaign king. They were the only family that had 2 doberman pinchers as pets. One of the boys was a sex pervert. Another black girl from another family had stole my Mother’s necklace out of my gym locker. So far my dealings with blacks were not that good. Yet, I had always hated the name “nigger” and felt that was a term used but ignorant people. Now, living in Florida for the last 10 years, my feeling and opinions have changed. I cannot turn on the t.v. or the internet or pick up a newspaper without seeing how black people are terrorizing our nation. I am angry and disgusted at the way these so called human beings are behaving like wild animals that do nothing but take from others, by force or by the twisted government that allows them to get out of prison to deal drugs, commit crime , have babies with every women they meet, and the collect our tax money because they can’t want to work.
    So, what is the solution? Live and let live and turn the other cheek? What’s going to happen when someone I love is murdered by one of them? Then what?

  172. Malpass says:

    Im so fuckin sick of niggers they gang up on whites and they piss me off

  173. Malpass says:

    I fucking hate black ass niggers,they piss me the fuck off im just so fuckin sick and tired of em im from the south and we dont like black ass niggers i mean they take your shit and if you fight one all the niggers gang up on you

  174. Doc says:

    There is a solution. It’s insidious and must be initiated and maintained in a clandestine manner. It involves the most advanced process in genetics. It HAS been done before; unfortunately, it was not as successful as needed. We have the knowledge and the power. Also despite what we see as a liberal country, many silently want change (namely, a removal of muslims, blacks and gays). Remember when Gary, IN was a vacation paradise? Many wealthy people lived there (both conservative and liberal). But all the whites moved away. Why didn’t the liberals stay? Because despite what they say, yes, they hate niggers, too.

  175. Der Afrikaaner says:

    Remember ” It’s Just a Fuckin Nigger , and Any White Hypocrite that says otherwise is Just Losing Money if they are GONE ” !And That’s it in a nutshell , No Mystery , but ask what are the advantages of having a Nigger nearby , and it’s The ” B-B-Q Chips , and Pineapple juice profits ” !

    ask Oprah The Ape when she was a Doe she ate that Shit all ov da time .

  176. Rich says:

    The two things I’m mostly sick of. Seeing niggers with white women. And niggers with their FUCKED UP names they give their kids. It’s like they reached into a Scrabble game and randomly pulled out letters!

    • paul says:

      Rich,you have read my mind. These 2 things bother me the most. Like the Scrabble game comment.

    • Der Afrikaaner says:

      Do ya Really think that any self respecting White Man who wants to keep his Cock , Pride , and Reputation would Fuck a Clot-infested White , Fat , Bleechie-Bottle Blonde that would let a Fucking Shit Eating , Mud Crawling , Rope Burned , and Just Plain Ugly Nigger Buck Fuck Her ?

      The One’s That They Grab-N-Fuck are all used up Crack Ho’s with 3 , 0r 6 Kids who are Half-White , Half-Anything That Would Fuck Mom Else lookins anyway , …..so don’t even think about it , and look at it like a blessing , because WHAT IF THEY WERE NOT THERE ?

      We Would be Fucked , Looking everywhere for a med kit to check them out before we fuck them , and if we’re wrong , and the girl is clean we just lost a fine Piece O’ Criff that maybe would have given a White guy one thing the Nigger Buck Don’t have , a Clean White Pussy Fo Life !

  177. mitch says:

    Hell yeah, get the fuck out niggers!! New confederacy will drive your uncivilized filth out.

  178. Rich says:

    Here’s something to think about. Has there EVER been an all white neighborhood, regardless of what condition it was previously in, where the niggers started moving in and it IMPROVED the neighborhood. One example. Anyone?

  179. Sean says:

    Niggers ruin every neighborhood they go to. They follow white people and move in to our neighborhoods because they know we know how to live but they are so fucking lazy they let there house fall apart, trash all over the place and bring down the neighborhood then more niggers move in we move out and they take over. They are like a fucking virus. Niggers are the most useless fucking race of people I have ever met.

  180. der afrikaner says:

    NO ! …………………………………………….NEVER !

  181. Der Afrikaaner says:

    Maybe You think that’s cool , but until you “curb ” One , You ain’t lived !

  182. Der Afrikaaner says:

    Just ACT Retarded , and they Won’t Fuck with you at all , and I Don’t Care How Many there are , They are Scared Shit of Crazy , Retarded Whites , but That only works well if you keep it up , Talkin to yourself when they think you don’t see them , and I Think it’s Because you might just Not know your own strength , They Fucking Run Like The Ramar of The Jungle Movies we saw when I was young , but we had Real jungles here too .

    Good Luck .

  183. Kristy sarkisdian says:

    Omg !! As an Armenian female .. I feel sick that blacks think we like them .. Ewwwwll .
    Loser Armenian whores .. Usually don’t mind them .. But for as Armenians people in general .. Are afraid n gross out of these cheap people !! Yack !!!

  184. Sean says:

    I agree when I see American women with them it makes me want to puke. Some how it has become ok I don’t get it . Niggers are dirty nasty people and that’s a fact.

  185. t says:

    I live just outside of Detroit in what used to be an all white neighborhood now all the niggers are taking over all the apartment complexes and selling heroin to all the white kids. On my way past Detroit to work it looks like a fucking war zone, totally destroyed with only crack houses and every black appears to be a gang banger standing around selling heroin of course to the white kids from the burbs. And of course they are driving old caprice classics with 26 inch rims blasting their young jeezy poppa poodle or whatever that nigger garbage is rambling about. Seriously I have met maybe 2 blacks IF THAT in my lifetime that weren’t total shit trash. Its no longer a stereo type since everything about these pieces of shit is 100% fact.

  186. Sean says:

    Niggers believe that whites are how they are portrayed on tv. As weak and stupid. I hope they keep thinking that cause a race war is coming and when it’s over and they are laying on the ground they will then realize they can’t do to us whatever they want. Niggers are nothing but a bunch of animals and whites need to stand there ground now.

  187. Matt says:

    The op is very true. In so many thousands of years, the nigger has yet to invent or domesticate or to be civil. Anyone who say’s otherwise is brainwashed by political correctness. All they are is a plague to our way of living.

  188. Matt says:

    Also… Keep your tv on cause black friday is near… Lets watch them act their primal nature when those doors open. Anyone wanna do a poll on how many humans will die? I will cut my wrist if the nigger behaves.. Guess I wont be cutting shit will I?

  189. Jlee says:

    I’m so glad I found this website. I come from a small southern town, where there was exactly one black person in our whole school. My father absoultely despised these people, and I never really understood why. Probably because the blacks who lived in our town, knew the cowboys would beat the shit out of them if they got out of line, so they never acted as retarded as every other city trash nigger. Now, being young and dumb, early 20′s, I figured it would be “so fun” to move to the big city, move into an apartment with my partner, get a job, make a “better life”. And holy shit all I would do to go back a few years and just fucking stay where I was. And you know why? Niggers. I make nine dollars an hour at this food joint I work at, trying to get through college. And holy fuck do I not make enough money for all the BULLSHIT I have to put up with. 90% of the people we serve : NIGGERS. They call on the phone; we ask if its pickup or delivery. They automatically ignore the question and start attempting to tell us what they want with that stupid jigaboo language they have. They think “Buffalo” is a sauce for wings. They think its O.K. to scream and holler like a fucking baboon when we can’t understand where they say they want their food delivered because they have fifty fucking dicks in their mouth. They call and order five sheets of pizza and a hundred wings and think it should only cost fourty five fucking dollars. They come in with their big shit lips slapping together, lean on the counter with all of their upper body weight (I have never not seen a nigger lean on the counter, no matter how fat or skinny they are) and go “how much ya’lls slices?”. I point at the sign that says all the slice prices behind me with letters so big a fucking retarded blind cow with downs syndrome could read and understand it before asking. They SWARM here like locusts the day they get their fucking welfare checks. All of their names are fucking TAWANDA or SHALANDA or “The letta T”. They always come in with their stupid ten screaming kids that they can’t control and stand at the counter and complain about the prices for fifteen minutes no matter how long the line of people. I’ve had a nigger come in, confess to being a drug dealer, and then say, “you guys didn’t give me a job here because I was black.” No, we didn’t give you a fucking job because you wouldn’t fucking do it even if you did get it, and YOU’RE A FUCKING DRUG DEALER. Every time someone calls on the phone and it’s a nigger, I know i’m going to be talking to this fucking piece of shit for thirty minutes, and probably lose more business than we make with this nigger having to make all the decent white people wait forever, who actually won’t cancel their order when the foods half way cooked. Yes, that’s right. They come to the counter, three minutes after I say “it’s going to be twenty minutes. O.K? TWENTY minutes, so tell me now if you don’t want to wait that long” and ask me if their foods almost done and then get mad and demand their money back when I say “I told you twenty minutes”. Are you fucking serious? You have the gull to take a fucking hour to figure out what you want, AT THE FRONT OF THE LINE, not while you’re WAITING in line, while people wait on YOUR piece of shit nigger ass who knew what they wanted before they even walked into the store, and then you come up here and cancel your order because you’re too fucking stupid to get your ugly piece of shit dirty black nigger face out of your phone and listen. AND because you feel like you have a right to make everyone wait forever, but not the other way around. My boyfriend and I drove to the gas station to put air in our tires. There was a person in front of us. What a surprise…a NIGGER. Right away I knew they were going to take four hundred fucking years. My boyfriend had air in all of our tires, went into the gas station to buy drinks, and we we’re still out of there before the fucking niggers were; and they have a right to complain about how long WE take to make food? I swear they do it on purpose. Like it’s their god given right to be as slow as they absoultely please, no matter how many hard working white people there are to make miserable. These fuckers shouldn’t even have a right to breathe our air. They don’t deserve anything. We we’re mean to them? We enslaved them? YOU we’re never a fucking slave. And even if you were you’d get off scott free anyway because you’d be fucking no good because you’re a NIGGER who’d never work a day in their life. You work twice as hard just trying to get out of normal work than it would be to just do the work. I live in the decent part of this shit hole city and i’d still never dare keep any money out and about for niggers to come over and steal. The other day, I found out I lived next to a nigger. You know how? Because he’s so loud you can hear him a fucking mile away. You can’t get away from them even when you’re fucking home. His nigger friends come to his window and yell “Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey” five hundred thousand times before realising that HE’S NOT THERE. How do they even do that with out taking a breath? This guy was complaining to his stupid nigger friends about how he was going to murder the land lord because he was trying to evict him and take all of his stuff because he was “black”. Hey, how about this: GO GET A FUCKING JOB, like all the fucking white people who support your sorry nigger ass, and PAY.YOUR.RENT. The small town I came from was so safe and nigger-free, I didn’t even have a bank account. I kept all my money in my room or my car, WITH THE DOORS UNLOCKED, because people had a little thing called respect and no one stole from anyone. The thought never even crossed our minds. Now all my money is in a bank account. I won’t dare even think of taking a chance. I’ll be damned if I let any slimy nigger have any of my hard earned money…if i can help it. Thank you fucking nigger loving government. Please, come to my city, and do my job for ONE DAY, and you’ll NEVER defend this trash again. Thank you for making this website. I can’t bitch about this to anyone I work with or even my boyfriend or any of his friends who’s lived here all their lives because even they’re caught up in the “you’re racist” bullshit. WHAT THE HELL. Thank god for the country, where the WHITE people live, with the boys who won’t hesitate to beat the shit out of a stupid nigger if they get out of line. I’m a country girl and i’ll never ever doubt it ever again. FUCK NIGGERS.

  190. Pissed off says:

    In the 80s I grew up in a nice peaceful town in upstate New York… Our nice peaceful town is now full of worthless NIGGERS!!! They steal, kill, deal drugs, don’t work, and start trouble everywhere they go…I’m so sick of the pieces of shit niggers in this town it’s sick… I live on the street full of white people ,people that work, take care of their houses, take care of their kids, go to work 40 hours a week so we can pay for the stupid niggers that sit around drinking 40s and smoking crack while they collect public assistance… We have one black family on the street that rent a house… Every day cars pull up stop,one person sits in the car while the other one runs in for five minutes…Drug deal ya think??? Yes I believe it is… We also now have color gangs in this town… These are grown men killing each other over a red or a blue color…WTF!!! Go out and find a job you worthless fucking Nigger… As a kid you would hear about 1murder every two years or so… Now they kill each other like mad… Most of them don’t even die from the shootings because niggers can’t hold a gun straight up right…gotta hold it all gangster 2 the side…dumb niggers… Plus we have a bunch of white trash that’s screwing all these niggers and making the working man pay even more because daddy’s in prison…sad to say I’m gonna move from the town I loved as a kid cuz of the violent monkeys here…FUCK ALL NIGGERS AND NIGGER LOVING BITCHES!!!!

  191. I Hate Niggers says:

    im small town self-service car wash owner niggers think they dont have to follow because the fuck nigger president. they tell how to run my car wash runs itself just use me for stuff. an nigger think walk into my office/pump room because they can. niggers bunch cheap ass as well


  192. Mud Races Invade says:

    Excellent website. Yes, we have the same issues in the Tampa Bay Area. Niggers are taking over and I have seen the progression of certain neighborhoods turns to crap after they move in. I am also seeing way too many white girls raising young apes and people seem to think it is okay. We need to take this country back…………..

  193. 1 says:

    Everyone is tired of niggers…even niggers!

    5 by 5 on that!

  194. Sick of it says:

    I live in a town with two prisons in it…you should see all the monkeys sitting outside waiting to get into see their dad ,uncle ,cousin ,nephew that’s locked up…I also work for a Company that sends us to the prisons to do jobs inside…it’s a fucking joke!!! Niggers as far as the eye can see…I’m talking tons of niggers… If you threw some salt in the air it would look like deep space…that’s how dark it is and there… One day I was sitting up there counting inmates just see how many were white how many were black…I saw 113 inmates and 9 of them were white…its just fucking crazy how many worthless niggers we have in this country…the sad thing is when they are done serving their time they let them loose in our town… So now this town is full of worthless gangster niggers…I have a joke b4 I go… A monkey and a black man are sitting on a tree branch what do you call a black man? Assistant branch manager…lol… Got to go people keep up the good work.

    • Der Afrikaaner says:

      I Hear ya pal , and I think they don’t tell how many Fuckin Crows in the joint is because it would be called RACIST by a lot of bleeding heart fucks in the media , so they don’t really find out till one of the fucking child molester news reporters get a free session of “Spin Da Bottle ” wit Big Bubba , and when their ass is five times bigger than when they went in they beg mommy , and daddy ” GET ME OUTA HERE PLEEEEEZE ” !

      You Should write a Book , or a Blog on the Nigger in America , and his use as a Game critter for licensed hunters .

      • Der Afrikaaner says:

        Thaat Fuckin Terrorist Trouble Makin South African Mandela just died , and you would think it was the Pope , and all it was was a Stinkin Dog Eatin , Gallon Cardboard cup Beer drinkin Kaffir Nigger , Monkey Fuckin Knuckle draggin Shitpole .

        I’m Bein Nice too !

  195. Atom_99 says:

    As a Jewish male ten years ago I only saw a few white girls date black guys and I looked the other way I thought no harm.. today no matter where I go if it’s in Target, Walmart, the Supermarkets I see so many young attractive white women with the ugliest monkey looking niger; I am shell shocked that these white girls will just fuck any niger off the street; yet when it comes to white men they want him to be handsome, in shape, straight teeth, nice car and financial secure “high standards” yet when it comes to a Niger they have no standards’ they just fuck any niger off the street;’ It is just disgusting

    • Der Afrikaaner says:

      Most of our Fat , Camaro driving , Crack addict , stank pussy BLONDES are bein grabbed up by these big bantu swahili bucks with that roll o tar paper that shuts their fat fuckin mouth up , so really you should be glad , and go after something that ain’t been touched by Nigger cock , because if it was it’s Done , and No use to whites .

  196. daniel says:

    Nigger Genes destroying every beauty fuck .
    Fat Ugly ,Kfc eating fucking White Girls who can´t get a white men or
    other good looking men from other Race choose Niggers and produce
    half Monkeys .

  197. Heidi says:

    I know only too well about how to be fedup with the likes of these inbred ungodly creatures, the worst curse is its ability to breed with humans. Unless a rape, who would be crazy enough to want these creatures to impersonate the human race?

  198. klepp0906 says:

    I’m not so su
    re they are incapable of domestication. You have to realize, we have been living as productive civilized human beings for millennia. We just ripped them out of the jungle a few hundred short years ago.

    Give the poor animals time to evolve a bit eh?

    In closing: niggers and their senseless violence with not so much as a second thought are worse than roaches.

    Women that only date blacks… Your even worse. I have some statistics for you. As of 2040 niggers will lose one excuse. As of then, us white folks will become the minority. Thanks for your contribution sick ass.

    One more for those in denial. Niggers make up 13% of the usa population, they are responsible for 61% of all violent crime. Way to go jungle bunnies!

  199. niggerhater says:

    Niggers are a fucking worthless piece of fucking shit on my foot fucking coons

  200. mike says:

    everyday I wake up I see a cockroach I don’t mean to kill them but they remind me of all the bad attitude niggers at work that piss me off. Each time I kill them I name them all of the ones at work that I hate and that is all of them. all cockroaches are the same you cannot spare them, kill them all before they infest your home. stank odor smelly mother fuckers, small brained, abuse of tax payers money. I would rather pay my tax dollars for their deportation back to their nigger smelling country where they can go and fuck their real ancestor the chimpanzee. banana hair dreaded bestiality monkey mother fuckers…lol

  201. Brandon says:

    I’m getting tired of seeing them as cops helping the blacks commit crimes against white people. Fucking bullshit! How do we do something? Why do they get so much help? They are all criminals and will rob u if you give them a chance. Most of them and if the one good guy don’t his friends will. Wtf is wrong with America. Why are we letting everyone destroy us??? We need to start doing something. Holly fucking shit that a nigger cop can allow blacks to assult white people and not press charges and the captain that is white helps!!!! Why??? wtf I want a president that hates blacks!!! Cut the welfare burn there ghettos. Deport them!!! Get fucking rifd of them already!!!!’ WAKE UP! Last time I bought something on Craigslist I was ripped of by a fucking nigger and he lied about his address. They outnumber you when you fight them with all there nigger welfare brothers and sisters and cousins all the slut nigger whores are pushing out decry second!! Fuck everyone that helps them!!!!’

  202. Brandon says:

    There’s not enogh nigger haters here! There is no use for this website! There should be 1000 new posts every second ! The next white president nominee should be on here so I can vote for him to start ridding this country of niggers!!!fuck this new age help. And pay for niggers bullshit! Wow !

  203. Rich says:

    The reason I don’t commit crimes is because then I’d have to spend all my time in prison surrounded by nothing by niggers. The reason niggers aren’t afraid to commit crimes is because then they’d have to spend time in prison surrounded by all their friends, dads, uncles, adult children, etc.

  204. Kevin says:


  205. Matt says:

    This blog is brilliant. It is the absolute truth no matter what country you are from. We cannot get rid of niggers because they breed like rabbits but what we can do is understand their tiny little minds and protect ourselves against them. I have no issues with Asians, for the most part they are hard working people, niggers are just useless scum.

  206. eddi says:

    Im Hispanic and I fucking hate NIGGERS! They talk a lot of shit and steal a lot from hard working people. I want to flush them down the toilet.

    • HOMELAND says:

      THNew York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, speaking at a press conference Saturday night, confirmed the identity of the shooter as 28-year-old Ismaaiyl Brinsley. He identified the two slain cops as partners Wenjian Liu and Raphael Ramos.

      Brinsley posted a sinister message on Instagram earlier Saturday along with an image of a silver handgun and hashtags invoking the names of Michael Brown and Eric Garner after reportedly shooting and wounding a former girlfriend in Baltimore.

      “I’m Putting Wings On Pigs Today. They Take 1 Of Ours…Let’s Take 2 of Theirs … This May Be My Final Post…I’m Putting Pigs In A Blanket.” Brinsley wrote, with the hashtags #ShootThePolice #RIPErivGarner #RIPMike Brown.

      According to Baltimore police, Brinsley shot and wounded a former girlfriend there around 5:45 a.m. Saturday before traveling to Brooklyn, Bratton said. The woman’s mother contacted Baltimore police after she noticed Brinsley’s comments on Instagram.

      Baltimore police faxed a bulletin describing Brinsley to NYPD headquarters that arrived at 2:45 p.m., Bratton said, at almost the exact moment Brinsley opened fire on Liu and Ramos. Bratton said the ambush was at 2:47 p.m. in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

      Bratton said according to a witness, Brinsley took a shooting stance on the passenger side of the police cruiser and fired several times striking both officers in the head. The pair, he said, never had the chance to draw their own weapons and may never have seen their assailant.

      “Both officers paid the ultimate sacrifice today,” Bratton said.

      Brinsley later fatally shot himself in the head on a subway platform after fleeing the scene.

      New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, speaking after the commissioner, called the attack an “assassination” and said that when a police officer is attacked, every New Yorker should feel as though they were attacked.

      “Although we are still learning the details, it’s clear that this was an assassination. These officers were shot execution style,” de Blasio said. “A particularly despicable act … when a police officer is murdered, it tears at the very foundation of our society.”

      “Our city is in mourning, our hearts are heavy,” he said.

      There have been protests almost nightly in New York City since the grand dury decisions in the police-involved deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. Cops in both cases were not indicted.

      The mayor has been sharply critcized by New York City police union leaders for comments perceived as unsupportive of the city’s police force after an officer investigated in the chokehold death of Staten Island man Eric Garner was not indicted.

      Lingering tensions from that fallout were on stark display Saturday night in raw video captured by local television channel PIX11, which showed a wall of officers turning their backs on de Blasio as he arrived at a press conference.

      In mid-December, outraged leaders of the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) gathered hundreds of officers’ signatures on a form demanding that de Blasio stay away from the funerals of cops killed in the line of duty. The Sergeants Benevolent Association tweeted the below message Saturday:

  207. Dickey douschebag says:


  208. Simon Draper says:

    A Real Humanitarian Speaks Out
    Albert Schweitzer was a true humanitarian, not a demagogue who simply wanted to ingratiate himself to blacks like so many White politicians nowadays. From 1913 until his death in 1965 Schweitzer practiced as a doctor in the hospital he founded in Africa in the jungle village of Lamarene. His ethic was “reverence for life.” In 1952 he received the Nobel Peace prize. Before it disappears down the liberal memory hole, here is what Schweitzer wrote about blacks shortly before his death:
    “I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the intellectual, mental or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with White men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will destroy all of his work. Let White men from anywhere in the world, who come to Africa remember that you must continually retain that status: you the master and they the inferior like children that you help or teach. Never fraternise with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”

  209. not in Kansas anymore says:

    there’s a nigger that live’s next door to me and me and him got into it one day I called him a nigger next thing you no im comeing home from the McDonald’s and he has pulled a gun on the hot water heater guy doing his job saying when I get back he’s gonna “hurt me bad” then again I live neer Baltimore so It didn’t surprise me and the cops got called not only that but je just leaves his shit and children’s shit laying on the ground not to mention they didn’t evan search the fucking niggers house luckily I’ll be moving out of here in the next year or two cant waiy to get away from the cockroaches

  210. Paul says:

    I truly understand your situation. I live in the Detroit suburbs and the Nigs have invaded the area for about 15 years. They paid about half the amount for the homes that whites use to own. They brought their ghetto attitude and have ruined what once was a nice white middle class area. When I end up retiring one day: I am getting the hell out of here.

  211. Sweetpea says:

    I was never brought up to feel like this, but I’m sick and tired of watching these I have no word for them, maybe one. “Nigger”, I’am First nations people, Native american if you will. I always remembered the colored people as The Jefferson’s, Good Times, good, and respectful.

    Now I can care less, they act like pit bulls, they turn on you. But I’ve always wanted to stay this, if anyone still is a slave to this day, its us native Americans we have a choke collar on called, ” Blood Quantum “. I’m sorry, but I dislike what they are doing to your cities, and communities.

    You never see any other race acting out like this, once Obama leaves office. Watch them run for the hills, they know they’re criminals.

  212. Paul says:

    Paula Dean should never have been fired. I can’t believe that someone would research her life and come up that she once said the Nigger word in conversation. Who hasn’t said the word. She should sue the Food Channel and get back on TV. It’s those so called Black leaders who are always stirring up trouble, and the main stream news rush to exploit it. You notice that Queen Oprah never gets bad press. I’m sure she has a lot of skeletons in her closet. This pro Black bullshit has to stop. Even with a Nigger president in office, Blacks still think they are victims. I never got my college and room and board paid for by the government. The only Blacks that have not prospered are the lazy out of wedlock Niglets and their mothers that have sex with every Nigger male in town with no support and no morals. We need to be more concerned about the White middle class, that is getting screwed to support these lazy immoral Niggers.

  213. why the fuck they immigrating in every country ??????????????

  214. Dutch Pride says:

    Yes Im White Dutch and im proud to be Dutch . Im 100% Dutch and 100% White , i love my Country so much .
    I dont hate anybody and respect all human beings but niggers goddamned i hate them sooo much , it took me a while to figure out that they are not human and definitely not the same as anybody else.

    It has nothing to do with skincolour , their features are clearly very ,very ,very, very very distant from any other race and so is their animal behavior. They cant be civilized and are some kind of proto-human sub species which unfortunately can interbreed with homo sapiens. I think it is a terrible curse on us humans that these monkeys can successfully intemix in our genetic pole. Yes some Dutch Women/ Girls are Niggerloving Whore .This really needs to end and the human race needs to wake up. Oh and I hate nigger music and overhyped simian athletes like Tiger ,,nigger,, Woods . FUCK YOU Nigger.

    • der afrikaner says:

      I am also of Dutch descent , and of the Tribe called “Afrikaner” ,
      I speak Afrikaans , and am hated by most whites in America , and Europe too because the true beliefs that I have are witnessed by me as a child born in Durban , S.A. which is Now an AIDS Colony along with the rest of Kwa/Natal-Zulu land , but One place still exists in my homeland is Orange Free State where we encourage the Bantu Kaffir to intrude so our Hogs grow fatter for market , and they will sell No Pig to a white which has been in these pens .

  215. Deport all niggers says:

    Niggers are 13% of the US population yet they commit 50% of all crime.

    Niggers are 13% of the population yet they collect 50% of all welfare in the US.

    Niggers blindly vote 90% democrat every election without even knowing what the canadates stand for.

    If I could push a button and every nigger man, women and child would fucking die I could push that button without losing any sleep over it.
    Go die niggers your existence is a waste of air.

  216. Rich says:

    I figured out a sure way to reduce the nigger population. Get white women to stop fucking them. Cause niggers sure don’t wanna fuck their own women. Also imagine the spike in nigger unemployment if they banned the NBA and rap records and made drugs legal.

  217. Dutch Pride says:

    Rich : no thats not the best idea. Niggers will always breed like Rats , because they are Animals .
    Marriage between blacks and whites is a longstanding and deeply ingrained taboo in european culture.
    On the eve of World War II, mixed-race marriage was illegal in most european countries , politicians argued for segregated facilities in order to prevent race mixing, and interracial couples risked public hostility, legal action, even violence. Yet, sixty years later, Nigger–white marriage is no longer illegal or a divisive political issue, and the number of such couples and their mixed-race Niglets has risen dramatically.

    As a white male , looking at Black Skin is disgusting , like looking at an Ape , at an Animal .
    Completely foreign and non-human. Bestial .Repulsive and crude in the extreme.
    Nigger race is the worst in the world.
    Everyone hate you Nigger , why? Because you are all a bunch of niggers who dont to face facts but deep inside feel extremely inferior to the rest non black Human race.Negro monkey with an I.Q of 65.

  218. Dutch Pride says:

    Why are most white women blind ,stupid or just gullible that they will go along with anything the jew media pushes on them ???
    Once the White Women was the most beautiful in the World .
    which man wants to have a modern white women ??? they don´t wanna cook , they want to be like men, work in an office and make a career , lazy and uninteresting , they are not very feminin anymore , and those who are behave like whores and totally dumb and annoying , i go for eastern european or Asian Girls . They are still traditional and real good women and not like this Niggerloving white whores.
    Have you ever noticed a point ??? Count the number or white men with Black Women on adverts in the media or even black Couples , chinese or Indian . You don´t see it and you will never see it , only white women with Niggers . My City is already a White minority.

  219. Dutch Pride says:

    My dream : in 2015 i will leave the netherlands , when did our morals break down so much that the Size of your Cock is the only think white women are interested in. I don´t want my Sisters to be forced into race mixing with Subhuman Niggers by the fucking Jewish media.

  220. Paul says:

    I am sooo tired of seeing fat Walmart women with a pony tail. They are too lazy to fix their hair. Chances are there is a Nigger waiting for her at home.

  221. der afrikaner says:

    The only accurately , still scientific comment was concerning Dr. Livingston’s stay with The “Monkey’s Porch” while in their village , and anyone Liberal , or Conservative upon reading the diary knows it is true , but try to bring it up at work , or at a WallyWorld , and the Kaffir will attack along with his White , Fat , Blonde Crack-Heroin addict Girlfriend /Commonlaw wife .
    , and ANY White person whose living , or income derives from The Porch Monkey’s Welfare income check .

    The Truth is hard , but still TRUTH !

  222. jojo says:

    I am from New England and moved to North Carolina. These scum bags are everywhere. They treat everyone just like they treat themselves (like niggers). They are all fat, drive fucked up cars (you see them broken down on the side of the road because their fucking wheel feel off and they dont have money so they abandon the car on the side of the road). They cant drive, have an attitude in the work place…oh did I mention fat?

  223. Aqua says:

    You are spot on. All that trash should have been shipped back to Africa instead of making them a preferred minority. One day this country will follow the fate of Soviet Union and it will be due to support of hordes of these useless animals

  224. I´m so tired says:

    Im so tired of these Monkeys . My City was for 10 Years 95% White and only a few Niggers (2%) at the time . But now it is full of Niggers , smelly , fat , ugly Nigger Refugees are coming and coming . They make the Whites Peoples Life soo hard . Fucking Political

  225. tired of them says:

    I’m very disappointed with our ability as a whole to start taking less shit from blacks. We can prove we don’t hate all races. But the blacks have to go. I’m tired of it. I grew up so liberal, but at 16 I decided I hated them. I had never seen such filthy behavior. Why cant people see this? They are breeding with us now….really? Common people. I likwe this site. But I’m afraid to have kids in this day and age. They need to go. They are going to destroy us if we don’t remove them somehow. I’m to the point where I am sickened by the sight of them.

  226. steve says:

    oh by the way my nigger hateing friends we should stand up for the cop who blew the nigger away in his car at the gas station he’s going to do life for doing us all a favor I think he deserves a medal and they are going to lock him up what a shame really

  227. paul says:

    We do need to find a way to rid ourselves from blacks. We are forced to hear their shit music on the road. They drive and act like idiots. They know that they can get away with it. Now that they live in the suburbs, they treat it like Detroit. The uppidy ones are the worst.

  228. michael says:

    So tired of nuggets up in here in Canada too. Please people lets rid our society from them asap. Enough bullshit. Now is the time!!

  229. i hate these motherfucking apes!!! says:

    So fucking tired of these mother fucking niggers! I use to wonder why my grandpa and dad hated them so much well now I fucking know they mix with our women they act like total dumbfucks in public (because they are) they cause issues in our school systems they fuck an run they smell like shit call me white devil well fuck it if being a white devil means hating niggers then I am a white devil. This use to be a nice town now everywhere I loom run down housea crack head niggers beating an robbing our town I don’t get how more have not realised this we use to be a majority of hard working whites and hard working Mexicans then a SMALL percentage of niggers moved here and the crime rate went SKY HIGH they are nothing but filthy apes and I really really hope that we (all races) rise against these foul loud mouth retarded scum on society an exterminate them without remorse. It sickens me to see a white women or even Mexican women mix with them!

  230. i hate these motherfucking apes!!! says:

    Not to mention everywhere I look white young men acting black wtf!!

  231. Italian Nut says:

    I came here 6 years ago from Europ first I was one of those who thought, these white Americans, they brought these black people here and put them in ghettos and discriminate them and blablabla, until I started to see and understand why they live in ghettos. Cause they can’t behave!!! I was a foreigner and would speak better English than them, lazy asses, on the phone as customer service rep they have attitude and speak like mentally deficient people, as clerk they do their nasty colored nails while they talk to you and don’t even look at you, they are loud like my neighboors who is too stupid to understand what respect is for my 15 MO old daughter, unfortunately I can’t take care of him the way I would have done in Europe as here u can not teach people lessons as I find out after taking care of another one. And for all the niggers here saying that I would nt say to their face , wrong! I ll tell you in your face and you would nt do nothing about it unless you are with 10 of ur friends waiting for me to turn my back or if I have a gun, because without all that u guys are pussies. U blackos have no clue of what racism is even though you are always accusing every white people of it for your own incapabilities. Even Africans who live here see how you are and don’t want to be associated with you morons.

  232. wolfman says:

    When I was in the military, when affirmative action first was in place, they put the DUMBEST NIGGERSin charge.

    The reason behind Affirmative Action : The government didn’t want Jigs rioting over Martin Luther King’s death.

  233. Lee says:

    These so-called people(I call them apes)have brought this country down to their level. Our kids see what an easy life they have and try to get it for themselves. They have lowered our moral standard to a point we can never recover from. Walking around like animals with their ass cracks showing etc.. Now our kids do the same thing. No one can say that they haven’t brought our society to what it is today. The sad thing is we have to keep feeding these bastards and give them all the luxuries of life. They turn my stomach and I can hardly wait for the next revolution.

  234. NigNogHater says:

    I work with a loud mouth ignorant sheboon here in Brandon Florida, it always brings up the race card and even has threatened me if i ever said anything bad about it. She’s always late most of the time and is always half assing her job. My company told me they want her gone but is afraid of getting sued. I’m with the rest of you, im tired of the black ass sub-human niggers.

  235. pitou says:

    The most important source of all these niggers related problems is all those whites that censure themselves, are afraid of the sancto-sanct black lobby and give the niggers all these rights and privileges that they’re gonna abuse and shove in our faces afterwards. Whites, I’m ashamed to say it, are weak and cowardly, niggers discovered this a long time ago and use the racist card everytime they get to justify everything, including their criminal behavior. Message to all whites: When are we going to start sticking together? Are we waiting for niggers to go out of their way to defend white rights? Seriously, the problem is white people on their knees in front of these focking apes.

  236. Rich says:

    On the 6th day God made man. On the 7th day God rested and got really drunk. On the 8th day God woke up with a hangover and said “I’ll teach those human bastards a lesson.” And he made niggers and told them “Even more than food or water you need white women. Fuck as many as you can.” Then he went to play cards with Satan.

  237. Paul says:

    We whites have to create a way to keep these niggers under control. These welfare bitches need to stop having niglets. The more they have without a father around; and enforcing discipline, the worse it will be. I’m tired of seeing black men walking around in suits and acting uppity. Chances are they have fathered a dozen kids and used the money on themselves. The more we allow these nigs to breed, the more power is given to them in numbers. No way am I going to let them overpower us whites. This also applies to white trash women bedding down with enemy. White men with white women only.

  238. steve says:

    Hay can you believe the poor guy who killed that nigger in the gas station a couple of months ago got life he should of got an award for getting rid of the trash for us what the fuck a man does the deed of a hero for killing a nigger and gets life he should have been awarded a medal. and the awards looked like a really bad remake of the planet of the apes.

  239. Mo town says:

    I remember my Dad telling me when I was twelve years old. He was very serious when he said to me “Always remember, no matter who they are, a nigger will turn on you at the drop of a dime”. I never forgot that and never will because now 35 years later it is a very true statement.

  240. Dutch Pride says:

    I wish i can write a book how Niggers have ruined my Country & my City.
    Niggers do much more damage than any nuclear bomb . Japan has recovered and built modern productive citys out of the ash . That will never happen in my City , it is a waste land as long as NIGGERS live there .
    Ugly NIGGERS are spreading their ugliness and unhygienic ways in the beautiful parts of the world. Fucking NIGGERS get out of my City . Im sooo depressed .

  241. Niggers4Sale says:

    I would have to say that most niggers are a problem to humanity. Not all of them. But the worst type of people that I ever had experience with were……………………………NIGGERS.

    I’m fucking planning to move out of this shit ape town and moving to a suburb neighborhood where I will actually LIVE IN PEACE.

    I really hate black women, but some white women are okay.

  242. Larry Miller says:

    Memo to all Washington politicians. Are you reading the American people? Time you started educating yourself as to what is really going on. You caused the problem. We expect you to fix it and NOW.

  243. paul says:

    Donny. You are so right about the Nigs; being the cause of our country’s downfall. The welfare program started out to help blacks and whites to get back on their feet. Little did we know that the Nigs would adopt this program for life and generations. In Detroit it’s a joke. Every two bit lawyer advertises directly to the Nigs. These lawyers don’t give a shit about them,but they will profit off them.

  244. heat says:

    This site is great ,i moved my kids out of a neighborhood all white when i was kid now niggers mkved in ruining everything property value down low as hell,so i move my kids to a better community i thought till people would bring there kids to our school here and damn niggers dont live here .im afraid they are trying to take over they are the most racist race but they always throw that race card on me ,fuck them niggers they killed one my family members years back theu try rape my momma they just piss me off i tried to give them the benefit of doubt and they fail me with there genuine nigger attitudes.

  245. White Dutch says:

    Its a never ending Story with Niggers . I hate my own ancestors (the Dutch) too , because these fuckers ruled half Africa and brought this Animals to europe . Now they ruining one of the most beautiful Country in the World . They had it made as slaves and don’t even know it.
    do You know what i think about Niggers and Africa ? when i hear that word Africa i think
    1. lots of poverty
    2. Lots of dirt
    3.Lots of violence
    4.Lots of uneducated People
    5.Lots of raping
    6.Lots of coruption
    did you know Netherlands was the biggest Slave trader in the history of the World ? a shame thats why these apes coming in the western world

  246. steve says:

    Hay everyone did anyone see once upon a time last week they had a nigger Rapunzel hanging from the tower with her nap rope as the main attraction.
    Wow!! I have seen it all now.
    Then she joined her nigger family and all the whites joined in in happy bliss I just had to contact CBS to ask where in the fuck did the nigger come from.
    They always have to ruin something good, don’t they.

  247. steve says:

    what I get tired of is all the complaining when will we do something about it that is what I want to hear I mean has anyone sued a nigger lately that is what I want to hear

  248. Paul says:

    I knew that there would be a nigger showing up in this hit series. The executives feel that they will get higher ratings if they add a nig to the series. The average Nig won’t watch this show. They are too busy watching those silly and trite black shows. The fault is due to Sharpton and his gang. They plead the race card and put enough pressure on the entertainment industry. What they need to do is have a series that shows how the average Nig really lives. The series would have a unwed mother with 6 kids and no father around; as well as shootings going on around the home. Show them getting their welfare money and a Bridge Card; as well as how they abuse the system buying booze,drugs,and lottery tickets with the money. See how proud the Black leaders will feel when they watch this series. As much as I like Once upon a time, I’m thinking about boycotting the show because we are forced to have at least one Nig on every show

    • steve says:

      well Paul instead of not watching the show you should do what I did and write to CBS if they get enough complaints about the napped nigger on there they might do something see this is what I mean about us whites not standing up don’t quit stand up dude tell them what you think

  249. Justin Igger says:

    Well, your statemet bothers me none. I have seen more than enough of NOGS to know you are right. If anything you are being to easy on them. They are so predictable, their violence, murders, rapes, beatings, theft, robbery, muhdiking, muhdiking, looting, muhdiking YT wimmins, calling YT hatebul n rayssisss n sheet for GIBS. Why there are still wiggers that protect them is beyond me. More whites need to wake up and we need to deport these black terd baboons once and for all.

  250. Blacks are despised by every race says:

    Glad this website is here…. I really wanted to ask some of the humans that post on here if they could give me some ideas as to where I could move my family to, so that I can get away from these evil beasts that are moving in to this neighborhood…The “yoofs” are on bicycles looking for trouble. I already caught a few of them next door shooting the windows out of the house w/bb guns, only after the house was broken in to a year earlier..Please Help !….Where the F do i go ?…Montana?…Vermont?..anywhere it’s cold?

    • steve says:

      as much as I would hate to see a another white person leave your best bet is say Scotland I think there is very few niggers there or Canada. Montana is good but to cold it is terrible we have to leave are home to escape the nigger or Mexican.
      Just imagine your a white pretty girl-women and the last thing you see before you die is a 6 foot nigger raping you or your daughter in an alley somewhere before he kills you god help us all!!

  251. Paul says:

    Steve, I will contact CBS and protest the fact that Nigs are not welcome on white TV shows. In reality, I feel that it will not be taken seriously.

  252. Paul says:

    Dude. Montana,vermont are a good start. Also Utah and Alaska

  253. White Dutch says:

    Ever notice that all the pussy liberal white people and the fucking Jews who defend niggers on TV, never lived in a black neighborhood and currently live in affluent white neighborhoods where section 8 has not yet reached? They went to private school where their parents paid tons of money to avoid niggers. They’ve never been exposed to the common racist welfare nigger. Their job depends on praising and showing love for niggers. If it makes them money and fame, they’ll do it! They are worthless cowards just like most polititians.

    • steve says:

      if you hate Jews white dutch you are ignorant and need to be taught the history of the Jews and what they they have done for the world I hate people who put a jew in the same class as a nigger you are stupid dude, just plain STUPID

  254. der afrikaner says:

    When the traitor De Klerk gave the ANC Terrorist Nigger Mandela power he was bowing to the Western Kaffir ( Nigger ) , and they have raped , killed Whites in South Africa on a scale almost like the Hitler , but No one will rise against the people who give away I-phones , cable tv , and welfare .

    The U.S. will learn when the Liberal has been a victim of the Kaffir Animal that once drank buckets of beer in their sweaty rags like a drunken Ape once did in the last Bastian of white hope ……..South Africa (Suid Afrika ) !

    When the liberal media mogul has his wife , son , and daughters raped by these smelly beasts then he will realize IT IS TOO LATE to change it , but only for their eradication as should be with any VIRUS .

  255. billy says:

    The last two apartments Ive lived in I was unfortunate enough to have a nigger family above me each time. These niggers stomp and scream and bang shit around all night and day. They dont work so they are home with their loud ignorant nigger kids banging shit around. The landlords wont do shit because they are afraid of getting sued by some dumb niggerss. Fuck these stupid niggers.

    If all you motherfuckers were like the dude in 12yrs a slave everyone even nonigger blacks wouldnt fucking hate your ignorant monkey asses so much. You people are trash.

  256. B 2014 says:

    Lol you white people are funny, if you hate black people so much, why in the hell are you even thinking about black people? Black people call each others, ” niggas”, not “niggers” lol. I see a lot of you people say black people commit a lot of crimes, when white people rape their own kids lol and have sex with their family members. There is a difference between a “nigga”, and a black person. A black person goes to work everyday just like every other race, while a “nigga”, waits for a handout lives off a women has no education, doesn’t take care of their kids. I’m black myself not a nigga lol..

    • Intolerant says:

      Rest assured, you’re a NIGGER. Your misconception is why your filthy race has become such a disgrace to society, trying to separate them because a few can mimic human behavior better than others. Based on population percentages, niggers are far more violent and disruptive than any other race on the planet. You included. Now go back to bed.

    • steve says:

      because you have nappy hair, big lips you look like a ape and smell like one to but most important we humans must be forced to look at you daily we have no choice in the matter we are stuck in a hole we can not climb out of.

  257. Paul says:

    Am a fairly liberal guy. But still– niggers ain’t full human and they are shit!##.. Bloody apes!!. yeah they have that ape thing in their DNA- they way they talk, move, gesticulate, live etc. Fuckin niggers can’t be civilized. They have brutalized civilization and the English language.. Just look around…. Their music- Monkey sharts!! Their lingo- ass talk..It Run’s in their blood and they are better of in the jungles of Africa where they’re from. No wonder crime, drugs, cons, hoodlum are everywhere where there are damned niggers. Nigerian spammers make you laugh with their monkey brained ponzi schemes- Fuckin black shit meat##

  258. White Dutch says:

    B 2014 : You are a brainless NIGGER , just stupid .
    You can take the Nigger out of the Jungle but you can´t take the Jungle out of the Nigger . So youre still a Nigger
    Wrong Nigger : not every Dark Skinned Person is a Nigger ,no
    there are dark skinned People in South Asia , Indonesia , and other parts of the World but they are still Humans .
    Your wide noses , shit skin ,jaundiced eyes,brillo-pad hair and barbaric behavior , so the whole package tells you´re a Nigger.

  259. White Dutch says:

    Steve : Yes you are the same Fuckers , fucking Jews
    YOU ARE THE REASON why a Nigger was elected as President .

    I remember clearly the 1970′s to the 90′s.i didn’t care for the 70′s so much but the 80′s were awesome.the music was white,society was still white and black was not the theme for the day ‘nor was it the norm’..MTV was literally all white videos in it’s early years but in the early 80′s was forced to playa percentage of black artists,thusly Michael Jackson’s “rock with you” video was aired.it was in 1994-95 that rap and hip hop became the dominant style and black fashion became the thing and that’s when everything went to hell.here in the dallas area,it wasn’t the norm for whites to have black neighbors until the early and mid 90′s.i don’t think blacks integrated into the white man’s space until the mid 90′s as I say.i know the difference between living in a white area and living in a predominantly black one.
    Niggers are taking over, nigger president, niggers in country videos now a days, all I see when I go out in Public iS niggers niggers an more niggers, they make me sooooo sick to my stomach, n all these sorry lowdown pieces of shit white woman going with niggers mixing up our breeds I mean god o mighty it’s fucking nasty it’s sick, i mean how can any woman do that? Also all these idiots making movies and sticking a goddamn nigger with a white woman, and all theother white dumbasses chasing a nigger… I’m just sick of all these niggers… They had it made as slaves and don’t even know it. I think the goverment is trying to brain wash all of us into feeling sorry for a sorry nigger or something, by god something’s happening, all you see on t.v anymore is white woman and niggers, or white men with niggers, for example look at country music now days there sticking a goddamn nigger in the videos and country singers rapping and acting like niggers, come on people lets wake the hell up and do something about this stupid shit.

  260. blue_legion says:

    niggers,democrats,liberals ,niggers lovers. are a disgrace for this country.is time to take this beutifull country back

  261. Gordon says:

    I live in the UK in an area where a black person is a rare sight and have been fortunate enough to have never lived in any area where the population of any minority group has ever been noticeable.

    What really gets me is having to listen to black, nigger shit music being shoved down my throat every day on the radio and tv. I do not want to hear this constant barrage of nigger shit music from white radio and tv stations. I object to my granddaughter having to be force fed multicultural media shit. She is white, her parents and grandparents are white, we speak the Queen’s english. I refuse to accept this nigger shit adoption of nigger slang in our language. Niggers are not equal to me. They are not from here. Send them all back where they really belong, or have we cut all their jungles down for construction?

    Yes, they were brought across to America against their will as slaves, but they got their freedom, so why don’t they all just leave and go where they belong. No one wants them.

    If I left my own country and went to live in an other country, I would respect their laws, their cultures and not expect to be treated with kid gloves and given liberties I had not earned.

    I cannot believe Americans allowed a black president! With all the guns in your country, surely someone could have amended this issue before it became a remote possibility. As for all the rap (silent “c”) so called artists, why has no one done anything about them? A decent rifle with decent sights, strategically placed explosives at concerts? Any whites who do attend these concerts deserve to die anyway. Call it collateral damage.

    I totally refuse to dumb down to meet their ghetto intelligence levels. We are a progressive society. The rest of mankind has evolved. We do not want to go backwards to grunts and gestures to communicate.

    I wish I had been born and raised in America, if only to be able to own a decent weapon and get together with a group of like minded people to actively do something about the problem.

    I don’t kill insects or mice that come into my home. I rescue them and relocate them outside, but I would not hesitate to shooting these filthy, dirty, disgusting, sub-human so called rap artists in the face given the opportunity.

    Please, please America, put hose guns to good use and sort out this problem for once and all.

  262. Gordon says:

    We all have to put up with the constant bombardment of nigger shit because of the people we elected. These people do not come from normal society. They are usually middle classed, pampered do-gooders with a lack of real world education. They have lived sheltered, protected lives. To get where they are, they cannot express prejudice. They are in it for the money, not the common man.

    Why should a white man in a white society not be able to express white views without prejudice and fear of prosecution?

    There are more than enough white artists to replace the nigger shit we have to put up with on the radio and tv. That, however, would not be politically correct. White people who encourage this shit need to be re-educated, severely. I don’t want or need to be politically correct. I have rights too. I will not vote for anyone who believes foreign minorities need represented in society. The human body naturally rejects foreign intrusions. My brain is part of my body and also naturally rejects foreign intrusions. After the holocaust Jews were given land no-one wanted. Do the same for the niggers we have tolerated so far and any foreigner who objects to living by white laws in white society.

    If they cannot and will not learn to speak the Queen’s english, get rid! Respect our laws and our customs and integrate, but always remember their place. This is our country, our society and acceptance and tolerance is conditional. Any breach should automatically result in deportation, no matter where they were born and raised.

    • steve says:

      if the English are smart you would get rid of the niggers now before it is to late if it is not already.
      if I were you I would write to the queen in a letter I would explain of what the niggers have done to the us and ask that they please not be allowed any further admittance into the uk

  263. steve says:

    you know white Dutch I do not know where you live but where did you hear the Jews elected the niggers where did you get that idea from? knowledge is power dude the truth is the Mexican garbage did most of the voting of the banana tree huggers because he is going to let them be legal just come right over the boarder shit in our streets kill our whites sell the kids guns and drugs no you can thank Mexicans and niggers for Obama.
    You know White Dutch I respect almost everyone who speaks on here but you have very deep anger issues and no idea of what a Jew is there are so few of them in America which should make you happy but I have to say that ignorance is bliss im sure Jews never did a thing to you in your life but like most uneducated people you were taught to hate Jews I do not hold it against you

  264. steve says:

    oh by the way white Dutch not that I have to explain myself but im not Jewish im Irish catholic very Irish 100 percent and very proud to be my family came from Dublin but I grew up with a lot of them and they are very White by the way as white as you for sure and they have been very good to me if it was not for the Jews I knew my family would have starved and lost are home so that is why I say do not refer to them as a fucking nigger sub human creature

  265. Robert says:

    The only purpose niggers have is to eat-up our hard own dollars. In fact, we are currently in state of no return with crime,welfare,housing!When they enter prison; they don’t want to leave! Free food,housing,drugs and hot asses to fuck. Know wonder they always return! Fortunately, it’s coming to an end……pot running dry. He,he.

  266. aryan pride says:

    Fuck equal rights fuck naacp fuck all that nigger bullshit we need to stand up and take our country back and kick their black asses out of here Fuck martin luther monkeyboy

  267. John Dietrich says:

    I can see that you are perceptive and experienced with the subhumans.

  268. snow*white says:

    I wish my bf felt the same way I do about dirty parasitic niggers. They disgust me to no end.

  269. talktome says:

    I am well educated hispanic from the bronx Ny and moved away from my hometown for a better life.I never went on welfare and raised my kids by myself and worked hard all my life. I like all races except those dirty ghetto niggers and spics who give my race a bad name. I live in a predominantly white neighborhood because the white race is more civilized ,clean , pleasant and respectful in my area. Once you go down to the ghetto there is a huge difference.The ghetto is full of loud,dirty, drug infested,welfare getting,street walking , trash talking, blunt smoking filthy 10 kid having niggers, I wish I could sit on a mountain with a grenade launcher and destroy the nigger ghettos. I am glad I got this off my chest. I feel better now.

  270. steve says:

    well everyone in case you have not heard yet another Jew who owns the clippers is going to lose his nigger team for getting caught talking about a nigger. I am sure he will lose almost everything just like paula dean for talking about a niger but maybe that is what he gets for fucking a nigger Mexican hoe he deserves it

  271. Anon says:

    You are telling the sad truth. There is only proof for your case and no proof against it. The problem is that the niggers have conned alot of white people into thinking that the reason niggers act so disgusting is because of white people holding them back. The niggers have had ample time and oppurtunity to assimilate peacefully into society. They want to cling to their primitive ways. Just let them be and they will destroy themselves eventually and take all those primitive wiggers with them. It will take some time for this to happen but it will eventually. And even if they fail to destroy their own race, eventually the rest of us sane and civilized folk will have to take back control. The niggers are getting their chance at being civilized people and are failing miserably. No decent white people that I know of, including me wants anything to do with niggers. They are disgusting pigs and are corrupting some white people. But di not worry there is still alot of white people smart enough to not believe the false nigger bellyaching. Niggers are ruing their own race. Why stop them. Civilized people don’t want them around anyway.

  272. gripp13 says:

    niggers are punks , all you have to do is challenge them with force and they will run like the punks there are !

  273. tired of them says:

    ive gotten to the point where I have nightmares about white girls with niggers. im so fucking sick to my stomach now I cant handle it anymore. I wait for something, anything to happen that will show people are wise to how fucked things are. but all I find is websites . no groups doing anything. godamnit I hate those fucking liberal morons.

  274. cliff says:

    You guys always forget that you are going to have to stand before GOD after you die and you will die. and you wil be held accountable for everything you have said and done in the body whether it be good or bad. read your bible if you have one. it’s appointed to all men once to die, after that the judgement. oh you’re all mouth and real tuff right now but when you’re on your death bed it’s a whole different thing all together because you know something is getting ready to happen. REPENT AND TURN AWAY FROM HATRED AND SIN AND ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS AND HE WILL FORGIVE YOU AND DO IT WHILE THERE’S STILL TIME>

    • Intolerant says:

      I have never hurt an animal or a human in my life, which is something that the majority of the nigger population can’t say. I have never used any power I might have ever had to hurt a nigger or anything or anyone else. My opinions are simply stated for others to read and absorb but while words can be hurtful, it’s the sticks and stones and the guns and knives of niggers that hurt people. Did you think you would drive me off the internet with this religious threat? Go fuck yourself Cliffy…

  275. Matt says:

    God is not real you moron, you’re better off praying to the fairy at the bottom of the garden you deluded fuck.

  276. Gordon says:

    Who’s to say God even lets niggers in? Maybe we are all going to a better place, one without niggers! Hallelujah!

  277. oofezz says:

    The nigger likes to call us cowards, but the reality is they only fight when they got their brothers with them, or have a weapon. The best thing that could happen is we stop them from breeding, & stop white people from having kids if they date one of them.

    • Intolerant says:

      They call us cowards and then proceed to explain the violence they would inflict upon us if we did actually confront them. Fucking stupid niggers. They are just too dumb to see how they prove us right just by flapping their bootlips!

  278. White Dutch says:

    Cliff : i believe in God and every fucking day i asked God
    Why you created Niggers ? and God said to me
    ´´ I didn´t make Niggers . The Devil made Niggers.

  279. Rich says:

    As each year goes by and my online local newspaper posts pictures of the various senior proms around the area, more and more pictures contain young white women hanging on the arms of gorillas. Goddamn their daddies must be proud! I tell you it’s a fucking epidemic. The frustration and disgust I feel when I see this shit makes me want to go postal. Are we ever going to be able to go out in public, regardless of where it is and have to watch these monkeys in human clothes walk proudly because they bagged a whore with white skin? I have even read that there are female porn stars who refuse to have sex with niggers!! Our society has sunken to an all time low in my opinion. Thankfully I won’t be around to see these jigaboos spread their nigger seed far and wide until there’s no white people left at all.

  280. kj says:

    I love reading blogs like this. It just gives me proof that many whites and non whites are racist. The Mexicans and Native Americans (Indians as the white people call you … and you answer to) who say they hate black people … fine. Let me as a black person speak for the black people who don’t claim to have “Indian” in our family. Let me speak for the black people who look down on and laugh at poor frustrated white racists who can’t do much except whine about it among themselves. None of you love your race as much as you think you do. You hide and make comments and praise white power anonymously. lol what a joke. The word nigger (yes … some black people call each other nigga’ to greet one another”) doesn’t mean anything in 2014. Like … is that the best you can come up with? LOL The black people commenting and talking about beating you up are clearly as stupid as you are. Gorilla, monkey, dirty, from the devil…. really? LOL The sh*t is funny. Your women who flee to black men in large numbers are weak if that’s not who you wanted them to date. Blame yourselves and your forefathers for them fleeing to niggers for sexual pleasure because it’s taboo (disgusting)…. I hope they bring home lots of very black looking mixed grandchildren with very coarse hair LOL. Just like when your forefathers used to rape black women during slavery… you whites stay lusting after blacks and their essence (very sad). The fact is … you all have an advantage in this country because you stole, raped, killed, and only God knows what else to sustain power. What’s sad is that many of you don’t excel. All of you meth heads running around here. Then you have your weak women who get with no good ass black men and end up walking around the ‘hood sucking c*ck (that’s what you all like to call it — lol) in the parking lot for crack rocks or your beloved meth. Here’s the thing … humans are humans. Stupid low life humans … are stupid low life humans. Show yourselves. Be proud of what you believe in. You all are going to hell by the way. Your hatred consumes you. I feel sorry for all of you … and while many of you would probably like to see me and my family dead because we’re black … I hope you’re able to one day view people as individuals. I also pray you’ll see that the word nigger holds no wait. If you call me a nigger … I’ll call you one right back and keep it moving. That’ll leave you standing there with your mouth open. Then if you try something I’ll call the police on your dumb ass … and you’ll be in jail because of a nigger. :-) You all better live your lives and respect people … and avoid the ignorant ones. Blessings boys. ;-)

    • Intolerant says:

      Stupid nigger. You say the word holds no “wait” (it’s weight, incidentally) yet the entire black community goes ape (pun intended) when anyone but another nigger utters it. Nice try dissecting those of us who have witnessed enough of your nigger behavior to be able to understand how subhuman you are. No meth heads here…or crack whores. The white women who “flock to you” are worthless anyway. Once they go black nobody wants them back. And it always comes back around to that doesn’t it? Your “cock” is all you can do battle with. I don’t hate you, nigger. I just don’t want to be anywhere near you. I don’t want you in my neighborhood. I don’t want you on my TV. I don’t want to see you at the store. Yet there you are, always trying to force your way into areas that don’t want you around. Why is that? Is it that need to be the proverbial piece of shit in the water that ruins everything? The dominant gene that creates subhuman shit…so proud that your DNA is poisonous. That your species is one of failure and destruction. Take it back to the simplest form…I don’t want you around any more than I want squirrels in my attic. Destructive beasts I could live well with as long as they stay the fuck out of my house. Same with niggers. Subhuman garbage that can have all of Detroit or Chicago if it would just stay the hell out of my attic. Go fuck yourself nigger. And stay out of my house.

    • tim says:

      While growing up my dad always said you can never get the nigger out of a nigger. I really never put much thought into it until later in life after going to school, living around and working with niggers he knew what he was talking about. I’m not a outspoken person and often keep to myself and do like to observe and watch people and to be honest I wouldn’t wipe my ass with one. Some blacks what I would say are friends are nice, but when you get them around other monkeys their true colors do come out!! They are just worthless. There is no other word that describes them better. I wish the had just tried to use them as fish bate when they we’re first shipped to this country. Noticed the word “tried”. I don’t even think sharks would have tried to eat them. Sad fact is we are stuck with the monkeys and year by year these ignorant bleeding heart white women are breeding with them. Hell even the monkey women have had enough and decided to let our white trash whores breed with them. Notice how when you see a mixed couple together you see the white whore driving her pip daddy around and he’s looking around for the next piece of white meat he can breed with. I have a teenage son and I have told him to seriously be looking into other countries that do no put up with the bullshit this country is doing. I use to be proud of this country, but am embarrassed to be living with so many dumb asses! Insetting facts for you non-believers to read” 1. While people of color make up about 30 percent of the United States’ population, they account for 60 percent of those imprisoned. The prison population grew by 700 percent from 1970 to 2005, a rate that is outpacing crime and population rates. The incarceration rates disproportionately impact men of color: 1 in every 15 African American men and 1 in every 36 Hispanic men are incarcerated in comparison to 1 in every 106 white men.
      2. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one in three black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetime. Individuals of color have a disproportionate number of encounters with law enforcement, indicating that racial profiling continues to be a problem. A report by the Department of Justice found that blacks and Hispanics were approximately three times more likely to be searched during a traffic stop than white motorists. African Americans were twice as likely to be arrested and almost four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with the police.

  281. White Dutch says:

    KJ : You are a uneducated stupid smelly Nigger . Everything you wrote is bullshit .
    Next time before you write anything I will write something you should know about Niggers.
    One very common flawed argument that I constantly see is this. That we hate you because you are “black.” It’s a tired argument.
    Wrong nigger! That’s not why we hate you. Your wide noses, shit Black skin, jaundiced eyes, and brillo-pad hair is not why we hate you. They are merely identifying traits so we know a nigger when we see one.
    Ohh i forget , and you Niggers smell like Dog shit .
    It has nothing to do with Skincolour , i met a lot of very dark skinned ( not Niggers ) Asians in the Usa and Canada , they are wonderful, hard-working people . Really : there are no reasons to hate them .Everyone hate you Nigger .It’s because of your nature, and what you do. You aggravate us because it seems that anything you do, you fail. Anywhere you go, you destroy the area. No nigger anywhere has ever been truthfully and honestly able to take credit for a positive contribution to society. A long time ago, I had long looked for anything; anything at all that might be considered positive where a nigger was responsible. Well guess what? I’ve yet to see it. No nigger has ever invented anything, and there is no nigger-run government that isn’t in shambles. You didn’t invent traffic lights, automatic transmissions, air conditioners, or even peanut butter. And why is Africa, the most resource rich continent in the world, a shit-hole? You guessed it.

  282. White Dutch says:

    Another facet of this tired argument is prejudice. Prejudice is making a decision with haste, without sufficient research and experience. You will see through this site that is clearly not the case. There is mountains of researched data here, and all of the regular members here have had more than sufficient real life contact with niggers. We don’t hate you based on a preconceived notion, and thus we are not prejudiced.

    We hate your kind because of your daily monkeyshines. You EARN our contempt every single day.

  283. bill says:

    Hmmm, interesting numbers here:


    Cities in USA with Highest Crime Rate (2010)
    City Location Crime Score/1000 resident Demographics *
    St. Louis Missouri 381.62 49.22% Black (43.93 % White)
    Camden New Jersey 374.33 48.07% Black (17.59% White)
    Detroit Michigan 356.44 82.69% Black (10.61% White)
    Flint Michigan 310.31 56.56% Black (37.42% White)
    Oakland California 308.29 34.53% White (28.02% Black)
    Richmond California 287.15 31.43% White (26.56% Black)
    Cleveland Ohio 260.6 53.34% Black (37.28% White)
    Compton California 260.13 32.85% Black (25.86% White)
    Gary Indiana 250.48 84.82% Black (10.73% White)
    Birmingham Alabama 244.83 73.40% Black (22.27% White)
    Note:This is a Composite Crime score taken per thousand residents and includes murder, rape, robbery etc.

    The numbers above are from 2010, Below are numbers for 2012 (*All census data is from 2010)
    all census information gathered from http://censusviewer.com


    1. This year Flint, Michigan topped the list with 2,337 violent crimes per 100,000 people; 83 forcible rapes were reported per 100,000 people in Flint over the last year.

    2. Detroit, Michigan – 2,137 violent crimes per 100,000 people, and 48.2 murders per 100,000 people took place over the last year in Detroit.

    3. Saint Louis, Missouri – 1,857 violent crimes per 100,000 people, and 58.7 forcible rapes per 100,000 people.

    4. Oakland, California – 1,683 violent crimes per 100,000 people, and 26.3 murders per 100,000 people over the last year.

    5. Memphis, Tennessee – 1,584 violent crimes per 100,000 people, and 61 forcible rapes per 100,000 people. 63.33% Black (29.39% White)

    6. Little Rock, Arkansas – 1,490 violent crimes per 100,000 people. 48.92% White (42.31 Black)
    7. Birmingham, Alabama – 1,483 violent crimes per 100,000 people.
    8. Atlanta, Georgia – 1,433 violent crimes per 100,000 people. 54.02% Black (38.36% White)
    9. Baltimore, Maryland – 1,417 violent crimes per 100,000 people. 63.74% Black (29.6% White)

  284. White Dutch says:

    Niggers ruin everything they get their stinky shit – stained hands on .
    From neighborhoods , Apartment complexes , Malls ,Subways , Buses, Beaches , Restaurants , Hospitals
    Schools , even entire Coutries.
    How can this fucking , smelly Race cause soo much destruction ?? Niggers are Demon -Spawns sent from hell or something .

    The truth is hard to believe but truth is truth : Niggers will destroying the White Race by mating White Women . White Women are Universal Nigger whores and proud of it . You put her on a pedestal ..she jumped off the pedestal and blew off the whole lot of ya..
    The Jewish Program for the Mongrelization of the White Race
    The Mongrelization of America. We have shown in the previous chapter the awesome power of Jewish money and how it has enabled this perfidious race to capture the government, the news media and every other nerve center of power. Now let us examine the treacherous deceptions the Jew is using here in America in order to mongrelize us, the White Race, in order to force-feed and pump the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America.
    Thanks a lot you fucking Jews , thanks.

    • Brawler says:

      Niggers are the rats and cockroaches of society. Bleeding heart liberals have done this to us. Keep voting for these maggots.

  285. mike says:

    Hi there, I’m from ider alabama and never had a problem with niggers, until I moved to Chattanooga, TN and here they are the most ungrateful pieces of shit the world has ever seen, all they do is get free stuff from the government, steal from all the hard working Americans and cause trouble, I cant tell you the number of times a nigger has asked for change then you see him 5 min later and asks for change again after telling him no then they ask for a ride then gas Money it is fucking ridiculous something needs to be done about them there is too many of em any ideas? Can’t do much tho because our beloved president is one of them

    • steve says:

      look at our boarders now people that is what happens when you let a fucking ape run our country impeach this fucken baboon now

  286. mick says:

    You should see what the aboriginals are like here there is no such thing as an employed boong fucken hell they just sit around uno hey budda u got 2 dollar der and if you say no they will kick the lights out of ya

  287. I once was told this by an elderly man from Texas after we both witnessed 2 Teenaper Chuckers getting tased and arrested at Wal-Mart for theft.
    “I try to be a good Christian, and I always read the good book, but I just can’t stand them gosh darn naygras!”

  288. White Dutch says:

    RefinedSouthernGentleman : ´´You will try to be a good Christian ??? stupid fool .
    Niggers are a failed attempt of Satan to imitate gods great work .
    I really hate niggers… I mean… I REALLY fucking hate niggers.
    I mean I want / wish to live back in the 60s or 70s it was awesome .
    Niggers were treated like Dog Shit and they knew where their Place was .

  289. tiredofwelfaremongers says:

    The schools with high black rolls are ALL failing and its blamed on teachers. The schools with high hispanic enrollment are failing, even though tests are read to them in spanish! The district knows but doesn’t have the balls to say that these kids are drug babies, retarded, or the parents are too fucking ignorant to know anything except how to breed. The libtards want to blame whites for the chronic black failures. Blacks have been on welfare for at least 4 generations and have no intention of working or bettering themselves. ANYONE can make something of themselves if they CHOOSE to. I am sick of bad behavior being excused. That’s why the crime rate is so high, lack of consequences. Everyone is afraid of being harsh on blacks because they will be deemed a racist! It is now a sin to be white.

    • Intolerant says:

      ANYONE can make something of themselves if they CHOOSE to.

      This statement only applies to high functioning humans. The sad truth is, one can ONLY make of themselves whatever their level of intelligence allows them to become. If we could all be whatever we wanted to be simply by wanting to, we’d all be CEOs or brain surgeons or nuclear physicists. Your statement rings true as more behavioral than prosperity, but it still remains in context with the nigger’s inability to figure out how to function properly among humans.

  290. So happy to find this post! I just had a run in with two fat, nasty nigger cunts in my alley. Fucking nigger cunts. OF COURSE they were just sitting in a car in the alley with some nigger ghetto “music” turned up as far as it would go. I said I live here and told them to turn it off and of course they got nasty with me, because it’s MY fault they’re nigger cunts with no respect for anyone living here. One says “I live here too” I said, “Good. I’ll find out where and pay you a visit later.” Don’t fuck with me and my shotguns, you smelly-ass ape nigger cunts.

  291. White Dutch says:

    Today im sooooooo happy , Germany won the World Cup 2014 hehe Congratulation Germany.
    We Dutch People don´t like the Germans at all but we are related to each other .
    1st they beat the Nigger Country Brazil with 7:1 ( hehehe) ,
    2nd they won the World Cup for Germany and for other White Europeans . Go Germany
    Also we ( Netherlands) beat the smelly Nigger Country with 3:0 .
    I also love Argentina and respect them because they have noo Nigger in their Team
    Argentina is 90% Italians and Italians hate Niggers soo much i know this .

  292. TSK says:

    niggers make me hate them because of their skin color.

  293. Gordon London Uk says:

    Where the hell did those dirty niggers come from?
    That’s the question that’s been bugging me for ages. Did they exist before us and we descended from them like they all keep saying, or did some dirty bastard fuck a chimp and father a Humanzee??

    I don’t wanna be a descendant of a dirty, diseased, nigger. It’s bad enough I’m surrounded by them and forced to feel like I have to stay in my house just to avoid seeing them. I can still always hear and smell them though, and what’s with that fuckin’ music??? But that’s a topic for another day.
    Hey Nigger ´´You can wear human clothes and dark glasses but you will ever only be niggers. Dirty, smelly – Crap Skinned Apes. You are an abomination in every respect.
    Fuck off Niggers , I want my Country Back .

  294. whatever says:

    Remember the la riots? I hope they happen again. That would give me a great excuse to go killing all of these morons who think the white man is out to get them. I’m tired of them talking about some war that we are having on them. The only person responsible for their terrible situation is themselves. I worked in a dialysis clinic in nigger town. Most of the patients were on welfare, literally living off the government. They got sick from doing drugs or not eating right.. yet we are being forced to pay for them. Either way, these primates vote. They are ignorant about who they vote for, and they trust the media. They are ungrateful that we help them live and don’t care how they affect others. That is the worst kind of culture. When I was raised, I was told and taught to be a responsible man. These morons teach their kids that white people are the reason they are in their shit situation. Isn’t that retarded? We need to change their dna so they can only have males. The problems with niggers is mostly the females. They like that gangster shit. They actually like it. They think it’s attractive. I’ve asked all kinds of nigger females…and they think it’s attractive. Gang mentality. Criminals. Pants to their ankles and shit. My favorite thing is watching niggers fight when their pants are so low that they trip. We need to kill them. If I ever get robbed by a nigger, I’d love to go on a killing spree and cleanse the world. It’s unfortunate that the law is on their side because unlike them, I follow the law and my morality. That doesn’t change the fact that I want to cleanse this great country.

    • Intolerant says:

      I see that you share disdain for the nigger to a very high degree however, calling for their extermination is something we need to control. Allowing our emotions to drive us to advocate the same kind of violence that makes us hate them is counterproductive. When dealing with such a self destructive species as the nigger we need only to sit back and watch as they wipe themselves out. Instead of wishing to do the killing, we need to understand that the most dangerous thing on earth to a nigger is another nigger. If we do need to take a stand, it should be to simply step aside and let them handle their own issues; something they profess to want anyway. Niggers are unaware that the only reason they are not extinct is because the human saves it from itself. As with many real problems we encounter in life, both involving the nigger and humans alike, our best approach is to let nature take its course. Sabotage and violence brings us down to their level and makes us look like hypocrites. Nature fixes things while we are vindicated by her results. Keep calm and walk away from the nigger. Focus your energy to convince others to back away from intervention and allow the nigger to self destruct. It is the only way to get rid of a useless species with a clear conscience.

  295. you are completely right sir. Niggers completely fit this bill. They are destroying my company with their affirmative action. I can’t even fire a lazy n*****. in fear of getting sued

  296. mkwl says:

    Throughout history the mantra of the races is essentially unchanged. Asian: make it smaller, better and sell it for less; Mexican: dee grrringos stole ar’ lan’; Niggers: “Mah dick, mutha fucka!”; White: “I came, I saw, I conquered”. Lesson learned: Attitude is Everything.

  297. Mikkel says:

    What the fuck is wrong with all you people?
    Sounds like there is a war going on against Black people?
    No wander it is what it is, because it’s created to be like this, you Guys no nothing and mostly controlled by the media false accusations and your own ignorant beliefs and hatred towards a skin color, WHO had it hard, WHO still is having a hard time, because it’s created like this, and i won’t go into details because you’re lost most of you and need a bullet to the brain, i’m not saying you should fucking love all people but hatred towards a race is fucking ignorant!

    • Intolerant says:

      Stupid fucking nigger. First off, it’s KNOW, not NO. Controlled by which media, boy? All I ever see on TV is phony niggers being portrayed with white lifestyles. So where is your outrage over that? Always thought you beasts were proud of your “culture” yet you accept being shown living like white people in the media. Your desires to BE white are probably why you are too stupid to even know this is how it is being presented. Only took you until your 4th run-on sentence to get violent. So typical. Stupid fucking nigger…..

    • stan says:

      Go away nigger or nigger lover it is pathetic people like you that we have to deal with niggers at all and it is people like you that has brought the destruction of our once great country to an end

  298. somber says:

    You know what they say? ” Once you go black, single mother forever”.

  299. somber says:

    Former US Marine …no matter what uniform or profession they take on they are still ignorant and lack the capacity to be morally right proper and just. Unless it will benefit them solely. Then and only then does the educated nigger show up.

  300. Mikel says:

    Lets look at the bright side, niggers killing niggers in the cities is at an all time high. This important service provides a solution to at least part of the problem as each and every killing means tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars saved.

    No welfare and no cage to keep them in equals money saved.

    We need to introduce more weapons into these communities.

  301. jon says:

    im moving from Massachusetts to a rural part of Tennessee just so I can get away from niggers I grew up in lynn boston area and I can tell you first hand niggers in mass are fucking terrible if your white forget it high chance you might get fucked up by a group of fucking big lipped nigger apes in certain parts of mass just for being white a block really does make a difference up here one sec your in a nice white neighborhood next sec your walking into some run down ghetto nigger palace it sucks Washington dc is worse fucking niggers every where you look I call it little Africa im moving to the styx and staying away from memphrica (Memphis)

  302. Stacy M says:

    I live in Georgia and when I first moved here 10 years ago, there was like one old country nigger who respected the whites on my block. Now half my block is full of niggers and niglets, shitloads of them on freakin welfare checks and food stanps with nice cars and don’t even freakin work. Makes me sick to my stomach!! I miss the 60′s and 70″s, the good old days where niggers knew their place..

  303. Pottsy says:

    I so agree with everything from your statement.. I’m really tired of the niggers thinking we (white hard working and tax paying U.S American people) owe all of them something…. Just because of my family owning their relatives… My family is more than ready for whatever is thrown at us by our government…. I think it’s time for only the strong survive…..

  304. SouthIron says:

    Ive lived and worked in Birmingham most of my life. I have had my ups and downs over the years with how I feel about “niggers”. But over the past year it has got worse than ever. I’ve been in the store someone buy all this food with an EBT card. Then get in a brand new car with rims well over $1000 a wheel. Are you fucking kidding me!?!? I live in a decent neighborhood but in the block behind me its nothing but stupid nigs who live in shitty run down houses, drive nice cars and sell dope all day and night. We have a community garden that my gf and I signed up for in February. I have to get up at first light every morning and guard my crops. Cause the Niggs in the back will come out and roughly pick my crops clean.Ive caught a few of them. One nigger got mad at me cause I told him he couldn’t have any of my crops. His rebuttal being he has grew up here. And how its always been OK to come and take whatever. “Its a community garden” he said. I told him A. That’s bullshit nobody has ever grown crops and been cool with a total stranger taking them with out permission. That’s called stealing ASSHOLE! B. you need to look up the definition of community garden. You have to put the work in to partake of the harvest. He had no comeback what so ever. Then he told me I’ll go and rip up all your crops. I said it will be the last thing you do. Long and the short of it. My gf and I plan to move to the country ASAP. Id rather deal weak ass tweakers than a bunch of stupid niggers. They are parasites on anything and everything around them. They litter, steal, over breed and fuck everything up. They don’t care about anything but themselves. I don’t owe them shit. I’m of Irish-Scottish decent. The original niggers.

    • stan says:

      you know whites that is the problem with us you can keep running to other areas but they will catch up with you there too.
      We must quit running and fight or leave the country, no pain, no gain…

  305. truth says:

    You people are SoOoOoooooooo SICK!! Judging by your LAME comments I’m guessing that luckily for the world, you’ve been slowly dying from all of the hatred inside of your hearts . I have to thank the higher power that all of you simple freaks will be dead before my children grow up. May you all continue to sip on the bitter poison called HATE and DIE a slow miserable death.

    • Intolerant says:

      I’m really sorry that stupid niggers like you mistake intolerance for hate. What this site (and all those who come to agree with what is said here) represents is a frustration with a failed species. You pathetic animals have never been able to prove your humanity. You function on pure instinct just like wild animals and mimic human behavior to fit in. We don’t hate you for your inability to function beyond your instinctive capabilities, we resent being forced to live among you as if you are our equals. You are not. You never were and you will never be. Your violent nature refuses to allow you to be civilized and even with the most advanced of your species. Your feral rage cannot be contained. You will always react as a cornered beast and lash out against your perceived enemies. Get used to it. Embrace your real selves and accept that you are not human. If you could understand and accept that very simple fact, becoming a valuable asset to humanity would actually be possible. Unfortunately however, you are condemned to an existence of subhumanity with inferior intellect. Being able to comprehend exactly what you are is impossible. Your only hope for survival lies with the aid of a human hand. A Caucasian hand. One that understands that your only chance for anything depends on the sympathetic hearts of your potential victims. We don’t hate you. We hate that we must consider you at all. We strive to be away from you. A desire to avoid unpleasantness is not a hatred for unpleasantness but rather a choice we can make to reduce our chances of experiencing it. Now please go back out into the fields and pick that cotton, boy.

  306. White Dutch says:

    truth : You Nigger Motherfucker ,shit skinned boot lipped ,nappy haired smelly Nigger we ( whites and other humans) are sick and tired of you Niggers.
    I feel sorry for all the Human Children who are brainwashed into thinking this Bastard Race is just like them.
    It is just too horrific to imagine what the future holds for the White Americans – How can any God Fearing Country teach Children that niggers are human?

  307. had enough says:

    I am 42 years old. Last year I took a short cut through an apartment complex to the grocery store when I was approached by three black thugs who said I had to pay a tax for walking through their turf and demanded that I hand over every thing In my pockets.I politely apologized for entering their turf and told them it wouldn’t happen again. As I continued to walk away from the complex a swarm or 10 to 12 monkeys came hopping and jumping running after me. They ( all of them at one time began beating me and sticking their paws in my pockets.After they had their way with me they ran away like the cowards they are. We have been civilized for over 2000 years and we just pulled them out of the jungle 300 years ago.They have a lot of catching up to do! We should have rounded them up after the civil war and sent them back to the jungle on boats.

  308. Sean Warren says:

    Funny you mention ‘some one prove me wrong’, because thats exactly about to happen. An African American created the typewriter…without the typewriter, theres no computer, no computer then no senseless rant about niggers.
    Do a little research when you go spooling your mind on the internet, even a google search can make a person like you look stupid.

    • Intolerant says:

      A nigger invented the fucking typewriter now? What the fuck is wrong with you stupid fucking animals? The typewriter was an incremental invention that began in the 1500s…when you stupid niggers were still hanging in the trees from your tails. If this is your only proof that I am wrong, then you only further prove my findings. Niggers are animals still unable to function as human beings without the constant supervision and aid of the white man. Go back to bed nigger. You’re too stupid to operate this complex keyboard, invented by an Italian. Fucking niggers…..

    • Vince says:

      Hey there negro you can’t even live a decent life which is basic, so inventing useful stuff is out of the question. You would need to be smart to do that. I would not have a nigger even for a pet rather have a cat cuz at least cats can take care of themselves !!

  309. Niggerhater says:

    I hope there continues to be nig on nig violence. Maybe the mexicants will kill em off. Quit selling your heroin to white people niggers. Go to war so you can die for nothing.

    Nigger lover nigger lover i may be, but the nigger i’m lovin’ is hanging from a tree.

  310. richie says:

    I am Asian and I hate niggers. We Asians come to america and immediately work, buy nice cars and don’t scam the welfare system like these monkeys. Do you ever see Asians taking the bus like the spics and gorillas… or does our china towns in america ever become ghetto… no. The niggers fuck everything up and if we were ever teenagers hanging around them, we learn eventually that they are scum and we eventually drift away from the knuckle dragging specie. They take away the fun in our sports because we don’t get as big or run as fast as as those animals. Even tiger woods hates being black, he doesn’t go to africa and if he didn’t have any Asian in him he understands he wouldn’t have the math skills for the game. Imagine how much better it would be if niggers weren’t around. All the other races would have a fair chance at the nfl, nba, etc… fuck niggers.

  311. AlbinoMandingo says:

    air conditioning unit Frederick M. Jones July 12, 1949
    almanac Benjamin Banneker Approx 1791
    auto cut-off switch Granville T. Woods January 1, 1839
    auto fishing devise G. Cook May 30, 1899
    automatic gear shift Richard Spikes February 28, 1932
    baby buggy W.H. Richardson June 18, 1899
    bicycle frame L.R. Johnson October 10, 1899
    biscuit cutter A.P. Ashbourne November 30, 1875
    blood plasma bag Charles Drew Approx. 1945
    cellular phone Henry T. Sampson July 6, 1971
    chamber commode T. Elkins January 3, 1897
    clothes dryer G. T. Sampson June 6, 1862
    curtain rod S. R. Scratton November 30, 1889
    curtain rod support William S. Grant August 4, 1896
    door knob O. Dorsey December 10, 1878
    door stop O. Dorsey December 10, 1878
    dust pan Lawrence P. Ray August 3, 1897
    egg beater Willie Johnson February 5, 1884
    electric lampbulb Lewis Latimer March 21, 1882
    elevator Alexander Miles October 11, 1867
    eye protector P. Johnson November 2, 1880
    fire escape ladder J. W. Winters May 7, 1878
    fire extinguisher T. Marshall October 26, 1872
    folding bed L. C. Bailey July 18, 1899
    folding chair Brody & Surgwar June 11, 1889
    fountain pen W. B. Purvis January 7, 1890
    furniture caster O. A. Fisher 1878
    gas mask Garrett Morgan October 13, 1914
    golf tee T. Grant December 12, 1899
    guitar Robert F. Flemming, Jr. March 3, 1886
    hair brush Lydia O. Newman November 15, 18–
    hand stamp Walter B. Purvis February 27 1883
    horse shoe J. Ricks March 30, 1885
    ice cream scooper A. L. Cralle February 2, 1897
    improv. sugar making Norbet Rillieux December 10, 1846
    insect-destroyer gun A. C. Richard February 28, 1899
    ironing board Sarah Boone December 30, 1887
    key chain F. J. Loudin January 9, 1894
    lantern Michael C. Harvey August 19, 1884
    lawn mower L. A. Burr May 19, 1889
    lawn sprinkler J. W. Smith May 4, 1897
    lemon squeezer J. Thomas White December 8, 1893
    lock W. A. Martin July 23, 18–
    lubricating cup Ellijah McCoy November 15, 1895
    lunch pail James Robinson 1887
    mail box Paul L. Downing October 27, 1891
    mop Thomas W. Stewart June 11, 1893
    motor Frederick M. Jones June 27, 1939
    peanut butter George Washington Carver 1896
    pencil sharpener J. L. Love November 23, 1897
    phone transmitter Granville T. Woods December 2, 1884
    record player arm Joseph Hunger Dickenson January 8, 1819
    refrigerator J. Standard June 14, 1891
    riding saddles W. D. Davis October 6, 1895
    rolling pin John W. Reed 1864
    shampoo headrest C. O. Bailiff October 11, 1898
    spark plug Edmond Berger February 2, 1839
    stethoscope Imhotep Ancient Egypt
    stove T. A. Carrington July 25, 1876
    straightening comb Madam C. J. Walker Approx 1905
    street sweeper Charles B. Brooks March 17, 1890
    thermostat control Frederick M. Jones February 23, 1960
    traffic light Garrett Morgan November 20, 1923
    tricycle M. A. Cherry May 6, 1886
    typewriter Burridge & Marshman April 7, 1885

    How funny all the modern conveniences provided by innovative black men and women? Even funnier is the mass ignorance spread by sites just like this. The next time you hold a cell phone, thank a black man for inventing the transmitter that made it possible. Pretty sure it’s going to be hard for all of you to make a phone call after this. Now who is shown to be culturally blind and literally backwards compared to modern acceptance. Any reply will be accepted as your apology toward any race you have slandered. Thank you and have an enlightening day.

    • Intolerant says:

      If there was any truth to one single thing you listed here, nigger…then please explain why your mother land is still a cesspool of subhuman scavengers living in mud huts showering in their own piss? Why is it so necessary for the white man to provide “aid” to your shitstained continent? Why haven’t you brilliant fucking niggers figured out how to survive on your own and why OH WHY are you so fucking oppressed if you’re so goddamn innovative? Your silly phony research is flawed 100% simply by virtue of the reality of your species. Fail.

    • mark says:

      All these nigger inventions have been debunked. Even if they weren’t they are all pee pee inventions. Go ahead and build a stealth fighter then you can impress me nigger. Go ahead and research it there has never been one single Nobel prize laureate in any hard science that has been a Nigger. Everything you Niggers know about science, medicine, art, music,etc was taught to you by the White man you ingrateful piece of shit. I have to get a good laugh at the fact that out of all those inventions you’ve listed the last one was in 1960. Name one fucking thing you’ve invented since then

    • Baboon Killer says:

      ROTFLMFAO! Let me guess, niggers invented the toothpick right? Oh, and I bet they invented the ice cream stick. For real nigger? That is the most pathetic funniest list of so-called inventions I’ve ever read. lol. Key chain? Peanut butter?! That doesn’t even qualify as an invention!! hahahah!

      Francesco Rampazzetto, an Italian, invented the first type writer in 1575.
      Henry Mill, an Englishman, patented, the first typewriter..

      Thomas Edison invented the first phonograph and Emile Berliner invented the first record you silly nigger.
      Had you spent much time in school you would know this shit.
      I could go on and tell you-
      The history of artificial refrigeration began when Scottish professor William Cullen designed a small refrigerating machine in 1755. Cullen used a pump to create a partial vacuum over a container of diethyl ether, which then boiled, absorbing heat from the surrounding air.[3] The experiment even created a small amount of ice, but had no practical application at that time.
      Schematic of Dr. John Gorrie’s 1841 mechanical ice machine.

      In 1805, American inventor Oliver Evans described a closed vapor-compression refrigeration cycle for the production of ice by ether under vacuum. In 1820, the British scientist Michael Faraday liquefied ammonia and other gases by using high pressures and low temperatures, and in 1834, an American expatriate to Great Britain, Jacob Perkins, built the first working vapor-compression refrigeration system in the world. It was a closed-cycle device that could operate continuously.[4] A similar attempt was made in 1842, by American physician, John Gorrie,[5] who built a working prototype, but it was a commercial failure. American engineer Alexander Twining took out a British patent in 1850 for a vapour compression system that used ether.

      The first practical vapor compression refrigeration system was built by James Harrison, a British journalist who had emigrated to Australia. His 1856 patent was for a vapour compression system using ether, alcohol or ammonia. He built a mechanical ice-making machine in 1851 on the banks of the Barwon River at Rocky Point in Geelong, Victoria, and his first commercial ice-making machine followed in 1854. Harrison also introduced commercial vapour-compression refrigeration to breweries and meat packing houses, and by 1861, a dozen of his systems were in operation.

      But you get my drift.
      Anyway, your probably to stupid to read and comprehend.
      As you were. Nigger.

  312. Brawler says:

    You’re full of shit

  313. Bobbie says:

    It’s about time I read what I think every single day of my life!! We can’t even go to the movies as a family anymore,you really have to watch where you go. Every word you said was the damn truth!!but lord help us if we say anything.then were racist!!I’m so tired of all their crap!! Thank you for letting me blow off some well deserved steam lol!!

  314. raildawg says:

    When you stop acting like animals, we will stop calling you niggers. Because NIGGER, if you know who I am talking about, You already know you are a fucking nigger. Fucking retarded fucks. I’ve tried to be patient, give the benefit of the doubt, but you fucking niggers suck. Slavery? You think I think that was cool? I wish I had a time machine and could go back and put a fucking bullet through whoevers head thought it was cool to bring you fucks here. YOU FUCKing SUCK! FUCK YOU! I wish I all cops were so easy to pull down on you fucking assholes. FUCK YOU!

  315. Jay says:

    Well guys and girls in the USA, we have got the same problems with these fucking niggers up there in Canada coast to coast. They are polluting our cities with their shit. The worst part is people tend to believe that we owe niggers something which we all know is dead wrong. We could not have this kind of site
    here in Canada. Those hypocrites in Ottawa are thinking the way I do but thy’re too chicken to stand out and play the politically correct bullshit card. All we see on tv are those baboons to.
    Every tv network’s got to have their service nigger. Soooo fucking fed up I’m getting real frustrated and aggressive with those piece of shit bastards. Tire to hear ”what about Obama”? Obama is half nigger and was brought up by his white grand parents who raised him the white way and that’s the only reason he got to be president. Obama doesn’t give a damn shit about his fellow niggers from Detroit or Watts or any fucking niggers ghettos. They live like the gorillas society and did not follow the evolution process. It’s about time segregation comes back and show them who’s boss once and for all. I can imagine the good times whites had in the 50′ the KKK
    the ass kicking the hangings hey those were the days man.I wish we could go back in time !!

    • stan says:

      would rather send them back to the jungle where they came from and are so proud of they would not know how to live and would die off on there own..
      I can not say it enough the whites have to start standing up to them…………..

  316. Keneth Abroski says:

    Stop sending educated soldiers to the front line. Send the baby making nigs on welfare to defend this country. If nothing else we will get rid of a few and be happy about it.

  317. Keneth Abroski says:

    To collect welfare you must serve your country.

  318. Der Afrikaaner says:

    Ignoring a Kaffir will get rid of them quicker than giving the Critter any attention , but think of them as a dog that lacks trainingg …..even when you ignore them they will bite a neighbor , and not the Handout that feeds them .

    I really liked the lack of coverage near St. Louis ….the networks seemed to miss All the Liquor stores looted , and Mc Donalds all were closed before the Monkey riots .

  319. Brawler says:

    Why has Ferguson, MO been left silent by the majority of FED UPs ?

  320. Der Afrikaaner says:

    Ferguson is a “Suburb” of Saint Louis , and the news mediums in the states here have ignored the Kaffir looting , robbery , rapes (Our S.A. term for Niggers ) , because they are just like the Kaffir run media in S. Africa , and afraid more Zulus , Bantus , and other tribes will burn what little is left that was built by my Dutch (Afrikaaner) ancestors .
    Remember The Nigger needs very little cause to revert to his cousin the Ape , and so for reasons financial in nature the Don’t rile “The Critter Nigger” .

  321. Der Afrikaaner says:

    Again as in my last reply ………Don’t give The Kaffir what The Ape craves ….Attention………just ignore it till it’s time for action …..then leave no waste behind , and like a pig .when you render down the critter there is little waste as even the hides make great wet suits …..even the scream may be useful as a recording to ward off further attacks .

  322. Stacy M says:

    I would “LOVE” to see slavery make a comeback as when they were slaves, we were safe in our neighborhoods and damn, I would love to feel safe again!!

  323. Der Afrikaaner says:

    When they bring the slavery issue to a vote …..Most places unfortunately won’t have it mainly because they have devolved to a point where they are a completely useless critter even for the most menial task , and would be impossible to rehabilitate , but how can you use something like that that has NEVER been “Habilitated” ?

    They will eventually kill off themselves , and we just have to wait it out like a virus that has to run it’s course through an entire school .

    Be patient , and most important Pay No Attention to The Critter Kaffir , but send him More fat Blonde White Pigs with Trans Am’s , and Keep them on the crack pipe .

  324. Mike says:


  325. Mike says:

    I’ll befriend ISIS before a Damm Nigger!

  326. Mighty White Man says:

    On The Creature from Jekyll Island book.
    Are not most of the ones behind it Jews?
    With potential sock puppets like the Morgans.

    Not to say we are not over run with traitorous whites, that ultimately are causing our decline & issues.
    Liberals, progressives for starters.

    Africans belong in Africa, Jews in Jewrusalem, Mexican’s in Mexico & Illegal’s in their home Countries.

    Africans, & Whites or anybody else that act like Africans, i.e. lie, steal, destroy for spite & play hustle con games, make me sick.

  327. Brawler says:

    Why the problem with the lower class infidels? If it wasn’t for the bleeding heart liberals the niggers would be exactly where and what they are which is usually sub-human. I saw someone mentioned this guy, Dr. Carson (sic). He is nothing but an affirmative action nigger along with the one in the WH. Stop deluding yourselves and see exactly what the nigger is–an affirmative action-diversity-slave to political correctness.

  328. Mike says:

    MAN you are 200% correct! Obama started all this implementing
    that the blacks get the majority of publicity in the media and elsewhere, but they only represent 12% of population ,i think.
    In the media they control 60%.I cannot watch tv anymore unless it is the old tv shows from the 50′s & 60′s and FoxNews.The white race is being “Dumbed Down”.

  329. jesseg says:

    Thank God sombody finally says it. We took them from their home and they’re ungrateful so I think it’s time to return them. Let them continue to destroy their own country and take Obama’s Muslim ass with them.

  330. The government is planning to exterminate them.NO MORE NIGGERS.

  331. What’s the difference between a nigger and an ape?An ape wouldn’t fuck a nigger.

  332. Major Mel says:

    I’m in total agreement with you on this one. I’d also like to see the A Holes who placed BHO in the W.H. also sent out of the country and removed from any position of influence whatsoever either in or upon our once great nation. Most assuredly, BHO was not at any time honestly or lawfully elected, but merely selected by the evil powers that be. This applies to all of the previous U.S. presidents as far back as (most likely) FDR!

  333. Mike says:

    We cannot allow this affirmative action to continue, allowing all these blacks and minorities to take presidence of this country. The USA is falling apart. Low class ethics and CRIME is abound.Lets put America back to the way it was before all this Shit happened, before we end up like some 3rd world country, full of poverty and restlessness.It’s not Safe to go anywhere today.It’s in a complete loss of Moralality.

  334. White Dutch says:

    Der Afrikaaner: you are Dutch ??? why the fuck you call yourself Afrikaaner ??? hartelijk welkom mijn broer .
    When our dutch ancestors and other white european ( British, german) were ruled the south africa it was a strong ,prosperous and well organized industrial nation . It was called ´´the powerhouse of Africa´´. Now the smelly Niggers
    have taken over , and ??? the country is a shithole crime-ridden nightmare ,and getting worse all the time.
    The terrorist Nigger Mandela is died , fuck Animal beast
    he should´ve gone out with a flaming tire around his neck, ape bastard .
    Obama the next smelly ,ugly satanic creature from the white house ordered American flags to half staff for Mandela Fuucckkkkkk what a shit world we are living ??
    And Americans obeyed ??? There is the problem .

  335. Der Afrikaaner says:

    White Dutch ……I moved here to the states back in 1980′s because of the traitor de klerk we Boers knew he was going to make peace with the kaffir animal so we seen the future coming with the kaffir destroying everything my ancestors worked hard to build .
    When the music artists came out with the song about how they won’t play sun city ……I said Fuck This .we knew when P.W. Botha was not re-elected it was only a matter of time before the Filthy Kaffir was armed by English traitors who were sanctioned by the west , and boycotted by white Hollywood liberals .

    I am an Afrikaner ..the 4th real white tribe of African Boer Dutch settlers who have Now become the oppressed in Suid Afrika while the rest of the world sits back , and pacifies the Nigger Kaffir Animal , but the AIDS , Violence , and Poverty WILL cause the Kaffir to destroy himself soon so we wait , and maybe my grandchildren can someday go to their homeland again , and salute a real flag .

    Onthou my broer ons leef skoon lewens en sal ons vaderland terug te wen .Die swart is byna ‘n uitgestorwe spesie!

  336. Major Mel says:

    I have seen how even so-called rather successful Niggers in the U.S. live and how they keep their home9s)! Dirty underwear in the middle of the rooms, unwashed dishes stacked up in their sinks (not to mention the expected ubiquitous ‘smell’ unmistakably identifiable as Nigger stink!) Unbelievable! The fellow who said, “Give a nigger a home and he’ll live in it until it’s totally destroyed,” was telling the real truth!

  337. Mike says:

    to my white fellows north américans
    Lets be aware about all those African niggers that are spreading that deadly ebola virus. Them niggers don’t have a clue about what is a virus so please write to your congresman
    or emigration department to let those niggers where they are and that is in there shitty africa so they won’t spread there
    virus in our contries that is if it’s not too late. We got to be real vigilant and keep our eyes and ears wide open. We got enough on our hands watching our own niggers. The good news is
    this ebola virus is taking care of that bunch of monkeys so good riddance. United Nation should isolate africa from the rest of the world for good no planes no boats no row boats should ever come out of africa. Thats it my friends !!

  338. jake says:

    I hate niggers. Pure and simple.

  339. Major Mel says:

    I don’t hate Niggers merely because they are unattractive and smell awful. They have a right to live like anyone else, but not necessarily anywhere other than in Africa where they, I believe, truly belong. I hate the behavior of many(including several whose race is not Negro)that is typically associated with the behavior of largely useless Niggers. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a behavioral issue much more than merely a sensory one. Granted, most Blacks are an undeniable insult to the visual and olfactory senses of Whites and most other races, but they simply need to be replaced where they belong. The Japanese also do not seem to like Negroes either. The same goes typically for the Greeks, the Italians, definitely the Germans and most Western Europeans in general. I believe that ever since Noah’s son, Cham (which translates from the Hebrew to ‘hot’) who many believe performed some sort of homosexual act upon his father, there has been upon all Negroes. Noah pronounced a curse upon his son, Cham, that he would be a slave of slaves. This is about as low as one can go. Therefore, what more can be expected of them? This is ultimately why they must be separated from otherwise decent human beings.

    • Major Mel says:

      I meant to say that ever since the days of Noah, there has been a curse upon the first Negro (Noah’s son Cham!) This curse is recorded in the Bible. This curse was proclaimed by Cham’s father Noah, when he realized what his son, Cham, had done to him (presumably some sort of homosexual act). Isn’t it somehow weird that the current occupant of the W.H. (and his ‘wife’ who is probably actually a man in drag) have come to degrade everything that was evergood about America? Many believe that upon the pronouncement of this, Noah’s curse, Cham was turned Black and at that same time Cham attained the typical (essentially unpleasant) and clearly animalistic appearance of most Negroes.

  340. Baboon Killer says:

    I am unfortunate enough to live in West Palm Beach Fl.(nigger Palm Beach FL.)and I make a modest living, so unfortunately I pretty much have to live amongst the ever increasing nigger population. There are however little pockets of predominately white areas. However, even these areas always have a generous sprinkling of monkeys. You need not look out your window to realize this. The incessant thumping of car stereos all day long, which is inescapable if you live anywhere near these mud people will constantly remind you.

    A couple of years ago a nigger and her boyfriend moved into the cottage in the back of the house that I share. The place is about 400 square feet, if that, They have two nigglet boys around 8 to 10 years old and the female was pregnant with yet another welfare nigglet fermenting in her belly.

    Me and the white gentleman that occupies the front of the house always take the garbage cans to the curb. The nigger female does not only ignore the trash cans but, when she brings out all of their nigger waste, she will always put the trash into the closest trash can, usually just piling it on top in the full can and leaving the lid leaning against the pile 3/4 open. She is too lazy to walk two feet to the other can and put it into that one or see if it is less full. As you know, this brings rats, racoons, stray cats, roaches, flies, and stench to the area. But, this is par for the course with these mud people. She now has yet another welfare nigger to bring the grand total to six niggers living in a 400 square foot cottage. I think that she’ll just keep hatching nigglets as she gets another $300 a month for each new rodent.

  341. Der Afrikaaner says:

    Where I once lived we had no trash pickup because it was in the rural area in our state …so we would burn our paper , and cardboard trash in a couple of 55 gallon vented drums to ease the load when I had to take the remaining un-burnable to a transfer station dump , but one windy day the fire in one of the burn barrels sparked onto the dry grass , and burnt down my remote shed I used for storage …..so not losing too much I was more careful in the future ….so if you have a place to burn your paper trash near that L’il Cottage O’ Breeders be careful NOT to let it get out of control , or your remote cottage may become a sad memory ?

    I don’t think you will be as sad as myself , because my shed contained Useful items , and Zero Varmints .

  342. Courtney Russell says:

    You white pale skined fuckers… Your funny ass hell… Get your life and stop bashing mu black people.. Once again it’s your ansisters fault on why my people are here soooo hult bitches really your ignorance isnt going to get you any where… because at the end of the day we are all laughing at you… hahahaha…. funny…

    • Intolerant says:

      Had to let this nigger slip in so you all could see exactly how stupid these animals really are. The true geniuses of the species are on the “Fan Mail” page!

    • Baboon Killer says:

      Wow, look what we have here. lol. Another ilterate nigger. lol.
      It was your own people who sold you to the white man you foolish monkey. And yes, we were wrong to purchase you and allow you to come here. However, yapping about this changes nothing. And by the way, of course you’re laughing, what else can you do when you’re a simple, worthless, lazy nigger who is shunned by every other race on the planet. You say the white man this and the white man that. lol. NOBODY WANTS A NIGGER IN THEIR TOWN. Let alone living next door.. NOBODY. You are, quite simply, the human equivalent of cockroaches. The sad part is, you people are not intelligent enough to become desired members of society. Have a good life. NIGGER.

  343. hate cRappers says:

    Sick to death of their crimes and of having to listen them blasting cRap in my building downstairs. I only have a lousy little apartment and niggers have to cRap all over it with their shit noise. I wish them all GONE FOREVER. I wish for ENFORCEABLE SEGREGATION. I wish for my countrymen to STOP BEING FORCED TO PAY TO FEED AND HOUSE THEM. PAYING THEM TO BREED! PAYING FOR THEIR WORTHLESS LIVES! If they were meant to survive they’d have IQs above 70!

  344. KD says:

    I don’t know what to do. I am fed up and angry. This race of assholes are completely entitled and believe everything should be handed to them because their ancestors were wronged during the times of slavery and segregation. Now we are in a society where not only are they treated equal to everyone, but get special privileges. Will all that, they still bitch and don’t believe that they have to work. Now I have to see, every time I turn on the tv, a white woman with a nigger like that is the new normal. All these white bitches want a big nigger cock and that is all that matters. This nigger cock is never going to hold down a job, he won’t work hard for you. He will most likely beat you, cheat on you, give you diseases and run off when he impregnates you. This is worth it to these white trash cunts? When have white men become obsolete? Because were racist??? Blacks are fucking racist! Us being pissed off for niggers being a drain on society and a true danger to our loved ones is not “racist”. It’s concern. We separate wild animals from our homes. We don’t let our children out in the wilderness to play with wild life. Does that mean every one is racist against grizzly bears? Those poor oppressed bears. When will society give them their due chance?
    Niggers are angry and unpredictable in our society. I don’t want to be angry about it anymore. I don’t want to be concerned. I don’t even want to talk about it. I want change, but our laws have prevented us from protecting ourselves.

    • Intolerant says:

      Niggers will become insignificant when white people quit pandering to them. It is not even solicited pandering, as the nigger is so unaware of itself. It couldn’t find the energy to stand up for itself without the white man explaining to it the mythical notion that they are human and equal to us. If left to their own devices, niggers would self destruct by killing their own species off and eradicating the planet of their scourge. When niggers were sitting in puddles of their own piss in Africa, they were a pure race of animal that was satisfied with foraging for food and fucking monkeys for pleasure. Once the white man interfered with the nature of the nigger and began the disgusting process of creating hybrid mutant mulatto beasts, the nigger began to evolve into the violent soulless animals they are today. The only way to solve just about any problem personality is to simply avoid and ignore them. If the niggers is left on its own, it will dissolve.

  345. Mighty White Man says:

    Niggers with their cRap music are making it damn near impossible for me to think & do my calculating paperwork & computer related duties in the office at my job. African’s & females get special consideration there, as white males are now second class citizens. Basically slaves.
    I’ve thought for a while it would be worth it to pay to ship their ass back home. Recently, Kevin Strom of the reconstituted National Alliance stated something along that line.
    There’s approximately 38 million Jiggaboons.
    We’re 17 Trillion in debt.
    If we payed each Boon $100,000 to go back to Africa.
    That would be $500,000 for a shit shack of 5 boons.
    It would put our national debt at just over 20 Trillion.
    Which we are apparently going to spend anyway.
    We could pay off this 3.8 trill in 4 years if we applied the 2.6 billion a day we currently flush.
    Heck, if each white paid $20,000 or so, the price of a new car, it could be done.
    I’m willing. We would be so better off in the long run. Getting as many non-whites, especially Blacks & Jews, the hell out of here. Then rebuild this nation to its former White Greatness.

  346. Mighty White Man says:

    Exactly, they were complacent until whites started breeding with them & creating these half breeds.
    Of course we/they are all bombarded with the media propaganda to stir up guilt in whites, anger in blacks & sympathy for the Jews. As well as perversion like creating more mullotto.

  347. Major Mel says:

    Time to relocate all Blacks back to Africa! Including the mixed half-breeds!

  348. hateniggaz says:

    You cannot prove him wrong. Niggers are burden to society. i know a few niggers that i have seen, they live on section 8 and they rape children! fuck all these niggers!!!!

  349. Kinda Black says:

    Being a “black” man I used to hate hearing this. Felt it was racist but I can’t see how any white person could not become racist after living around people of dark skin who really are not “black folk” but useless garbage feeding off of society. Being black I have black friends but this band of niggerish ass people I have nothing but disdain for. It pisses me off to no end that I have to get shitty looks bc of what a rotten group of individuals perpetuate. Given the chance I would take these “people” off the planet. They are useless and bad DNA. There are decent black people but where I live in Charlotte I see niggers everywhere. It’s sad. I didn’t grow up around garbage like this. Nor was I taught the mentality they have. Generation after generation after generation of leaching off society and tormenting the people “supporting” their useless asses. To me they are less than human in their intelligence and it is unbelievable to see this trend happening before my eyes. I’m not advocating genocide of a race but a large portion of it needs to be culled and cleansed. Black people have become a minority in this brown skin and niggers have become a majority. They need to go for the peace of every decent hard working person and the time is now. We want our communities back.

    • White Dutch says:

      Kinda Black : no matter what you do in your life, no mater what you have, or what you do. in the end, you are a nigger. i wake up white, every morning. im blessed for that. you are forever black , even a Nigger with Harvard degree is still a nigger . Nigger you get all things from the white man so when you want to give something back
      because It happens to a lot of human people. They achieve career success, make enough money to live comfortably, and then-bing-they have a strong urge to “pay back” so what about you Niggers ? when you want to give something back than stay in your fucking country or ghetto .please

  350. can't stand em says:

    Waiting for the day after the invention of the time machine by a white man or woman, we will wake up the next morning and there will be no more niggers in this country and not having any of the problems that we have had in the past and the ones that we are having right now because the inventor or a friend of his or hers will go back in time and stop them from being brought here in the first place.

  351. White Dutch says:

    can´t stand em : hahaha wow realy its a dream for all Humans , a world without Nigger Animals hmm but how is it possible my bro ??? Every night i dream a Netherlands without Niggers .

  352. White Dutch says:

    Der Afrikaaner :hey bro how are you ?
    Africa could be a wonderful continent, as we used to see in Rhodesia and South Africa, if there weren’t so many niggers there. Billions more people could be populate the planet and be feed from Africa if we could get the niggers out of the way and let responsible farmers care for the land.
    For hundreds of years we have tried to civilize and educate Kaffirs and nothing has worked. Some humans thrill in attempting the impossible. Africa will always be a backward place sucking UN aid until the niggers are removed.

    You don’t know how many billions the Dutch church here has wasted on books, radios, classroom items, health care that have all been vandalized or used to start campfires. Investing in niggers only makes them worse ,helping to niggers is fruitless . The year is 2014 and the niggers are still a bunch of worthless, violent, murderous, uneducated, indecent, lazy, vile feral pavement apes and In 50 years they will still be the same .Sad, sad, sad but yes, typical of niggers who were able to get hired.

    Kaffers is nie mense nie – diere is nie eers so erg so die fokkin goed. Deur die duiwel gemaak. Maar ons Boere is besig om reg te maak vir een groot finale aanslag wat ons die kaffer uit die hele Suidelike halfrond sal verwyder – die goed verdien nie om te leef nie. Steel en Teel is al wat die dier verstaan.

  353. Mr. Dixie says:

    After watching those niggers in Missouri tear stuff up over a violent criminal being shot when attempting to take a good cops’ gun I’ve realized I’m done with those useless pieces of shit.

    The numbers just don’t lie. The crime stats are probably padded to make it seem like niggers do less than they really do but they still own the majority of ALL crime that doesn’t require intellectual ability.

    Just looking at our dumb nigger president, who makes every worst move possible, at all times, makes me sick of niggers.

    After Missouri though, I’m done. For years I’ve been kind to them, helped many of them in many ways, from pulling to the side of the road to help after midnight when two older blacks hit a deer to buying a car full of nigglets with no A/C in Southern heat cold drinks and candy.

    Niggers with their own acts, words and behavior have killed any hope I can extend to their cursed, pathetic and disgusting lives with how foolishly they “processed” that giant violent nigger getting shot in Missouri. Also, their ability to deal with Ebola just seems to fit.

  354. Mighty White Man says:

    I’d like to say to Afrikaaner as well, that when I talk about Africans belong in Africa. I mean it as no disrespect to you guys.
    I’d prefer that a group that will be constructive, rather than destructive, be in charge & doing something positive there.
    I’m a Christian & so refrain from uncalled for genocide.

    If I could I’d institute the first Negro Space program for real. I know you guys are similar as I’ve read that your people had half a dozen nuclear devices you dismantled before giving your land to these negroes. You could have taken them out in an afternoon. According to accounts in the book “Into The Cannibals Pot”, anyway.
    I support my White brethren, including you guys, if you choose to live in Africa. I personally don’t want to be within a 1,000 miles or on the same continent as these mother f@ckers anymore though.

  355. mike says:

    I really hate to call myself a racist but I think I’m. My other problem is I’m sort of embarrassed because I’m also Jewish but I’m exteremly conservative along with my family.I hate fucking Liberal Jews AND Niggers. All they want to do is take your money and redistribute it. They are fucking communists. I’m a big conservative. My grandparents, parents family and myself have always worked hard to get ahead in life. We never wanted any hand-me downs from the government. It makes me sick to see what has happened to this country. A lot of the deterioration is from the liberal media and the political correctness bullshit that they teach in schools. Along with the big fat government who does jot care about the US citizen who actually works and pays taxes. All they care about are giving amensty to fucking illegal aliens who should be deported immediately and the fucking black liberal niggers like all sharpton AMD Jessie jackson who are fucking biggots. Oh I forgot to mention that cunt Nancy Pelosi and that Cocksucker Harry Reid.
    Now granted I do know some black people and they are very nice and do work hard, but the problem is there are not that many.

    • stan says:

      Mike never be embarrassed of being a Jew take pride in it don’t listen to idiots like Dutch pride what the fuck does he know about Jews he probably does not even know any and loves Jesus the Jew.
      Most people that are taught to hate Jews don’t know any… It is taught to them by idiot parents who never met one in their life but love Jesus. stupid fucking people who put the Jews in the same league as the nigger while they take the meds the Jews created, they sit under the lights the jews Invented and everything other then that the Jews invented.
      Please don’t put down the Jews their good people.

  356. Major Mel says:

    We seem to be ‘cut from the same cloth.’ I totally agree with you & your comments. Shanah Tovah!

  357. Der Afrikaaner says:

    Thanks for the solidarity White Dutch……..seems like we may even be related in one way , or another although I NOW live in the Eastern U.S. , and Won’t return to the land of my birth because like my friends ………..when confronted by even a group of Hostile Mau-Mau’s , Zulu’s , Bantus , or any other tribe of filthy Kaffirs in beautiful , sunny south Soweto we would just shoot them , but once when my buddy got drunk because he lost his job he left a bar in Durban , and was confronted by some bucket of beer Kaffirs on the dark street then shot , killed them , but he was fined 500 Rand for littering , and spent a night in jail to sober up .

    Now if a White person of any nationality including a native Boer Dutch Afrikaner as us even says the Word “Kaffir” , “Nigger” , or even “Fuzzie” we go to a Nigger (Kaffir” jail for FIVE Years !

    That’s why here in the states Most of whites in the press , politics , or police are afraid to call a Spade a Spade , but heaven help their scared ass if they use the word “NIGGER” in public because they may be arrested for a Hate crime , or just fired from a good job .

    When a Plant can NOT Flower in the day it Must Bloom in the night so stay patient because when the dread lock Ferguson Niggers kill each other we will once again prevail , and notice the Latest from Fergy , MO. a dread lock Kaffir shot a white cop………..so where are the rioting Whites ?

    Nowhere because they too are scared of this Kaffir infested federal government , and it’s leadership at the top !

    So bly koel my broer, en ons sal weer in beheer van die diere nie, maar tot dan jou kinders leer hoe om te veg, en bly sterk vir die dag!

    Der Afrikaaner ,

  358. Major Mel says:

    Ernest Hemingway probably put it best in his classic novel, which was later made into a fine film, also titled, ‘The Snows of Kilimanjaro.’ In the story, the wife of the hero, (Harry Street, played exceptionally well by Gregory Peck,) whose name, in the story was Helen (played by Susan Hayward) said: “Hello, Molo, [Black African servant] you white man’s burden, you!” Hemingway was bold and brave enough and also fortunate enough to have lived in times when telling this truth would not get him charged with any ‘hate’ crime. It’s long past time to rid ourselves of this burden! No! I do not suggest killing any of them, only relocating them ALL back to where they belong, Africa, where within a relatively short period of time they will no doubt either kill themselves or become extinct due to sheer stupidity and inordinate ignorance.

  359. Aleister says:

    Abortion should be mandatory for all Niggers and Wiggers alike….nothing more needs to be said…..and stand back and watch how the human condition improves vastly.

  360. MrMaster says:

    Niggers smell…..so that the blind are able to hate them too

  361. Der Afrikaaner says:

    Hello All to my fellow burdened Whites ,

    I would also recommend a movie if it is still available ………..which was a popular one of it’s time not long ago , but 2 Kaffir breeding seasons ago .
    “A Dry White Season” was banned in South Africa in 1994 after the ANC , and it’s terrorist farkaen kaffirs took power from the Traitor DeKlerk from what he called world wide boycotts , and trade with my country ……..which by the way had more Gold , Diamonds , Platinum , and other items and Rare raw minerals than ALL The Combined wealth of the boycotting kaffir media run countries , both European , and American .

    I hope you can get a perspective on how it used to be in one of the former free counties in the world .

    Der Afrikaaner ,

    I WILL Play “Sun City” !

  362. Mighty White Man says:

    “A Dry White Season”
    I’m going to watch it.
    Thanks for the recommend.

    • Der Afrikaaner says:

      I Want to thank you for the link as it shows exactly ……….without any Kaffir editing the way those Smelly , Bucket of Beer , radical animals behaved , and what a good H&K G-3 rifle in the proper hands will do ….also the German , Belgian shepherds hate the smell of those rank smelling animals too , and used to Love to be let loose in Beautiful Downtown Sunny South Soweto .

      I know there were some Liberal actors in that particular film , but it was the only one that came to this True Afrikaner’s memory that may have still been available , but as I said before it is BANNED in South Africa ,and Zambibia (Rhodesia) , and other Nigger dominated governments worldwide .

      I Hope they bring back the American classic about the true movie story of the KKK someday “Birth of a Nation” ?

      Till then keep hoping for the best , but Always protect yourselves from the worst !

      Thanks again my brothers ,
      Der Afrikaaner ,

  363. JAMOACHA says:

    To all my White brothers and sisters –
    ”If I charge — follow me
    If I retreat — kill me
    If I die — avenge me”

  364. can't stand em says:

    Did the KKK go out of business or something? Or did everyone retire?

  365. Nick says:

    I posted on here not to long ago about my thoughts on that worthless shitstain jeezy mac and I figured I wasn’t done just yet with that stupid baboon…So last time I spilled a long rant about how worthless and stupid niggers really are, but I didn’t really give much in the way of examples because I was to busy dragging that stupid nigger through the mud where it belongs. Jeezy mac…First off what kind of fucking name is that anyway? Niggers are wild animals. Just look at their ridiculously stupid and downright irritating names. Who the fuck names their children those horrible poor excuses for names. Oh right, niggers do! Watch their so called music videos. They act like wild fucking animals, say and so stupid bullshit and they are ugly as fuck with their big ass watermelon sized lips and nostrils, their nappy fucked up hair and their absolutely worthless and STUPID vocabulary…WTF is where is you at? the dumb fucks can’t even speak proper english! but thats to be expected from lesser animals with no brains or common sense…

    Then there is their demeanor. Outright shameful and embarrassing! The dirty flea ridden monkeys flail their arms all over the place, jump up and down, scream loud and belligerently and flail their stupid heads all over the place. They look like a fucking monkey having a seizure and taking a shit at the same time! and let’s not forget their clothes. These fucking monkeys dress in the most ridiculous and ghetto way with baggy ass pants hanging off their asses, shirts 3 times to big for them, cheap fake ass gold and diamond rings and chains and for the nigger ape females, long ass fake nails, bullshit ass crap in their hair and tons of nasty make up…YOU PIECES OF SHIT ARE SO STUPID, EVEN STUPID PEOPLE CAN’T BELIEVE YOU PIECES OF SHIT ARE THAT STUPID…

    I could go on for days and days and days about you dumb niggers and all the stupid shit you all do but I’m limiting it to just some choice things that you fucks do. Everywhere in the world that you find niggers, you find ghettos, violence, filth and disgust. And also again, NO ONE IS AFRAID OF A WORTHLESS, COWARDLY, IGNORANT, GHETTO, DISEASED INFESTED, UNEDUCATED AND UGLY NIGGER LIKE YOU.

  366. John rocker says:

    Google “dirty nigger” found this. I laughed so hard. Even blacks hate niggers, they use it in their stupid rap (idiots can rap, there is as much talent in rapping as there is scrapping dog shit off ones shoe). I feel bad for niggers because they were born into it, you know they wake up in the morning and try to scrub that shit off, then they have to go outside and pretend they are proud. I admire blacks that don’t idolize that they are from da hood.
    I was in a 7-11 and a nigger was playkng a rap song about “nigga.nigga nigga nig” through his shitty iphone speakers, he got upset that I said “really”? Thought he was gonna rape me. Disrespectful delusional idiot!! Fuck it, I hate em! I’ll respect them as soon as they respect themselves!! Don’t take pride in being a fuckwad!

  367. Bushwacker409 says:

    Niggers are a blight on society, they take, and take and feel like they are entitled. Their niglets play is the street and do not move for cars, every kid has a right to play in the street and be respectful of the cars and move out of the way. There lies the problem. They have no respect for anything. The way they act I don’t believe they have a soul !
    They go to church and nigger that up making a spectacle of themselves. They moved in two doors down from me and now that yard is always full of trash. The b-ball hoop is lying in the street constantly. They are really not people, they have no respect for anything including themselves. I don’t know what they are, I wish every last one of those things would go away, they would not be missed and every thing would definitely be better. I would burn them out but I am afraid of being locked up with hundreds if not thousands of those things, my worst nightmare.

    • Major Mel says:

      No doubt your views are shared by many/most of us. Some people, just by their very presence, seem to bring about all of the very worst in those around them as well as destroy everything decent about any given neighborhood. There are also what I refer to as ‘White Niggers.’ Whites [and other races, surely including many,perhaps even most, Hispanics and many, if not all, Eastern Europeans] who behave more or less as do Black Niggers. They too are a blight upon the land! In my opinion, Blacks should be relocated back to Africa and the White, or otherwise (who behave like niggers) should be relocated to from whence they originated. I live in a largely Russian Federation expat neighborhood. i.e. People who relocated here from the former Soviet Union. Most of these behave like sub-humans as well. Filthy, noisy, manner-less, stupid beyond belief & the beat goes on!
      As you can see, my view of Niggers is largely based upon people’s behavior not exclusively upon appearance or race(s).

  368. can't stand em says:

    This morning driving down an exit ramp off the highway a Lizzy (bitch nigger) turned out of the left turn lane and into the right turn lane and then stopped……. WHAT THE FUCK……..it is illegal to stop on an entrance / exit ramp off of a highway unless the traffic on it is stopped……….the cop said he wasn’t going to charge anyone of us at fault and was going to leave it up to the insurance companies to decide.

  369. can't stand em says:

    That was supposed to be Kizzy…….From the movie ROOTS…..my phone changed it on me

  370. can't stand em says:

    We have insecticides for bugs, why is it we don’t have innegrocides for niggers? Anyone?

  371. Der Afrikaaner says:

    The Nigger Critter has evolved From “Ebonics” to “Ebola” in One generation of Kaffir ……….The only Pesticide I can think of off hand that is a Sure-Fire riddance of the kaffir is still The typical , Fat , White , Addict Slut that they crave , but only if they are infected with AIDS , Ebola , and Diet Pepsi ……Almost forgot that for bait She …The Slut MUST have a Trans Am , Camaro , or equivalent , and weigh in at at LEAST 200 Kilos !

    I Hope that helps , but you still need the good old fashioned baits required for the Animal to get to the Poison , and me being Old Fashioned still rely on a Bucket of the “KFC Colonel’s Original” recipe chicken placed in a well traveled intersection of highway ?

    As individual hunters have their own preferences , but I’m too old to change my tactics .

    Hope that helps ?

    Der Afrikaaner ,

    Good Hunting .

  372. can't stand em says:

    I think that your recommendation of the KFC is probably best, but I don’t have any AIDES virus or Ebola to sprinkle on it…..DAMN

  373. can't stand em says:

    And the slut doesn’t have to have anything exclusive to get around with…….if it has 4 wheels and moves, it is usually suffice for any nigger……period

  374. can't stand em says:

    After more time has passed, I really don’t think that it makes a difference if you use KFC or POPEYE’S fried chicken or any other brand, just as long as it’s fried chicken and I don’t think that BBQ chicken works as good as fried chicken

  375. Der Afrikaaner says:

    The Only reason I mentioned the “Colonel’s” brand is that the Varmint Nigger tends to be a remembering one in their genetic structure ……….like ALWAYS knowing where North is without a compass , and if he sees a White aged man that may , or may Not have a Bullwhip …he’s just more instinctively drawn to KFC , and “Popeye’s” a Nigger owned business may inflame him , or his Cow , but like I said it’s up to the individual Huntsman himself ………after all the meat ain’t worth shit even for a starved Wolf , but someday One of these so-called Nigger inventors we read about here posted by one , or two that slip by might find an “Ecological” way to use the hides (skins) for Wet Suits (Sterilised of course) for White Sea Hunt type guys with the time on their hands to dive for sunken treasure on a Nigger Free Planet .

    Like I was trying to state we who were forced to live ,with , but allowed to Legally hunt them in South Africa , and Rhodesia during Dutch / English rule were , and taught by our Father’s the art of the Bantu , Zulu hunts in the bush , and the Transvaal regions but a Spear they were good with had no match to an H&K G-3 Auto at a sporting range of usually 300 meters .

    By the way I was able to record “A Dry White Season” on a download from the site mentioned here , and hope All enjoyed it ……..A MUST watch for All Whites to lift our spirits on those rainy nigger infested days ……We will show it at our Sports Camp area in Montana this year for the kids to watch during our adult activities .

    Good Hunting ,
    Der Afrikaaner ,

    p.s. another good film made in the U.S. is one with Tom Berenger called “Betrayed” as it also features a Good Hunt scene .

  376. dasnipa says:

    I live in dover delaware the useless nigger capital of the world. They have no respect for anyone not even their own momma. They walk in the middle of the road and look at me like they dare me to run them over. They wont cut their grass. They cant fucking drive or just dont care. And they have managed to put all the buffets in town out of business with their nasty nigger antics. I moved here 5 years ago with lil hatred towards blacks and now i want to strangle every nigger i come across. And what kills me is all the hard working americans are paying for these useless niggers to be useless. I could go on forever but my fingers are tired

  377. Jim says:

    enof is enof they don’t work and just a drain and scum time to put a stop to the lot of it

  378. can't stand em says:

    When does the next black plague start?

  379. Major Mel says:

    Niggers,in my opinion, simply don’t belong anywhere other than in Africa! They don’t know how to behave like civilized human beings. There are a few Blacks who do not behave like niggers, but they are few and far between.

  380. Val UK says:

    Hiya all. I live in the UK and the country is being overrun by dumb niggers. I have lived in this country all my life and can say with all honesty that these nig nogs ruin everything that is decent and good. They are ignorant ugly apes that deserve all they get. They make me sick with their jungle ghetto talk. They don’t understand the concept of class and refinement. The other day I was in London waiting for a bus. The driver was a typical nigger. I asked the ape a question it just looked at me with that blank stupid stare thet give decent people. He did not answer my question about the bus fare, he just sat there giving me dirty looks like he did me a favour by letting me on the bus. Stupid Nigger. I asked the nigger why he wouldn’t answer me. Nothing just a blank stare. How the hell this dumb ass ape got the job as a bus driver in my country I have no idea. It does not answer you or understand English, so how did the baboon get the job? There are decent people, white people who would give their right arm for a job these days. But oh no the stupid, ugly black gorilla gets it. It then started speaking and cursing in its native shit language to try and scare me. Scare me? You must be kidding. No ape looking coon scares me, not in my country. Get the hell back to ape land. It was truly the lousiest nigger I’ve come across in a long time. Where is a pocket pistol when you need one? It is true that niggers eventually show their colours, even the apes that pretend to be normal and nice, the niggerish attitude eventually shines through. The female fat arse version are just as bad, with all their fake jewellery, fake smelly hair wigs and nails, with blue eye contacts? Yeah right, like anyone believes that shit is real. Get out of our country you ugly smelly apes.

    • Major Mel says:

      You’re right! The niggers should have never been permitted in either Europe or the Americas. But, greed and laziness saw the opportunity, in America, to make more money via using Black slaves in the production of cotton and sugar cane primarily in the then Confederate South. As soon as mechanization replaced the need for slave labor they should have all been returned to Africa with no possibility to ever return. The Liberals saw these largely useless creatures as a means to promote their agendas via decrying unfair treatment of these poor niggers. Neither The U.S. nor The U.K. has ever recovered [nor shall they recover] from the negatives which Niggers have brought, via their mere presence in both countries, unless both countries are wiped totally clean of them.

  381. Spook H8er! says:

    The Great Ferguson Chimp Out has fucked up every white person’s house in greater St. Louis. Niggers act this way because they don’t know shit about being human.

    I’m 100% fucking proud of that white pigg who shot that nigger 17 times and killed the spook. If that white pigg ever shot a white person thought, he’d go right to hell. But I’m sure he knows better. Any white cop shooting a white person hates his or her own race.

    Once a nigger, always a nigger. Bullshit or no Bullshit, it’s the truth and you can’t argue it.

    If that nigger king never got into office not as much of the chimping out would be happening.

    So next time my fellow white Americans Vote Right, Vote White!

    All niggers can do professionally is Act, Sing, or Play Sports.

    I have not seen that Hobbit 2 movie since that day I left the movie theater. Why? Because it’s got a nigger in it. I have no problem with seeing other colors in there for a screen. But it’s the niggers that fuck it all up for us. I am not going to view that Hobbit 3 movie unless word gets out of there being no sign of a nigger in it, what-so-fucking-ever!

    Once a nigger popped up in the screen all the white folk in the theater started yacking about it under their own breath. so you can see how much it bugged them.

  382. White Dutch says:

    I can´t believe that a boot lipped ,crispy haired half Nigger Obama was re-elected for his second term as President of the United States Fuck what a shit world we are living ?

    • Major Mel says:

      First of all, Obummer (as I prefer to call him) was NEVER, AT ANY TIME, elected! He,just like most of his predecessors in the W.H. Oval Office, was SELECTED, by those of the N.W.O. for nefarious purposes. They chose this particular abomination called Obama [more accurately, Barry Soetoro, who was born in Kenya] to rub Americans nose in the crap which they shit on our floors, so to speak, now that they believe they can get away with doing to us indefinitely. They chose this abomination who is a well known radical asshole and Marxist styled Muslim who was put there to destroy the U.S. economy, the U.S. Dollar and many U.S. decent, law abiding, citizens in the process. Elections in the U.S. are nothing more than,’dog and pony shows,’ designed to give the uneducated, the naive or the simply and blatantly stupid, the impression that they have some say so in how they are to be governed. They don’t! At least as far back as FDR, if not farther,the U.S. presidents have been SELECTED well in advance of any ‘for show’ only, ‘so-called elections.’ The U.S. is in effect governed by the ultra rich who have bought off the media, most of the U.S. Congress and everyone else they may have needed to buy off [or simply murdered them!] in order to establish and perpetuate their own will, which is very closely aligned with the will of Satan. By putting Obummer in the W.H. these filthy rich, vile, subversive, evil doers made it clear that there is no constitution or Law which is being followed other than the one which Satan helped them to write-up. The U.S. is screwed, glued and soon to be tattooed, most likely with some sort of RFID chip, which will eventually assure those who accept it to have a future residence reserved for them in Hell.
      While I do not especially hate any ethnic or racial group, I would be a liar if I said that Negroes appeal to me in any way shape or form. They do not! Still, they are human beings, albeit on the lowest rung of humanity, to be sure. I believe it would have been best for all concerned if ALL Blacks in America, had been returned to Africa shortly after the end of the American Civil War, in which, sadly, the WRONG side most assuredly won only with the aide of strong deception and fraud.

  383. White Dutch says:

    Nelson Mandela :good riddance you smelling nigger piece of shit rot in hell
    This racebaiting uppity bastard should never have been allowed out of prison. How such a vile beast ever attained legendary status among niggers is testament to their low standards and drone mental capacity .
    Fuck you all kaffirs – seed of satan. The Boers are still a long way before they are finnish with you, this time they will kill all you black asses and their will be nothing left even for the dogs to eat. Not that a dog are so hardup to eat kaffir. You kaffirs are uselees and good for nothing – even a Chimp have more brains then you lot parasites. Steal, murder, rape and making babies hmm …sorry i mean by breeding like fucking Animals are the only thing you kaffirs can do good.

  384. klepp0906 says:

    Apparently not the government and the ignorant neo liberals.

    If abe Lincoln woulda known lol…

    Imagine had we just picked our own Cotton and never brought them over how great this country would be.

    By all means if theirs a counter arguement perhaps in the forms of contributions from their species…?

    Too late now. It’s a shame because we could have been like Canada on steroids. They don’t even lock their doors over there.

    • jsph says:

      After the Emancipation Proclamation Abe Lincoln was heard to say “They must be free but their intellectual level will NEVER be equal to that of a white man. PLUS the first slave owners who SOLD slaves were rich Black plantation owners selling their own to the Europeans. Just an FYI…………..

    • Jay says:

      With all due respect klepp0906 let me tell you we in Canada have the same problems and yes we lock our doors. Street gangs mostly haitians baboons 125k in the only aria of Montreal. Thats a lot of fucking niggers and the problem is our rules and laws when a nig gets caught he’s back on the street in the next hour. With that in mind we have put on a task force of ex military
      police officers, and a few niggers haters like me and we go after them and beat the shit out of them. Thats what happens when authority cant do ther work we take over.

      • Der Afrikaaner says:

        The Canuck Kaffir apparently pays NO attention to strict Gun laws in Canada ……..so the White man does , and if I lived in a British ruled Anti-Gun country such as Canada I would definitely get some weapons going on as the “Baseball Bat” can break upon the crack of the Buck Nigger skull plate .

        I personally think guns are a good deterrent , but can get a Smart White man in trouble in a liberal royal empire such as Canada , and would recommend contact poisons like the one’s that can be made ,, or purchased in any Wal-mart , and concoct plans to sponsor a local Ghetto drinking party with the cheap liquor supplied by their Newest , Bestest Buddies ………….Whitey N’ Friends\LLC ?

        Wishing All of Our kind Well ,

        Der ,

  385. Niggardly says:

    I wish all you guys lived in Vegas. These nig-nogs have destroyed everything they’ve touched here. I have tried to look past the fact that niggers are cowards, lazy, rapists, extremely violent, ugly and did I say lazy. By befriending a cop that is of niggardly descent. Boy what a fucking mistake. My wife is a petite white girl with a great bod. He relentlessly would try to get with her. I had to tread carefully but managed to get rid of this fuck without placing a noose around his neck. Needless to say he met a nigger loving white girl who popped out a half dozen turds. I reported him to internal affairs for being racist. True story.

  386. nightwolf says:

    Fuck niggers i’m so fed up with all these’s white nasty nigger loving bitches that’s all there is in Maryland is nigger with white women It makes me sick to my stomach what is so great about a fucking porch monkey nigg nogg spooks jiggaboos Mollyians niggers they are slaves and that’s all they will ever be and it is not all true that niggers have big johnsons no homo but I was lock up with them in the past and they act like monkeys in a fucking caged but when you take showers in jail you are in there with a bunch of mother fuckers so it can’t be but any ways a spade will beat the shit out of a white woman they are stupid the niggers all they are doing is Enslaving the white woman and the nigger man is out fucking who ever he can get his hands on but the niggers are getting what they want they been wanting to turn our white women against us ever Sence back in my great great great grand fathers and my great great great grandmothers days this is so true though thanks for our asshole government to bring these’s fucking nasty disgusting fucking porch monkeys animals into our beautiful country of ours but everything went to shit after they got free and got rights a good nigger is a dead nigger I’m racist all the fucking way and I don’t understand how Taylor Perry can make out his movie and said that blacks are good kind Heart people then he makes a movie with a white woman in it with a fucking nigger and she is kissing and fucking this nasty mother fucker in the movie and marrieds him at the end and all this time he made movies just for blacks staying with blacks now of a sudden he makes that bull shit ass stupid movie never seen but saw previews of it and herd about it what is The deal with that bull shit why should we love These’s animals after the way they treat us and be doing all kinds of wicked shit to us white people i’m a christian I do believe in god but something needs to change the south is ready to rise they say we are going to have a racial war it is going to be the pure white people vs the white niggers. And the Half breeds niggers that’s if there are any pure white people left because the niggers and the white nigger loving whores will not stop fucking our race out it is time For all of us to stand together and fight back and take our fucking country back over and send these’s nigger back where they came from and put them on a ship with a bunch of watermelons and grape sodas and with a whole lot of chicken and lots of hot sauce and lots of ketchup it is time to get rid of theses shit throwing animals These’s porch monkeys theses dirty niggers fed up with them all

  387. texasmex says:

    Im a Hispanic out of Texas and i hate niggers and just to make it clear being Hispanic doesn’t mean ima wetback…and fuck you and your mother if you hate on us

  388. nightwolf says:

    Spanish people are cool in my book

  389. hateignorance says:

    What a bunch of idiots. That’s why all you people want to be us. We are the chosen people that’s why we are the center of all attention. GOD bless all of you, your insides must be rotten from all the hatred. Worry about yourself, worry about making your own lives better. Don’t be mad because we excel at everything we do. Good luck with your hatred. I love you all!

    • Intolerant says:

      Here is another stupid nigger who actually thinks he can succeed without the constant aid and supervision of the white man. Because he lives in the same world as a typical animal, he believes HE is the center of the universe and we are all here because of HIM and to serve HIM. Our insides are in turmoil because of his infectious destruction of our world, not because of any hatred. We already DO worry about ourselves and making our lives better because of the obstacles niggers place in our way. Such delusional limited thought patterns define the typical nigger and here is another fine example. He is the one being eaten up by his own hatred! Stupid nigger.

    • david land says:

      Excel at everything you do? You fail at everything except sports. How stupid are you apes? You’re illiterate, only ugly white women want you, and you’re going to be gone much sooner than you think.

    • Mike says:

      hey piece of shit if you do succede that much then how come your relative in Africa are starving to death? We have to save there asses all the time fucking bozos. Know what?? get the fuck back to fucking Africa and help your fellow apes or shut the fuck up slave boy

  390. Road Warrior says:

    Liberia was created for freed nigger slaves to go back home and they failed miserably. The typical nigger is too stupid to realize that he has it made here in the USA. Their role models are Fifty Cent and Snoop, instead of Herman Cain and Bill Cosby. To the typical Porch Monkey, any Black man that is able to. A,e it in this country and become a respected, productive citizen is known as an Uncle Tom Nigger. To them that is a nigger that sucks up to the white man to make it. That look down on these success stories because it proves them wrong. Wrong that a black person can not make it in this society. Wrong that the black race is being oppressed. They have been given all kinds of help, programs, money and the best they can come up with is oppression. You dumb angry stupid fucking Niggers.
    If you all vanished tomorrow the USA would be a much better place. You have drained our economy with social programs, hand outs, subsidies, equal opportunity, food, stamps, EBT cards. You have filled up our jails with your killing and raping and stealing and drugs. You as a race are just no fucking good. I would love to see separation or segregation come back because obviously integration is not working for any of us.
    Look at the numbers and percentages of black people on public assistance, black people in jail, crimes committed against both white and black people. And you still think there is no reason for someone to be afraid when they see a black man or teen in a hoodie. Profiling, your God damn right, it is justifiable profiling. You would have to be an idiot not to see that. Trayvon was a thug, Mike Brown was a thug. And this is all we hear about. But when Nigger beasts run around killing and raping whites it barely gets reported by the media. Fox News is the only news that has the balls to tell the real story. Shame on all you liberal assholes out there that can not see the light.
    We need to rise up against the typical Nigger, not the working respected Black folks that understand this, they have perspective, but they are the truest of minorities amongst their own race. They are ashamed of their own race and I know they feel the same way that I do.

  391. Major Mel says:

    I suspect that you would do well to keep yourself armed with some reliable firearms(s)and well stocked with appropriate ammo. Oregon is known as a State that has a fairly well represented group of liberals [AKA nigger lovers] as well as centrists living there. Using the ‘N’ word there will most likely get your butt between a rock and a hard place just as quickly as it might in MS.

  392. White Dutch says:

    texasmex: you fuckers you are same shit like Niggers,
    you are also a reason why a nigger ape is in the white house .
    i have nothing against pure blood spaniards or portuguese people because they belongs to white .
    You fucking parasites you also like niggers , acting and behaving like niggers.

  393. Road Warrior says:

    Yes, be armed to the teeth. Niggers have illegal guns from drug money. They go hand in hand. This is why we need to back
    Our constitutional right to bear arms legally. Fuckin shitskin niggers have infested our country and we need to protect our families. Segregation equals infestation. Like giant cockroaches they multiply and reek havoc, only difference is it ain’t legal to exterminate the giant black ones.

  394. phil,,,?? says:

    Fuck niggers tired of hearing about them and the black dick suckers that support them sorry just frustrates me

  395. nightwolf says:

    hey a nigger just commented we all want to be like these’s niggers I don’t want to be no fucking shit throwing monkey you niggers are going down the republicans are coming from the south and they are all going to take our country back over the south is going to rise nigger because your Be loving half breed nigger of a president is going to get Assinated by a kkk member and the skinn heads are going to get into the white house and it is going to be segregated again the republicans are going to strike against the voting of the house of Senate you niggers have did nothing for us all you do is throw that slavery shit in our faces for what our old generation did to your old generation and fuck all your nigger loving whores out there all they want is a fucking shit throwing porch monkey nignog jiggaboo Mollyian spook spade nigger slave dick them white dirty Phithidirty whores get pregnant with your half breed nigger Children and all you porch monkeys do is sale drugs and rape Insistent poor helplessness white women you fucking niggers aren’t no good in my book you dirty back wood slaves that’s all you will ever be is a white Mans porch monkey slave that came on a fucking may flower ship your own kind sold you out your big African nigger jungle monkey of a chief took the white men’s gold and sliver and guns so it wasn’t us that put you in slavery it was your own brother of your old generation that put you into slavery and your chief let my old generation hunt you down and capture you all and the white men That brought your old generation they sold your old generation so how is it the white men’s fault for slavery it isn’t it our fault but you have to go after white women to fuck up your race and to fuck our race out and when these’s white woman get fuck by nigger porch monkey dick they don’t want nothing to do with a white men and then they turn against there own race and call us white boys crackers white Honkeys that is just fucking stupid and retarded these’s fucking idiotic dumb nigger loving white trashy women and there curly headed crooked eyed half breed yellow highed niggers sick in my book if you tell me get ready for a civil racial war my white brothers white power niggers you always say black power and fuck you black Panthers you want a war we are ready for a Rrevlounary war fuck you shit throwning demons you have fuck up everything

  396. phil,,,?? says:

    Nightwolf you are so right thos niggers sold their own self out like they do today

  397. tony izzo says:

    i was atacked by a nigger in rotterdam ny the nigger loving cop let him get away with it cos he was a x prison gard

  398. nightwolf says:

    Just seen a beautiful white girl walking down the street with one of these’s shit throwing porch monkeys that is so sad Maryland is nothing but a bunch of porch monkey shit throwing nigger lovers In this state we need the kkk and the skinheads to thin out this nigger loving state these’s white dirty tramps are to good for a white man anymore what is so special about a back wood nignog nigger slave it makes me sick seeing a beautiful white woman with a big boot lip gorilla shit throwing monkey nigger man what the fuck is going on anymore in this world thank god i’m married to and older white woman and i’m not out there searching for a soul mate anymore because all the pretty white women are shacking up with all the niggers i’m so fucking fed up with niggers and these’s nigger loving whores they disgust me we need to fight these’s fucking niggers back and take over our country and fight for our beautiful white women but all these’s white people in Maryland have let there guard down against these’s niggers and stop fighting for our neighborhoods and our people even all the white boys have let the niggers fuck there mothers and sisters and fuck there girl cousins and they think that shit is cool and they act just like a fucking dirty nigger slave people are so dumb and idiotic they are fucking out all our race dumb niggers and dumb nigger lover’s who want’s to be a porch monkey slave shit throwing monkey NigNog spade so fucking fed up with fucking dirty nigger’s in Maryland in the baltimore and the surrounding areas please south rise again and take back over this nigger loving country we need the ku klux klan and the skinn heads white power you fucking niggers

  399. nightwolf says:

    Just seen a beautiful white girl walking down the street with one of these’s shit throwing porch monkeys that is so sad Maryland is nothing but a bunch of porch monkey shit throwing nigger lovers In this state we need the kkk and the skinheads to thin out this nigger loving state these’s white dirty tramps are to good for a white man anymore what is so special about a back wood nignog nigger slave it makes me sick seeing a beautiful white woman with a big boot lip gorilla shit throwing monkey nigger man what the fuck is going on anymore in this world thank god i’m married to and older white woman and i’m not out there searching for a soul mate anymore because all the pretty white women are shacking up with all the niggers i’m so fucking fed up with niggers and these’s nigger loving whores they disgust me we need to fight these’s fucking niggers back and take over our country and fight for our beautiful white women but all these’s white people in Maryland have let there guard down against these’s niggers and stop fighting for our neighborhoods and our people even all the white boys have let the niggers fuck there mothers and sisters and fuck there girl cousins and they think that shit is cool and they act just like a fucking dirty nigger slave people are so dumb and idiotic they are fucking out all our race dumb niggers and dumb nigger lover’s who want’s to be a porch monkey slave shit throwing monkey NigNog spade so fucking fed up with fucking dirty nigger’s in Maryland in the baltimore and the surrounding areas please south rise again and take back over this nigger loving country we need the ku klux klan and the skinn heads white power you fucking niggers i’m so sick of all these’s niggers

    • Tice says:

      These white girls act proud like they won the lottery and it’s like they have daddy issues, hey dad guess what I fucked Tyvone, Jevone, Levone, and the NBA my pussy is so loose that you can stick a Louisville bat up there and it will still be loose, my pussy is ruined sorry white guys, but we can be friends, White skankin hoes,

  400. scott says:

    I grew up with these niggers I was the only white around I been thru he’ll that you can even begin to imagine I’m so sick of these fucking niggers they need to be dealt with complete annihilation is the only way they are raised to hate white people the ones that give them everything

  401. nightwolf says:

    Indie Minnie Mindy Moe catch a nigger by his toe if he hollers don’t let him go tie a rope around his Neck and hang him from a tree and watch him tangled NigNog patty wagon give a nigger a box of chicken and watch him swallow them and smack his big gorilla nigger lips old Antichimama nigger went to the fridge to get some food for her little niggaettes when she open the door the fridge was bare so them stupid niggers had to go on welfare and fuck the white woman to get a job and money and food and they all said stomp your feet clapped your hand we have jobs and free housing and welfare fucking niggers i’m so fed up with them and there bull shit and fuck you nigger loving white trashy whores that sleep with this disease carrying gorilla ape monkey boot lip niggers and I will call a fucking monkey a nigger right to there face I’m not scared of no back wood slave shit throwing monkey of a ape because they came from apes from monkeys

    • White Dutch says:

      nightwolf : hey my bro i can feel your pain.
      im so sorry for you , here in my country ( Netherland) is the same shit.
      i hate i mean i fucking hate the fat , ugly pig faced nigger loving white whores.

  402. DieNiggers says:

    Agreed man! Worthless pieces of fucking garbage. I hope all nigger NIGLET things fucking burnnnnn. Fuck you niggeys. You’re all worthless.

  403. Joe Schmoe says:

    You dare anyone to prove you wrong? C’mon now, you’re asking the impossible, can’t prove you wrong when you’re 100% right!! And for you nigger-lovin’ shitbags out there that say “Once you go black, you never go back” I got news for ya, Once you go black, we don’t want you back!!

  404. almost done says:

    Its truly amazing to step back and look at world history and to the present day state of affairs world wide, and particularly in the USA. What was established in this country, USA, by so many different PRODUCTIVE peeps, from all walks of life, catapulted the USA to the front of every frontier: science, medicine, mechanics, industry, services, agriculture, etc. Maximum individual freedom (religous freedom included) and LIMITED government were the basic foundations. As so many here have pointed out, intelligent, cunning, crafty politicians have selfishly but BRILLIANTLY undone and replaced the founding principles of the USA. Replacements have included DIVERSITY, ACCEPTANCE, TOLERANCE, HISTORICAL REVISION, and POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Evidence of what DID WORK is directly observable….and has been erased. WHAT DOESNT WORK is all around us PRESENT DAY. CRIMINALS are all around us as well…be careful….the worst of our enemies are not just those with the physical &,behavioral characteristics mentioned here…the REAL ENEMY…is their political enablers and apologists. Human history to date had ONE brightestest moment…founding of USA to 1950′s…we are now witnessing a return to “hell” on earth…seemingly by design. Takers know no limits….we productive peaceful peeps are merely targets….so circle the wagons and enjoy this short life in happiness as much as possible with those you love and trust…the takers are all around us…and come in two main forms: polished politicians & media, and the filthy hordes of takers who the politicians and media enable, excuse, and champion. Best wishes to all….and please do remember to judge individuals by the content of their character…there truly are exceptions to virtually every generalization…I do appreciate the FACT BASED observations on this page…and am hopeful… as I do associate and enjoy friendship with a few black families who live and operate bearing the burden of being “sellouts” to their race. I admire their conviction and courage, and just wanted to add that to this thread…while sadly seeing so much truthful validity in what has been posted above. Best wishes.

  405. Major Mel says:

    As far as I’m concerned, any White woman who would engage in sex with any Black man, has absolutely no self respect whatsoever and would also consider to (or actually engage) in sex with an animal. This is sheer depravity and was never, ever, intended to be considered normal or acceptable!

  406. Tim says:

    Niggers and Muslims have worn out there welcome. Remember, Germany in the 1920′s? All it took was a guy making speeches in a beer hall. History repeats itself. I hope to God it does. We need a “final solution” to eradicate these vermin. We are getting close. Let the economy collapse due to the nigger and Muslim. It’s coming. The Jews were not a fraction as harmful as the nigger or Muslim. Something to think about.

  407. FckNiggers says:

    I must agree. All my life, I have fought against racism. I am white, but I always had black friends. I HATED racists. Now I am 30 years old, and have experienced so much racism from blacks, that I am now fed up myself. If this is how the majority of the niggers want, then that is what they get. I’m tired of hearing all the ANTI White bullshit in this country. Fuck you NIGGERS!

    • stan says:

      glad you woke up to what niggers are all about better late then never. to all nigger lovers you too shall wake up in time.

  408. James says:

    As I’ve commented previously the major problem with all of you nigger haters is that you don’t follow through with your desire to get rid of this filth. Stop watching NFL and NCAA sports where the greatest percentage of players are niggers. Boycott this shit all together and stop going to films and TV shows wherein the nigger is in charge of whites and has a white girl friend. If you boycott all this nigger propaganda from the Jewish media and sports “authorities” you will see a change. Unless you do something positive to alleviate this filth then it will continue and get you so mad your leave this nigger loving country.

  409. Der Afrikaaner says:

    You don’t want to hate the nigger kaffir critter……….it takes away their cheerful singing with them old religious songs when they’re picking your crops , and you might have to put one or two down to set an example ……..we can’t afford crop losses in this economy they created .

    Keep thinking “Ebola” !

  410. Tice says:

    My neighbor a very nice 30+ women with a teen son, she met this nigger and leaves her son alone by himself and goes out all night with this nigger I use to feel safe leaving my door unlocked but now this rif raf nigger basically moved in this poor white teen must be confused. Fucking Niggers, I will never talk to her again another white women ruined from a nigger

  411. scott says:

    We have to remove these niggers from the earth we are breading these fucking animals to rob rape and kill us they won’t be happy till every whitey is picking cotton I hate these boot lip fucking niggers

  412. If it was not for the nigger!!!! none of you white people would be here YOU crackers are our kids you fucking dummies that’s why we are fucking your women and the so called white man can bailey reproduce look all around you cracker all of you white people are old we are just waiting for you cracker fuckers to die. the next time we have some white kids we will just kill them on the spot an not stick there cracker asses in the coccus mountains like we did your asses .

    • Intolerant says:

      And they wonder why we hate them. Niggers just prove everything we say about them with their own words. They’re too stupid to even know they’re doing it. Thanks Big Black Nigger…you helped to exemplify everything noted here about your filthy species.

    • Mike says:

      you stupid nigger if we were not there you would’ve extinguished a long time ago. We the whites are saving your stupid asses cuz you stupid blacks can’t survive without us. You owe us your primitive, useless, miserable, shitty baboon lives. We should’ve left you die in freaking Africa but good news ebola is taking care of you. No wounder your relatives were chained like fucking animals cuz you are animals that did not evolve since
      chimpanzee walked our planet. You negroes should kiss our white asses like good nigger. As i am writing these lines i see the NO INDICTMENT on tv concerning that Wilson police officer who shot that bully Brown . This police officer should be decorated to have eliminated that degenerated negro so there is one less bully in this town. The message for you niggers is WE ARE THE BOSSES GOT THAT???

  413. Major Mel says:

    They (Niggers) need to be relocated back to Africa, where they belong and will, no doubt, soon revert to the total savages they were prior to having been exposed to decent and normal human behavior! Abraham Lincoln’s first view (as to how to deal with the ‘freed Negro slaves’) was precisely this right at the end of the American Civil War. [Quite Obviously the wrong side won!] Too bad he, Lincoln, didn’t stick to this perfectly logical and practical plan.

  414. Der Afrikaaner says:

    Dearest Big Black Kaffir ,

    “the so called white man can bailey reproduce ” When Y’alls use “bailey” do y’alls be a meanin “Barely” , because Y’alls seem to be talkins bout “The Planet of The Apes” that most Big Buck Black Bill Bailey Nigger Kaffirs dream of living in on their daily Crack-Pipe journeys on The Reservations of Chi-Town , New Jack City etc. ..

    A Whole Jungle filled with Big Fat White Ho’s with mini-Niglets that Whitey will toil in the fields for as field hands lucky enough maybe to sing spirituals from folk heroes like Ted Nugent , and Kid Rock .
    Whitey No doubt will be on the Most Popular Slave list by you Primates .

    Here’s a wishin yo ‘s n yo crack ho’s dreams continue in the barrens of lands above the Arctic circle as you will be given a fresh kaffir wetsuit upon yo arrival in the Yukon reservation to live out yo pointless lives along with makin Eski-Niglets .

    No Afrika fo Y’all Kaffir …….They Don’t want Y’alls back neither !

    Your former owner ,
    Der Afrikaaner ,

    Happy Igloo to Yu Tu !

  415. Der Afrikaaner says:

    P.S. BBNBK ………”coccus” is half a word you should be familiar with ……the first half being Staphylo-coccus like the Drip , Drip , Drip of Gonnerrea yu alls r familiar with !

    The “Caucasus” (Garden of Eden ) region is where Whites ruled till we wanted warmer weather , and Tobacco pickers then traveled to Afrika to find help with our labors so we could be concerned with intellectual thought in our spare time .

    I Kind of like the proud American Kaffir father showin off his Niglet in a baby bassinet tellin the gramama n granpapa his little Chimp can talk , and the L’il Niglet says “Mut …..Muth……Mutha ……..and the dad says “Look He sayd a half a woid ” !!!!!!! !

    Good Boy Waller !

    Der ,

  416. James says:

    Thank the civil rights leaders for pushing the niggers into the tech arena. Now the nigger will give up crime and be a internet provider.

  417. jsph says:

    Unfortunitly you are correct. They do NOT know how to behave in an environment of laws. Theater….always theater. (Putting on a show for those they perceive are watching them) Watch Jessie Jackson action when he THINKS no one is watching and the change when he realizes the cameras are on. Men are NOT created equal…….THEY ARE CREATED WITH THE POTENTIAL TO BECOME EQUAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  418. jt says:

    I grew up with’em in NY and NJ and could wait to get the fuck away from there sorry asses.
    I was held up a gun point 2 times by this garbage and since it was back east had no gun ..got one now and really dont need it as in Arizona the few niggers around damn well know they will get fucken shot for sure. Back east they do as they please they know they are the only ones packing heat.

  419. Days are numbered says:

    Well once again I am another pro-diversity or rather race accepting person who happened to grow up in the DC metro area who is now so sick of niggers that I will go out of my way to not even be around them. In fact, I have no interest in any race at all whatsoever but white people, but not the shit-licking white faggot liberals in northern virginia who pander to this parasite. They are not even animals, animals deserve more respect than any nigger.

    I could rant and rave for hours but really I am ready to move to a 90%+ white state at which point I will live in white neighborhood, attend white pride gatherings and make it clear to any non-white piece of shit that if he fucks with me, or my neighborhood, or my family, it will be the last thing he ever does.

    This is my last stand as a white person and I feel it is the same way for many others. We have been fucked with for far too long and have been way too accepting and passive. I suspect and hope things get very interesting sooner than later and we can finally destroy these arrogant bitches in packs and droves, since that is how they congregate.

    So niggers, you have been warned, your days are numbered and more of us than ever are not tolerating your BS anymore. Get ready to feel the pain of your ancestors you worthless, antiquated farm equipment.

  420. MMC1100 says:

    Thank the Lord I am not alone. I am just too pissed to type anything about monkeys. They belong in zoos or the jungle. Pets? No. Last I checked my Labrador never stole anything of mine. I will vent more later. Nigers are subhuman. I apologize for offending the primates. I’m sure they dont like to be compared to Nigers.

  421. Benjamin says:

    I’m another (mixed white ) American Indian that is tired of Niggers. I’m tired of being considered white, I’m tired of being called a racist for existing. I’m tired of bending over to ass backwards arab and N*ggers that just want to b*tch about how unfair everyone is to them. I’m tired of Mexican and Whites and Asians and Indians being told we should want to be like n*ggers, we should rampantly breed with them, and on top of that, since n*ggers have never done shit on their own, they have to get credit for being the Olmec Indians, the Egyptian pharaohs, the Chinese emperors, the polynesians, and basically just about every other group of people that actually did something (unlike niggers that build with mud and shit and defecate in their own houses)

  422. Der Afrikaaner says:

    Benjamin ,

    I married a woman who is Half Lenni-Lenape , and the shit her people went through reminds me of the same shit that is going on now with NON-Nigger America .

    Makes me sick everyday til I just found out that ……………ONLY KAFFIRS Are dying of EBOLA NOT WHITES , Or ANY Others !

    Best ,

    Der ,

  423. James says:


  424. Terry Long says:

    I am disappointed in the KKK and the Aryan brotherhood. They have not kept up with their duties and promises.All niggles and spices should have been gone a long time ago. Time for us to step up.

  425. can't stand em says:

    Did the KKK go out of business? Why hasn’t the NIGGER Obama been removed? That JIGGABOO is completely FUCKING UP OUR COUNTRY AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED…….. PERIOD

    • Mr. Dixie says:

      No, they are alive but the modern public “kkk” is nothing more than punk white niggers who say they hate niggers for the most part.. they are meth smoking, alcoholic, intellectually stunted fools who love violence. Just like niggers really.

      Years ago the IRS/supreme court handed the modern-day klan organization a death blow when they labeled it a “corporate organization”, allowing it to be sued by the federal government and subsequently have all property seized for past due taxes and other miscellaneous “crimes”. They had long lost their guiding principals by then anyway.

      Today’s Klan is deep underground, does not collect revenue (is not due driven) and is referenced as such only by a small number of people who can responsibly do so. There are no internets for the Klan, since all of this is filtered through NSA/Googles.

  426. Rog says:

    Went to City of Chicago hearing facility. 10 cases before me were exactly the same, not showing up for a hearing and getting a default. All motions to set aside were approved on those even though petitioners gave bullshit excuses. Mine wasn’t approved even though I had a legit proof that I was out of the country and had no idea that something was mailed to me cause…… I didn’t live in this country for almost two years. The judge didn’t even want to see my proof. Motion declined. Why? Simple. The 10 before me were black, judge was black I was white. Thank you negro judge. From now on I will pay the same justice to niggers. I hope some white judge will hear of this story and give same justice to niggers. When it comes to me, I will do whatever I can to give those bastards same justice.

  427. Niggerhater1 says:

    Support Darren Wilson,killed a nigger who was being a nigger! Arrest nigger Cosby,let’s see how long that takes.niggers ruin this country….that simple

  428. mtnman says:

    So this is where we come to bitch about them….where do we go to DO something to change it?

  429. Margie Norman says:

    thanks to the infamous Al Sharpton’s niggers have become untouchable.I’m part African American in Sioux Indian I’m 64 years old I have seen niggers reseeding not progressing and it makes me sick to my stomach Mexicans could come here and not speak any English and can get two jobs they don’t ask for handouts.they don’t contribute one earthly thing to society or other than another crime in another mouth for society to feed

    • stan says:

      yes Margie the roach motel must be raided calif needs to be crushed now to get rid of the roaches who have invaded the land.

  430. Margie Norman says:

    Negroes are the loudest they take no responsibility for their actions they abandon their own children their cruel to their dogs